Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/12/07


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Abe and Lexie are in the hallway outside the morgue. The attendant, the same one from the previous night, tells Abe he has bad news. He admits he is rather embarrassed to have to tell Abe, but the skeleton he brought in for analysis has disappeared!

Bonnie is on the phone in her living room. Connor comes in the front door. She puts down the phone and demands to know where he's been. Rather confused, Connor tells his mother that he just went out to get some breakfast. "What's wrong", he asks her. Bonnie reminds her son that she still has a skeleton in her trunk. She asks Connor what he thinks they should do now. Connor gives her a blank look and answers, "that's all on you, Lady".

Mimi is sleeping on Max's couch when, dressed in a suit and tie and holding two take out coffee cups, he wakes her up. He tells Mimi that he has already been down to the court house to sign the afadavit and brought back some coffee. Mimi wants to hurry up, get ready, and get down to the courthouse. Max reminds her that the hearing is closed, they won't be allowed in. Mimi says she knows but they can wait outside. Max hands her both coffees. When Mimi asks which one is hers, he tells her both. He wasn't sure whether she wanted double or single latte so he got both. Mimi thinks that's very sweet. Maxs asks about her night on the couch. Mimi says it was actually the best sleep she's had in ages. She asks Max how he slept. He tells her he slept fine, other than the two cold showers he had to take! Mimi is surprised and flattered that she really has that effect on Max. She gets up to go and get ready but Max pulls her back down onto the couch beside him. They begin to kiss.

Just outside the courtroom, Bo is speaking to Shawn and Hope is speaking to Belle. The older couple is trying to reassure the younger that everything will be fine and Claire will be back with them shortly. Belle tells Hope how touched she is that she came down to the courthouse, after all, she's just had a baby. Hope tells Belle that she is here to support Shawn and Belle. Bo is reminding his son to keep that "Brady temper" in check. Marlena walks up to the gathered group. Belle is very surprised and asks how Marlena found out what was going on. Marlena smiles and answers, "the mom network". Hope admits that she had to tell her. Marlena is very happy Hope did tell her. She definitely wants to be there for her daughter. Victor arrives. Shawn vows that he will never forgive his grandfather for this.

The morgue attendant tells Abe he's very confused. The bones seemed to have just disappeared. The attendant knows the bones were in the morgue last night but now this morning they are nowhere to be found. The attendant thinks there's only one thing that could have happened; the bones must have been stolen.

Connor is astounded. He points out to his mother that he's already travelled half way across the country for her and he's also lieing to his sister for her. "What more do you want me to do?" he asks. Bonnie wants to know what Connor would do if he were her. He cracks that he'd "step in front of a bus"! In a more serious tone, he tells his mother that he'd find a place to stash those bones, a place where nobody would ever find them.

"Take it easy now boys", Victor taunts, addressing Bo and Shawn. Shawn states that he's not a boy. Bo asks Victor to step to the side for a minute so they can talk privately. Belle remembers a dream she had last night. In the dream, Claire was crying and calling out for her mother. Shawn, again, promised Belle that they will not lose Claire. Bo asks Victor if he's really going to go through with this. Victor believes what he's doing is in Claire's best interest. He reminds Bo that Phillip was Claire's father for the first year of her life. Bo understands that Phillip must be hurting but wonders why they can't all come up with a compromise. Victor says he already offered Belle and Shawn a compromise and they turned him down. Bo replies that, of course, they turned him down because Victor wanted them to give up custody of Claire. "Where is Phillip, anyway?" Bo asks his father. He tells Victor that he doesn't think the judge will rule in favour of a man that's not even here. Victor is not so sure. The judge knows that Phillip is a war here and very financially stable and, most importantly, listed on Claire's birth certificate as her father. Bo thinks Victor should let Phillip fight his own battles. "It's a father's job to stand by his son" Victor says. Bo reminds him that he is Victor's son as well. The bailiff calls in all the parties to the case. As Belle and Shawn ready themselves to go into court with their lawyer, Hope tells the couple that she'll be praying for them. Bo reminds his son, again, to hold his temper. Marlena tells them to "stay strong". The door to the courtroom closes.

