Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

As the show opens today we can hear kissing sounds.  We see that it's Nick and Billie.  Nick admits to Billie that he's a virgin.  Billie, while being very surprised, thinks that's very sweet.  She tells Nick not to worry about that and just to "do what feels good".  They begin to kiss again, very passionately, and lay down on the couch in Billie's living room.

Chelsea is having a hard time with waitressing at Chez Rouge.  Maggie explains to her, again, that they are to take and serve a drink order before taking a food order because the restaraunt makes money off the liquor not the food.  As Chelsea is very frantically flipping through her order book Willow walks up to her and angrily asks why Chelsea is working her shift? 

Max is standing around in Abe's office at the police department.  Mimi comes in.  Max says he missed her and they hug.  They realize that they were both called down to talk to someone.  Max hopes that the police have a lead on who kidnapped them.  Mimi asks, "Victor you mean?"  Max reminds her that they don't know for sure that Victor was behind their disappearance.  The two mention John and how horrible his shooting was.  Mimi thinks it's like a black cloud is hanging over Salem lately.  She's really scared.  Max promises to protect her.   

Lexie nervously enters a diner at the mall.  She looks around, finds Tek, and sits at his table.  She is quite abrupt.  She's worried, she says, that the police didn't believe her.  She asks Tek, "are you sure it was EJ Wells that shot John?" 

Lucas is resting in a hospital bed with a cast on his leg.  As Sami strokes his shoulder he turns his head and opens his eyes.  Sami is so happy that he's alright.  Lucas is very confused, though, and asks Sami to fill in the missing blanks.  Sami asks what he remembers.  Lucas tells her that he remembers Will and Kate being there.  Sami tells him that they weren't they, he was hallucinating.  Curiously, she asks what Will and Kate said to Lucas.  Lucas says that Will told him to hang on.  Sami smiles, "that's my boy".  Kate, however, was telling Lucas some not very nice things about Sami.  Sami says that she doesn't care, it doesn't matter.  Lucas is very confused.  How did he get out of the cabin?  Sami looks very worried.  Sami tells Lucas that she lifted the beam by herself.  At the same time, however, she has a flashback to what really happened--EJ picking up and throwing the beam off Lucas' leg!  She recounts how she wrapped Lucas in a blanket and carried him out of the cabin.  Lucas can't believe that she'd be strong enough to lift the beam and to carry him.  Sami admits that it was more like dragged him.  She tells how she dragged him out to the road and a trucker stopped and picked them up.  He drove them to the hospital where they were able to get Lucas' leg fixed up.  Lucas is absolutely amazed that Sami was able to accomplish all that.  Sami chalks it up to the power of love.  Lucas says that he only remembers one thing--some really wild sex dreams!  Sami admits that there was a fireplace, some blankets, some huddling together to stay warm.....she laughs.  The two begin to joke around and Lucas tells Sami how much he loves her.  Sami lays her head on his shoulder and, tearily, tells him that she was so afraid she was going to lose him. 

Willow demands to know why Chelsea is working her shift.  Chelsea says that she didn't see Willow's name on it.  Chelsea shoots back wondering why Willow isn't in jail.  The two women continue to trade insults and then threaten to have a fist fight.  The scene ends with a Willow/Chelsea staredown.   

Tek assures Lexie that he found some pictures of EJ Wells online to make sure that the man he saw was really him.  Lexie points out, again, that if Abe finds out that she and Tek were together her marriage is over.  Lexie blames Tek for getting her into this mess in the first place.  She wants a guarantee that she won't be found out. 

Abe comes into his office to speak with Max and Mimi. They want to know if the police department has found whoever kidnapped them?  Was it Victor, they ask.  Abe tells them that he actually called them down to the precinct to discuss the skeleton that was found.  "You mean the Civil War soldier?" Mimi asks.  Abe discloses that, judging from the fibers of the uniform and some dental work, this skeleton could not have been from the Civil War.  He tells them that someone just wanted it to look that way.  Mimi wonders why someone would go to all that trouble.  Abe says because they probably wanted to cover up all the trauma to the skull--a murder! 

