Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/28/06


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Lexie is in her car speaking with Abe on her cell phone. She asks him if he's spoken to the opthamologist yet? Is he rejecting the corneas? Abe, at the hospital, says that he's received no answers yet. Abe asks Lexie about Theo. He's concerned about him knowing what's going on. Lexie says that Theo is with Grandma Celeste. Anyway, she adds, Theo will love you no matter what. Lexie assures Abe that both she and Theo will always love him. Abe answers that he loves them both too. As Lexie ends her call with Abe she has a very worried look on her face. Just then, Tek opens Lexie's car door and gets in the passenger seat.

At the cabin, Sami and Lucas, both in all their winter gear, are huddled together. The fire went out and they have no more logs. Sami is sure they are going to die. She gathers all the blankets from around the cabin and they wrap into them. Lucas is searching the cabin for something to burn. He finds some books. Sami doesn't think the owners of the cabin would want them to burn the books. Lucas assures her that he'll pay them back but they are going to burn the books. "My hero" jokes Sami. Lucas, more serious, says that Sami is the heroine. Thanks to her the police are taking care of EJ Wells right now. Sami is still worried that EJ will know that she set him up and then come after her. Lucas promises to protect her. But first he wants to get a fire going. After that he says he plans on making love to Sami all night long. As Lucas is hunched over the fireplace, Sami hears a creak. It's coming from the roof. Suddenly, the roof collapses dumping a ton of snow on top of Lucas. Sami screams.

Bo has found the SUV that Patrick was driving but there is no sign of either Patrick or Hope. He looks inside the SUV and finds Hope's key chain. (He knows it's Hope's because it has beads that spell out her name and a little picture of Zach on it.)

Hope and Patrick are in the warehouse. Hope is trying to convince Patrick to turn himself in. She tells him that the police know that he was working for EJ. He could turn himself in, help the police by telling them everything he knows, and then go into the witness protection program. Patrick says he can't do that. He's got to finish his last assignment. He tells Hope that that last assignment was to get her away from Bo and then to kill her!

EJ is keeping his gun trained on John. They are discussing John's history with the DiMera family. John says that he is glad that he doesn't remember his days as Stefano's pawn. EJ thinks it's crazy--Stefano would have given John the world but then John turned against him. John replied that Stefano's world is one he doesn't want to be in.

In the police cruiser Roman is still trying to contact John and having no luck. Roman decides that he and the other officer will have to go in.

Lexie looks increduously at Tek and asks him what he thinks he is doing. Tek tells Lexie that he just needs five minutes, that he wants her to listen to him. Lexie, again, tells Tek that she's committed to her marriage. She says that if Abe finds them together her marriage is over. Tek pleads that he just needs five minutes. He convinces Lexie to go for a drive, somewhere no one will see them, and that he just needs her to listen to him. Lexie finally consents. She says she will listen to him and that then he will have to get out of her car.

Sami rushes over to Lucas who is laying on the floor. Snow is falling onto him from the hole in the roof. Lucas groans and tells Sami that, under all the snow, there is a huge beam on his leg. Sami says she can get it off. Lucas thinks that if she tries she'll only hurt herself. He tells her to go get help. Sami grabs her cell phone, holds it up, and sees that there is no signal. Lucas' head falls to one side as he begins to lose consciousness. Sami crouches by Lucas and yells at him, rather sternly, to stay awake. "Don't you dare give up on me, Lucas Roberts" she tells him.

Hope looks very surprised. She can't believe that Patrick is planning to kill her. More than that, she can't believe that he would kill his own baby. She pleads and begs for the life of the unborn child. Hope brings out her cell phone and dials Bo. Patrick grabs the phone from Hope and tosses it away from her onto the floor. As their conversation begins we see Bo holding his phone listening in! The phones made a connection! Hope tells Patrick that if he lets her go Bo will help him. She tells him, hoping that her plan worked and that Bo is listening in, that Bo will find them anyway, that once he finds the SUV he will realize that they took off on foot and that they must be in the warehouse. Patrick says it's too late for her--too late for both of them.