Abe is very surprised to hear the attendant's accusation. Sarcastically, he asks if someone just waltzed into the morgue and waltzed back out with a body bag full of bones? The attendant becomes defensive and reminds Abe that there is not a huge staff down there. Lexie notices that there are also no surveillance cameras. Abe demands that all the morgue staff be brought in for questioning. The attendant is sure that this was not an inside job. He tells Abe about the strange young man, a teenager really, who visited him last night and sent him on a chase for a dead aunt that nobody had ever heard of.

Connor is calmly drinking a soda. Bonnie is not so calm. She's pacing and wondering where they could bury the bones. She thinks the dump would be the ideal place. Connor doesn't think so because he thinks dogs would dig up the bones. Then Bonnie thinks they should just shove the body bag under Patrick's bed. Connor now becomes more animated. He tells his mother there is no way he is sleeping on a bed with a skeleton underneath him! Connor suggests the backyard might be the best place.

Bo is going crazy doing nothing outside the courtroom. Hope sends him off to get her some tea. Marlena tells Hope that she met with a deep brain function neurologist and he basically said the same thing John's doctor had already told her. Marlena tells Hope that it is just so hard to face the prospect of putting John in a long term care facility. Marlena is afraid that John would feel that she is abandoning him. Hope tries to reassure Marlena and tells her that John would know she did her very best by him. Hope asks Marlena to consider what John would tell her to do in these circumstances. Marlena needs to take a walk and think.

The judge lets everyone know that he has reviewed all the papers in the case. As the plaintiff, Victor is allowed to state his case first. Victor assures the judge that he has come to the court out of genuine concern for Claire's well-being. He tells the judge that he holds no malice towards his grandson and has loved Belle as a daughter, but that Phillip is the only father that Claire has ever known. The judge makes reference to the charges Victor has made and asks him if he has any evidence. Victor charges that Shawn, not so very long ago, walked away from his marriage and began to live with a confessed prostitute. That relationship, Victor continues, ended in violence when the prostitute tried to burn down Shawn's apartment. Victor also brings up the fact that Shawn has a history of dangerous and impulsive behaviour. He tells the judge about Shawn driving his car into Victor's living room and of Shawn driving his motorbike through the windows of St. Luke's. Victor contends that Shawn has a severe anger management problem. He also points out that Shawn has no permanent residence and no job. The judge asks about Belle. Victor allows that Belle is sweet and well-meaning but she also has no residence, she's living with her parents, and no job. The judge wonders if Belle's parents might be a stable influence on her life. Victor lets the judge know that her mother has struggled with mental issues and that her father is in a coma. Victor then tells the judge about Belle being in the diner with Claire when she wandered off. Thankfully, he adds, a stranger returned the baby unharmed. Shawn interrupts by saying that Phillip isn't even Claire's real father. The judge looks sternly at Shawn and questions why his name doesn't appear on Claire's birth certificate. Shawn tries to explain that he was going to have the birth certificate changed but...and his voice trails off. The judge now turns to Belle and Shawn and wants to know how they would rebut these charges. Their lawyer speaks for them. He tells the judge that these charges are "scurrilous" and many of these incidents have been taken out of context. Shawn interrupts again and admits to the judge that they have certainly made mistakes but they also desparately love their daughter. The lawyer lists the names on the petition he's brought into court--Steve and Kayla Brady, Max Brady, Mimi Lockhart, Bo and Hope Brady, Dr. Marlena Evans, Mickey and Maggie Horton, Roman Brady, and Abe and Lexie Carver. The judge looks at Shawn and Belle. He wants to hear from them directly. "Are you irresponsible?" he asks them.

"Look on the bright side", the attendant tells Abe. Abe can't imagine there's a bright side to this! The attendant is sure, because the visitor was a teenager, that this was simply a high school prank and the bones will be returned shortly. Abe asks the attendant if he could identify the young man. The attendant thinks so. Abe orders a sketch artist to come down. Lexie wonders who would do this. Abe doesn't believe it's kids. He believes it's someone who knows how important these bones are, probably the killer himself.

