Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/4/07


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As Max is sweeping the garage floor, there is a knock at the door. Max yells that the garage is closed and to come back in twenty minutes or so. The knocking keeps up, so Max unlocks the door. It's Mimi. She says that she needed to talk to someone, so she came to see Max. Max wants to know how Patrick is. Mimi replies that he's awful. She explains that Patrick could spend many, many years in prison. He needs a good lawyer; she asks how she is supposed to afford one on her salary. Max tells Mimi not too worry. They'll put on the coffee and figure something out. Mimi turns down his offer, saying that she shouldn't have come to the garage. Max goes to Mimi and wraps his arms around her.

John is lying in his hospital bed with his eyes closed. Marlena is lying on the side of his bed with her head on his pillow. She's talking to him, assuring him that she's alright and staying strong. It's just like they promised in Italy, by the fountain, she reminds him. "I'm here and I'm staying here," she whispers to John, "and I need to know that you're going to stay here, too." She asks him for a sign--any kind of sign-- but there is nothing. Marlena lowers her head on the pillow so that the newlyweds are forehead to forehead. Just then, Belle enters John's hospital room. She tells her mom that Shawn took Claire so that Belle could come and spend some time with her parents. Belle is very afraid for her dad, but Marlena assures her that he is going to be just fine.

Shawn and Claire are visiting Hope, Bo, and the new baby. They are all joking about how the niece is older than the aunt and how she'll be able to boss her around. The three adults talk about all the time the two little girls will spend together and how they'll grow up together. Shawn passes Claire to Bo and takes his little sister from Hope. He thinks she's got Zach's eyes. Bo and Hope say that they think the same thing. Shawn asks her name. Bo and Hope look each other in the eyes and smile.

Kayla and Steve enter the nurses' station. They are both loaded down with gift bags, boxes, and balloons. Steve teases Kayla that they aren't supposed to spoil nieces, only grandchildren. Kayla answers back that this is good practice. Steve pulls out his present for the baby, wrapped with a pink ribbon. It's a harmonica. The two reminisce about when Steve tried to teach John how to play the harmonica and how terrible he was at it. It's decided that Kayla will check in with Bo and Hope and the new baby girl, and Steve will check in with Marlena and John.

At the nursing station, a mother is trying to settle down her young son. Steve glances over and notices the little boy's t-shirt--white with a red devil on it. A pained look comes over his face. Kayla asks if he's alright, but he does not seem to hear her. In his mind, he is seeing the devil tarot card. He holds his hands to his ears as his knees begin to buckle.

Bo and Hope are teasing Shawn about his baby sister's name. Bo thinks it should be Doodlebug, and Hope thinks Buttercup would be a wonderful fit. Shawn smiles, gathers up Claire, and says that he has some errands to run. Before he leaves, Hope asks how John is doing and if they've gotten any results from his tests back yet. Shawn says no, but he sure hopes that there will be justice for what happened to John.

Steve is groaning and holding his head. Kayla calls him and calls him, but he doesn't answer. The spell seems to break and it leaves Steve gasping for breath. He tells Kayla that he'll be fine. Kayla insists that he's not fine. Steve tries to shrug it off, saying that he just needs some sleep. Kayla won't back down. She says that his hands were covering his ears as if he were trying to block out some horrible noise. Steve admits that he heard a banging. Kayla insists they get a neurologist. Steve maintains that he'll be fine. Kayla is adamant. He was completely out of it, she argues. "What if you had been driving?" she asks. She feels that he needs to get checked out, if not for his safety,then for the safety of those around him. Kayla leaves to find a doctor.

Belle is at John's bedside. "Hey, Daddy, it's Tink", she whispers. She reminds him that he hasn't called her that for a very long time, but she'd sure love to hear it again. Belle turns to Marlena, asking her if she's gotten any sleep. Before Marlena can answer, the doctor comes in. He looks at the two women and shakes his head. He wishes he had better news.

Max assures Mimi that he's glad she came to him. He tells her that the customers can wait. Max offers to help pay for Patrick's lawyer if that would help. Mimi declines and says that she just needed a friend. Max lovingly says that this is more than a friendship. Mimi gets nervous and says she should go. Max doesn't want her to leave. They begin to kiss, hug, and pull at their coats. The door to the garage opens, and in walks Shawn holding Claire!

