Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/15/07


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Nick tells Abby about how he’s been ignoring Chelsea’s online content in hopes that she’ll forget about “Dr. Shane Patton.” Abby points out that she warned Nick this would happen. Nick worries that Abby will tell Chelsea about his night with Billie but Abby sticks to her promise. Abby suggests using Dr. Shane Patton to tell Chelsea the truth.


Kate arrives to visit Lucas but finds his bed empty. Kate hears Lucas and Sami making a commotion in the hall and steps out of the room to find Will wheeling Lucas around in a wheelchair while Sami sits in Lucas’ lap. Sami laughs when she falls off. Kate complains that Sami and Lucas are acting immature but Sami insists that a real parent has fun with their family.


Everyone watches in shock as a nurse wheels a bandaged Philip into the courtroom. Mimi and Max, now having joined Marlena, Bo, and Hope in the hallway, realize that Philip was with Victor the whole time they were searching. Hope tries to remain confident that Philip’s hasty exit will keep him from winning custody but Marlena warns that more surprises are likely in store.

The bailiff swears Philip in. Philip stands up from his wheelchair and removes his bandages to show the judge that he is well enough to testify. Belle is shocked at the sight of Philip’s face and insists that this man isn’t him.

Mimi wants to talk to Philip to try and change his mind but Max suggests they go for a walk instead.

Beverly brings Claire to the court but refuses Hope, Bo, and Marlena’s plea to spend time with Claire.

Mimi and Max stop off in another corridor for some water. Mimi has a bad feeling that Shawn and Belle are in for an ugly battle.

Shawn insists that this man isn’t Philip and the judge demands an explanation. Victor steps up to explain that Philip had to undergo a face transplant and gives the judge Philip’s medical records and DNA proof that it is Philip. Philip addresses the court and claims that Claire is his daughter.


Abby tells Nick to have Shane tell Chelsea that he’s getting back together with his first love. Stephanie comes by to tell Abby and Nick about her plans to move to Daytona with intentions to leave tomorrow. Chelsea comes in to announce her great news and Abby surprises her when she correctly guesses that Chelsea has come to announce that she’s moving. Chelsea laughs when Nick overreacts to the thought of Chelsea leaving town. Chelsea explains that she and Billie are getting their own apartment and are overjoyed to be getting away from the “crazy” Lockharts. Stephanie reprimands Chelsea for trashing the Lockhart family after they were kind enough to give her and Billie a place to stay. Chelsea can’t see why Stephanie would be annoyed. Stephanie decides that since she’s leaving town, she’s free to tell Chelsea what she truly thinks of her and how much Chelsea’s life is going to suck if she doesn’t make some major changes.


Lucas is now comfortably back in bed and Kate complains that Lucas could have permanently hurt his leg. Lucas insists he is fine and makes Sami sign his cast. Will shows off the latest newspaper cover story about the rescue to Kate. Roman stops by and declares that he has a surprise for Sami that will make people in Salem think differently about her.

Roman hands Sami a piece of paper and she reads aloud that the Salem police department is bestowing upon Sami a Good Samaritan honor. Kate makes no attempt to hide her disdain. Roman explains that it’s a regular program for the police to recognize civilians for good citizenship and that this time Sami was selected. Sami playfully hits Lucas with the letter when he jokes about making her a star. Kate says goodbye to Lucas and asks Roman to step outside to talk. Will gloats about how everyone at school is now excited for Sami’s actions for a change.

Kate complains to Roman about not being able to get into her office. Roman explains that they had to lock up Mythic Communications as part of seizing EJ’s assets. Kate points out that it’s her business as well. Roman points out that it was partly Kate’s fault for going into business with a suspected criminal. Kate maintains that she thought of EJ only as a racecar driver. Kate complains that she’s the only one being punished for being taken in by EJ but Roman refuses to believe that Kate didn’t know what she was getting into.


Bo pleads for some time with Claire but Beverly refuses. Bo tries to hold Marlena back when she verbally attacks Beverly with claims of being paid off by Victor and having no heart. Bo tries to sympathize with Beverly and asks for a chance to say goodbye to Claire.

Philip tells the judge about resuming contact with Claire while recuperating at home and Belle speaks up to remind the judge that Victor never informed her that Philip was spending time with Claire. Philip insists that he’s the better parent because of the Kiriakis resources. Belle and Shawn’s lawyer speaks up to point out that the Black family is also well off financially but that money isn’t the only means for a happy family. The judge agrees and Shawn tells Philip that they don’t need his handouts. Philip reiterates that he was the one who took care of Claire her first year of life and Belle points out that she was right there with him until he took off. Philip claims he was forced to leave because Belle took Claire away when she moved back home. Philip insists that he never stopped being Claire’s father and Shawn vows to not let Philip take Claire away from him. Shawn begs the judge to not let Claire live with Philip and Victor for he’s sure they’ll poison her brain against him and Belle. Victor denies it and brings up his offer of shared custody. Shawn insists that Victor’s offer was bogus because it’s not him or Philip that should be making decisions about who can spend time with Claire. Judge Carlson calls for order in the court and leaves the courtroom after promising to return with his decision shortly. Philip claims that he never meant for things to come to this but Shawn warns that if he should lose Claire, he’ll make Philip regret this day for the rest of his life.


Stephanie tells Chelsea that she is selfish and disrespectful. Stephanie adds that underneath this cold exterior, Chelsea is simply an angry little brat who wants to make the world as miserable as she is. Chelsea gets defensive and makes snide remarks about Stephanie’s character and lack of friends. Stephanie says goodbye to Abby and Nick and leaves. Abby asks about Chelsea’s online beau and Chelsea complains that he’s ignoring her repeated attempts at online contact. Abby suggests giving up but Chelsea declares that she’s thought of a new strategy to get his attention.