Bonnie tells Connor that he's a genius. Bonnie orders her son to go and get the bones out of the trunk of her car. He refuses. Bonnie says she'll do it then.

Max thinks that if Mimi had such a great sleep last night, then she should just move in. Mimi looks blown away.

Shawn tells the judge that he's working hard to turn his life around. He stresses the fact that Claire is the reason he's making these changes. When he first found out he was Claire's father he tells the judge that he was willing to do nothing so that he didn't disrupt Claire's life. It was only after Phillip abandoned her that he stepped into the father role. He promises the judge that he is completely committed to Claire. The judge wants to know exactly what steps Shawn has taken to set his life right. Shawn answers that he has gotten his old job back as a mechanic. He explains that the reason he's living with his parents is so that he can save up enough money for a place for himself, Belle, and Claire. He pleads with the judge to give them a chance to be a family together. He tells the judge what an incredible mother Belle is. He says that she would give her life for Claire, they both would. The judge wants to know if Belle has anything to add. She does. She tells the judge how Victor lied, even though it was a lie of omission. She tells the judge that Victor knew that Shawn was Claire's biological father but said nothing. After Phillip left, she coninues, Victor lied about not knowing where Phillip was. Belle tells the judge that she was trying to be a good mother when she began to let Claire spend so much time with Victor. She wanted Claire to know her grandfather. Victor was lieing then too, Belle contends. Belle tells the judge that she and Shawn are not bad parents and would never put Claire in any danger. The love her and want to protect her. Belle asks the judge to consider where was Phillip while all this was going on. Belle angrily points out that Phillip isn't even here today. Claire begs the judge not to take her daughter away from her but to let her come home where she belongs.

Mimi, hestitanly, asks Max if he's really asking her to move in. He acknowledges that he is. He says if things are that bad for Mimi at her place then she could stay here. He quickly stresses that he means in separate rooms-one of them could take the couch and one of them could take the bedroom. Mimi teases and wonders what if they both want to stay in the bedroom. Then she quickly backtracks and says that she thinks they should stick to their original plan to take their relationship slowly. Besides, she adds, she and Max have never even "been together". Mimi gets up and thinks that now she really has to go and get ready.

Bonnie is urging Connor to hurry. He's urging her to relax. Connor has come back into the house with the black bag. Bonnie wants assurance that nobody saw him. Connor tells her that nobody did and, even if they did, how would they know what's in the bag? Bonnie wants Connor to take the bag to the basement and stuff it behind the boiler. When he doesn't move, she asks him what's taking so long. Connor thinks that since he's helped Bonnie so much, she should help him. Connor tells Bonnie that he wants her to give him money to get his motorbike out. After a minutes, Bonnie agrees and, again, tells Connor to hurry up and stash the bones before Mimi, Billie, or Chelsea come in. There is a sudden knock on the door. Bonnie and Connor exchange panicked looks.

Bo, impatiently, wants to know what's going on in the courtroom. He doesn't think it should take that long to see that Victor is "full of it". Bo is sure that there is no way that Victor could prove his charges against Shawn and Belle. Bo also believes that all the people who signed the affadavit will go a long way in convincing the judge. As Bo again, points out (to himself), that Phillip isn't even here, Willow arrives. Willow and Shawn's parents exchange stares.

The doorbell rings and the knocks continue as, inside the Lockhart house, Bonnie and Connor run around trying to find a place to quickly stash the bag of bones. Finally, the door is answered and it's Lexie and Abe. They tell Bonnie and Connor that they are here to speak with Mimi. Bonnie fearfully asks if Mimi's in trouble because she doesn't think she could handle that! Abe assures her that Mimi is in no trouble. Bonnie then tells Abe that Mimi isn't home but is at Max Brady's place. Bonnie takes Abe and Lexie by the arms, pushes them out the door, and tells them it's "always a pleasure" seeing them. The door closes. As Bonnie and Connor are sighing with relief, Abe and Lexie are standing outside the front door a little dazed. Abe asks Lexie if she thinks the two seemed a little nervous. Lexie answers that she did. Abe thinks it was almost like they had something to hide.