John asks EJ why he thinks he can succeed in killing him when Stefano tried and failed so many times. John even wonders why Stefano thought that EJ would be capable of such a thing. Ej brags that his dad saw something in him, "the right stuff". He says that he is his father's last hope. John mocks EJ. He says that Stefano has him jumping through hoops. EJ insists that he is going to suceed in killing John and when his father dies he is going to inherit everything. Sirens can be heard approaching the boathouse. Keeping the gun trained on John, EJ looks out the door. John says that even if EJ could kill him, he's got back-up. EJ reminds John that he is carrying a de-bugging device and that the police will not be able to locate John nor did they hear his confession that he planned to kill John. EJ takes John's cell phone out of his pocket, hands it to John, and holds the gun directly at his neck. John phones Roman and tells him that EJ didn't show. Just then, in the police cruiser, Roman's other phone rings. It's Bo. He tells his older brother that he needs help, Patrick has kidnapped Hope. Roman tells Bo that since John is safe, he will be right there.

Sami cries. She gently taps Lucas' cheek, calling to him, trying to wake him up. Lucas moans Sami's name. Sami says she's going for help but Lucas has to stay awake. Before she leaves she covers Lucas with one more blanket to try to keep him warm. She brings over the water and crackers incase he needs them while she's gone. Lucas says he'll be fine, just go. Sami makes him promise to stay awake. Lucas says he'll try. Sami kneels beside him and says that he has to do more than try. Think of Will, she implores, think of me. We need you. She tells Lucas that they are finally together and they have a whole future together. She tells Lucas to plan a trip, somewhere warm, while's she's gone for help. Sami rushes out the cabin door.

Tek and Lexie are driving. The snow is still falling. Tek is still trying to convince Lexie she should be with him.. Lexie stays firm. She loves her husband and is going to stay with him. Tek reaches out to stroke Lexie's hair. "That's enough", Lexie says. She wants Tek out of the car-now.

Patrick peeks through the blinds at the warehouse. Hope is still trying to get Patrick to turn himself in. She says she thinks he just got in over his head. She's sure that, deep down, he wants out too. Patrick warns her not to try any "police academy psychology" on him. Hope, again, tells Patrick that she knows that he could never kill his own baby. Patrick is getting frustrated. He says that if Hope had just gone away with him the many times he asked this wouldn't be happening.

EJ readies his pistol to fire. He sees this situation as brother vs step-brother, good vs evil. John taunts him. He says that by trying to curry favour with Stefano EJ has made himself little more than another pawn. EJ is just waiting for his father to die, then he will be in charge of the DiMera empire. EJ rants on, mentioning that John will have lots of company "in the great beyond". John asks who's next on EJ's hit list. EJ answers that the next two targets are Bo Brady and Steve Johnson. He also lets John know that it won't be EJ killing them. EJ only kills the very important. There is a secret assassin ready to attack the other two.

Sami is back to their car. She can't get the car to start and she can't get cell service. She cries out, "Lucas, what am I going to do?"

Lexie stops the car and demands that Tek get out. Tek tells Lexie that she can't just dump him out in the middle of nowhere. Lexie thinks she can. Tek keeps on and on about how Lexie really loves and desires him and is just staying with Abe out of guilt. Her cell phone rings. She sees that it's Abe. Tek gets out of the car and Lexie answers the phone. She asks Abe if everything is alright.

Hope pleads with Patrick. She knows what kind of person he is. He was her friend. He helped her through such a tough time on Morgan Island. He was so compassionate. Patrick says that he was just following orders by befriending her. It was all part of the plan. Hope doesn't believe that was an act. She thinks that was the real Patrick. Patrick finally admits to Hope that he has wanted out of this for a long time. All of a sudden Bo's voice is yelling from outside. Patrick hollers out to Bo to stay there or he will kill Hope.

EJ, still pointing the gun at John, has obviously told him the identity of the secret assassin. John is amazed. EJ said the plan is ingenious, the assassin is "hiding in plain sight". Outside the boathouse, Tek happens by and can hear voices. He leans into the door to hear. John is asking EJ why Bo and Steve are on the hit list. EJ says that they are traitors, just like John. John grabs a board and takes a swing at EJ. EJ's gun goes off, the board flies out of John's hand and he falls to the ground. Tek, who was still looking in, backs up and reaches for his cell phone.

EJ has left the boathouse and Tek is inside with a fallen John. He rolls him over and mutters to himself that John needs help.

