Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/10/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

As the show opens today, Max is looking at the engine of a car. Mimi comes in and says "hi!". Max is startled and bangs his head on the hood of the car. Mimi tells Max that her family is driving her nuts! She thinks her family is a wreck--Patrick's in jail, her mom is just crazy, and now her little brother is home and wants to be a bronco buster, and, to top it off, her deadbeat dad is nowhere to be found! Mimi thinks her family is going to suck the life right out of her.

The Johnson family is at Chez Rouge having supper. Steve is teasing Kayla by telling Stephanie that it's her mother's fault that they were late. He tells his daughter that he came out of the bedroom and his wife looked so hot that he just lost all thought for about half an hour! Stephanie laughs and then tells her parents that she has very important news for them.

Nick laughs at Abby's accusation that he had sex with Billie. He reminds her that he could never get a woman. Abby asks him where his belt is. He tells her it's at the gym but Abby thinks, no, it's at Billie's house. Nick breaks and admits "it" happened; but only once.

Bo comes into the pub and tells Billie he got her message, what did she need? Billlie apologizes for pulling him away from Hope and the new baby. Bo chuckles and says he was kicked out anyway. There are a ton of neighbor ladies there and they are doing some mother and baby thing. Billie tells Bo she has some good news. She tells him all about her's and Chelsea's new place. She says she also has some bad news. She says that she was doing so good until she got the letter that Steve wrote. After that, she admits, she just fell apart. She tells Bo that she drank a bottle of wine. Billie is very upset with herself for ruining all the years of sobriety she had. Bo, trying to make Billie feel better, tells her it was just a slip. He asks her if she's had a drink today. She tells him she hasn't but she really wants one. Bo stands up and tells Billie, "let's get out of here". She asks where they're going and Bo tells her he's taking her to an AA meeting.

Abe and Lexie are in the lobby of the Salem Police Department. Lexie is very nervous. Abe is trying to get her to relax, assuring her that everything will be fine. Lexie feels a lot of pressure being the only witness to John's shooting. Abe explains to her that if she identifies EJ as the shooter, the police department will be able to get all the help it needs from the FBI and Interpol to find EJ. He will have nowhere to hide. Without Lexie's testimony, Abe continues, they probably wouldn't be able to put EJ away. Abe explains to Lexie that all she has to do is put her mind back to the boathouse on the night of the shooting and tell Roman what she saw. He adds that he can't go in with her. Lexie is a little alarmed at this revelation. Abe says he must leave the station to do some business. Lexie worries about him as it's getting dark out and Abe's eyesight is now diminished. Abe assures her he will be fine and the couple exchange "I love you"s. Roman comes out of his office and asks Lexie if she's ready. She says she is but just needs to make a quick call first. Roman goes back into his office. Lexie takes her cell out of her purse. Tek picks up his cell. He's waiting in a car. Lexie wants to be sure that Tek is sure. He sighs. Lexie puts her phone, still on, back into her purse and goes into Roman's office, looking around nervously.

Abby is incredulous! She absolutely cannot believe that Nick slept with Billie. She tells him that is just so wrong on so many levels. "What happened?", she asks him. Nick tries to explain to Abby that "it just happened". He says he and Billie were talking and then just sort of connected. Abby asks what happens when it happens again. Nick is sure, this will never happen again. He loves Chelsea. However, he thinks to himself, what happens if Chelsea finds out? He is sure he won't tell her and he's sure Billie won't tell her and then he looks at Abby. Will Abby tell Chelsea? Abby promises Nick that she won't tell anyone.

Stephanie is enjoying her cake. Steve wants Stephanie to tell him what her good news is. He tells her the suspense is killing him. "Can't you guess?", she teases. "It's the thing that would make me happier than anything else in the world", she continues. Kayla joins in the teasing and gives Steve some "clues". She says that Stephanie is glowing, excited and has a certain sparkle to her. "She's pregnant!"., Kayla announces. Steve looks dazed.

