Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/8/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas, laying in his hospital bed, is reading an article from the newspaper. It tells about Miss Sami Brady and how she saved Mr. Lucas Roberts' life. As Lucas is reading the article, Sami has a flashback to being in the car with EJ. He is threatening to tell Lucas what happened. Sami slaps him. Sami comes back to reality just in time to hear Kate, again, downplay Sami's heroics. Billie enters the room. She has a plant for Lucas that she sets down and rushes to give her brother a big hug. She tells him how happy she is that he's alright. She thanks Sami, too, and calls her a hero. Kate, anxious to change the subject, asks Billie how she and Chelsea are making out with Bonnie now that Patrick isn't around. Billlie answers that they are doing great because Bonnie threw them out!

Bonnie and Mimi are in the police station. An officer leads in a young man in a blue plaid shirt and a cowboy hat. The young man rushes over and, with a very thick texas drawl, shouts, "Mama". This is Connor. Bonnie is very angry with him. She gave him money for a bus ticket home so why did he drive a car up here without tags on it? Connor, still trying to sweet-talk his mother, puts out his cheek and asks for some sugar. Bonnie smacks the cowboy hat from his head. "How's that for sugar?" she asks.

Abby and Nick are in the office of Max's garage. She can't believe Nick still hasn't told Chelsea that he is Lonely Splicer. She asks him what happened. Nick fumbles for words. As he has a flashback of him and Billie making out, Nick tells Abby that he didn't tell Chelsea because he got distracted. He tells Abby that, instead, he told Chelsea he had found Lonely Splicer's real name-Dr. Shane Patton.

Sami gently reminds Lucas that his old apartment is empty. Since the guy Lucas had rented the place to backed out, they think it would be a great idea if Billie and Chelsea moved in. Kate does not think that is a good idea at all. Sami thinks they should let Billie decide.

Bo and Steve have come to see Beverly Healy. Bo explains to her that she's made a mistake. She's taken his granddaughter. Ms. Healy assures him that no mistake was made. Evidence came before the judge and the judge ruled that Claire should be removed from her parent's custody. Bo asks what the evidence was, where it came from. He intimates that Victor is the one who supplied Child Protective Services with the evidence and that the evidence is trumped up. Beverly plays innocent, as if she doesn't know who Victor Kiriakis is. Bo scoffs and remarks that he hopes Ms. Healy had fun being played like a fiddle.

At the pub, Caroline is telling Hope and Kayla that she just can't believe Victor would be behind this mess with Claire. Belle is holding the newest Brady as Victor enters the pub. Shawn immediately lunges at Victor but Hope grabs him trying to calm him down. Caroline, very angrily, asks Victor what he's doing in the pub. He says he's come to make peace. He tells the Bradys that Phillip has sent him because he would like to come to a compromise. Belle exclaims that Phillip walked out on Claire, he's hardly in any shape to bargain. Victor, threateningly, tells Belle that if she decides to fight them she'll lose whatever access she has to Claire.

Connor gives his mother a "puppy dog" look. "That hurt" he tells her. Bonnie whispers to Connor, asking him if he remembers why she called him to come home. Connor does. It was to protect the family. Bonnie says yes, because they don't want Mimi to find out about....Just then Mimi walks up to the two conspirators.

Back in the hospital room, Kate is telling Sami that she should stop interfering with their family. Sami replies that she is just trying to help. Lucas thinks it would be a wonderful idea if Billie and Chelsea moved into his old apartment. It would give Will and Chelsea a chance to hang out and give him a chance to get to know his neice better. Billie smiles.

Nick asks Abby to please stop bringing up his virginity, he's regretting ever telling her. Abby chuckles and asks him, "what, isn't it true anymore?". Chelsea's voice calls from out in the garage. Nick is very nervous. He doesn't want to be found. Chelsea's voice calls again and Abby answers back that they are in the office. Chelsea comes in and is very happy to see Nick. She tells him that she really, really needs him.

In her office, Beverly Healy is explaining to Bo and Steve that this wasn't her doing. The court made the decision, she just carried it out. Bo and Steve ask where Claire is right now. Ms. Healy tells the men that Claire is with some wonderful foster parents. Steve asks why Claire can't stay with her grandparents. He is told it is because Belle and Shawn are at the grandparents (Bo's and Hope's) home on a regular basis, the child needed to be in protective custody.

Shawn is still struggling to get to Victor. He lets him know that if Victor wants a fight, he's ready. The fact that Phillip isn't even Claire's father is brought up. Victor's reply is that paternity isn't the issue in this case, environment is. Shawn answers that both he and Belle are living with their parents, what is wrong with that environment. Victor brings up the fact that Shawn, up until recently, was living with a hooker and working for a man with a criminal record. Belle jumps into the confrontation and points out to Victor that if he'd have spoken up as soon as he knew that Shawn was Claire's true father all of this mess would have been avoided. Aunt Kayla, trying to defuse the situation, says that since nobody wants Victor there, they should listen to what he has to say and then he can leave.

Mimi wants to know what Connor and Bonnie were talking about. Connor tells Mimi they were discussing his schooling. "I failed", he tells Mimi. Mimi is immediately softer and sympathetic. She's sorry to hear that Connor failed his GED exam. She vows to help him study so he will pass next time. Mimi leaves to get the car as Bonnie and Connor exchange relieved looks.

