Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/27/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Abby, Chelsea, and Nick watch as the body of the Unknown Soldier is examined in the basement where Max and Mimi were held hostage. Chelsea wonders about his wife and what she must have felt like waiting and wondering if he was coming home. She relates the situation to herself and her wondering if she will ever meet Lonely Splicer. Abby snaps at her saying that she knew she would try and make this about herself. Chelsea asks Nick why he is taking so long in finding Lonely Splicer because he promised to help her find him.

Lucas and Sami are driving in the snowstorm headed toward their ski vacation. She is worried about EJ finding out that she set him up, but Lucas thinks Roman and Bo will put him behind bars first. Sami can’t believe she thought he was her friend and she hates that she will be loosing her job; she was good at it. All of a sudden, their car stops.

Roman, Bo, John, and Marlena discuss the situation concerning EJ as they get ready to go after him. An officer comes in and tells them that EJ can’t be found anywhere which leads them to believe he bought Sami’s story. Roman tells Marlena how proud he is of Sami and how she came through for them this time. Marlena agrees and is proud of Sami too

Hope is taking down Christmas decorations at the Pub when Patrick comes in to ask if she is ready to leave with him. She tells him that she isn’t going anywhere with him.

Lucas works on their car from under the hood, but he is unable to get it started. Sami remembers a cabin she saw a few miles back, but Lucas doesn’t think it would be a good idea to go there if there were no lights on. A bunch of snow falls and covers the whole car and Lucas suddenly decides they should try to get to the cabin.

Chelsea wonders why Lonely Splicer is holding back, and thinks it could be that he has had his heart broken. She says she can relate to that, but Abby reminds her that she has never had her heart broken; she is the one that breaks hearts. Chelsea doesn’t even acknowledge that Abby has spoken and says that maybe he has trust issues, to which she can relate to that too. This is driving Chelsea crazy and she can’t understand why he doesn’t want to, at the very least, meet her. Nick blurts out that this is something she just can’t rush. Again, Chelsea tells Nick that she thought he was going to help her, but Abby steps in to his defense, telling her that he has been really busy with work and she should give him a break. Chelsea thinks he should be able to find this guy since he is such a “computer whiz”, but he suggests she should just give up. She can’t give up because of all of incredible things he said to her and she tells them that he has changed her life; he has made her want to be a better person. She wants to meet him so badly and asks Nick again if he will help her.

Bo knows that this whole operation depends on Wells showing up at the boat house. John warns him if he didn’t buy Sami’s story, he could be walking into a trap. Bo is sure he is ready for EJ and he has been waiting for this for a long time. He is a Dimera and he is going down this time.

Patrick reminds Hope again of their agreement, but she tells him to forget about her because the police are closing in on EJ Wells, and warns him if he is smart, he will tell them everything he knows. He refuses to know anything about EJ, but she says they both know that isn’t true. She thinks that is why he is so anxious to get out of town and she wants him to tell her why he is still lying about this. He tells her that he isn’t lying, but she doesn’t believe him. She brings up the fact that he is about to be a father and tells him that it’s EJ they want, and if he helps the police, he will get off a lot easier. Hope tries to reason with him by telling him she knows EJ is the bad guy and he (Patrick) just got caught up in something that turned out to be a lot bigger than he imagined. She reminds him that people were hurt and one woman was killed and says that EJ should pay for that. Hope is begging him to cooperate with the police for his sake and the sake of their child and tells him that this could be his last chance to save himself and be a part of their baby’s life.

Abby tells Chelsea to do her own digging if she wants to find her mystery man and stop relying on Nick to do it for her. Chelsea looks at her for a minute and then walks up to Nick and puts her hands on his chest telling him that she is sorry for being a pain; she just isn’t as good on the computer as he is. Abby isn’t too pleased with Chelsea and comments that she wasn’t so bad with computers when she hacked into her father’s e mails. Chelsea never even responds or looks at Abby and tells Nick that she just got lucky, but she isn’t like that anymore. Her phone rings and she excuses herself to take it. Abby wants Nick to tell her that he isn’t falling for Chelsea’s “helpless” act, but he can’t; he feels sorry for her.

