Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/3/07


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Chelsea comes home and Billie rushes Nick to get his clothes and get out before she sees him. He runs out in time, just as Chelsea comes in and asks Billie what has been going on here tonight.

Hope holds her new baby girl, telling her how beautiful she is and how happy she has made her mother and father. She thanks her for bringing joy back into their lives and tells her that she would have known Bo was her father even if Patrick hadn’t told them the truth. She thinks the baby looks just like Bo. Bo comes in and kisses the baby and then Marlena comes in to see her. Hope asks about John but she says the doctor hasn’t come to speak to her yet. Bo decides to leave so Marlena and Hope can talk but Marlena stops him; she has something to say to him.

Belle and Shawn are waiting in the hospital forr word on John’s condition. Belle is very upset and Shawn holds her. She sees the woman they met in the cafe with a child in the hospital and she seems surprised.

Bonnie meets Mimi at the police department and they discuss Patrick’s situation. Mimi is mad at him because she warned Patrick not to be involved with EJ but he didn’t listen. Bonnie tells her it’s worse than that; he kidnapped Hope too. Mimi just has a hard time believing he would kidnap Hope because she knows he really cares about her. Bonnie is quick to point out that he didn’t hurt Hope and that he gave himself up. Mimi is pleased to hear that but Bonnie has more news. She tells Mimi, before Patrick gave himself up, Hope went into labor and he helped Bo deliver the baby. Mimi thinks the fact that he stuck around long enough to help deliver HIS child should count for something, but Bonnie tells her that the baby isn’t Patrick’s; he paid the doctor to lie. Mimi rolls her eyes and throws her head back but Bonnie tells her that Patrick needs them right now and they have to go to him. Mimi agrees to go, and Bonnie takes off, but Mimi stops her and asks if they can go in the morning. She tells Bonnie that Patrick is probably tired, and she is too from all the questioning about the skeleton she and Max found in the church basement. Bonnie stops immediately and asks what she is talking about. They sit down and Mimi tells her the story of how they found it and that the police think it isn’t from the Civil War era. Bonnie gets a sick look on her face and turns away from Mimi with her hand covering her mouth, crying, and saying, “Oh no, oh no.” Mimi asks why she is taking this so hard because she (Mimi) is the one that it fell on. Bonnie doesn’t answer that question, instead she wants Mimi to tell her if the cops have any idea who this guy is and how they know he was murdered. Mimi tells her that Abe is going to keep her and Max informed as they find out. Bonnie notices that Mimi is thinking about something else and asks her what is wrong. Mimi tells her that there was this ring on the skeleton with a little insignia on it; it looked familiar to her but she isn’t sure why. Bonnie sits down again, looking a little faint, and Mimi wants to know what is going on with her. Bonnie says that her brother is in jail and she (Mimi) is involved in some creepy murder. Mimi tries to make her understand that they just found the body and they aren’t involved or considered suspects. Bonnie tells her that she isn’t sure what the police will try and say, and that this is all too much for her to handle. She asks Mimi if she will please go to the county jail with her to see Patrick. Mimi agrees and walks out with Bonnie following her.

The woman Belle remembers from the cafe leaves when she sees her. Belle notices and tells Shawn about it because she thinks it is weird. Belle wants to see if she can find her.

In Hope’s room, Bo apologizes to Marlena, telling her that he should never have allowed John to take his place in the sting the other night. Marlena tells him that it wasn’t his fault and she apologizes for the awful things she said to him in the ER the other night. She says that she was just sick with fear, but she knows that he feared Hope’s life as well. She knows he did what he felt he needed to do just as John did. Bo wants her to know that John didn’t want to break his promise to her, but Marlena says she never should have made him make that promise to begin with. She knew how much he wanted to help on the case and she tells Bo that she doesn’t want him to punish or blame himself for what happened; he’s been a very good friend to them. Bo thanks her and she thanks him right back for being their friend. Bo wants her to let him know if there is anything he can do for her. She tells him that there is something he could do for her right away. Marlena tells him that John was trying to tell her something right before he went into the operating room but she isn’t sure what it was, and was hoping Bo might be able to help her figure it out.

Billie pretends to be tired and tells Chelsea that she fell asleep on the couch and had a bad dream which caused her to toss and turn quite a bit. Looking at the couch, Chelsea comments that it must have been some dream. Billie changes the subject and tells her that it was rude of her not to be here when Nick came to see her. Chelsea thinks he will get over it and says that she was working anyway. This surprises Billie and she asks where she got a job. Chelsea shows her the money in tips she made and Billie tells her how proud she is of her. Chelsea laughs and then tells her that she got fired after one shift. She says that Willow got out of jail and wanted her job back, which makes Billie assume that Chelsea was just her replacement. Chelsea notices something different about Billie and asks her if she wants to tell her what is bothering her.

