Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/9/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

As the show begins today, we are at Max's garage. Nick is still angry with Chelsea. He's had enough! He tells her that she's bossed him around for the last time and leaves the garage. While Chelsea seems truly perplexed, Abby tells her what a horrible friend she's been to Nick. Abby leaves as well and finds Nick outside the garage. Trying to console him, she tells Nick that Chelsea really deserved everything he gave her. Nick, still steaming, tells Abby that if Chelsea can't see him as a man, a real person, then he's done with her.

At the pub, Belle is crying. She is inconsolable. "I can't lose my little girl", she says. She's worried that Victor has paid off Child Protective Services. Shawn promises Belle, "on his life', that no one will take Claire away from them. Hope and Kayla come over to the couple. With them is a man in a business suit. He is a lawyer that Hope has retained for them. The lawyer sits down at a table with Belle and Shawn as Hope and Kayla step back. Hope is so upset. She tells Kayla that Belle and Shawn would never not let Phillip see Claire. Hope goes on to reflect on the past year; it's been a very horrible one, starting with Zach's death. "Victor is not going to win this time", vows Hope.

Bo grabs Steve and holds him back, unsure of what he's going to do next. Steve is ranting and raving, waving his arms and yelling at Beverly Healy's desk. Bo drags Steve to the other side of the office and pins him against the wall. Steve's hands grab around his head, trying to block out the bright, flashing lights. Ms. Healy phones for the police. Suddenly, Steve quietens and whimpers, "please don't touch me".

The lawyer is telling Belle and Shawn that Victor has filed numerous complaints on behalf of Phillip. Shawn interrupts the lawyer and lets him know that Victor knew that Shawn was Claire's biological father for a year. He also reminds the lawyer that when Phillip found out that he was not Claire's father, he took off. The lawyer know this but reminds the couple that Phillip is innocent in all this and the reason he took off was that he was incredibly hurt. Belle is very angry and wonders whose side the lawyer is on. The lawyer assures Belle that he is on their side but he wants to be sure that they are prepared for court. Belle is now angry with herself. She just wanted Claire to be able to get to know her great grandfather. The lawyer acknowledges, "he set you up".

At another table across the pub Hope and Kayla are oohing and aahing over the baby. Kayla asks Hope if she ever feels like having another baby. Hope laughs and pleads with Kayla to give her a break, she just had a baby! Hope is fairly sure this baby will be the last baby for her and Bo. Both women look adoringly at the sleeping baby. Hope turns the tables on Kayla and asks if she ever dreams about having another child? She wonders if Kayla and Steve have talked about that. Kayla smiles wistfully and says, "don't tempt me". She goes on to add that now is not the right time because of everything Steve is going through. Kayla doesn't think Steve would be a very good dad right now.

In the social worker's office, as Steve calms he looks around trying to acquaint himself with his surroundings. "I did this", he asks. Bo is trying to get a panting Steve out of Ms. Healy's office as she is demanding that they don't leave. She tells them that the police are on their way. "I am the police", replies Bo. As he takes Steve out into the hallway he promises Beverly that they won't go anywhere. Once the two men are in the hallway, Bo asks Steve what happened. Steve, still panting, says it was nothing. Bo threatens to kick Steve's "skinny butt" if he doesn't spill.

Chelsea is sitting at the desk in the office of Max's garage. She is looking into her compact mirror and applying some new lipgloss. Her cells rings. It's her mom. Billie is outside Brady's pub and asks her daughter to meet her there. She tells Chelsea that she's got a wonderful surprise for her.

Outside the garage, Nick is unsure. "You think I did good?", he asks Abby. Abby replies that she thinks he did awesome! Nick is worried that he was too rough on Chelsea. Abby assures him that Chelsea deserved every word. Nick wonders if his rant will make a difference in her behaviour. Sadly, Abby thinks not. Abby tells Nick, again, that he deserves a girl who will appreciate him.