Back in the courtroom, the judge addresses Victor. He tells him that he appreciates his concern for his granddaughter but is not convinced that the charges are such that Claire's custody should be changed. Victor tells the judge that he is still shaken over the diner incident because it could have had such a different ending. He tells the judge that besides Shawn's relationship with Willow, he has brought people with criminal backgrounds into contact with Claire. Victor refers to Patrick with his criminal record and adds that the last charge against him was for kidnapping Shawn's own mother. He adds EJ Wells to the list of Shawn's criminal contacts. Victor tells the judge that even after Shawn's own father repeatedly told him about these men and their suspected criminal actions, Shawn did nothing to curtail his contact with them. Shawn objects that that is not true. The judge wonders if Victor has any evidence to corroborate his latest charges. Victor says he has a witness. The bailiff opens the door to the courtroom and Willow comes in. Willow, in a very demure dress and with her hair pulled back into a bun, takes the stand and is sworn in. Willow tells the judge that while she was living with Shawn, EJ Wells was paying him, cash under the table, to ferry messages between himself and Patrick Lockhart. She says that the amount of money he was paid to do this was so large that he must have known that they pertained to something illegal. Even after Shawn's dad warned him, Willow asserts, Shawn didn't care. Willow says that Shawn was just enjoying his new lifestyle that all the money was able to bring him. Belle yells out that this is not true. Willow goes on to tell the judge that Shawn never even mentioned Claire. Shawn jumps out of his seat and tells the judge that Willow is crazy. Shawn tells the judge that after he dumped Willow she got so angry she tried to burn down his apartment! Willow denies everything. The judge tells all that he has heard enough. Willow is excused. Before she leaves, Willow wants the judge to know that she is just concerned for Claire. She is afraid that if Claire is allowed to continue to be influenced by Belle and Shawn, that Claire will turn out like her. That being said, Willow steps down from the witness stand, giving Shawn a hard look.

Mimi is ready to go to court. Max tells her she looks beautiful and she responds by telling him that flattery will get him everywhere. There is a knock at the door and the doorbell rings. Max grouches, "what is wrong with the people in this town. Why won't they leave us alone and let us have sex?" At the door are Abe and Lexie. They tell Max and Mimi that the skeleton has gone missing. Lexie says that Abe believes it was stolen. The younger couple wonder who'd steal a skeleton! Abe answers by telling them that the only person who would steal this skeleton would be someone who knows who this skeleton is, like the murderer. Max and Mimi wonder if the police department has any ideas yet as to who might have stolen the skeleton or murdered this person. Abe admits that they don't but the morgue attendant believes that he can identify one of the people connected with it's theft. Abe tells Mimi it is now more important than ever that she really search her memory for anything about that ring and why it was familiar to her. Mimi assures Abe that she'll try and, if she does remember anything, she'll certainly let him know. Max and Mimi are sorry to be rude, but they tell Abe and Lexie that they really have to leave. Once Abe and Lexie have gone on their way, Mimi admits to Max that she has a very bad feeling about the skeleton and the ring.

As Willow leaves the courtroom, Bo and Hope want to know what she's done. She tells them, "nothing your son didn't deserve". Once she's gone, Bo tries to convince himself and Hope that nobody is going to believe a hooker/arsonist with an axe to grind. Marlena comes back to the lobby where Bo and Hope are. She is very worried. Again, the parents have to believe that the judge will not give custody of Claire to a phantom.

Connor assures his mother that he checked up and down the block. He tells her there was no surveillance, no cops, nothing. He thinks Bonnie should stop being so paranoid. Connor was afraid the knock at the door might have been Mimi. Bonnie says that Mimi knows nothing of their secret and, once it's buried, she's never going to.

The judge questions Willow's credibility. He looks to Victor. He says that he understands that Victor filed this suit on behalf of Phillip, a man no one has seen in months. Victor reminds the judge that Phillip was hurt in combat. The judge believes that the court is duty-bound to meet Phillip before deciding to hand over custody to him. Just then, from out in the courtroom lobby, a nurse pushes a man in a marine uniform but covered in bandages into the courtroom. Victor stands and tells the judge, "Your honour, I give you my son, Phillip Kiriakis"

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