Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/22/06


Written By Kristy

Abby, Chelsea, and Stephanie have taken folders holding information of properties that Victor owns from the Hall of Records. They search through the files hoping to find someplace he may be holding Mimi and Max. Chelsea complains that this is a wonderful way to spend Christmas, but Abby reminds her that they are their friends and deserve their help.

Max beats on a wall in the basement with a sledge hammer hoping to break out. He promises Mimi that they will be home for Christmas as he pounds on the wall, but hurts his shoulder while doing so. Mimi picks up the sledge hammer and starts to beat on the wall herself.

Lucas refuses to allow the Salem PD to use Sami to try and set up EJ again. Bo, Roman, and John try to convince Lucas that they will have Sami meet him in a public place and they promise him they will not allow anything to happen to her. Nothing they say seems to change Lucas’ mind and he tells them, “I’m not going to let you put the woman I care about in danger!” Sami is shocked with Lucas’ concern toward her and she just stares at him with love in her eyes.

Will is alone in their apartment when there is a knock at the door. It is EJ and he asks for Sami, but Will is short and tells him that she isn’t here. He starts to shut the door, but EJ stops him and says that Sami left him in Talladega because he had to have an emergency surgery. He comments that Will looks fine, so he wonders if maybe he didn’t hear her correctly or she just lied to him. EJ says that lying is either something that runs in their family, or he had his appendix removed less than 48 hours ago and he’s running around now as if nothing ever happened. Will says that it’s just a good thing to be young and tries to shut the door again, but EJ sticks his foot in the door. Will says that he doesn’t want to have to break his foot, but EJ says good because he don’t want to have to break in. EJ tries to push his way through the door, but Will is able to get it shut and locked before he can force his way inside. EJ stands outside the door trying to reason with Will so he will let him inside. Will runs over to the cabinet and pulls out a first aid kit and takes off his shirt.

As John tries to explain the operation to Lucas, Abe is having trouble with his eyes in the background. Sami wants to do this so Lucas pulls her outside the door to discuss this with her. Bo has a feeling that Sami will turn him around but Marlena hopes he is wrong about this. She tells Roman that she knows how important this is, but reminds him when Sami sets her mind on something, she goes overboard. She is sure he could find someone else to do this, but Roman knows they have to make a move quickly and Sami is the only one he trusts. He tells her that they have a connection, and whatever that is, they can use it to bring him down. Marlens tells him that she is their daughter, not a Dimera, and they don’t “use” her for things like this. He promises that he wouldn’t even have her close to this if he didn’t think he could protect her. Bo steps forward and tells Marlena that Sami is already close to this; EJ moved across the hall from her, befriended her, and gave her an awesome job too. He knows that EJ has got his sights on her no matter what move she makes. John knows Sami, and he knows she has already made her mind up, and no one is going to tell her what to do, not even Lucas.

Outside the office, Lucas tells Sami that he is not going to let her put herself in danger and his mind is made up. She tells him that she didn’t ask for this, but she really thinks she can do it. She says that she thinks the two of them (her and Lucas) are meant to be together. She asks him not to loose faith in them, or her, after all this time.

Abby believes that Victor would stash them someplace that no one frequents so that they couldn’t be heard or found. Chelsea finds something.

Mimi busts a hole in the wall and they light a candle and step inside to the other room. They wonder why someone would hide a closet behind a wall and decide to investigate. Max opens a door and a skeleton falls out on top of Mimi; she screams. The skeleton has an old veteran’s uniform on and Max speculates that he must have been locked up in here for more than 150 years. Max examines the corpse and finds a ring on his finger as well as an old gun. Max thinks, if this old gun still works, they could use it to blast open the hatch and get out of here.

Chelsea thinks she’s found the perfect place. It is an old farm that Victor owns outside of town, and it’s deeded to a subsidiary of Titan. Abby agrees that this would be a place that someone would never look and she feels like she knows this is where Max is.

Lucas promises that he would never loose faith in her, but Sami wants to know why he has a problem with her helping the police if that’s the way he feels. He says it’s not about helping the police, it’s about EJ, and he doesn’t want her hanging around the guy. Sami assumes it is about his jealousy of EJ and not about her safety. Lucas is frustrated and blurts out that he is worried about his wife and says who wouldn’t be. Sami is stunned and says, “Your wife? You called me your wife.” He says he didn’t mean it like that, and as Sami stares at him with a smile, he tells her not to look at him like that; it was an accident with words. She smiles and says it was a nice accident and she liked hearing that. She also tells him that she likes the fact that he’s jealous, but he denies being jealous, and tells her that he is concerned about his family.

Will has put a dressing on his side and made it look like he is bleeding through a little. He opens the door and EJ comes in, puts his arm around him and pulls him close, and asks if he is through playing games, as he is walking inside. Will screams that he is hurting his stitches. EJ wants to have a look and pulls up Will’s shirt to see the bandage; he stops. EJ searches the apartment, going through all the rooms looking for Sami, as Will makes slurs at him. After EJ has checked the entire apartment in silence, he walks straight out the door.

