Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/5/07


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Max and Mimi kiss passionately and then Max pulls back. He doesn’t want this to happen here in his garage; he wants it to be special. She doesn’t care, but he thinks she deserves better. He suggests her place, but Mimi doesn’t think Bonnie would like to have any unexpected guests right now.

Bonnie has a drink at the Pub when Billie walks up and sits down to meet with her. Bonnie tells Billie that she has to go to the bus depot to pick up her youngest son Conner, and she wants Billie and Chelsea to find another place to live.

Shawn tells Belle are in the chapel at the hospital and he tells her about the photographer snapping pictures of Claire and that he believes they are being investigated by CPS. Belle doesn’t understand what they could be looking for, but Shawn believes Victor is behind this. He reminds her how mad Victor got when they decided to cut down his visits with Claire and he thinks he has this bizarre idea that Phillip is going to be Claire’s father. Belle takes Claire and holds her tight.

Steve stands outside John’s room as Kayla walks up asking about his condition. He tells her that the doctors suspect his brain could be damaged beyond repair and Kayla is devastated. Steve tells her that he is supposed to be completely unresponsive. Kayla notices that he said “supposed to be” and she questions him about that. He asks if she remembers when the paramedics brought him into the hospital and the way he reacted to his (Steve’s) presence. She remembers, so he tells her the same thing happened again last night when he came into the room. He says his heart rate went up and the monitors went off like crazy. He asks what she thinks that means. She isn’t sure, but if the doctor’s say that his brain is dead, he shouldn’t be able to react that way. She tells him that miracles do happen and that he is responding to him for some reason. Steve wonders why he would respond to him and no one else. Kayla has no explanation. She kisses him and says that she is going to go by the chapel and light a candle for John on her way home.

Marlena doses off beside John’s bed and all of a sudden he raises up telling her that he needs her. She jumps up and tries to convince him that she is right here and all he can say, in a very distressful voice is, “I need you Marlena!” Then, she wakes up and realizes she was dreaming. She looks over at him lying there and puts her face next to his and tells him that she is here, right by his side. Roman walks into the room and she goes to him and he holds her while she cries. She tells him about the dream she had before he came into the room. He tries to calm her down by reminding him that it was just a dream, but she is positive that he (John) is in there; she knows he is. Roman tells her that he talked to Dr. Tucker and he gave him John’s prognosis. He starts to comment about John’s brain…Marlena stops him before he can say anything else with, “No. No. No. I will not hear this. And I don’t care what the medical prognosis is, because I can’t measure my prayers and that can’t measure his heart.” She warns him not to tell her that John is gone because she will not believe it; it just isn’t true. She turns away from him and stands by John’s side. Roman wants to know how long she has been here and suggests she go home and get some rest. She informs him that she only needs for him to bring in the man that did this to her husband and put him behind bars for the rest of his miserable life. Roman would love to do this and Marlena notices the look on his face. She tells him, “No. Don’t you do this to me.” She starts to cry and Roman apologizes and tells her that EJ got away. She breaks down.

Shawn tries to reassure Belle by telling her that there is no way Victor can take Claire away from them; they are her biological parents. She turns around and reminds him that Victor is Victor and he gets what ever he wants no matter who he destroys. Shawn vows that he will not allow him to take their child. Belle suggests Shawn talk to Bo because he is Victor’s son and maybe he can get him to back off. He thinks it is a good idea and leaves immediately to go see him. As soon as he opens the door, Beverly, the lady from CPS and an officer are standing in the doorway. She holds up her badge and tells them that she is here to take Claire. Shawn slams the door and locks it as they beat on it.

Max wants to take Mimi to his “crib” and Mimi makes fun of the reference he made to his house, wondering why men always do that. They start kissing again and she jokingly asks if his “crib” is clean. She even asks when the last time he changed his sheets is. They walk into his office and she reminds him that this is the place they actually got together, so he pushes everything off his desk and they lay down on it and start kissing passionately when they hear the door open and shut. They jump up and Abby walks in. She notices right away that she interrupted them and walks out.

Billie can’t believe that Bonnie is kicking them out and reminds her that she has always paid her rent on time every month. Bonnie tells her that they have been dream tenants, so Billie asks what the problem is. Bonnie says that she needs space while Connor is home and then they can come back after he is gone. Billie is very upset and insists that she can’t find a place to live on such short notice. Bonnie starts to cry and tells Billie that she and her family have been through so much lately. She rambles on and on and Billie stops her and says that she will figure something out. After she leaves, Bonnie dries her eyes and smiles as she takes another drink.

Marlena and Roman walk outside John’s room and she wants to know how they could allow EJ to get away. He doesn’t know but he just got a wire from the Feds that he was seen in Mexico City. She thinks everything John did was for nothing, but Roman tells her that isn’t true and promises to get him for this even if he has to go to Mexico City and get him himself.