In his office, Abe admits that they don't yet know how long this skeleton has been dead.  Max asks how they can help.  At the same time he and Mimi apologize for any evidence they may have inadvertently destroyed.  Abe just wants them to tell him exactly how they came to find the victim.  Thinking back, Max tells Abe what happened--how he realized there was another room, how he found the sledgehammer, how he broke through the wall and opened up the door and how the skeleton fell out--right on top of Mimi!  The Commander thanks them and asks them to think back.  What else was in that room?  Max shakes his head to imply nothing.  Mimi suddenly remembers the ring she found and reaches in to her pocket to give it to Abe.  She mentions that the ring has a very unusual symbol on it.  Abe takes the ring from Mimi.  Holding it in a handkerchief he examines it very closely.  Abe, reaching for his office door, asks the two if they can hang around for a bit.  They say they can.  Abe leaves to take the ring to the lab.  Max notices that Mimi seems very worried.  He asks her what's wrong.  She thinks that the ring seems very familiar. It's kind of scary, she says, to think that she might have known the murder victim. 

Tek, getting perturbed with Lexie, reminds her that by not coming forward to the police, he is doing her a favour.  Lexie snipes back that Tek only wants what he thinks he can't have and that's why he won't leave her alone.  Tek thinks it's lucky that they did go for that car ride otherwise they would never have happened across John.  Tek tells Lexie that she's a hero! 

Billie, in a bathrobe, is on her couch smoking a cigarette.  Nick is dozing on her couch.  He awakens and is very confused.  As he sits up he sees Billie.  "Mrs. Reed!" he blurts out, very surprised.  "Hello Nick", Billie purrs in return.  Nick is amazed, surprised, and very afraid.  "Oh my God" he keeps saying.  He asks Billie to confirm his suspicions that they've just had sex.  She does.  He is still very flustered and upset.  "Is that bad?" she asks.  No, he answers, just incredibly wrong!  Billie assures him that they are both adults and everything will be fine.  Nick still doesn't see this as some small thing.  He's her daughter's friend after all.  A look of terror comes over Nick as he asks Billie, "you won't tell Chelsea, will you?" 

Sami pours a glass of water for Lucas and takes it to him.  Lucas asks if the cops have captured EJ yet?  Sami, absently, says no, he must have gotten away.  They're not sure John will make it, she tells Lucas. "Damn EJ" mutters Lucas.  With great concern, Lucas asks Sami how her mom is doing.  Not great, Sami admits.  She did go to sit with her for awhile and hold her hand.  There wasn't much else she could do.  Lucas is glad that Sami could be there for Marlena--she's been there so many times for Sami.  Sami sees the irony in the role reversal.  On an upnote, Sami tells Lucas that her mom is very happy to hear that the two of them are back together.  Just then Kate bursts into Lucas' hospital room.  "One out of two ain't bad" he says. 

Lexie, still peppering Tek with questions about what he saw at the boathouse tells him that she thinks that he doesn't have anything to lose if their lies are found out.  "You are the biggest mistake of my life" she tells him.  She wants another assurance that Tek is beyond sure that it was EJ Wells he saw shoot John Black.  Tek is really, really sure.  Lexie tells Tek that Roman wants her to look at a photo lineup to id EJ.  Tek thinks that shouldn't be any problem. 

Chelsea and Willow are both apologizing to Maggie for arguing in front of the customers at Chez Rouge.  Maggie thinks that some of Chelsea's customers would appreciate her attention.  Thinking she's off the hook, Chelsea smirks at Willow and leaves.  Maggie turns her attention towards Willow and says that she thought she was behind bars for setting fire to Shawn's apartment.  Willow explains that that is not what happened.  Like she told the police, she says, it was a domestic disturbance that got out of hand and some things got burned.  It was an accident.   Maggie shakes her head.  "That's not the way I heard it" she says. 

Billie assures Nick that she doesn't usually discuss the intimate details of her love life with Chelsea.  Besides, she adds, you are just friends, right?  Billie chuckles at the fact that she's old enough to be Nick's mom.  Nick quickly speaks up and tells Billie how gorgeous she is.  Billie, a little wondrously, asks if this was really Nick's first time? 