Billie is trying her best to convince Chelsea that it's important that she see her and Chelsea is trying her best to blow her mom off. Billie wins. Chelsea will meet her mom at the Brady pub.

Abby, very frustrated now with Nick, tells him that if he continues to moon over Chelsea, he deserves whatever he gets. Nick responds by telling Abby that he can't give up on Chelsea, she's his destiny. Nick knows that she has real, true feelings inside. Abby scoffs and thinks that Chelsea's only feelings extend to Chelsea and Dr. Shane Patton. Abby's face lights up. She has a wonderful idea! Dr. Shane Patton should contract a virus and die (only Abby and Nick need know he contracted a computer virus).

Steve, now squatting in the hallway outside the social worker's office, definitely doesn't want to talk to Bo. Bo is adamant. He's going to have to confide in him and he'd better be quick because the police are on their way. Steve begins to tell Bo about the first time he had an "episode". It was when he and Kayla were having dinner with Benjy and Sonia. He tells Bo that he heard noises, like metal banging and booming, getting louder and louder, and he couldn't do anything to stop it. He continues to explain and tells Bo that this time bright lights were added. The police officers arrive and Ms. Healy comes out of her office. She demands that the officers arrest Steve for threatening her and rampaging through her office.

Hope, rather amazed, looks at Kayla and questions if she was serious about Steve not being a good dad. Kayla backtracks a bit and says that yes, Steve normally would be a really good dad, but with all he's got going on in his head right now...Kayla thinks he's even more confused than ever after the doctor gave him a clean bill of health from the MRI. She tells Hope that Steve is trying hard to pretend nothing is happening but he's not being very successful. Hope gives Kayla all her sympathies. Kayla is very concerned. They are definitely dealing with something unknown and possibly very dangerous.

Shawn is so angry that Victor set them up. He admits to the lawyer that he made some dumb choices but he definitely loves his daughter and is working hard to turn his life around. The lawyer already knows that Shawn was living with Willow, a former prostitute, and working for a man with a long criminal record. The lawyer also stresses that both Shawn and Belle have made mistakes. Shawn wants to know what they have to do now to turn this around. The lawyer says they need to be able to show the judge that they've changed. Shawn thinks that will be easy. He has already moved back in with his parents and he has his old job back at the garage. The lawyer says that Belle, too, needs to show some changes. Shawn is confused. He thinks Belle is an awesome mom. The lawyer says that may be but Victor is charging that Belle is neglectful and he has information to back that up.

Nick is rather incredulous. "Chelsea really liked it when I yelled at her?", he asks Abby. Abby assures him that she did. "Did you see her face? She was totally blown away!", she tells him. Abby goes on to reiterate what she said before--Nick needs to respect himself and demand respect from Chelsea. If Chelsea can't respect him, he needs to walk away. Nick announces that he must go. He forgot that he told Maggie that he'd help her take down the decorations at Chez Rouge. Nick gives Abby a hug and leaves. Just after Nick leaves, Chelsea comes out of her garage on her way to see her mother. In a total "Chelsea voice", she asks Abby where "bad boy Nick Fallon" is. Abby tells Chelsea, once again, that she'd better back off Nick or she's going to lose him for good.

Steve, already handcuffed, is about to be led out of the building by the police officers. Bo is trying to convince his fellow cops to take the cuffs off Steve and let him go. Ms. Healy will not hear of it. She tells the police that Steve threatened her. "He tried to attack me", she says. Bo tells the police officers that Steve only slammed her desk. He further explains that Steve has just recovered his memory and is having a bit of a rough time. The officers are sympathetic but cannot let Steve go unless they hear from a superior officer. Bo points out that he is a superior officer. The guys then tell Bo that he should know, then, that they cannot let Steve go if a complaint has been made. The only one that can drop the complaint is the one that made it. Bo now turns his attentions to Beverly Healy, looking at her with a pleading look. Ms. Healy reminds Bo that this is the second time his friend has interfered with her job. She shakes her head and says, "just get him out of here" and goes back into her office. After the officers uncuff him and leave, Steve tells Bo that he owes him one. Bo thinks what he really owes him is an explanation!