Bo and Hope are discussing baby names. They are sure that they'll never agree. Hope comes up with what she thinks is a brilliant idea -- a name-the-baby contest! She thinks they should ask all their friends and family for suggestions. Bo is not so sure. He thinks this might start a war between the Bradys and the Hortons. He asks what will happen if they don't like the name that's chosen. Hope says that they will have the final say. Bo agrees, if the baby can be "Doodlebug" in the meantime.

Kayla returns to Steve with a doctor in tow. She introduces them. Steve continues to downplay what happened. The doctor says that he can fit Steve in for an MRI right away. Upon Kayla's insistence, Steve consents. He begins to walk away with the doctor, when Kayla calls him back. They share a long, passionate kiss before Steve leaves again. Kayla looks after the two men with a very worried expression.

Belle is very upset. She demands that the doctor tell her that her father is not going to die. The doctor is able to give her that reassurance. However, he does not expect John to ever come out of his coma. If he does, the doctor explains, John would have permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

Shawn shuts the garage door loudly. Max and Mimi stop kissing and turn to see who's come in. Mimi smirks at Shawn, "You should learn to knock". Shawn comes back with, "You should learn to lock the door if you're busy". Mimi questions Shawn.  She wonders if he is there for a reason and whether he needs something.  Shawn tells Mimi and Max that he has come to apologize for being such a jerk.

Kayla enters Hope's hospital room. Bo and Hope thank her for the many gifts. Kayla teases her younger brother, asking if he fainted at this birth like at Shawn D's. Hope teasingly says, "Just about, but not quite". Then she becomes serious and tells Bo that he is a hero. She tells Kayla she doesn't know what she would have done if Bo hadn't come along when he did. Kayla asks Hope when she is going to be sprung from the hospital. Hope answers that she is out today. Bo asks Kayla where Steve is. Kayla fills Bo and Hope in on Steve's "episodes" and tells them that he's getting checked out by a neurologist right now. She actually wants to get back to him, so she's going to say goodbye. Bo says that he'll go check on Steve, and she can stay and visit with Hope and the baby. After Bo leaves, Hope tells Kayla she can see how worried she is.

Back in John's room, the doctor continues to explain. He doesn't expect John to ever wake up, but if he does, he would have severe cognitive function impairment. Marlena's face remains stoic while Belle silently cries. The doctor thinks they should investigate some long term care options. Marlena, her voice steely, declares, "No, absolutely not!".

Shawn admits that when he found out that Mimi was working at the garage with Max, he acted like a jerk. He's really sorry. Max and Mimi apologize as well. They all admit that they could have handled things better. Shawn, bouncing Claire on his hip, says he'd really like to put the past behind them and move on. Max and Mimi agree. Mimi thinks this will be great as now she can spend more time with her goddaughter, Claire. She hopes that she can also reconnect with her best friend. Mimi asks how Belle is doing. Shawn says that she's better now that her dad made it out of surgery. Max comments that Shawn, Belle, and Claire are like a real family now. Shawn concedes that they've made real progress but that they are taking things slowly. Then he wants to know how Mimi and Max are doing. Mimi says that they are taking things slowly, too, or at least trying to. Shawn is happy for Max and Mimi. Mimi wants to take Claire for a walk down the street to see the new kittens. Once she and Claire have left the garage, Max asks Shawn if he's really cool with everything between him and Mimi.

Steve's MRI is finished, and Bo has found him. Steve tells Bo that he thinks that Kayla is overreacting. Bo mentions to Steve how upset Marlena was about John's reaction to Steve's voice last night. She is sure that he is trying to communicate something to her. When Steve came in, John muttered "killer". Steve says it was nothing. He says that John was probably afraid he was going to die and when he opened his eyes, Steve's face was the face he saw. Bo and Steve decide to check on John.

Kayla tells Hope that maybe Steve is right. She wonders if she is being overprotective. "I can't help myself", she admits to Hope. She goes on to reveal that she's afraid she'll wake up one day and Steve will be gone.

Marlena is very firm. She states that it's far too early to begin discussing long term care. The doctor continues to try to convince her to move John to a care facility. Marlena snaps that if he and this hospital cannot help her husband, she will move him to another hospital -- anywhere in the world. She is not, she says, giving up on her husband. John's doctor states that he stands by his prognosis, wishes them luck, and leaves the room. Belle starts to say something, but her mother cuts her off and says adamantly that they are not giving up and are just beginning to fight.