Lexie is telling Abe that the reason she is late is because she is having car trouble. She assures him that she's fine, has called a tow truck, and will be with him soon. Abe tells Lexie that he has now seen the doctor and he is, in fact, rejecting the cornea transplants and is going blind again. Lexie tries to stay optimistic citing all the other things they could do--different doctors, different medications, another transplant. Abe, more realistic, says he's just going to have to face the fact that he's going blind. Lexie reminds Abe that no matter what happens he still has the love of herself and Theo, that they will be there for him and they can still have a very happy life. They say goodbye and Lexie places her head in her hands. Tek shows up and bangs on her car window. Lexie shouts to him to go away. Tek tells Lexie that John has been shot and needs help. Lexie threatens that this had better not be a trick. Tek leads Lexie to the boathouse. EJ, who has been hiding behind a large crate, jumps in Lexie's car and takes off.

Hope has had enough of trying to convince Patrick to give up. She switches gears and grabs a slat that's laying around. She swings it at Patrick but he's faster and knocks it out of her hands. She grunts as she is knocked slightly off balance. Outside, Bo hears this and hollers that if Patrick hurts Hope, Bo will "slaughter" Patrick. Patrick's cell phone rings. It's Bo, trying to negotiate. Patrick tells Bo he wants a helicopter and $100,000. Bo says he can't get that. A gunshot rings out. Bo screams for Hope as Roman and another officer hold him back. Bo struggles against the officers as Hope calls out that she's ok. Inside, Hope tells Patrick that she'd like to talk to Bo. Patrick hands her his phone. Hope tells Bo that Patrick's not bluffing. "I love you, Brady, no matter what happens" she tells him. Bo says that he loves Hope too but nothing's going to happen. Patrick takes the cell phone back.

Sami tries the car again and again. It just won't catch. Very frustrated, she pounds on the steering wheel and cries. Just then she sees the lights of an oncoming vehicle! She jumps out of her car, stands in the middle of the road, waves her arms back and forth, and hollers for help.

Lexie and Tek are now with John. Lexie sees that he's been shot and needs an ambulance. Lexie says that Tek has to leave before help gets to them because Abe cannot know that they were together. She tells Tek that she lied to Abe and told him that she was having car trouble. If her husband found out she was with Tek her marriage would be over. Tek responds by telling Lexie that he cannot leave. He was a witness to a crime. He saw who shot John Black.

The car stops for Sami and she jumps in. She looks over to find that the driver is none other than EJ! Sami becomes very frightened. EJ wonders if she got lost and that's why she didn't show up at the boathouse. Sami begins to apologive, very flustered. Sami reaches for the passenger door handle to leave but EJ holds her back. EJ, in a very superior tone, tells Sami that her "little attempt to set me up was very amusing". Sami sputters that Lucas has been hurt and she needs EJ's help to save him. EJ answers that, while he'd love to help Sami and Lucas, he's in a bit of a bind and must get out of town. He demands that Sami help him since she was the one that set him up. Sami won't be swayed. She needs EJ's help with Lucas. EJ insists that Sami must help him get past the road block that's just up the road. Sami, bravely, says no. She will only help EJ if he will help her first. EJ doesn't think Sami is in much of a position to bargain.

Bo thinks that he, Roman, and the other officer should go in the warehouse. Roman thinks that may be a good idea. Inside, Patrick is worried. Why isn't Bo phoning back. "Because he's not meeting your demands", Hope explains. Patrick says fine, then they will leave town on their own. Hope reminds Patrick that as soon as they leave the warehouse he will be shot. Patrick grabs Hope and holds her in front of him as a shield. There is a splash. Patrick looks confused. Hope says that her water has broken and she's having the baby-now!

Lexie is attending to John. She wants to make sure that Tek really saw what he says he did. He admits that he didn't get a really good look at the shooter's face but from his build and voice he's very sure that it was EJ Wells. Sirens can be heard approaching the boathouse. Lexie implores Tek to leave. "Prove that you love me" she says. He agrees to leave but tells Lexie that she'll have to lie and say that she was the witness to the shooting.

EJ is beginning to lose patience with Sami's resistance. Sami remains adamant that she'll only help EJ is he helps her first.

Hope is sitting on a barrel, hunched over. She begs Patrick to get her to a hospital. The officers are just about to enter the warehouse when Roman's phone rings. He listens to the voice on the other end. "John's been EJ Wells?"

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