Lucas thinks there is something else going on here and wonders why he had to talk her into coming to the police anyway. She tells him that it doesn’t matter now; she’s here and they need her help. He believes there is more to this than she is telling and he demands that she fess up. She says it was the look on Marlena’s face when she told her that she was proud of her. Sami wants everyone she cares about to look at her like Marlena did today, especially Will. Lucas tells her that Will loves her regardless of what she does, and then Sami’s phone rings. It is Will and he tells her about EJ being there looking for her. She wonders if he asked about his appendix, and Will laughs, telling her that he made a fake bandage and EJ bought it. Sami is pleasantly surprised with his quick thinking telling him that he really is her son. Will asks if she is going to help his grandfather and Uncle Bo lock him up and she says, “You bet I am Will. I’m going to make sure they put him away for a long time.” Will tells her that he is proud of her. Sami tells Lucas that she has to do this. He grabs her hand and takes her inside the office where everyone is waiting for her decision. Lucas tells all of them if they want Sami in on this, fine, but he is calling the shots from now on. He says it’s not up for discussion; it’s either on his terms or nothing.

Abby puts her coat on and expects Stephanie and Chelsea to come with her to the abandoned house. Stephanie feels like they should call Roman with the information, but Abby reminds her that they are swamped at the PD, and that’s why he asked for their help to begin with. Chelsea thinks the only reason Abby is doing this is so she can be the hero when it comes to rescuing Max, and she asks her if she’s right. Abby says it’s only about bringing him home so he can be safe.

Max finds two bullets in the gun and says that gives them two chances to get out of here. They come back out of the room and Mimi argues about the chances of him getting hurt if the gun should backfire or something. She begs him not to do this.

Abe is having trouble and falls to the floor. John and Marlena rush to his side.

EJ comes in Dune to see Sami sitting alone at a table. He says he has been looking for her, but she already knows; Will called her. She tells him that she doesn’t appreciate him scaring her son like that, and that is why she called him here to meet her. He sits down and asks, since she is so concerned about her son, why did she leave him at home alone. She tells him that she went to see the police. This grabs his attention and he quickly turns to face her.

Outside the restaurant, Roman and Bo listen to Sami and EJ’s conversation. They also have a man inside watching the two of them.

Abby, Chelsea, and Stephanie have already checked both farm houses and Abby wants to check the stables. Stephanie and Chelsea are discouraged and tell her that they can’t go around checking all the places on this farm all night long.

Max tells Mimi to calm down and says that this could be their only chance to get out of here. She calms down when he tells her that he has plans for them later on tonight. Max fires the gun as Mimi is screaming at him. The force of the shot throws Max to the floor. The shot scared Mimi to death and she is mad at him for scaring her like this. The shot he took didn’t work though.

Abby argues with Stephanie and Chelsea about continuing the search for Max. Chelsea keeps reminding her that Mimi is missing too, and comments that being caught up in danger together can bring two people closer together. She asks/tells Abby that is what she is really worried about. Abby ignores that comment and tells her if they don’t find Max before it’s too late, she will never forgive her. Abby tells Chelsea to just go home and leave right now.

EJ wonders why she went to the police, and she tells him that her dad called and needed to see her. He stares at her with his arms crossed, and when she asks why he is looking at her like that, he says when she left him in Talladega he got the distinct impression that she was hiding something from him. She just looks at him, and again, tells him that Will had to have surgery. He says he got a look at Will’s wounds and thinks they seemed questionable at best. She gets angry and asks if he really thought she’d lie about her son needing surgery, but he tells her that she really don’t want him to answer that. She jumps up, grabs her coat, and says, “Fine. I though I was going to help you and tell you what I heard at the police station” as she starts to storm out of the restaurant. He grabs her arm and stops her. He sits back down and tells her that he is sorry. She sits down and tells him that she overheard her dad on the phone talking to forensics. She thinks they have new evidence in the Eve Michaels murder case. He wants to know what evidence they have, but Sami says she has no idea. All she knows is that they plan on arresting him after Christmas. He wonders why they are doing this now, but Sami suggests they not dance around the issue. She tells him that she heard him on the phone in Talladega and she knows who he is connected with. Assuming she is telling the truth, he wants to know why she is telling him all this. She says whatever his motive may have been, he helped her when she needed it and he said he liked her; the good and the bad side. She says its Christmas now, and although she is stuck with a family that hugs her and kisses her, they hate her behind her back. And Lucas, he can’t even trust her enough to leave her alone with him for one night. She thought she was going to have a Merry Christmas, but she hates Christmas now. He asks if she is doing this because she hates her family and Christmas, but she says, “Because I like you.” She says whatever happened between them, there is something between them that they can’t deny, and if Will hadn’t needed her to rush off, who knows what might have happened.