Max and Mimi are now in the garage's office. Mimi feels terrible wanting to bail on her family at this time. She also apologizes to Max. She's so sorry for dumping her troubles on him twice in one day. Max has a solution! He thinks Mimi should stay the night at his place. Mimi smiles demurely.

The ladies are both smiling. "Gotcha!", laughs Stephanie. "You womens is evil" is Steve's response. Steve is so happy his wife and daughter are enjoying themselves. Stephanie thinks this scare will make hearing the real news a little easier. Steve thinks anything will be good news after this! Stephanie tells her parents that she has a job offer to join a new racing team--in Dayton, Ohio. Steve mutters to himself, "anything but that".

Abby tells Nick, of course, she won't tell anyone. Besides, she adds, who'd believe her? Nick is none too pleased with Abby's last remark. Next, Abby wants to know what sex with Chelsea's mom was like. "Was it weird?", she asks.

In his office, Roman lays several photos on his desk. Roman asks Lexie if she can identify the man in the boathouse, John's shooter. Lexie is annoyed. She knows, she tells Roman, what EJ looks like. They are both DiMera's! She tells Roman not to treat her like an idiot. Roman is totally taken back. "Where is this coming from?" he asks her. He impresses on Lexie the fact that she is the only one who can put EJ Wells behind bars. The police desparately need a positive id. Roman thinks it should be simple. Lexie snaps that it's not that simple. Lexie tells Roman that she needs some time to relax and clear her head. She asks if Roman can leave her alone for five minutes.

Mimi tells Max that his offer to stay at his place is very nice but she's not sure it's a good idea. Max says it is a good idea. She needs a break and he's got the space. There is a knock on the office door. Abe comes in. He tells the two he has an update on the skeleton found in the church basement. The bones have been sent to the lab for analysis. Max asks when they can expect any answers. Abe tells them it could be a month because this isn't a high priority case. Mimi asks about the ring. Abe tells her that's the interesting part. The ring, he tells them, was stolen-but not during the civil war.

At Chez Rouge, Stephanie tells her parents that she will be starting in the pit crew but, before long, she'll be back racing. There is silence around the table until Stephanie asks if anyone has anything to say. Kayla congratulates her. Kayla just thinks this is very sudden. When does she have to leave, she asks. Stephanie tells Steve and Kayla that she has to leave as soon as possible. She was thinking now that Steve is back and he has his memories back, her parents could do without her for awhile. "Right?", she asks, "there's nothing else to worry about?" Kayla assures her that there is nothing else to worry about. Kayla lets her daughter know that she's not happy that she'll be racing again but if that's what makes her daughter happy, she'll be happy for her. Stephanie assures her mom that racing makes her happier than anything. Stephanie now turns her attentions towards her dad. She wants to know what he thinks.

Nick tells Abby that having sex with Billie wasn't weird at all. He tells her it was incredible and hot and great! He says that he feels like a real man now. Abby can believe that. She says he was acting like a real man when he yelled at Chelsea. Abby thinks that Chelsea feels the same way.

Max and Mimi wonder how Abe knows the ring was stolen. He tells them he checked with the Robbery Division and they confirmed that the ring was stolen six years ago. As well, he says, the man that laid the complaint came down to the station and identified the ring. He even had the receipt. This tells the police, Abe explains, that the skeleton that was found was definitely killed not that long ago. Knowing that the ring was stolen, however, has led to several more questions such as: how did the skeleton come by the ring--honestly, did he steal it? The police will now reopen the robbery investigation hoping that will lead to some clue about the identity to the skeleton. "In the meantime, Miriam, " Abe says, "We could use your help."

Roman is very confused. He doesn't understand why Lexie needs time alone. Lexie pleads with Roman. Roman agrees to Lexie's request and leaves his office. Lexie furtively looks around and takes out her cell phone. She asks Tek, once again, if he's really sure that EJ was the shooter. Tek, very exasperated, tells Lexie that yes, just like he's told her numerous times before, he is sure that EJ Wells shot John.

