Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/11/07


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Connor and Bonnie are in a basement hallway of the hospital. Bonnie is instructing Connor to distract the attendant sitting at a desk in front of the morgue doors. He walks up the to man and gives him a story about wanting to check on a dead aunt. When the attendant can't find the aunt's name on his list, Connor thinks maybe she's not dead yet. Perhaps the man could go check for him? Bonnie is around the corner listening to her son and shaking her head at his lame story. The attendant does leave, though, and Bonnie quickly slips into the morgue.

Max and Mimi have arrived at Max's place. He proudly proclaims how he cleaned the place just in case Mimi would drop by. Standing near the doorway, Max tells Mimi how much her cares for her. As they sit on the couch, Max pulls an empty pizza box out from under the sofa cushion. Mimi chuckles. Mimi thinks it's an awfully big couch. Max moves closer and puts his arm around her. He asks her if that is better. They begin to snuggle and kiss. Max mentions that Mimi hasn't told him how she feels about him yet. She answers that she doesn't put them into words, she feels them. The kiss again, this time more passionately.

Roman and Marlena are at her penthouse. Roman asks her about John. Roman is trying to ease Marlena into the idea that maybe the doctors are right; maybe John is brain dead. Marlena is worried. What if she's wrong about John trying to communicate with her, but she's just so sure that he is. All she wants is for John to come out of this coma. Marlena is feeling pressured. She tells Roman that everyone is trying to convince her to put John in a long-term care facility. "I just need someone to talk to, someone to listen to me" she tells her ex-husband. Roman wonders if Marlena is thinking about seeing a therapist herself. She says no, she was referring to Roman.

Belle is crying at John's bedside. She wishes her dad were aware of what's going on because she thinks he could make Phillip understand and make Victor back off. Belle begs her dad to, at least, give her a sign that he can hear her even if he can't help her. John's little finger moves a little bit. Belle see it. She smiles and begins to cry.

Max and Mimi are now laying on the couch and kissing. Max suggests they move to his bedroom. He even has clean sheets on the bed! Mimi teases him, "That's about as romantic as "I've got protection and clean blood tests"". Max looks a little embarrassed. There is a knock at the door and, at the same time, it opens. Shawn comes in. Max and Mimi are both rather annoyed. They tell Shawn that his interrupting them is becoming a bad habit.

Marlena gets rather short with Roman. She says she can see that this idea makes him very uncomfortable, so forget it! Roman tries to calm her down. He asks her to simply give him a moment. He says she just sprung all her ideas about the doctors and the tests being wrong so he'd like a moment to absorb everything. Marlena is hopeful and asks if Roman doesn't think she's crazy then? Roman believes that what Marlena thinks carries a lot of weight because she knows John better than anyone."Oh, thank you", Marlena cries as she hugs him. Marlena wants to be reassured. She wants to make sure Roman thinks she is mentally stable and seeing things clearly. Roman admits that everything happened to John very quickly. Marlena becomes defensive again and hopes Roman isn't going to use the word "closure". "That's such a horrible word", she sobs. Then Marlena reveals some doubts to Roman. She is afraid she can't make John better. "Then what do I do?" she asks. Roman tells her then she needs to forgive herself. After all, he adds, she isn't a miracle worker. "And then", Marlena asks Roman, "what if I'm right?" Roman thinks Marlena needs to trust in her's and John's love. He admits that he envies them.

"Dad?" Laughing, Belle calls for a nurse. She laughs and cries at the same time and tells her dad how much she's missed him. John's little finger continues to move and seems to be trying to inch it's way towards Belle's hand resting on his bed.

Marlena is surprised at Roman's revelation. "You envy John and I?" she asks. He admits that he does. He tells Marlena that they make love look so easy. Marlena gets up, walks over to a table, and picks up a picture of John. She says that John is such a "live every minute" kind of man, the thought of him trapped inside his body just makes her so sad. She holds the picture tight as tears roll down her cheeks.

The doctor is now in John's room. Belle tells him what happened. She is very excited at the prospect of her dad waking up. The doctor tells her that the finger movement means nothing. He explains to her that it was simply an involuntary muscle spasm. Belle is adamant that her dad is waking up. The doctor tells Belle that John's brain simply isn't capable of sending commands to his muscles. The doctor says he's seen these muscle spasms in many other comatose patients and none of them woke up. Belle becomes quite belligerent. She tells the doctor that may be but he doesn't know her dad and how much he loves her and Marlena and how hard he'd fight to get back to them. The doctor is put off by Belle's attitude and suggests she'd like a second opinion. Belle replies that yes, she would--especially after she tells her mother what happened.

Max confronts Shawn and wants to know, since he's the one that left Mimi, why he wants to stop her from being with someone else. Shawn says that he already told them he's fine with Max and Mimi as a couple. He actually came here, he says, to ask for their help but forget it! That being said, Max and Mimi calm down and ask what's happened. Shawn tells the two of them about Claire being taken away. He tells them that Victor made some trumped up charges and now Child Protective Services has Claire living with a foster family. Mimi rushes to Shawn and gives him a big hug.