Billie comes into the pub and sees Hope, Kayla and the new baby at a table. She says hello to the two women. She also wonders if they feel as awkward as she does. Bille lets Kayla know that she got the letter that Steve sent to her. Kayla tells Billie that she is sorry if Billie was hurt but the letter was from Steve's heart. Billie smiles weakly and says that she's glad Steve and Kayla are back together. Kayla smiles warmly and says that she believes her. Billie notices the new baby and walks around the table to take a closer look. She asks the baby's name. Hope smiles and asks if Billie has any ideas.

Shawn thinks that Victor has "lost it". He explains to the lawyer that Victor couldn't possibly have any proof about Belle because she is a wonderful mother. The lawyer tells the young couple that one of the claims has to do with Belle still being legally married to Phillip. "That won't look good in court", he says.

Bo continues to question Steve about his episodes. He wants to know if Steve has ever gotten violent before. Steve immediately senses what Bo really wants to know and vehemently denies ever hurting Kayla. He tells Bo that without Kayla he'd be nowhere! She was the one that got him the MRI. Bo asks about the results of that test and Steve assures him that he was given a clean bill of health. Steve tells Bo that he feels like his mind is reaching back for something, working very hard to remember, and once it does, he will be just fine. He asks his friend not to tell Kayla what has happened.

In the pub, Billie is surprised the baby girl still has no name. Hope tells her, "We are going with Doodlebug for now". Hope tells Billie that she was serious about wondering if Billie had any suggestions for names. They are hoping the right name will simply find the baby. Billie suggests Eileen. She has always liked that name, she explains, since she heard it on an old movie. Kayla thinks that's exactly what it sounds like too! The three ladies laugh. The baby wakes up and Hope has to go to the back to get her bag. She asks if Kayla will watch her. Once Hope is gone, Kayla asks Billie if she'd like to hold the baby. She would, very much. Billie gently picks up the little girl, all wrapped in blankets, and rocks her gently. Kayla thinks she looks like a natural. Kayla admits to Billie that she feels like she owes her a thank you. Billie looks very confused. Kayla reminds her that it was Billie who told her never to give up on Steve, that he'd get his memory back and they'd get back together. She also thanks Billie for handling all this mess with such grace. Billie smirks and tells her she doesn't feel graceful, she feels stupid and embarrassed. Billie looks at Doodlebug and tells her, "men, you can't live with them and you can't kill them". She thinks that the sooner she learns this lesson the better!

Belle and Shawn's lawyer assures them that he will make a strong case for them. Right now his is just trying to prepare them for their court appearance. Shawn is getting very angry. He rants that this is his own grandfather doing this to them! He is ready to own up to his own mistakes but nobody better dare accuse Belle of being a neglectful mother! Belle tries to calm Shawn down as she tells him it doesn't matter how they really are, it's only going to matter how they appear in court. The lawyer agrees with her. Shawn again brings up the fact that Phillip abandoned Claire. "To go to war", the lawyer adds. The lawyer says that he has found out that Phillip is in a medical facility in Montreal. "If he doesn't show up in court", the lawyer explains, "there is virtually no chance the judge will rule in his favor". Shawn sarcastically points out that Victor will probably arrange for Phillip to show up with bandages, in a wheelchair, and with a large marching band. Shawn is now very close to losing control. His lawyer warns him that it's alright to lose his temper here but he'd better be under control in court. He tells the couple to be sure to present a loving, responsible, rational personality in court. With that said, he leaves. Shawn walks up behind Belle, who is staring off into space, and wraps his arms around her.

At Chez Rouge Maggie is standing in front of a table top Christmas decoration. Nick comes in and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She tells him this is a wind-up decoration that Mickey gave her years ago but it's broken. Looking now at Nick, Maggie asks him if he's alright. He assures her that he's fine. Nick thinks he can fix the item and takes it to the back. Maggie, smiling and humming, thinks Nick must have woman trouble but wonders just who that woman might be.

