Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/29/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Steve, Kayla, Benji, and Sonya have dinner together at Chez Rouge. Kayla tells Benji that Steve told her about him being at the hospital, and that he was a big part in the two of them being back together. With that said, Sonya proposes a toast in honor of Steve and Kayla being back together. Benji signs, “To true love” and they all put their glasses together.

Lexie sits with John while she demands that Tek leave. He wants her to make sure she tells the police that she was an eye witness and she saw EJ Wells shoot John. She argues with him because she knows he isn’t sure that he actually saw EJ, and she swears she won’t give a false testimony. He pleads with her, telling her that John may never be able to speak for himself and he’s counting on her to give him justice. The sirens get closer and Tek runs out as Roman and the other officers burst through the door. Lexie tells the EMT’s that John has suffered two gun shot wounds at close range. Roman pulls Lexie away, but she fights him, telling him that she is a doctor and should stay with him. Roman assures her that the EMT’s will take good care of him, and the most important thing for her to do right now is to tell him what happened. He takes her outside and asks how she made it here before they did. She gasps for air and tells him that she saw what happened; the whole thing.

As Sami drives EJ toward the road block ahead, she asks whose car this is and how he got it. The only thing he tells her is to concentrate on the road block ahead. All she is concerned about is rescuing Lucas, but he reminds her that his situation comes first. She promises to help him through the road block if he promises to help her save Lucas. He tells her that he will decide that after he sees how convincing she is with the police officer ahead. He puts on a pair of glasses and points his finger in her face, telling her if she pulls any tricks whatsoever, Lucas will die in that cabin.

Inside the cabin, Lucas lays underneath the large beam that has fallen on him. He is delusional and is having visions of talking to Kate. He looks up to see a vision of her standing in front of him trying on shoes and telling him that she warned him Sami would run off and leave him to die. He argues with his vision, saying that Sami will return; she only went for help. Again, she tells him that Sami has deserted him.

Bo walks in the building pointing his shotgun at Patrick while he hovers over Hope. Patrick tells him not to shoot because Hope’s water broke and she is in labor. Bo picks up his phone to call 911. Bo warns Patrick to back off Hope and she is screaming in pain. She is having the baby and tells him that she needs to push; the contractions are a minute apart.

Roman wants Lexie to start from the beginning and tell him, step by step, what happened here tonight and how she ended up here. She tells him that she was on her way to pick up Abe at the hospital when all the lights on her car started flashing. She pulled over and called for a tow and she noticed someone inside because the lights were on. She thought someone may be able to help her fix her car, but when she got here, she heard two men arguing. She decided to peek through the window instead of knocking on the door, and that’s when she saw John and what happened. He asks if she saw who shot John, but she says that she thinks it was EJ Wells. He keeps pressing her, wanting to know what she means by “I think”. She is searching for words and having a hard time doing so. She says the next thing she knows she was inside trying to keep John from bleeding out. He wants her to tell him that she will go on record saying that she saw EJ shoot John, but she screams that she doesn’t know what she saw. Again, his voice gets louder and he demands that he needs her to…..She screams back telling him that she used to be a cop and she knows what he needs. Right now, she says she doesn’t need him asking her all these questions.

Sami gives her license and registration to the officer at the road block and she tells him that she doesn’t drink and that’s why all her friends invite her to their parties; to be their designated driver. He tells her to wait here while he checks out her information. EJ tells Sami that she has a God given talent for lying, but she comments that he may not buy her story. EJ lets her know that he has no reservations about shooting his way out of here with a hostage. The officer returns to the car and gives her license and registration back, telling her that they have to record all vehicles coming in and out of town. He warns her that the roads are slick and to drive carefully. Sami starts to cry when the officer walks off and asks if he is going to help her with Lucas now.

In Lucas’ vision, Kate is having a glass of champagne as he tells her that Sami is coming back for him. He tells her that Sami loves him and Will, but Kate says, “Not as much as she loves Sami.” He fights under the beam and then notices Kate’s apparition is gone. He calls out for Sami.

Sami asks EJ again if he will help her save Lucas, and swears that she will tell no one that she saw him tonight. She turns to him and says, “You can’t let him die.” He says he will help Lucas if…..Sami interrupts him and says, “I’ll do it. Whatever it is, I’ll do it.” He tells her it’s her; he wants to have sex with her.

At Chez Rouge, Kayla gets up to go to the ladies room and tells Benji and Sonya that she would like to have them over for dinner, and tells them to bring their little boy. Sonya comments on Kayla’s beauty and Steve reminds Benji if he hadn’t come to the hospital that day, he may not have ever regained his memory. Steve’s phone rings and he has to excuse himself and take the call. When he leaves, Sonya tells Benji to hurry up and give Steve the “thing” so they can hurry up and get out of here.