Bonnie is in the morgue. She's looking for the skeleton. She, fearfully, takes a peek in a few of the refridgerated compartments. All she sees if feet-with skin. Suddenly, she smacks her forehead. "Studid!", she says to herself, "they're bones, they don't need refridgeration!". She looks around the rest of the room. She sees a black duffle bag laying on one of the gurneys. Slowly, she unzips the bag. "Bingo!" she cries. Just then, Connor can be heard from out in the hallway. He tells his mother that someone's coming! It's a woman dressed in scrubs. Connor tells her that the door to the morgue is locked. The woman says that's okay because she has a set of keys. The woman puts the key in the lock and tries to open the door. "That's odd", she says, "it's stuck". We can see Bonnie pushing against the door from the other side.

Marlena looks at Roman wonderingly and says she thought that he wanted her to accept John's fate. Roman answers that no, he didn't want Marlena to accept defeat, only to accept help. Marlena feels like everyone is watching her and waiting for her to crack under the pressure. Roman tells her that he thinks the reason she is so distraught is because she feels so much, much more than anyone else. Roman adds that he wants to be there for Marlena, night and day if necessary. Marlena looks a little awkward but Roman assures her that he is not trying to make her forget John. He couldn't do that even if he wanted to, he adds. He just wants to be a good friend.

Belle has the phone in John's room and is fumbling to get an outside line. She tells the doctor that she intends to call her mother and tell her what happened right now. The doctor wonders if that's wise. What if, he asks her, she gets her mother's hopes up and then nothing comes of it. Her mother would be crushed. "Fine", Belle says, "explain to me why you're so sure you're right!"

Mimi is horrified. She thinks that Claire's being taken away is all her fault. Max and Shawn both tell her no, this is all Victor's fault. Shawn admits his part in the mess. He made some bad choices and now Claire is paying for them. Max and Mimi assure Shawn that they'll do anything they can to help. Shawn is relieved and tells them that he needs them to be in court in the morning to sign a petition saying Shawn and Belle are good parents. Max and Mimi say they will definitely be there.

The woman makes it into the morgue. She looks around and feels that something is not right. We can see some bright red spiked shoes sticking out from the bottom of a sheet covering a body on a gurney. The woman walks to the shoes as we see Bonnie under the sheet waiting to see if she'll be exposed. The woman now realizes what is wrong. There has been a pair of shoes left on a cadaver! She takes the red heels and places them in a bag. She grabs a cloth and begins to wipe down the feet. We can tell from Bonnie's face under the sheet that this tickles. One of the feet jumps up. The woman is spooked and heads towards the door of the morgue muttering about rigormortous. As soon as she leaves, Bonnie flings the sheet back, grabs the bag of bones and runs out.

Shawn has left and Max and Mimi are back on the couch. Mimi still thinks this whole Claire mess is her fault. She tells Max that if she'd have told Shawn he was Claire's father as soon as she knew, none of this would be happening now. Max thinks Mimi should back off on herself. She's already paid, he says, with her marriage. And now, Mimi adds, Belle, Shawn, and Claire are paying! Mimi tells Max that he's free to take back those words he said. "No way", Max replies. Mimi asks Max, rather increduously, if he really thinks she should forgive herself. "It's about time", Max answers. He asks her to listen. Mimi wonders listen to what? Max tells Mimi, "exactly". He explains to her that his life used to be filled with loud craziness and since he met her it's been filled with peace. He admonishes her to never ask him again why he's with her.

John's doctor is still trying to convince Belle that he's seen this same "neurological hiccup" many times. Belle thinks the doctor is unconvincing. The doctor reminds Belle that her mother is waiting for a miracle. "What if it never comes?" he asks. Scornfullly, he tells Belle that if he could fix John, he would and leaves. Belle, sadly, replaces the phone receiver in it's cradle. She walks over to her dad and places her head next to his on the pillow. Just then Shawn comes in and asks how John is doing. Belle looks down and cries.

Marlena asks Roman if he's sure he wants to be with her all the time. She lets him know that she's pretty high maintenance. Roman knows. She tells him she doesn't want any pity. Roman promises. He also promises to let her lay down and get some rest if she promises to eat the dinner he cooked for her when she wakes up. She does. She lays down on the couch and Roman covers her up with a blanket. Marlena thanks him and mutters John's name as she drifts off to sleep.

Bonnie snaps at Connor that the bag is heavy so get out of her way. As they are about to make their escape, the attendant comes back and hollers for them to stop. Bonnie keeps on going but Connor stops. The man tells him he can't find her anywhere. At first Connor is confused but then yells "it's a miracle, she's still alive!" and leaves. The two make their way out of the hospital to a loading dock out back. Connor, absently, asks his mother where her shoes are. (They, of course, are back in the morgue in the bag) Connor wonders what his mother has planned now. She tells him they are going to dump the bones in the trunk of her car. "And then what?", Connor wonders. Bonnie says she has no real plan after that. Connor can't believe it. Bonnie snaps that she's done all the thinking so far so maybe he could take it from here!