Outside the garage, Chelsea is trying to convince Abby not to worry about Nick. "I've got him wrapped up in a nice, little package", she tells her friend. Abby warns her not to be so sure; she might get voted off the island! Abby reminds Chelsea that there are always consequences to her actions. Chelsea scoffs and says that what her mom always tells her. Abby thinks she should listen to her mom. "She's a smart lady", she says. Thinking of her mother, Chelsea perks up and tells Abby about coming home the other night. She tells her that she just about caught her mom having sex! Abby doesn't really want to know anymore but Chelsea continues anyway. She tells Abby that she came home and found a man's belt under the couch! Upon hearing this, Abby turns away. Chelsea, oblivious to Abby's thoughtful look, bounces off to meet her mother at the Brady pub. Abby, looking a little dazed, mutters to herself, "he wouldn't do that, it's disgusting!" She also remembers seeing Nick with very droopy pants and asking him where his belt was.

Bo is very firm with Steve. He will not lie to his sister. Steve tries to convince Bo that it wouldn't be lieing, it would simply be not telling. He tells Bo that he doesn't want to worry his wife. Bo finally agrees, with one condition. The condition is that Steve go to see a psychiatrist. Steve is sure that seeing a shrink won't help. Bo isn't swayed, that's the condition. Steve tries, once again, to assure Bo that he would never hurt Kayla. Bo know that Steve would never hurt Kayla "in his right mind", but Bo reminds Steve that he's not always "in his right mind" right now.

Billie is holding Hope's new baby as Chelsea enters the pub. "This is the surprise?", she asks. "You adopted a baby?"

Over on the other side of the pub, Hope is trying to reassure Belle and Shawn. She admits that they've got a big mountain to climb, but they aren't going to have to climb it all on their own. She is sure that when the judge sees how many people love Claire everything will be fine. "Love isn't enough" Shawn says. Shawn tells his mother that if the court rules against them, he, Belle, and Claire will be leaving to a place where no one will ever be able to find them.

Steven, still sitting on the floor outside Beverly Healy's office, finally agrees to go see the psychiatrist. He is adamant, though, that Kayla know nothing about any of this. Bo is not happy agreeing to that but he does. He also warns Steve that if he has one more episode he will tell Kayla everything. Steve tries to convince Bo that everything is alright. Everytime he has an episode he remembers a little bit more and then he can understand. After that, he tells his brother-in-law, he can have some kind of life with his wife and kid. He confides in Bo that he longs to see a look from Kayla that he remembers seeing long before. It's a look that says she believes in him and trusts him.

Billie laughs at Chelsea and tells her that she's all the child she can handle. Chelsea realizes who this baby is. It is Hope and Patrick's baby. Billie corrects her and fills her in; this is Hope and Bo's baby. The women realize that makes this little baby Chelsea's sister. As Billie is about to pass the baby to Chelsea, Hope comes back with the diaper bag and takes the baby in her arms. Kayla comes to Chelsea's side and quietly assures her that Hope didn't realize Chelsea was just about to take the baby.

Abby comes into the back room at Chez Rouge where Nick is working on the wind-up toy. She backhandedly makes a remark about Chelsea telling her that she almost found her mom with man and that man left his belt behind. Abby can tell instantly from the look on Nick's face that her suspicions are true! "It's true" she says to him, amazed.

Bo and Steve arrive back at the pub. They tell everyone that, for the time being, Claire is in foster care. Kayla takes Steve aside and tells him that Stephanie wants to see them for dinner. "She has some news", she says. Steve hopes it's good news. They say goodbye. At the far end of the bar, Belle questions Shawn. She wants to know if he was serious about running away if the judge rules against them. He assures her that he was. Bo comes over and reminds them that the judge almost always rules in favor of the mother. Belle is still worried about the chance that Victor has paid off the judge. Bo tells Shawn that his mother has let him in on Shawn's plan and it's not a wise one. Shawn doesn't care. He has his mind made up.

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