Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/26/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s house:

Sami, Lucas, and Will arrive for the Horton tree trimming party but stop outside the front door when Sami realizes that she is missing Claire’s present. Sami sends Will back to the car to look for the present. Sami and Lucas shiver in the cold as they wait and Lucas wraps his arms around Sami to help her keep warm. Sami gushes about how nice it is to be a couple again and Lucas gripes that they still haven’t been together intimately. Lucas makes Sami laugh when he jokes about writing to Santa in hopes of “daddy” getting his present tonight. They kiss.

Chelsea has accompanied Nick to the party. Maggie brings out a bowl of eggnog and Nick doles out a glass for him and Chelsea. Nick thanks Chelsea for coming and she quips that she’s better off here since she’s not welcome at her own family’s celebration. Doug and Julie come out of the kitchen with a tray of cookies and doughnuts joking about how Alice has made tons of food and is still in the kitchen baking. Maggie mentions that Mickey is out taking the extra food to local shelters before heading back into the kitchen. Julie and Doug give Nick a hug and Doug welcomes him to Salem. Julie hand delivers a gift for Nick entrusted to them by Nick’s parents and Nick is thrilled to find that it’s a computer part he’s really been wanting. Julie passes on Nick’s mother’s insistence that he read the card and Nick is touched by the sentiment written inside. Doug and Julie comfort Nick as he talks of missing his parents. Chelsea steps away from the group bothered by the sight of such love when she feels so alone.

Brady Pub:

Shawn, Belle, and Claire arrive. Shawn worries that Claire isn’t warm enough but Belle assures him that Claire is definitely warm given the coat and elf suit she is wearing. Belle refers to Claire as their little miracle and Shawn agrees.

Hope tears up as she admires all the decorations. Bo notices her sad expression and wraps his arms around her. Bo assures Hope that they’ll make it through but Hope keeps thinking of how Zack will never have another Christmas. They agree that life isn’t fair. Bo asks Hope to promise not to go away with Patrick.

Kayla ends a cell phone call and informs Steve that Frankie is stuck in the Toledo airport and won’t make it back to help look for Max. Kayla is worried that Max being missing will put a damper on their plans for a happy Christmas. Steve assures Kayla that Max will find his way home.

Church Basement:

Max places a large flat piece of wood up against the hole Mimi hammered out of the wall and dons his coat to try and keep warm. Max calls out to Mimi who is still washing up in the bathroom. Mimi comes out of the bathroom holding her outer clothes because she was using the sink to wash them. Mimi is impressed to find that Max decorated the skeleton to look like Santa and put together a Christmas tree from the items in the basement. Max shows Mimi how he was also able to put up working lights. Mimi has Max hold up a sheet so she can get dressed behind it. Max admires Mimi’s silhouette that is projected on the wood he placed against the wall.

Abby’s car:

Abby uses a flashlight to check the map of the property while sitting in her car. She has returned alone despite the dark to continue the search. Abby complains that the farm is over 600 acres and it will be too hard to find Max in the dark.


Mimi pulls down the sheet to show that she is now dressed and they wish each other Merry Christmas.

Horton house:

Sami points out that couples used to wait until marriage before having sex. Lucas agrees to wait because he feels that Sami is worth it. Sami believes that once EJ is in jail for good, everything will be perfect but fears that EJ will figure out that she’s the one who set him up. Lucas vows to protect Sami with his life if necessary. Sami worries that Lucas would be hurt but Lucas assures her that he will be fine. Will returns having found the gift under the seat. Lucas, Sami, and Will finally walk inside and greet Maggie, Doug, and Julie with hugs.

Nick shows Chelsea a picture of him as a child with his parents and gushes about how the picture is from the first Christmas he can remember. Chelsea mentions how her parents always made a big deal about holidays but then gripes about how they ended up not being her real parents and now, as she scans the mantel full of family photos, she’s stuck with a family that wishes she never existed.

Brady’s Pub:

Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t want to go away with Patrick but can’t help that Patrick is this baby’s father. Bo insists that he’ll be the baby’s father. Hope promises not to go away with Patrick and Bo is glad to hear it. They kiss.

Steve taps his watch, as he wants to hurry up and leave for the Clay Aiken concert. Kayla reminds Steve that they have to go to the hospital first to read to the children. Steve isn’t looking forward to this task but Kayla believes it might even change his life. They head for the hospital.