Mimi and Max are kissing, again, when Mimi suddenly pulls back. Max asks her what's wrong. She tells him she just can't stop thinking about Shawn and Belle. She asks Max if he's angry with her. Max assures her that he's not angry at all. Mimi is rather surprised, after all, Max has quite a reputation of being a player. Max admits that he was what people might call a player until Mimi came to work in the garage. Then, he continues, he found himself trusting in her and that is something that doesn't happen often or easily. Mimi murmurs that she trusts him too. The couple go on to argue about who'll sleep in the bed and who'll sleep on the couch, both wanting the other to have the bed. Max finally relents and, with a smile, says, "stubborn and bossy, I like it!"

Belle is telling Shawn about seeing her dad's finger move. She's telling him how excited she was and then how the doctor told her it was involuntary and meant nothing. Belle is convinced John was trying to communicate with her. Shawn reminds her that doctors aren't always right. Belle, wistfully, remembers when they were teenagers and couldn't wait to grow up. "Not all it's cracked up to be" adds Shawn. Belle remembers they just wanted to be free. They're free, she says. Free to watch a good man like her dad be down and free to watch a horrendous man like Victor win. Shawn assures her that Victor will not win! Shawn urges Belle to wait until tomorrow in court. He tells her Victor will stand up in court alone but when they stand up they will be backed by many friends and family. Belle wonders who Shawn is referring to. He tells her that Max and Mimi, Steve and Kayla, Bo, Hope, and Marlena will all be there. "Not her", Belle cries.

As Marlena dozes on the couch, the curtains on the balcony doors begin to flutter. The breeze gets stronger until it's strong enough to tip a vase of flowers over on a table in the living room. The crash wakes Marlena up who, instinctively, calls for John. Marlena can hear John's voice calling for her and asking where she is. Marlena calls out that she's right here. She runs out onto the balcony in the direction of John's voice. Marlena lets the wind rush against her. She begins to smile and wraps her arms around herself. "I can feel you" she says. John's voice speaks Marlena's name again. She closes her eyes and smiles and looks absolutely blissful. Roman can be heard from inside the penthouse calling for Marlena. He comes out onto the balcony as the wind subsides and Marlena is calling out "don't go". Roman grabs at Marlena, afraid she is going over the edge of the balcony. "It's okay" he says over and over again. Marlena is angry. "It's not okay" she tells him. "John was here and you spoiled it". When Roman looks sceptical, Marlena becomes even more distressed. "I thought you believed me" she accuses. She tries to convince Roman that John really was there and he hugged her. Roman, still sceptical, says "yes, and you just about followed him over the balcony!"

Connor wonders how he is supposed to figure out what to do next. He's only seventeen, he reminds Bonnie, and is only good at riding horses. Bonnie tells Connor to stop whining and put "Bojangles" in the car. Connor mutters that Bonnie makes "juvie" seem easy!

Max comes back into the living room, shirtless, with some blankets. Mimi is wearing what appears to be his shirt. He tells her she looks good as he comes close. She chastises him and reminds him that they have a very early morning in court. The give each other a quick peck goodnight but it quickly turns more passionate. "Stop, stop" pleads Mimi. She tells Max that she wants their first night together to be very long followed by a long, lazy morning in bed. Max agrees and jokes that Mimi better hurry up and cover up under that blanket then or he'll "attack" her again! She does and he turns out the living room light and heads towards his bedroom.

Shawn is confused. He was sure Belle would want her mom in court with them. Belle is afraid that she'll blurt out about her dad's finger moving, get Marlena all excited, and it will turn out, like the doctor said, to be nothing. Bo understands and confides that he didn't ask his grandparents either. Belle frets, "What are they going to do if they lose her?" She goes to a shelf in John's room, looks at a picture of Claire with Belle and Shawn and begins to cry. Shawn promises her that Victor and Phillip are not going to win. "Trust me" he pledges. "I just wish my dad was here" Belle sobs.

Marlena continues to try to convince Roman that John was with her. She tells him the wind woke her up. Roman looks around and can detect no wind. Marlena becomes very subdued and asks Roman if it was all a dream after all? She thanks Roman for looking after her and tells him he can go. Roman thinks he should stay at the penthouse tonight but Marlena assures him it's alright to leave. Roman agrees to leave on one condition. He'll only leave if she promises to lock the balcony doors. With that, Roman goes home. Marlena turns and happens to see the broken vase laying on the floor. She knows, now, that everything really did happen as she remembers. She goes back out onto the terrace and calls for John. She looks out at the sky, smiling, waiting to feel something of what she did before. When she feels nothing unusual her smile turns to a look of disillusionment.

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