Bo and Billie are back at the pub. Bo tells Billie that the program works, so be sure to use it. He also reminds her that it will take more than one meeting to get her feeling back on track again. "Have faith" he tells her. Billie confesses that there is one other thing she did last night that she's not proud of. She tells Bo that she hooked up with someone while she was drunk. Bo thinks that Billie is an adult. single, and sexy so there shouldn't be a problem. Bille tells Bo the reason she feels so horrible is that the guy was younger, much younger. He was legal, Billie assures Bo, but very young and very inexperienced. "Lucky guy", Bo chuckles. Billie is perturbed with Bo and tells him this is no joking matter. Billie says the guy was very sweet but very naive and was only trying to make her feel better about herself but things just got out of hand. "It was very wrong" she says.

Abby is amazed. She tells Nick that, after all this time, he still doesn't "get" Chelsea. Chelsea was very impressed with Nick's new attitude. Now, Abby explains, Chelsea expects Nick to come grovelling back to her. Abby tells Nick that he most definitely should not do that! He should make Chelsea come to him. Nick is worried that Chelsea would never forgive him for sleeping with her mom. Abby reminds Nick that Chelsea will never find out.

Stephanie wants to know if her dad is okay. He assures her that he is. He's just a little sad because he was just getting to know her again and now she's leaving. Stephanie understands and says that she will not go. Steve bucks up and tells her that she has to go, she has to follow her dream. "Kick some ass on that race track", he tells her. Besides, he adds, there are surely planes to Dayton and he and her mom will be there to visit so often she'll see them more then than now. Stephanie tells her parents how much she loves them. Steve assures Stephanie that they love her too. We will always be a family, he tells his daughter, no matter how far apart we are. Kayla thinks this good news calls for another piece of chocolate cake. Stephanie is sorry but she promised some friends she'd meet them and she has to go.

Tek, aggravated, tells Lexie that, for the last time, it was definitely EJ he saw. Lexie, with great sarcasm, tells Tek that she knows him too well to trust his word on anything. Roman re-enters his office and asks Lexie if she's ready now. She tells him yes.

"Abraham, I'd love to help you but I'm not sure how", says Mimi. Abe says he recalls how Mimi thought the ring looked familiar. Mimi agrees and admits it freaked her out a little bit. Abe wonders if Mimi knew the ring's original owner. His name was Harold Cavanaugh. He's about 80 now, Abe says, and has been in poor health for several years. Abe encourages Mimi to trust her gut instincts and to maybe dig deeper into her memory. He asks her to let her know if she remembers anything else. Mimi promises that she will and Abe leaves. Mimi confides to Max that all this murder talk and skeletons is definitely giving her the creeps. Max says that's all the more reason Mimi should take him up on his offer to stay at his place tonight.

Bo thinks Billie is being too hard on herself. Bo wants to tell Billie a story. He remembers being fifteen. There was a snowstorm in Salem and he was going to make some extra money shovelling out drives and such. On his way home, he walked past a young widow woman who was trying desparately to shovel herself out. Her husband had been killed in Vietnam and she had two small children at home. Bo offered to help her for no charge. She, thankfully, took him up on his offer. After the drive was cleared she invited him into the house for hot chocolate and doughnuts. The children were away and it was just the two of them. They began talking around the kitchen table. She got up and began massaging his shoulders and one thing led to another....Billie jumps in and says, "she traumatized you forever!'

Abby thinks Nick should give himself a break. This thing with Billie has given him much more confidence. That's why, Abby continues, Nick needs to get rid of Dr. Shane Patton so that Chelsea can fall in love with Nick. Abby just wonders how Nick is going to face Billie after this. Nick says he's not, he's just going to avoid her for the next sixty years!

Steve assures Kayla that he knows Stephanie will be fine. The reason he knows this, he continues, is because of the way Kayla raised their daughter. Kayla always worries if she is a good mom. Steve lets Kayla know that she is a fantastic mom. He tells her that she just proved that the way she let Stephanie go. Kayla knows that if she had told Stephanie about her dad's episodes she would have stayed in Salem but she didn't because she didn't want her to worry. Kayla admits to Steve that she is very afraid of losing him again.