Beverly from CPS and the officer beat on the door of the chapel where Belle and Shawn have Claire. She tells her through the door that she has a court order allowing her to take Claire. Steve and Kayla walk up behind them and hear what she is saying to them. Steve stops them and demands to see the court order. Beverly wants to know who they are so he tells them that they are Shawn’s aunt and uncle. Kayla believes there must be some mistake and asks what grounds they have for taking a child away from her mother. She says that she isn’t at liberty to discuss the case, but warns them that she will have the officer remove the door if they don’t unlock it and let them in. Steve tells them to take it easy on them because they must be scared. Kayla asks for a few minutes to talk to them before they come in. Shawn opens the door and Kayla runs to Belle as she holds Claire tight. Steve tells Shawn that Victor has filed for full custody of Claire. Shawn is devastated and can’t believe that this can happen, and refuses to let anyone take their baby.

Mimi walks out of the garage and Abby walks into the office. Max follows her in the office and asks if they can talk about this. Abby is short with him and he apologizes for what she walked in and saw. She tells him to go find Mimi and get a room; she has work to finish.

Roman tells Marlena that he promises to track EJ down, but before he can say anything else, the doctor walks up claiming to have a new set of test results. He tells her that there is no change in the results. She demands that he DID respond to Steve, but the doctor tells her that just isn’t possible because his brain isn’t functioning at that level. Marlena tells him that she doesn’t need his sympathy; she needs his help. She walks back into John’s room and the doctor gives Roman a business card of a colleague in St. Louis that specializes in brain injuries. Roman thanks him and goes into the room with Marlena. She is talking to John and tells him that she has never felt so desperate. She says that she is a doctor who believes in science and medicine, and right now, the only thing that makes since is to beg God for a miracle. She begs him to please open his eyes and say her name. Roman interrupts and tells her that she is going to have to prepare herself for…She stops him again. She says she is NOT because John needs her to believe that he is coming back to them, and that is what she is going to do until he does.

Kayla promises to help them find an attorney to help them as Beverly starts beating on the door again. She demands they come out and Shawn pulls Steve aside and asks him to distract them until he can get Belle and Claire out of here. Kayla and Steve ask where they are going to go, and Shawn tells them that they will drive and drive until they get somewhere that no one can find them. Steve understands how he feels, but tells him that running away is just going to dig them in deeper. He tells him it isn’t the answer and Shawn asks him to tell him what to do. Steve says that a few years ago, he would have tried to do the same thing; turn a lousy situation into a train wreck. He tells Shawn that they are going to have to get a lawyer and find out what Victor has got on them. Belle promises they did nothing wrong, and Kayla knows this, and promises this will be a temporary thing. She tells her that they can’t deny a court order, but Belle knows there is no guarantee she will be able to keep Claire. She knows that they are going to say they are unfit. Belle, Shawn, and Claire walk away and Shawn tells Belle to say the word and he will get them out of here. Steve hears and warns him that he will give Victor all the ammunition he needs if he runs with Claire. Kayla says, “Not to mention the fact that he will catch you.” She reminds them that she and Steve lived a life on the run and it is exhausting looking over your shoulder every minute of every day. She tells them that you also loose a big part of your life in the process, and asks them to think about what it will do to Claire. Steve walks up to them and tells them to trust the people who love them; the people that will fight like hell with them to make this thing right. He promises their friends and family will support them.

Roman pulls out the card the doctor gave him and asks Marlena if she would like a second opinion. She doesn’t want to do this because she knows they will run the same tests; science is not on their side. He suggests other rehab facilities but she refuses to allow him to go somewhere that no one knows who he is. She says they won’t know the kind of man he is, how loved, how good, or how respected he is. Roman believes that she will make the right decision when the time comes because she has the strength to do that. She agrees telling him that John gave her that strength, and she will need it to get him through this. Roman wants her to allow him to help her. She asks how he could possibly help. His answer is by being her friend.

Max knows that Abby doesn’t like Mimi, but tells her that he does. She knows and asks him to leave her alone so she can finish her work. He refuses to leave until she tells him what is bothering her. She tells him that she has been loyal and has kept this business running while he went with Mimi to Georgia to look for Phillip, and also froze her butt off trying to find him on Christmas Eve. He agrees that she saved their lives, and then, she asks what she got from doing all that; not a thank you, not even a card, not even a token of his appreciation. He can’t believe he didn’t even thank her, but she tells him to believe it because he didn’t. She asks him to give her one reason she should stay here at this low rent job. He tells her that he needs her.