Bo and Steve come into John's hospital room. Marlena fills them in on the doctor's prognosis and his opinion of what should happen now. As she's talking, Steve approaches John's bed.

Hope tells Kayla not to worry, that Steve isn't going anywhere. Kayla remembers how she never did get over his leaving last time. She doesn't think Steve is completely over it, either.  She wonders if maybeit's because he's got so many holes in his memory. Kayla confides to Hope that she thinks Steve is afraid of those missing years.

John's heart rate accelerates, and the doctor rushes into the room. He says that John has had a spike in adrenaline and asks what caused it.  Marlena is sure it's because Steve is in the room. The doctor explains to Marlena that is not possible. Marlena replies that sometimes science gets it wrong. She demands another EEG.

Shawn assures Max that he really is okay with he and Mimi seeing each other.  He adds that he'd like them to hang out together --  maybe from nine to five.  Max asks Shawn if he's asking for his job back. If that's the case, Max says, he's got it.  He says that good mechanics are in very short supply.

Mimi and Claire are back from their walk and in the back of the garage. Mimi is showing Claire how to bounce on some tire tubes. Suddenly, a camera can be heard taking pictures. Mimi spins around and sees a man with a camera in the next lot. She chases him off.

Hope tells Kayla that all she needs to do is stand by Steve, no matter what, and everything will be alright. The neurologist enters Hope's hospital room to tell Kayla that everything with Steve's MRI checked out normal. Kayla is visibly relieved. After the doctor leaves, Hope says that is very good news. Kayla admits that it is but is still troubled by Steve's episodes. Hope suggests a therapist. Kayla doesn't think Steve would agree to that. Hope thinks maybe he would if the therapist was Marlena. Kayla admits that might work, but she would not bother Marlena right now with all she's got going on.

At the nursing station outside of John's room, Steve asks Bo if he believes what Marlena thinks, that he is the one causing John such agitation. Just then, Steve's eyes roll back in his head.

Marlena insists on accompanying John for the EEG. Belle would like to go, too, but her mother says that she should go to Claire. Belle wants to make sure her mom will be ok. "As long as I'm with your father, I will be fine," Marlena answers. The two hug.

Max and Shawn are looking at the engine of a car and discussing it's possible problems and solutions. Both men rush out when they hear Mimi yelling. Outside, Mimi relates her experience with Claire and the photographer.

After Shawn has taken Claire back to see Belle, Mimi is still very worried.  She wonders what that man was doing and what he plans to do with those pictures.  Max comes up behind her and begins kissing her neck. Mimi takes a step forward and tells him that she feels the moment has passed. Besides, she reminds him, they decided to take things slow. The two discuss the future and the possibility of a physical relationship. Mimi thinks if they wait, it will be that much more incredible. Max agrees but makes a joke about taking cold showers in the meantime. Mimi says she should go and they will talk more later. She is just about to the garage door when she turns, tosses her purse to the side, and says, "What the heck, you only live once". She and Max start kissing again, holding one another, and taking their clothes off.

Belle is in the chapel of the hospital with some candles burning. She is crying. Shawn says that he talked to the doctor and he filled him in. Belle is upset and says that Marlena doesn't believe the doctor. Shawn tells Belle about the photographer, and then they talk about Beverly Healy, the woman from the mall that they now know works for Child Protective Services.. Shawn thinks Belle may be right that Ms. Healy is investigating them.

Beverly Healy is out in back of the garage. The man who took the pictures shows up with a manila envelope. He hands them to her and says, "Tell Mr. Kiriakis that we're ready to make our move".

Kayla decides to go find Bo and Steve. As she is leaving, she turns and asks Hope what the baby's name is. Hope answers, "Doodlebug" with a smile.

Bo realizes something is wrong and calls to Steve. The doctor brings John out on a gurney with Marlena behind. Steve approaches the gurney and tells Marlena that if she really thinks he's the key to John's attacks, he'll do anything he can to help her figure this out. As Steve is speaking, John's fingers begin to move. His hand appears to be reaching out. No one notices, and John is taken to have his EEG.

On the next Days of Our Lives--

Bonnie to Billie, "What would really help me out is if you and Chelsea find another place to live."
Abby to Max, "I'm not your little sister, I'm a woman"
Steve to Shawn, "filed for full custody of Claire"
Shawn to Belle, "not letting anyone take our daughter away"
Marlena to John, "I'm right here beside you". John mumbles and then calls out Marlena's name.

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