John is taken out of the boat house to be loaded in the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Roman apologizes to Lexie for coming on so hard and pressuring her. She understands and he tells her that they had something set up here tonight to capture EJ. He also tells her that she is the only one who can confirm that EJ was here tonight. She promises to do whatever she can to help. An officer whispers something in Roman’s ear and he comes over to tell Lexie that her car is missing and it looks like EJ took it after he shot John. He is sending a unit for Abe and will find her a ride, but reminds her that he really needs her to “finger” EJ.

Hope is pushing and Bo can see the head. She is screaming and Bo works, telling her to push. The baby is out and Bo holds her telling Hope that she is fine. He hands the baby to Patrick as he tells Hope that she did great. Hope reaches for the baby asking Patrick to please allow her to hold her. Bo and Hope pull together around the baby, and then Bo looks up at Patrick, telling him that he and Hope will raise her and he will love her as his own. Patrick says, “And she is.” Both Hope and Bo look up at him and she asks what he is talking about; they all know he (Patrick) is the father. He says, “No I’m not. She’s your daughter Bo; yours and Hope’s.” Hope and Bo exchange glances.

Lexie has a memory of her and Tek’s conversation while she was holding John in the boat house.

Sami tells EJ that he is out of his mind if he thinks for one second that she would….He stops her and tells her to continue that thought. She wants to know why he would even want to have sex with her when he could have any woman he wanted, and one that wanted him back. He says he never lets minor details stand in between him and personal pleasure. He has a task to complete and his father made this a personal task; for him to come to Salem and plant the Dimera “seed” in the Brady of his choice. She starts to say that is disgusting, but he stops her and says that it’s an honor and she should thinks it so. She doesn’t, and he knows, but tells her, even though she’s beautiful, beauty can be bought. Her spirit is priceless and she has enough spirit to keep this priceless for years. He asks her not to make this a “window fogged moment in the back of a car”, but to make it something special that can last a long time. She pushes him off threatening that she will….He tells her to do so….She can’t believe this is turning him on. He asks if she had rather save her virtue, or condemn Lucas to die. She is horrified and just stares at him.

Lucas calls out for Sami and then has another vision. This time Will standing by him. Will is trying to wipe the snow off, but it’s impossible because he isn’t really here. He talks to Will, telling him that he needs to take a nap. Will begs him to stay awake, promising that his mom is on her way, and to hang on just a little while longer.

Kayla comes back to the table and asks where Steve is, but he walks up right behind her, telling her and Benji, that a friend of theirs is on his way to the hospital and they have to leave. He tells Kayla that it’s John and they rush off. Sonya tells Steve that Benji has something for him, but Steve says it will have to wait. As they leave, Sonya tells Benji to do what he came here to do so they can be done with this.

As the doctors rush John into the emergency room, Marlena is right by his side talking to him. He is un-responsive, but all of a sudden, he opens his eyes trying to say something. Marlena removes the oxygen mask but is still unable to understand what he is saying.

Patrick tells Bo and Hope that he paid Dr. Bader to tell them the baby was his and not Bo’s. Hope wonders why he is telling them this now, and Patrick says he is no saint, but he’s not a murderer either. He says he isn’t even this good a being a bad guy and he tells them he is sorry he put them through all this. Hope tells him he did the right thing and that is a start.

Marlena holds John’s hand reassuring him that she is right here with him. The nurse tells her they have to insert a chest tube and she has to wait outside. She runs out of the room holding her head when Kayla and Steve come in. She tells them about what happened and says that he promised her he wouldn’t get involved in this case anymore. Kayla stands by her with an understanding look on her face. Steve walks into John’s room and John sees him. Marleana asks Kayla why John had to get involved. Kayla looks at her and says, “Marlena, we all want the people we love to stay safe, but we can never change who they need to be.” Steve walks up to John telling him to hang in there and that Marlena will be fine as long as he comes back to her. The monitors start going off and Steve screams for the doctors and Marlena rushes back to his side.

Abe makes his way over to Lexie and she hugs him and tells him that she did everything she could for John. Roman comes back and apologizes to Lexie but tells her that he needs a formal statement about what happened. She tells him she can’t think right; she must be in shock or something. She says she has told him everything she knows. He wants to make it official and asks her to say it again, one last time, and then she can forget about it. Abe encourages her to do this.

Will’s apparition still talks to Lucas and begs him to stay with them. Lucas rises up to find that Will is no longer with him. He calls out to him and then lies down in pain again.

Sami asks EJ again if he is going to make her have sex with him and blackmail her. He tells her that he is used to getting what he wants as he unbuckles his seatbelt. He asks her how it feels to hold Lucas’ life in her….he was going to say in her hands but says in between your….She stops him and says, “Okay! Alright, you win.” He wants her to try and get him excited again, but she wants a guarantee that he will keep his word. He tells her to trust him. He asks if they should begin; should he take her clothes off or should she. She wants to do it herself, but warns him that he is ONLY getting her body. He leans over and kisses the side of her ear while his hand caresses her face. Sami’s face is full or horror as she cries.