Bo gets his wire set up and Roman tells him that they will be a quarter mile away from the boat house and will be able to hear and tape everything. He wants Bo to do whatever necessary to get EJ to incriminate himself with something that will stick in court. Marlena suggests they should go, but John lingers behind. He wants to stay but she refuses to let him. He tells her that Stephano sent EJ to kill him and this is his fight, not Bo’s.

Patrick wonders why she thinks he should confess for something he didn’t do. He knows he has been followed and he thinks she wants them to catch him. All she wants is for him to go to the police to try and cut a deal. He thinks that is a joke because Bo would never allow that. She tells him that is fine, he can keep on running, but not to expect her to go with him. She turns to walk off but he grabs her arm and pulls her back and tells her that she made him a promise and he’s going to hold her to it. She is shocked that he is being so forceful and tells him again that she isn’t going. He pulls out a gun and tells her that they are leaving now.

Sami and Lucas find their way into the cabin and they are freezing. There is no heat or electricity, but there is a fire place and wood. Lucas starts the fire as Sami gets out some food.

Nick tells Abby that he only created this “Lonely Splicer” thing to get close to Chelsea and he knows it has gone too far. He is afraid of telling her the truth because he knows he can’t measure up to who Chelsea believes him to be. Abby urges him to tell Chelsea the truth, but he is afraid she will hate him.

John tells Marlena that Stephano has been trying to kill him for years. She understands how he feels and tells him to stay here until they get ready to leave, but warns him not to get into this investigation and reminds him of the promise he made her.

Bo asks if they know where Lockhart is, and Roman assures him that they have a tail on him. That relieves Bo because he doesn’t want to have to deal with both of them when this goes down and he wants to make sure Patrick stays away from Hope.

Patrick tells Hope to get her coat because they are leaving. She asks what he will do if she doesn’t; will he shoot her? He is loosing control, but she warns him if he makes her go with him, she will make his life a living hell from now on. He screams at her, telling her that she is already doing that. Caroline hears the yelling and comes out asking Hope if everything is okay. Patrick puts the gun inside his jacket.

Sami and Lucas sit together in front of the fire and she asks him if he ever imagined the two of them together like this again. He makes a joke and pulls her close to him. He had no idea things would turn out like this, but he is the happiest he has ever been in his life. He tells her that he thinks they belong together. She agrees with him and they start to kiss.

Abby doesn’t want Nick to take the chance on letting Chelsea find out the true identity of Lonely Splicer from anyone else because she would never forgive him. He wonders if she would give up if he just stopped sending messages to her. Abby reminds him that this is Chelsea they are talking about and she would never stop trying to find the guy she feels is her soul mate. Nick is sure she will never like the real him like she does the virtual him, but he agrees to do it anyway. He tells her to wish him luck when Chelsea walks back over to them telling them about her conversation with her mother. Nick tells her there is something important he needs to tell her before she leaves.

Hope explains to Caroline that Patrick just stopped by for a drink. Caroline asks her again if everything is okay before she goes to the back. Patrick pulls out the gun again and orders Hope to go with him. He calls Chelsea on her phone and tells her to call her father and tell him that she saw him and Hope in a car headed out of town. Chelsea refuses to help him, but he tells her this will be to her benefit too; Hope is leaving with him so maybe Billie and Bo could get back together. Chelsea is short with him and tells him that she doesn’t care about that anymore. He hangs up the phone and Hope sprays pepper spray in his face. It doesn’t work and he grabs her anyway and forces her out of the pub.

After the conversation with Patrick, Chelsea asks Nick and Abby why people think she will go along with anything weird or evil. Abby says, “Because you usually do.” Chelsea calls Bo and tells him that she got a really weird call from Patrick and he wanted her to tell him that she saw him and Hope headed out of town. Bo thanks her for the call and questions Roman about the tail he was supposed to have on Lockhart. Roman says his car is still at home, but Bo informs him that he has just kidnapped his wife.

Sami and Lucas have just made love by the fire and he tells her that she was incredible. She wants to tell him something, but makes him promise not to make fun of her first. She tells him that her time with him just keeps getting better and better and she believes they do belong together. He is silent for a while, and then he wonders, when she talks about the mistakes she’s made, if EJ is one of them.