Billie is wondering if moving into Lucas' old apartment is a good idea. She tells Lucas and Sami that Chelsea is a very early riser and likes to listen to her music very loudly. Lucas is sure it will be fine, so is Sami. Billie gives a leap, a huge hug to Sami, and a loud "thank you"! She looks apologetically at Kate before she rushes out of the hospital room to begin packing.

Chelsea reminds Nick that he promised he'd find Dr. Shane Patton. She demands to know what's taking so long. Suddenly she turns very sweet and tells "Nicky" that she needs an address as well. She tells him to "hop to it".

Bo accuses Beverly Healy of being paid off by Victor. Steve, trying to ease the tension, gets Bo to step back. He tells Ms. Healy that Claire has never spent a night away from her parents. He thinks she must be very afraid and confused. Ms. Healy agrees that is probably true but, again, tells the two men that it's out of her hands. The judge felt there was ample evidence. Steve points out that Bo is a cop so he and the social worker are actually on the same team. Beverly says she'd just like to do her job without being threatened.

Victor is instructed to say what he has to say and then leave. He tells the group that Phillip is willing to withdraw the charges from Child Protective Services if he is named Claire's primary parent. Belle objects because Phillip abandoned Claire and he hasn't seen her in months! Victor says that Claire will come to live at the Kiriakis mansion. She will be looked after properly in a stable environment and her future will be assured. Hope points out that money isn't everything that's needed to raise a child. Victor goes on to tell Belle and Shawn that Phillip, benevolently, would like the two of them to remain a part of Claire's life and that they can come to visit her as often as they wish. Shawn tells Victor he's got a response to Phillip's offer. He strides to the door of the pub, opens it, and tells Victor "shove it, get out of my face".

A photographer comes into Lucas' hospital room. He says he's looking for Sami Brady. The newspaper is doing a big spread in the Sunday paper and he needs a picture. Kate snidely wonders if there's no other news in the world. Sami goes to freshen up and Lucas reminds his mother that Sami saved his life. Sami comes back in and asks the photographer where she should be. This is all too much for Kate and she leaves the room. The photographer thinks Sami should be on the hospital bed with Lucas, next to the man whose life she saved. Sami climbs up on the bed, snuggles in beside Lucas and the two begin to joke and smile as the photographer takes his pictures.

"Tic, Tic, Tic" demands Chelsea of Nick. Abby reminds Chelsea that maybe Nick is busy, maybe he had something else to do right now. Chelsea thinks that's nonsense. She knows that there is nothing "Nicky" likes better than to make her happy. Nick flashes back to getting dressed and resolving to never let Chelsea take advantage of him again. He glares at Chelsea and tells her his name is Nick, not Nicky and he is done doing favours for her.

Ms. Healy has had enough disruption. She tells Bo and Steve that they'd better leave her office right now or they'll be facing a judge too. Steve is now ranting and asks, rhetorically, "who's being threatened now?". He walks to a chair on the far side of Beverly's office and sits down, wondering what she's going to do. The social worker is not about to back down and demands that the two men leave. Bo pleads for just two minutes with Claire so he can assure her that everything is going to be ok. Steve's focus shifts to a desk lamp. The light gets very bright and blocks out everything else in the office. Steve can be heard panting. In his mind, Steve can see a man's face but it is blurry and partially blocked out by the very bright light. The man is telling Steve to "say it, say it now". Steve is begging, "please, don't" and groaning. Looking at Steve, the audience can see that he has a very absent look in his eyes.

Victor is cajoling Caroline, Hope, and Kayla. He expected "the children" to overreact but he thought these women would reign them in and teach them a better way. "There is no way you can win this fight", he says. Victor tries to appeal to Caroline. Her response is to tell Victor that this is her pub and he needs to get out. On his way out, Victor vows to see them all in court. Belle, her voice shaking, very quietly says "that man doesn't deserve to live, does he".

Trying to pass the time, Sami and Lucas are shooting a foam basketball at a hoop on the back of Lucas' hospital room door. The ball shoots over top of Lucas onto the other side of his bed. As he leans out of bed to retrieve the ball he nearly topples out. Sami grabs him just in time. Lucas pulls her onto the bed and begins tickling her. She begs him to stop. He asks if she really wants him to stop and she admits that no, not really. "Don't ever stop", she tells him. Lucas says he'd do anything for his hero. They profess their love for one another. As Lucas suggests they play doctor, Kate comes back into the room.

"Come on Nicky", Chelsea sweetly asks. "What's wrong?" Nick snaps back that he's sick of being her lap dog. He's not going to allow her to walk all over him anymore!

Shawn consoles Belle and promises her that he's not going to let Victor and Phillip get away with this. Hope tells the couple that if they stick together they will get through this. Kayla and Caroline don't think a judge will even listen to this foolishness. A man comes in the pub and asks for Shawn Brady and Belle Kiriakis. The two acknowledge who they are. He walks over to them, hands them some papers, and tells them they've just been subpoenaed. They are to testify tomorrow morning at the hearing.

As Beverly is insisting that the two men leave, Steve jumps up out of his chair, races over to her desk and flings everything off of it.

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Shawn and Belle to a lawyer, "tell us what we have to do"

Billie to Chelsea, "you haven't asked me what the surprise is" Chelsea, hugging Billie, "thank you mom"

Abby to Nick, "it's true! You had sex with Chelsea's mom!"

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