Sami zips up her shirt asking EJ if he is happy now. He is happy and says if lightening were to strike, he would die with a smile on his face. Sami just stares into space and EJ says he must congratulate Lucas, and if he ever sees him again, he must tell him…SLAP! Sami slaps him across the face and she tells him that he isn’t going to say anything to Lucas or anyone; he has had his revenge and scared her for life. She tells him she will find a way to live with it, but if he hurts her son or Lucas, she will find a way to hunt him down and kill him. She asks if he understands and he smiles at her, telling her if she ever raises her hand to him again, it will be the last thing she will ever do. She raises her hand again, but he catches it. She tells him to keep his promise to help Lucas and then to slither back under whatever rock he came from.

Lexie points to the window that she said she was looking through and shows them how dirty it is. She tells Roman that it looked like EJ, but…He stops her and tells her if John doesn’t make it, they have only one person that can lock this case for them; her, and if she’s not 100% sure, a guilty man could walk away free.

The paramedics have Hope and her baby on a stretcher and ready for their trip to the hospital. Bo kisses her on her forehead and she says she spent a lot of time wishing for a second chance for the two of them; a way to move forward. She touches his face and says they found their way back together again. Bo thinks this baby is a sign that they are “meant to be” and they share a kiss.

Marlena pushes John to talk to her and all he can say is “Killer” as he looks at Steve. Kayla and Marlena turn to look at Steve. She turns to John and tries to get him to speak again, but he crashes this time and the doctors say that they have to get him to the OR stat. Marlena tells Steve that John was looking at him when he said “killer” and Kayla explains to her that both of them are doctors and know if John’s brain was deprived of oxygen for too long, not to mention the blood loss, he’s not being himself. The doctor’s take John away and Marlena tries to go with them but Kayla pulls her back. All Marlena can say is, “He can’t die. He can’t die.”

Roman tells Lexie that forensics have nothing and now this rides on her shoulders. She tells him that badgering her isn’t helping. He says he isn’t badgering her and turns to Abe telling him that they have to be clear on this. He turns back to Lexie and tells her that she has to go on record tonight or they loose EJ. He asks her if she can live with herself if that happens.

Bo tells Hope that he is going to get Lockhart and promises that the paramedics will check her in at the hospital; he will be right behind them. Bo faces Patrick, and before he can say anything, Patrick promises to retract his statement about the beating. Bo knows that EJ beat him and he wants him to talk to him about all that. He says that EJ beat him badly and tells him that it’s payback time. He wants Patrick to help him put EJ away, but Patrick says he can’t do that. He says that he will admit to everything he has done, but he won’t commit suicide. Bo asks if he is scared of EJ and Patrick tells him that he is scared of him and warns Bo that he should be too.

Sami rushes into the cabin as EJ follows. Lucas is unconscious and Sami demands that he help her get the beam off his legs. EJ pulls it off and then Sami says they have to get him to the hospital, but EJ says that he has to get away quickly. Sami storms toward him and he pulls a gun on her, telling her if she tells the police she saw him, she will wish she were dead. He says if he gets arrested, he’s going to tell them that she helped him escape and they have been sleeping together for months. He warns that she has a lot to loose and she had better keep her mouth shut. When she asks, “Or what?” he pulls her, forcefully, into another kiss.

Roman tells Lexie he knows this is hard for her, but she can’t put this off anymore; not when there is a chance EJ could walk. He tells her that she can either give them a statement tonight, or live with it. Abe stops Roman and says that they all know what is at stake, but asks him to allow Lexie to talk when she has rested. Lexie promises Roman that she will be there and do whatever she can to help.

Sami fights EJ off her and tells him to either help her with Lucas, or get away. His intentions are to get away and he tells them to have a wonderful evening, but before he leaves, he tells her that she was everything he had expected and he will never forget her. She starts throwing pieces of wood at him, and as he walks out, he tells her that is why he loves her so much. She talks to Lucas and promises to protect him, telling him that he is going to make it; they are going to make it.

Bo comes into the ER and sits next to Hope. She is happy and tells him for the first time in a long time, she is sure about them. She presses him to go check on John and to see how Marlena is doing. Bo walks up behind Marlena, and when she turns around, she screams at him, telling him this is his fault. Bo wants to know if he is alright, and she tells him that John is in the OR right now, and if he dies, she will never, ever forgive him; she holds him responsible. She storms off leaving Bo standing there alone.

Kayla gets on the elevator to check on John and then Benji walks up to Steve in the hall. Steve wonders why he is here and Benji signs that he has something to give him that he forgot. Steve realizes it must be something very important for him to come all this way. Benji grabs Steve’s head and kisses him on both cheeks and walks off quickly. Steve holds up his hand and there is a tarot card in it. It is the devil and his eyes are glowing red. Steve’s face changes immediately.

Previews for Monday:

Lexie: Going blind is scary.

Abe: I’d rather die.

Nick: I know how you feel.

Billie: How do you know all that?

Nick: Because I feel the same.

Billie: God help you.

Kayla: Steve! Steve!

Marlena: My husband is fighting for his life because it was more important for him to be a hero.

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