Kate's first concern is Lucas' well-being.  Immediately after being assured that he's alright she blames Sami for whatever trouble Lucas has gotten into.  Lucas tells his mom that, no, Sami actually rescued him.  After hearing the story of Lucas' rescue, Kate remains very sceptical.  If it's true, she concedes, then she owes Sami a very big thank you.  Sami, teasingly, relishes in the "once in a lifetime" apology.  On a more serious note, she asks Kate to put aside all that they've done to each other in the past.  Sami doesn't want to fight any more.  She goes on to tell Kate that she and Lucas are back together and she'd really like it if she and Kate could get along. 

Max, with a little bit of guilt in his voice, tells Mimi that he's been around.  What he felt in the church basement, though, was definitely not lust.  Mimi looks a little disappointed.  "It wasn't?" she asks.  Max lets her know that what he felt seemed like much more than lust.  Mimi wonders why Max would even want her after what she did to Shawn.  Max goes on to tell her all the things that he likes about her and how he admires her courage and her strength.   Mimi matches him compliment for compliment.  Max admits that it feels like he's on this great adventure and is so glad that Mimi is the one on it with him.  "Do you feel the same way?" he asks. 

Lexie, sarcastically, reminds Tek that is the police catch on to their scheme, she's the one that's going to be in trouble.  Tek reassures her that nobody's going to catch on.  "If I could go with you I would" he states.  Lexie, thoughtfully, says that maybe he can... 

Willow wonders how Maggie heard about the fire.  Family, she asks, maybe that's why she hired Chelsea, too, because she's family?  Willow goes on to tell Maggie that since she doesn't have any family of her own and now that she doesn't have Shawn, this job is all she does have.  Maggie warns the young woman not to try to guilt trip her.  Maggie thinks that Willow is a rather unstable young woman with a very violent streak.  Be that as it may, Willow reminds Maggie, Maggie said that Willow was the best waitress she's ever had.  Maggie corrects her.  She said that she was the waitress that showed the most promise, not the best.  Willow shrugs off the correction and looks Chelsea's way.  Chelsea is definitely fumbling her way through taking another order.  Willow asks Maggie where she thinks those customers will go out the next time after they've had Chelsea wait on them at Chez Rouge?  Maggie sighs. 

Nick asks Billie why on earth he'd lie about something as embarrassing as being a virgin?  He apologizes to her if he wasn't as experienced as she'd hoped.  Billie tells Nick that the sex was "nice".  Nick is very disappointed.  Sex isn't supposed to be "nice", he says.  It's supposed to be hot and exciting.  Their sex was very hot and exciting for him.  Billie chuckles, it was for her too.  Billie has another question.  "Why did you wait this long? she asks.  Nick tells Billie that, surprisingly enough, he's not very many girls' dream guy.  Billie wants to know if he's ever been in love.  Nick admits that he has, but it was a very one-sided affair.  Billie assures him that someday he'll meet the right girl.  In the meantime, she says, "shut up and kiss me".  They begin to kiss again. 

Lexie thinks she has a great idea!  She'll take a cell phone photo of the photo lineup at the police department.  She can email it to Tek who can pick out the shooter and text her his answer.  That way it will really be a true id!  Tek thinks that's crazy.  Lexie is adamant.  They have to do it this way.  EJ is her 1/2 brother, that makes him a DiMera and very dangerous.  Abe and Theo could be in danger.  Tek agrees.  He'll do anything Lexie asks, he loves her.  Lexie says that what she wants is to never see Tek again.  

Abe comes back into his office and tells Max and Mimi that the ring is in the lab and the skeleton is at the lab.  Mimi feels bad for whoever was murdered.  Abe thinks there's something else that Mimi should know.  Last night, he tells her, Patrick was brought into the police station.  He's under arrest. 