Will decides to head down to the hospital gift shop and pick up newspapers so every family member can have a copy of Sami’s story. Lucas notes how Sami is looking better in Will’s eyes and has always been #1 in his book. Sami revels in having her life change overnight to suddenly having everyone liking her. Sami feels that she doesn’t deserve the accolades but Lucas assures her that she does. Lucas cautions Sami that this is her new second chance. They kiss.

Kate continues to complain about getting the bad end of the deal while Sami gets such accolades. Roman points out that this is Kate’s own fault for sticking with EJ even after finding out that he was involved with the Dimeras. Kate insists on having access to her office and accounts but Roman insists she take it up with the judge. Roman smiles as Kate storms off.


Max and Mimi grow anxious as they worry about the proceeding taking too long. Mimi complains that she should be focusing on being with Max and starting over but feels like she should be remembering something about the skeleton. Max repeats his offer to let Mimi continue to stay at his apartment and vows to protect her.

Bo and Marlena continue to try and convince Beverly to let them spend time with Claire but Beverly still refuses. Bo grabs Claire out of Beverly’s arms and refuses Beverly’s orders to give her back. Beverly storms off in search of a bailiff while Marlena, Bo, and Hope dote on Claire.

Judge Carlson returns to the bench and reprimands Shawn and Belle for their bad parenting record. Judge Carlson orders Belle and Shawn to take parenting classes and to see a family therapist over the next 90 days. Belle and Shawn immediately agree to those guidelines. Judge Carlson awards temporary custody during those 90 days to Philip.


Will has returned with every newspaper the gift shop had. Dr. Galloway comes in and announces that Lucas can go home as long as he continues with the physical therapy and comes back for a check up in two weeks. Dr. Galloway leaves.


Belle and Shawn protest the decision to give Claire to Philip for those 90 days, insisting that Victor will use the time to brainwash Claire against them. Judge Carlson explains that Belle and Shawn will get weekly supervised visits with Claire but Belle objects to having to be supervised. Judge Carlson insists that his ruling is final. Shawn lunges at Philip and the bailiff has to help their lawyer to hold Shawn back.

Kate comes down to the courthouse to check in on the proceedings but runs into Mimi and Max instead. Kate claims she’s merely there to support Philip but Max and Mimi accuse her of being partly responsible for their kidnapping. Kate denies having any part and insists that she did go to the garage with plans to meet them there that night but they never showed.

Beverly returns with a bailiff to demand that Claire be returned to her and that Bo be arrested.


Chelsea declares that she’s going to tell Shane that she now knows his real name and if that doesn’t work she’ll simply hunt him down. Nick sarcastically tells Chelsea to go for it and Abby retorts that they’ll serve as character witnesses when Shane puts out a restraining order on Chelsea. Chelsea downplays Abby’s remarks as witty and insults her lack of boyfriend hopefuls. Chelsea asks Abby to convince Max to give her a job at the garage.


Mimi and Max insist that Kate never showed up at the garage but Kate will only say that the burden of proving otherwise is on their heads. Max warns that when things go sour, Victor will no longer protect Kate but Kate is sure that their bond over Philip will protect her. Kate walks away.

The bailiff asks Marlena to hand over Claire and she gives Claire back to Beverly. Beverly insists that Bo be arrested but the bailiff refuses. Beverly storms off with Claire. Shawn comes out of the courtroom and fumes to Bo and Hope about the judge’s decision. Hope comforts Shawn as she begs Bo to do something. Marlena rushes inside the courtroom to be with Belle. Philip and Victor step into the hall and Bo has to hold Shawn back again. Kate, Mimi, and Max return and Kate happily greets Philip. Shawn yells at Philip to leave but Philip refuses to leave without Claire.


Abby doubts that Max would ever hire her. Nick quips that Chelsea hasn’t even had a real job but Chelsea ignores his comments. Abby agrees to ask Max but warns Chelsea not to hold her breath.


Roman mentions making arrangements to give Sami her award at the police station tomorrow. Sami asks that the plans be changed so the ceremony is held at the pub instead. Sami feels that this is her one chance to impress everyone and wants to do it somewhere in front of all of her family.


Claire has now been given to Philip and he tells her he is her daddy. Shawn assures Claire that thieves have stolen her but they plan to get her back.

Their lawyer apologizes to Marlena for not getting a better result given that he had to do damage control after Shawn’s outburst. He tells Belle to be grateful that they at least got supervised visitations. Marlena wraps her arms around Belle and promises that they’ll fit to get Claire back. Belle walks out and begs Philip to give her Claire back. Kate, Victor, and Philip leave with Claire leaving Belle standing there sobbing. Mimi rushes up to hug Belle and Max offers his support to Shawn. Shawn asks to meet Bo back at the house later but Bo fears that Shawn is planning to confront Philip.


Roman agrees to look into changing the venue for the ceremony and reiterates that he’s very proud of Sami.


Chelsea is sure Max will listen if Abby asks him and backs up her claim by referring to Abby as “like a little sister” to Max. Abby flashes back to getting Max’s Christmas gift in which he referred to her as his little sister. Chelsea gushes about her life turning around as she leaves to go pack for the move. Abby wonders why she holds back the urge to smack Chelsea and urges Nick to end things with Chelsea. Nick promises to do so.


Bo urges Shawn not to go after Philip and Shawn insists that he’s going to talk to someone else. Marlena and Bo leave Shawn and Belle alone to talk. Belle blames herself but Shawn assures her that their fight isn’t over. Marlena takes Belle home. Mimi wants to talk to Philip and Max offers to go with her. Mimi insists on doing it herself and leaves. Shawn watches Victor gloat to Philip about making sure Shawn and Belle never get Claire back as he leaves with Philip, Kate, and Claire.

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