Chelsea is upset with Abby demanding that she go home, but Stephanie steps in and tries to calm them down. Chelsea knows Abby is going to expect Max to drop to his knees and love her, but feels like she is setting herself up, and she wants her to understand that Max doesn’t have a heart. Stephanie backs Chelsea up and says that Max isn’t looking to make a commitment to anyone right now. Abby turns her back to them and starts to cry. Chelsea tells her that Max broke her and Stephanie’s heart and she doesn’t want to see it happen to her too. Abby turns around and informs both of them that she will continue to search for Max until she brings him home. Stephanie and Chelsea want Abby to take them home.

Max tries to console Mimi because she is so upset being held here from her family and it’s Christmas. He promises her that they will figure a way out of here. He tries to make the best of the things they have right now. She calms down and thanks him for being here for her for the past couple of months since she and Shawn broke up. He talks about how his life had taken a turn for the worse and how she was there for him as well, and, she reminded him of the things he is grateful for.

Lexie gives Abe some medication and John asks her how long Abe has been like this. She says she has tried to get him to see a specialist for weeks. Lexie tries to make him understand that his health comes before this job. Marlena mentions that she has a friend in Brookville that is a much respected ophthalmologist who specializes in corneal transplants. John suggests he see this doctor in hopes that he may be able to save his eyesight. Abe is afraid that he could tell him he is going blind again, but Lexie says that it is a possibility that he could have another transplant. He says that he is seeing the world through Isaac’s eyes, a gift he gave him, and if he rejects this transplant….Lexie interrupts and tells him that he would not be rejecting Zack; he gave them so many gifts. She also tells him that it is possible something can be done to keep him from rejecting this transplant, but the longer he waits, the chances grow slim. Abe agrees, and tells Marlena to set up the appointment. He raises his hand and tells them that he can barely see it right in front of his face.

EJ asks if she wants him as much as he wants her, or just because it’s over between her and Lucas. She says she was an idiot to think she and Lucas could ever get back together, and she knows she’s probably ruined things with him (EJ) too, but self sabotage is her middle name. She tells him if her were to ever give her another chance, it would make her very happy. He leans in and takes her hand, calling her sweetheart, and saying that her father is going to arrest him. Sami tells him not to let that happen. She heard her father telling someone that they had his passport flagged and roadblocks set up; they aren’t going to allow him to leave town. She thinks she has a way to help him. There is a boat house outside of town and no one goes there anymore, but if they agree to meet after Christmas, she’ll help him leave Salem. Lucas comes in and gets angry when he sees Sami and EJ sitting together, and asks what in the hell is going on here. Sami stands up and tries to speak, but Lucas grabs her arms saying that she told him she had an appointment for lunch but didn’t say it was with EJ. He starts shaking Sami, screaming, “Didn’t I warn you? Didn’t I warn you?” EJ jumps up and tries to get him off of her, but he grabs her coat and tells her that they are leaving right now. On their way out, Lucas tells EJ to stay away from Sami.

Sami and Lucas come out laughing and stop to talk to Roman and Bo. They both tell her that she did a great job and they are proud of her. Sami just hopes it worked and EJ goes away for a long time.

Inside Dune, EJ sits there with a smirk on his face as he takes a drink.

Abby is upset because both Stephanie and Chelsea are bailing on her. Stephanie tells her that they did all they could do; they did the best they could, did all the research on Victors properties, and put all the missing person fliers. They tell her it’s time to let the police do the work from here on out. Abby sarcastically tells them to go ahead and be merry because she will continue to look for Max on her own. They all get in Abby’s car so she can take them home.

Max and Mimi find themselves face to face, and when he starts to kiss her, she feels a cobweb on her face. He tells her to go over to the sink and wash her face and he will try to make things more comfortable for them.

Roman hugs Sami and tells her that he loves her and he is so proud of her. She thanks him too and is so happy because she feels like she has done a good thing. She and Lucas leave and Roman tells Bo that they have to wait now and see if EJ calls their bluff. Bo knows he has been looking for that perfect Christmas present for his brother, and if EJ takes their bluff, he wants to be the one to cuff him. Roman says, “Merry Christmas little brother. You’ve got it!”

EJ calls Patrick and tells him there has been a change of plans; the day after Christmas they will settle all debts; paid in full. He also tells Patrick that he wants him to make sure Bo Brady knows exactly what’s happening when he leaves town with his wife. He wants him to keep Bo distracted all night and he will take care of everything else.

Previews for Monday:

Max: I've never met anybody like you.

Mimi: Is that a good thing?

Max: That's a really good thing.

Shawn D.: You're right here with the rest of the family, Claire, from now on.

Steve: If you could do a really big favor for me and my wife, I'd appreciate it.

Clay: Sure, I'd be happy to help. What can I do?

Steve: Man, you are the coolest.

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