Tek is becoming quite angry with Lexie.  He's trying to help her and he thinks she's not being very grateful.  Lexie, again, insists that she wouldn't even be in this situation if it weren't for him.  Tek says it's actually quite lucky that they went for that drive and that Lexie threw him out of the car because otherwise they wouldn't have found John and been able to get him the help he needed.  Lexie complains that now she has to lie to the police and, more importantly, she has to lie to her husband and her son--all because Tek is in her life.  Tek growls, "I'm in your life, get used to it!" 

Kate leaves Lucas' hospital room and is out in the hallway.  Roman finds her and is surprised she's not in Canada.  Kate, rather abruptly, informs Roman that her son is in the hospital and she has come to nurse him back to health.  Roman comments that Lucas broke his leg, he's in a cast, and now he's fine.  Roman tells Kate that he knows that the reason she went away to Canada with Victor had something to do with Phillip.  Kate admits that Roman is right--she and Victor are both Phillip's parents.  Roman tells Kate that  he thinks she knows something about Max and Mimi's disappearance because they were taken from the garage where they were waiting to meet Kate.  Kate tells Roman that she went to the garage that night.  It was dark, she says, so she left.  Roman doesn't believe her but Kate says there's no evidence to the contrary. 

Chelsea and Willow are both now in their Chez Rouge wait staff uniforms.  Chelsea, holding a large tray with four entrees on it, asks Willow where table nine is.  Willow laughs, checks out Chelsea's tray and order book and knows she's got things totally messed up again.  As she's smirking, Willow tries to give Chelsea some advice on how to properly balance the tray.  Of course, Chelsea will not take Willow's advice and the tray spills all over the floor. 

Maggie runs out from her the back, sees the mess, and looks angrily at Willow.  "I thought I asked you to train her?"  she demands of Willow.  Willow says that she really tried but Chelsea is just hopeless.  Maggie is not very happy but she asks Chelsea to please take her uniform off and hang it in the back.  Chelsea huffs off. 

Abe tells Mimi that Patrick was arrested for kidnapping Hope.  Mimi is sure that Bo must have simply over-reacted to something.  Patrick is the father of Hope's baby, he wouldn't have kidnapped her!  Abe assures her that it's true.  He also tells her that the Salem Police Department is sure that Patrick is responsible for many other crimes because they are sure that he was working for EJ Wells.  Abe leaves his office.  Max asks Mimi if there's anything he can do for her.  Mimi, dejectedly, tells him there's nothing. 

As Lexie and Tek continue to argue at the diner in the mall, Lexie's cell phone rings.  It's Abe and he tells his wife that he'll be home soon.  She says that's good.  She tells him that she's just in bed reading a book and that she'll be sure to stay up to greet him.  Lexie disconnects her phone, gives Tek a steely look, and says that she must go home.  As she gets up from the table to leave, Tek grabs her arm and in a not so lovingly manner grumbles that she needs him.   

Roman asks Kate, friend to friend, even more than that in the past, if she would tell him whatever she knows about Max and Mimi's disappearance.  Kate switches focus and asks Roman if he really believes that Sami could lift that beam and drag Lucas to safety.  Roman replies with the fact that there have been numerous cases wehre people have behaved with superhuman strength in the face of adversity-especially where it concerned people they loved.  Kate snipes that Sami only loves Sami.  Perhaps, she says, if Roman is so keen to ask questions, he should start by questioning his daughter!  Kate stomps off leaving Roman to think. 

Billie and Nick are naked on the couch again.  He mutters something about her being an amazing teacher.  She is giggling.  Suddenly, the sound of a car in the driveway can be heard!  There is total panic inside the house.  Chelsea is walking towards the door to the house.  Inside, Billie and Nick are whispering and frantically trying to find their clothes and get dressed.  Billie tells Nick he should hurry up, take his things, and sneak out Chelsea's bedroom window.  As Chelsea is outside looking for her house key, her mother pulls on her robe...... 


Chelsea to Billie, holding a man's belt, "who does this belong to?" 

Marlena, "I just wish I knew what he was saying"  Bo, "killer, that's all you heard?"

Bonnie to Patrick, "if they track those bullets to you and me we are in a lot of trouble!"

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