Nick is struggling to put his clothes on and notices that he can’t find his belt.

Billie promises Chelsea that nothing is bothering her, but Chelsea isn’t buying it. Billie picks up the mail and starts going through it telling Chelsea that the holidays just wore her out. Chelsea asks her if Nick left anything for her when he stopped by; he was supposed to help her find out who her internet mystery guy is. Billie says that she wishes she would be a little nicer to her friends, and also, it would have been nice for her to have called Nick because it would have saved him a trip. Chelsea tells her not to worry about Nick; he loves doing things for her. Billie asks if she is interested in him and Chelsea laughs out loud. She says he is a nice guy, but when it comes to romance material, he isn’t so much. She thinks of him like her lap dog. Nick is in Chelsea’s room getting his clothes on and hears what she just said about him. As he talks to himself, he says that he is finished wasting his time, but then changes his mind and decides he wouldn’t be wasting his time if he can get her to change her mind. He picks up a picture of the guy Chelsea thinks is her internet lover, looks at it for a minute, and then heads for the window.

As Bonnie and Mimi wait for Patrick to be brought out to visit with them, Bonnie nervously taps her fingers on the table. This annoys Mimi and she reminds her that she is nervous too and asks her to stop. An officer brings Patrick in and he sits down with them. Mimi asks right away if the charges are true and he tells her that they are. He knows none of this makes sense but now he has to pay the consequences. He promises both of them that he will never be in this kind of trouble again. Bonnie believes him, but Patrick knows that Mimi doesn’t, and he tells her to go ahead with the “I told you so’s”. She starts to cry and says that it just breaks her heart to see him in here again. Bonnie wants Mimi to tell Patrick about her adventure in the abandoned church, but Mimi doesn’t think it is necessary and doesn’t want to put anymore stress on him. Bonnie says, “Tell him about the skeleton you and Max found.” Patrick is immediately concerned and Mimi is upset with Bonnie for bothering him with this right now. Bonnie is sure he would be interested, and Patrick agrees, wanting to hear all about it. He and Bonnie stare at each other.

Marlena tells Hope and Bo that John regained consciousness for a while before being taken to the operating room and something strange happened. She says he was upset and agitated and grabbed her clothes and pulled her close to him and said “killer”. Marlena thinks there is something more to it and she was hoping Bo would know something about it. She feels so helpless because she can’t figure out what he was trying to tell her.

Mimi tells Patrick the whole story and that the police said he wasn’t a Civil War soldier at all; he was a murder victim. Patrick wonders what made the police think he was murdered and Mimi says that they think someone dressed him in the uniform after they killed him and then moved him to the church. They still don’t know how long ago this happened. Mimi tells them that they are doing forensics on the bones right now and she hopes they catch whoever did it. Patrick looks at Bonnie and Mimi thinks they should be talking about Patrick’s defense and not this mess. Bonnie agrees and asks Patrick if he has any money. He doesn’t and tells them that the cops took all of it. Bonnie has no idea how to help him then, but Patrick does. He tells her to pay back the money she has been taking from him for months.

Chelsea thinks guys like Nick enjoy being pushed around but Billie disagrees. Chelsea tells her if she knew Nick a little better, she would be surprised. Billie tells her she would be surprised what she knows, and if she isn’t careful, she will loose all her friends. Chelsea sits down on the couch to take her shoes off and notices Nick’s belt. She pulls it out in front of Billie and laughs, telling her that she knows now why she has been acting so funny; she had a guy here tonight. Billie suggests that it could be Patrick’s, but Chelsea knows it is too small for him. She asks again who she had here with her tonight. Nick is still in the house and he can hear Chelsea telling Billie that she knows she had sex with someone.

Belle stops the lady in the hospital, introduces herself, and reminds her that they met in the Java Café the other day. She looks down at the little boy and asks if this is her grandson. The lady tells Belle that this is just a little boy that she is looking after and then a doctor comes out and tells her that he has Eli’s (little boy) release papers. She is glad and asks him if they can go now. The doctor tells her he needs to finish the paperwork and needs her badge number. He finishes and hands her the papers, and when she turns around, she drops her badge on the floor. Belle picks it up but she jerks it out of her hands quickly. Belle already had time to read it and asks her if she works for Child Protection Services. She tells Belle that she does and quickly grabs the boy and tells her that she is in a hurry and must be leaving. Belle stands there looking confused.