Chelsea asks Nick if the thing he needed to tell her has anything to do with Lonely Splicer. He says it does and tells her that Lonely Splicer is in love with her. She wants to know how he knows this, and he says he can tell by the things he wrote to her. He thinks he may be nervous and she should just give it some time. Chelsea hugs him, telling him that he is a lot cooler than he looks.

Bo tries to reach Hope, but Patrick won’t allow her to answer the phone. Bo is frantic and he says he has to find her, but Roman says they have to set the trap for EJ. Bo tells him that his wife is in trouble and tells him that he has to get someone else to do it. They look at John, but he reminds them that he promised Marlena he wouldn’t do this. He ponders over it for a minute and tells Bo to go after Hope; he will take care of EJ. Roman wonders what he is going to tell Marlena, and he thinks after EJ is in jail, he will just beg for forgiveness.

Sami can’t belive that Lucas asked her about EJ because he just ruined the mood. Lucas comments on the way she acts around EJ and says that it just makes him wonder. This upsets Sami because she knows he is wondering if they had sex. She tells him that they already had this conversation and the answer was no. He still asks if she is telling the truth and she can’t understand why he didn’t believe her. She wants to ask him a question now; if she and EJ did have sex, would it change the way things are for them now, and would it change the way he feels about her? Lucas says it wouldn’t change anything if things were over between the two of them and he would have no choice but to accept it. She doesn’t believe him because, if that were true, he would never have brought it up again. He admits that he is insecure. She wants him to promise that he can let this go for good, but he isn’t sure he can. He tells her he is sick of being jealous too. She feels the same way and tells him that she cried herself to sleep every night when he was married to Carrie. She thinks they should promise each other that they will not play games with each other anymore, and they will be honest and happy and true to each other for the rest of their lives. They shake on it and then decide they should seal the deal with a kiss.

The skeleton in taken out of the basement and is headed for the Salem Museum. Chelsea tells Nick and Abby that she has to get home now and leaves. Nick just couldn’t tell her the truth, but Abby tells him that there will be a day that she will find out, and she had better hear it from him.

Bo runs into the Pub and asks Caroline where Hope is. She tells him that she was here earlier but she left. He asks if anyone else was with her and she says that Patrick was here but….Bo looks down and finds the can of “Knock Out” (pepper spray) Hope dropped on the floor. He picks it up and Bo tells Caroline that she must have used this to try and fight him off.

In the car, Hope and Patrick drive while she warns him that there will be road blocks everywhere. The car swerves and Hope has a labor pain.

John walks into the boat house with his gun cocked and ready. He speaks to Roman who acknowledges that they hear him loud and clear. EJ walks up behind him and puts a gun in his back telling him to put his gun down nice and easy.

Caroline is upset for listening to Hope when she insisted everything was fine. Bo tries to make her understand that Hope didn’t want her to get hurt. He wonders if she heard or saw anything. All she remembers is seeing an SUV and Bo runs out.

Patrick tells Hope to get out of the car.

Marlena is in the police station questioning an officer on John’s whereabouts. He tells her that they all went on a stake out but she already knows about that. She tells him again that her husband is John Black and he wasn’t involved. The officer tells her that Bo had an emergency with his wife and Mr. Black took his place.

John puts his gun down and EJ takes it asking him if he really thought he was so stupid as to fall for Sami’s trap. John tells him that he is surrounded but EJ pulls out his wire. John turns around to face him and tells him that Roman has already heard everything and he is on his way here now. EJ laughs out loud and tells him that Roman didn’t hear a thing. He holds up a device that he says “kills” bugs and it jammed the wire John had on. Roman is in the car with another officer and is frustrated that he is only able to hear static. John asks EJ if he expects him to help him escape. EJ says, “No. I expect you to die.” The screen turns black and we hear a gun fire.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: Lucas! Watch out! (screams)

John: Stephano’s world is a place I would never want to live in.

EJ: Lucky for you, you’re never going to have to worry about that much longer.

Bo: Lockhart has got Hope in there and he’s threatening to kill her.

Roman: Alright. We’ve got to talk him back.

Bo: I’m not in a chatty mood right now!

Roman: Don’t loose your cool.

Patrick: What the hell is that?

Hope: My water just broke. I’m having the baby.

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