As Lexie is ready to leave Roman's office, he asks her what changed, what made up her mind? Lexie tries to convince him that what she said was true, she just needed a few minutes to clear her head and then she realized her initial instincts were right. "EJ was definitely the shooter", she says. Lexie asks Roman if she may go now. He tells her yes. After Lexie leaves, Roman is very thoughtful.

At the garage, Max is telling Mimi he even "buffed up the place" in case she dropped by. He tells her he cleaned here and there and he even put clean sheets on the bed. Realizing he may have said too much, he begins to fumble for more words. Mimi laughs.

In the lobby of the police station, Lexie's phone rings. It's Tek wanting to know how things went. Lexie lets him know that she identified EJ. She also tells him that she'll be living in fear until the trial and until EJ is put away for good. Tek reminds Lexie that this was all her doing. Lexie was the one that wanted Tek to leave the scene of the shooting so that Abe wouldn't know they were together. "Baby, if you need me," Tek tells her. Lexie answers by telling Tek that as far as she is concerned this is the last time they will ever speak. Just as she hangs up, Abe comes back in. He asks her how it went. Lexie tells him it's over and she is very tired. Will Abe come home with her? He tells her he cannot but he'll see her later. As Lexie leaves, they kiss goodbye and Abe tells Lexie how proud he is of her. Roman then comes out of his office and tells Abe that he would like to talk to him, he's worried about his wife.

Bo admonishes Billie to let a guy finish his story. He tells her that six months later this widow met a nice man and got married. "I", he tells her, "was king of the world!" Billie asks if he really wasn't traumatized. Bo assures her that she's got nothing to worry about. Billie thanks him for putting her mind at rest. " Maybe", she thinks with a smile, "I actually did something good for a change". Billie is so thankful for Bo. She tells him that he always knows how to make her feel better. She wonders at the fact that the young widow got married six months later. She chuckles as she thinks maybe there's hope for her yet.

Steve is holding Kayla as she gently cries. He reminds her that she doesn't have to be so strong anymore like she was when he wasn't around. "Nothing can tear us apart" he tells her. He assures her that his episodes are under control and, if not, they'll just figure out what to do next. "There's nothing we can't do together, Sweetness" he whispers to her. Once Kayla is calmed down, Steve suggests a brandy. Kayla agrees and Steve goes over to the lounge to get them. At the bar, Nick is still working on the windup Christmas decoration. Steve stands beside him and orders the brandys. "Success!" shouts Nick as the toy begins to work. The monkey in a Christmas suit begins to drum on his drum. Steve grimaces and closes his eyes.

Mimi thanks Max for his offer, tells him she will sleep on the couch because she is not kicking him out of his own bed, and tells him she's thrilled to be out of the "looney bin". To show her appreciation, Mimi suggests that they pick up some groceries and she will cook them both a nice pasta dinner with some dessert and maybe a movie. The two move closer together until Max is holding Mimi against his body. They are both smiling at the prospect of spending the whole evening alone together. Max says that sounds incredible and goes to wash up before leaving. Mimi pulls her cells phone out and phones Bonne. She leaves her a message that she's not coming home tonight.

Back at Chez Rouge, Steve's face looks like he is in pain. Suddenly he grabs the toy and smashes it on the bar. Nick, dumbfounded, asks Steve what's wrong. Steve apologizes but says that drumming was making him crazy! He gives Nick some money to buy a new decoration. Breathing heavily, he takes his brandys to goes back to the table with Kayla. Steve makes a toast "to the most beautiful woman in the world" and Kayla reciprocates with one of her own, "to the most wonderful, kind, loving husband in the world". Both giggle and take a sip of their brandy. Steve tells Kayla that he doesn't know what he ever did to deserve her. Kayla notices that Steve is sweating. He downplays it and blames the brandy. Kayla wants to be sure that Steve knows there is nothing he can't ever tell her. Steve says he knows.

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Mimi to Max "you care about me, is that what you're saying?"

Bonnie to Connor "you're my son, running a con is in your blood"

Roman to Marlena "I'm staying here tonight"

Belle to a comatose John "give me a sign" The camera shows John's little finger move.

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