Steve and Kayla join up with Stephanie before arriving. They find the children already assembled and waiting. Steve is nervous so Stephanie gets him to think of it as reading to her. Steve agrees to do it for Stephanie and takes his seat in front of the kids. Kayla and Stephanie watch from the back of the group. Steve digs out his glasses, says hello, and starts to read from the Bible. He gets about one sentence in and decides that he can’t do this.

Abby’s car:

Abby spots a church on the map and is sure that that must be where Max and Mimi are being kept. Abby notices that there’s no road directly to the church and complains that she didn’t buy a car with 4-wheel drive. Abby hopes that nice girls don’t die on Christmas and starts the car. Abby jumps when thunder and lightning crash overhead.


Max and Mimi dance to “Silent Night” coming from the Spanish radio station. Mimi talks about how this didn’t turn out to be her second worst Christmas after all, her worst being the one she spent living in a box. Max admits that he’s been there too and Mimi offers her sympathies. As the song ends, Max and Mimi kiss.

Horton house:

Doug, Maggie, and Julie escort Shawn, Belle, and Claire into the living room. Belle allows Julie to take Claire over to check out the baked goods. Doug and Maggie follow Julie to the kitchen. Sami and Lucas rush over to greet Belle and Shawn. Sami gushes about how they both came to the party with their guys but Belle is quick to point out that she and Shawn are not back together. Lucas pulls Sami away so they can kiss under the mistletoe. Belle likes seeing Sami happy again and Shawn notes how Belle seems happy too. Belle is glad to be part of Shawn’s family’s Christmas.

Bo and Hope have since arrived and greet Nick and Chelsea. Nick is happy but Chelsea does her best to be cordial. Hope takes Chelsea’s hand, wishes her a Merry Christmas and kisses her cheek. Hope then wishes Nick a Merry Christmas. Stunned by the gesture, Chelsea timidly returns Hope’s sentiment. Chelsea smiles as Bo pulls her close for a hug. Maggie brings Alice the large box of family namesake ornaments. Everyone watches and makes small talk as Nick hangs up the last of the ornaments representing the family members not in attendance. Lucas hangs his ornament and the one for his father Bill while Will hangs his own ornament. Lucas and Will rejoin Sami and Lucas tells Sami that next year, Sami will be hanging her own ornament on the family tree. Doug and Julie each hang their ornaments next and kiss. Doug tells Julie that she is his Christmas treasure, this year and every year. Hope and Bo each hang their ornaments and Hope lets out a heavy sigh as they pick up Zack’s ornament. Bo helps Hope hang Zack’s ornament and Nick notices how sad Chelsea looks. Doug and Julie tear up and hang their heads while Maggie reaches to take Alice’s hand. Bo assures Hope that Zack will always be with them and Hope tells Zack that she’ll love him forever. Chelsea wants to leave but Nick stops her. Bo and Hope return to the couch and Shawn hangs his ornament right next to Zack’s ornament. Chelsea, with tears now streaming down her face, hangs her ornament next to Zack’s. She hesitates doing so until Hope steps up behind her to place the ornament next to Zack’s for Chelsea. Hope pulls Chelsea’s head close to hers before returning to the couch. Tom’s, Alice’s, Maggie’s, and Mickey’s ornaments are hung next by Maggie. Maggie tearfully addresses the family as she talks of the missing relatives both living elsewhere and those who have passed on still being in their hearts. Everyone hugs and wishes one another Merry Christmas.

Abby’s car:

Abby parks at the church and notices the church bells. Abby calls out to Max.


Max and Mimi finish kissing and Max feels bad about kissing. Mimi points out that Max wasn’t the only one doing the kissing. They agree that the kiss was fantastic. Max and Mimi start to kiss again when they hear the church bells. Mimi’s hope for being rescued is renewed but Max isn’t so sure he wants their adventure to end.


Steve explains to the kids that he must tell the Christmas story in his own words. Stephanie and Kayla grimace as Steve begins to tell the story in laymen’s terms. Steve tells the kids gathered that God sent Jesus to bless the world like each of their births blessed their parents. Stephanie beams as Steve refers to her as his little sweetness. Steve tells the kids that the best gift to give and receive is love and that love should be shared each day so that we can have Christmas all the time. Hope and Bo walk up and hear the end of Steve’s speech. Steve ends his time with the kids and Kayla hugs him. Everyone laughs as Bo complains that Steve made it too hard for him to win the kids over as Santa later. Steve pinches Bo’s cheek and tells him he’ll be a good Santa. Steve and Kayla say goodbye to Stephanie and he and Kayla rush off to the concert.


Max believes that there isn’t anyone around to hear the bells. Mimi is fine with being alone with Max for Christmas.