Mimi is meeting Bonnie at the Pub because she called and said it was a family emergency. Bonnie tells her that it is about Connor, and Mimi automatically assumes that he is in trouble because he is in a boot camp for troubled teens. Bonnie tells her that she asked him to come home for a while until they figure out what is going to happen with Patrick. She tells her that he was supposed to be here this morning on the bus but he never showed and he isn’t answering his phone. Mimi asks if she sent him cash for the bus fair. Bonnie tells her that she did because she couldn’t afford a plane ticket. Mimi rolls her eyes and reminds her that he takes after her (Bonnie) and that he took the money and ran.

Billie sits at the bar looking through the classifieds for a place to live. Caroline fills her coffee cup and tells her that she thought she and Chelsea were living with Bonnie. Billie says that Bonnie needs her house to herself because her son is coming home and she also wants her to leave today. Billie asks if she has any rooms available here, but Caroline only has one room left and its Bo’s. She tells her that it wouldn’t hurt for her to ask him since he is staying with Hope now.

Bonnie doesn’t believe that Connor would take the money she sent him and run off, but Mimi asks if he suddenly had a personality transplant. She tells Bonnie to face it; she made a mistake trusting him to come home. Mimi asks what she wants to do about him, but Bonnie was hoping she would have an answer.

Max apologizes if he didn’t pay more attention to her. He tells Abby that he will never take her for granted again if she will stay. She asks where her Christmas bonus is and he pulls a wrapped present out of the filing cabinet and gives it to her.

Billie doesn’t think it would be a good idea to move into Bo’s room. Caroline doesn’t think they will mind, but Billie says she and Chelsea have been taking about getting their own place anyway. If she can find something affordable, at least it will get them out of the Lockhart craziness. Caroline tells her that Chelsea could stay in her and Shawn’s spare bedroom while she is looking for a place. Billie is shocked and asks if she is sure she wouldn’t mind letting CHELSEA stay with them. Caroline points out that she is there granddaughter, and Billie honestly thanks her, telling her she just may take her up on that.

Roman tells Marlena to listen to him; she needs sleep. He wants her to do it for John’s welfare as well as her own because she has to be strong and sharp. He wants to take her home, but she asks for a minute alone with John first. He tells her he will wait outside until she gets ready. She lays her head down on John’s.

Beverly and the cop beat on the door and warn them that they are coming in. Belle holds Claire tight as Steve opens the door. Beverly barges in and Kayla gets in her face and tells her to calm down; she’s getting the baby. She walks past Kayla as Belle begs her to please not take her baby. She asks her to remember the day they met at the café and reminds her how nice she was to them and how she told them they were good parents. Shawn stops her and tells her that it was all lies because they were being set up. Shawn turns to the lady and tells her that he knows Victor Kiriakis paid her off and asks how much it costs to destroy a family.

Abby opens Max’s gift and it’s a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets. He remembered that she loved to read and thought she might like it. She loves it and tells him that they are her favorite. He tells her there is a card inside and she takes it out and reads it aloud. “Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas to my dearest Abby. A friend, confidant, and the closest thing to a little sister I will ever have.” Abby looses her smile and he notices something is wrong. She tells him that she isn’t his little sister; she is a woman. She drops the book in his hands on her way out the door.

Bonnie asks Mimi what if Connor has been mugged or something, and then, her cell phone rings. When she hangs up, she tells Mimi that was the police and Connor has been arrested.

Beverly informs Shawn that she works for the county and she wasn’t bought and paid for by Victor Kiriakis. Belle reminds her that she told her she had children too and asks if that was a lie and how would it feel to her if someone were to take them away. Belle breaks down and Beverly tells them that she is going to have to ask the officer to intervene. Kayla rushes past her to Belle telling Beverly to wait. She tells Belle to make it as easy for Claire as she can. Belle talks to Claire, telling her that she is just going to go with their friend for a while, and also how much they love her. Beverly steps up and pulls Claire out of Belle’s hands and she falls apart. Shawn holds her.

Marlena lies next to John and tells him that she is going home for a while to get some rest but she will be back. She brings up the fact that he tried to tell her something the night he was shot, and promises she will be here when he is ready to tell her. She cries and tells him she is leaving now and that she loves him. She kisses his cheek and gets out of the bed. She takes one last look at him before she walks out the door. Once she is outside the room, John’s eyes flutter and he whispers, “ Marlena”.

Previews for Monday:

Sami: I think I know a way that you and Chelsea could live alone. Would you be interested?

Billie: Yes!

Abby: Nick, you've got to stop whining for Chelsea and find a girl who likes you for you. You're not gonna stay a virgin forever, right?

Victor: I'll see you all in court.

Belle: That man doesn't deserve to live, does he?

Steve: That man! She's his granddaughter now!

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