Bo agrees that John was definitely trying to tell her something, but without more information, it will be hard to figure out. Hope asks if she has any idea why John was agitated all of a sudden, but Marlena has no idea. She does tell them that Steve and Kayla were there and maybe they would have an idea. Hope wants to know what Steve made of it but she doesn’t know that either. Bo is going to talk to Steve to see if he has anything to say. He kisses Hope and then leaves. Hope promises Marlena that John is going to be fine.

Bonnie warns Patrick to watch his tongue because she is still his mother. Patrick demands that she start acting like it then by giving him the money she stole from him; he needs a lawyer. Bonnie says that she would give him the money if she had it but she doesn’t. He asks where it went and Mimi comments that she has been wondering the same thing. Mimi tells Patrick that she has saved some money and it would probably pay for the retainer, but it isn’t much. He thanks her and promises to pay her back as soon as he can. Bonnie praises Mimi and then asks for a moment alone with Patrick. Mimi hugs him before she leaves and then Bonnie tells him if the cops ever identify who the bones belong to, the two of them are in major trouble.

Marlena starts to cry and tells Hope that she has been having a lot of mood swings since she got her memory back. Hope knows that it’s been one thing after another for a long time, and now John has been shot. Marlena says that it has just been very recent that she has felt like her old self again, and she and John have been so happy together. Hope says that it has been the same for her and Bo again; the passion has been rekindled. Marlena talks about how John has made her believe in herself again; to believe that she could be there for her family, her children, her husband, and even her friends. Hope knows he is her inner strength. Marlena is crying and tells her that she has loved him for so long and she can’t believe God finally brought them together again just to have him taken away. Hope tells her that nothing is going to take John away from her because their love is too strong for that to happen, and wants her to believe in that.

Bo asks Shawn how Belle is holding out and he says that she is just hanging in there. He also tells Bo that he has realized how much of a jerk he has been regarding EJ after he found out he shot John. He knows he shouldn’t have doubted him when he tried to tell him the truth about EJ, but Bo knows a lot was going on at that time. He puts his hands on Shawn’s shoulders and tells him to forget about all that. Shawn agrees and tells him that he is glad he and his mother worked things out. Bo is ecstatic about that and laughs, saying that he has finally got a daughter. Shawn just can’t believe that it was his all along and Patrick almost pulled the deception off. Bo tells him that Patrick paid off Dr. Bader and promises that she will loose her license and will be put away for a very long time. Shawn admits that this was quiet the coincidence that both of them had daughters they didn’t know about. Bo asks him how things are on the “home front” and Shawn just tells him to keep his fingers crossed; he and Claire are getting closer and Belle is giving him a chance. He knows he almost blew everything by working for EJ and allowing Willow to move in with him. Bo reminds him that it was a mistake and everyone makes them. He says that both of them have owned up to their mistakes and their families are going to be stronger because of it. Shawn says that he would like to consider their family as one, and Bo smiles and hugs him, telling him how proud he is of him. Belle walks in as Bo is leaving and he hugs her and tells her that they are all praying for her father. Bo leaves and Shawn asks if she found the woman she was looking for. Belle tells him that she did and she was very strange. She asks Shawn if he knew she worked for CPS and wonders why she didn’t tell them about that the day they met her. She remembers how nice she was to them, especially to Claire, but when she talked to her just now, she was totally unfriendly.

Chelsea is grinning and commenting on the couch and the blankets, telling Billie this was all because she had a man here tonight. Billie stumbles around with her words and tells Chelsea that it was someone she just met and no one that she would know. Chelsea is surprised Billie brought home a “pick up”, but she is happy that she is moving on from Steve and not sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Billie wants to drop it, but Chelsea is proud of her and says if she ever finds out whom lonely splicer is, maybe they could all go out on a date. Billie stops her and tells her that she isn’t comfortable discussing this with her, but Chelsea reminds her that she is her daughter and she really wants to know about this guy. Chelsea says that she is going to take a shower and she wants her to make popcorn, and when she comes out, Billie can tell her all about it. Nick hears Chelsea coming and rushes around to find a place to hide. Chelsea comes into her room and Nick has hidden under the bed. She undresses and leaves the room to take a shower. He climbs out from under the bed and runs down the hall. Billie almost chokes when she sees him; she thought he was gone. She asks what he is still doing her and then Chelsea walks into the room to ask Billie for shampoo and sees him. She wants to know what he is doing here.