Thunder and lightning continue to crash outside as Abby enters the church. Abby doesn’t notice the trap door covered slightly by a rug. Abby calls out and Max and Mimi hear her. Max and Mimi call back from the basement.


Belle, Shawn, and Claire, joined by Doug, Julie and Maggie, have now arrived at the hospital. Shawn tells the kids that Santa will be out soon and they all cheer. Belle introduces the kids to Claire and explains that last year, Claire was one of them sick in the hospital. Belle uses Claire as an example for the kids to stay strong and get better. Belle introduces Santa and out comes Bo dressed as Santa. Julie and Maggie help Bo give out the presents to the kids. Belle tells Shawn that he did a really good thing.


Max and Mimi yell out that they are in the basement and Abby identifies herself. Max tells Abby about the trap door but she can’t find it. Max uses a mop handle to tap on the door so Abby can find it. Abby pulls back the rug and searches for something to help open the door. Finding a screwdriver, Abby undoes the latch and with Max’s help, pushes open the trap door. Max climbs out and then helps Mimi climb up. Max enthusiastically hugs Abby with relief and she cherishes his touch. Abby’s elation drops when Max and Mimi happily kiss out of relief for being rescued.


Steve and Kayla arrive to find the crew packing up and the concert over. A crewman explains that the show started early due to the storm before returning to his work. Steve apologizes to Kayla but Kayla feels that having Steve back was enough. They kiss.

Brady Pub:

Sami and Lucas have now joined the Brady celebration. Lucas asks Sami what she has planned for New Year’s Eve because he’d like to take her to a ski chalet. Sami likes that idea and they kiss.

Bo and Hope kiss under the mistletoe as Belle and Shawn admire them. Belle likes the hope it brings seeing Shawn’s parents happy again. Max and Mimi walk in the door with Abby and Bonnie rushes over to hug Mimi. Max hugs Caroline as Shawn Sr. proclaims it as Christmas miracle. Abby is the only one not happy so Stephanie questions her. Abby admits that Chelsea was right about Max and Mimi growing closer while missing. Stephanie insists that Abby still did a good thing but Abby still thinks of it as her being alone still. Stephanie tries to comfort her.


Steve and Kayla dance to the music being played in the club. As the song ends, the crewman tells them that he’s closing up. Kayla steps away to use the restroom before they leave. Steve waits for Kayla by the bar as Clay Aiken walks by to ask Scott, the crewman about the car he’s expecting to take him to the airport. Scott explains that Clay can’t travel with the crew because of their schedule but offers to call the producer about a ride. Steve interrupts and introduces himself. Steve offers to give Clay a ride to the airport and he accepts. Scott leaves them to get back to work. Steve explains to Clay why they were late and had to miss the concert. Steve tells Clay about being apart from Kayla for 16 years and asks for his help.

Kayla returns from the bathroom ready to leave but Steve makes her sit down at a table. Clay walks out and introduces himself to a very surprised Kayla. Steve explains that they are going to give Clay a ride to the airport. Clay explains that his car didn’t show up and in exchange for the ride, he is going to sing them a song as a gift from Steve to Kayla. Scott puts in a track for Clay to sing along to and Clay sings “Everything I Have” for Steve and Kayla. Kayla holds Steve’s hand in hers as they listen to Clay sing. Kayla kisses Steve’s cheek as he tears up.

Brady Pub:

Clay’s singing can still be heard in the background as everyone continues to celebrate Max and Mimi’s homecoming and Abby’s success in finding them. Abby’s smile fades as she watches Max and Mimi slink off to a corner of the bar to be alone. Shawn looks annoyed to see Max and Mimi happy together but then the smile returns to his face when Belle walks up with Claire. Sami watches Shawn and Belle doting on Claire and smiles. Lucas wraps his arms around Sami and Will joins them. Shawn Sr. kisses Caroline and Bonnie raises a bottle of liquor in the air before spiking her drink. Chelsea feels alone again but Nick walks up and puts his arm around her. Chelsea lays her head on his shoulder. Bo and Hope kiss.

Horton house:

Maggie, Doug, and Julie smile and laugh as they admire the decorations. The Horton family photographs on the mantel are shown concluding with Alice wishing Tom’s picture a Merry Christmas. Alice holds the picture tight and turns to the viewers delivering her Christmas message: “And to all of those we love and are dear to us are far away... may the blessings of this day be with you now and all the days of our lives.”


Clay finishes the song and smiles as Steve and Kayla kiss.

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