Patrick and Bonnie talk about the skeleton and she wants him to promise, no matter how hard the police question him about it, he will never tell. He thinks she must be joking and tells her there is no way he is going to implicate himself in another crime because they already have him for kidnapping, conspiracy, and who knows what else. The last thing he is going to do is give them a reason for him to do more time. Bonnie still feels the need to remind him how important it is that Mimi never find out because she would never understand. Patrick grabs Bonnie, who is about to loose it, and promises her that the police have bigger fish to fry; they aren’t going to worry about an old bag of bones. The guard comes into the room to tell Patrick his time is up. Bonnie wants to know how she is going to protect herself, while he is in prison, if the police figure out who the bones belong to. Patrick says, “If that happens. I’m sorry, but you’re on your own.” He walks out and she starts crying.

Shawn thinks Belle is just upset about her father, but she is suspicious about the lady they met. She tells him that she didn’t even ask why they were in the hospital, and it seemed like she couldn’t get away from her fast enough. Shawn guesses that she was in a hurry to get the little boy home, but Belle tells him the little boy was from a foster home and the lady was trying to hide the fact that she worked for CPS. He wonders why she would think that and then she tells him about her dropping her ID badge and how she practically jerked it out of her hands when she picked it up for her. Belle wants to know if he remembers meeting her that day, and he does, saying that she was asking a lot of questions. Belle reminds him that it was a lot of personal questions; about their jobs, financial situations, and living arrangements. Belle wonders if they are being investigated and don’t even know it. Shawn turns away with a worried look on his face.

Nick stutters around when he tries to explain to Chelsea his reasoning for being here. He says he just wanted to see if she was here but he will leave if she doesn’t need him. She grabs him and says that he came by earlier to tell her about Lonely Splicer and assumes he has the “low down” on him. He tries to speak but she interrupts, believing he knows something because he came back so late. Nick tells her that he knows who Lonely Splicer is and his name is Shayne Patton.

Shawn assures Belle that CPS only gets involved when a child is in danger, abused, or is neglected. He tells her that Claire is healthy and happy and she lives with her parents. He can’t imagine why they would have any interest in her. Belle just thinks she may be paranoid because of Victor, but Shawn promises that he will protect her and Claire, and if they stick together, nothing can hurt them. She hugs him and Bo walks up with the doctor behind him. He tells Belle that John is out of surgery and the doctor would like to talk to her and Marlena.

Mimi and Bonnie walk back into the police department, and since they are here, Mimi is going to talk to Abe about defense lawyers for Patrick. Bonnie needs Mimi to do them both a favor and asks her not to push this investigation concerning the skeleton. Mimi says she hears her, kisses her cheek, and tells her she will see her in the morning. Bonnie walks out and calls someone.

Chelsea is so excited and wants Nick to tell her more about Dr. Shayne Patton. He tells her that he is a brain surgeon that works at a hospital on the west coat, maybe in San Francisco or something. He tells her he will find out a lot more for her later. She hugs him and then tells him his aftershave smells a little like ladies perfume. Billie gets nervous and interrupts them for a minute asking Chelsea why she came out of the shower. Chelsea says that she needed to borrow shampoo and Billie rushes off to get it for her. Chelsea tells Nick that she appreciates his help, but he needs to leave because she and her mother have to talk. She whispers to him that she thinks her mother had a man here tonight and did a little bit of the “horizontal mambo” or something. Nick acts surprised and she opens the door while she tells him the things she wants him to find out for her, then, she pushes him out the door and shuts it.

Bonnie is on the phone with Conner, her other son, and tells him that Patrick is in jail again and Mimi has stumbled onto something that could ruin their family. She tells him to get on the first plane to Salem and help her or the Lockhart’s are going down in flames.

Belle and Marlena are in Hope’s room with the doctor. He tells them that John’s surgery went as well as they could have expected and that he is in the recovery room and out of any immediate danger. Marlena and Belle look hopeful and Marlena asks what he meant when he said “as well as could be expected”. He tells her that they were able to remove both bullets, but the wound in the chest caused bleeding in the chest, which means his brain was deprived of oxygen. He tells them they don’t know how long he was deprived, but tells them he may have suffered brain damage. He says that John is in a coma and he can’t tell them if or when he will wake up; he doesn’t want to give them false hope. Marlena thanks the doctor and he leaves the room. Hope wants them all to come together and pray for John. While she is praying, a tear runs down Marlena’s face.

Previews for tomorrow:

Max: I don’t want you to go.

Belle: You’re telling me that my dad might never wake up?

Doctor: The odds are not in his favor.

Steve: You don’t believe what Marlena said, that he was responding to me being in the room do you?

Bo: He definitely got worked up about something.

Kayla: I have this fear that I’m going to wake up one day and he’s gonna be gone.

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