Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/21/06


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The show opens on Abe's office. Marlena and John are telling an incredulous
Abe and Roman that EJ Wells is Stefano DiMera's son. Marlena adds that Stefano even had a picture of EJ at his hospital bedside! Bo enters the office. Abe tersely asks Bo what he's doing here. Roman says that he asked his younger brother to be there. Bo asks to be let in on the case. He tells Abe that he can even fire him again later. John suggests that Abe take Bo up on his offer because he is "out of the bad guy business". Marlena beams.

Sami and Lucas enter their apartment. Lucas is adamant that Sami tell her dad what happened. Sami admits that she's afraid. She says that if EJ is connected with the DiMeras then he's capable of anything-even murder. She continues that she's not about to set herself, Lucas, or Will up as his target. Lucas thinks that if she doesn't tell her dad they might be safe but other people will be in danger. Sami replies that if Lucas is so sure that this is the right thing to do then he should do it! Lucas says that he can't. Sami is the one that overheard the conversation so she is the one that has to tell the police. Lucas wants Sami to be brave, to show everyone else the woman that he's proud of.

Roman asks John if he won't reconsider. Marlena, very quickly and very adamantly, answers no. Bo looks at Abe, "you're gonna need me". Bo has also thought of a side benefit to stopping EJ. He thinks that once EJ is on the run, Patrick won't be far behind. Bo promises to let Abe and Roman take the lead. Abe reaches into his desk drawer and brings out a gun and badge. He hands them to Bo and tells him that he'd better not screw up. His face softens as he adds, "they were never very far away." Marlena and John joke about becoming the most boring couple in Salem. Abe and Roman take this chance to congratulate the newlyweds on their nuptials. John and Marlena leave Abe's office.
In the outer office Marlena thanks John. She tells him that she was never really sure that he would go through with it.

Hope and Patrick are having an intense conversation at the pub. Steve walks up and, in a very "big brotherly" kind of way, asks if something is wrong. Hope says everything is fine and she and Patrick leave the pub. Steve turns to Kayla, who is nearby, and teases her that he has a very special present for her. He said that he had to find something very special for her because it's their first official Christmas back together. He says that Stephanie told him that Kayla is a huge fan of Clay Aiken. It just so happens that Clay is in town doing a benefit concert and it just so happens that Steve has tickets. Kayla hugs Steve and tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too and they begin to kiss. Kayla stops, stands up straight, and tells Steve that they can't go. Steve looks very confused.

Hope and Patrick are continuing their discussion outside the pub. Patrick tells Hope that he has lots of plans to make as they are leaving on their trip tomorrow night. Hope says she can't possibly go tomorrow night! It's Christmas, what about her family, she's pregnant.....Patrick reminds her that they had an agreement. Hope knows that they did and has no intentions of breaking that agreement but she is not leaving on Christmas. Patrick, nonchalantly, says that perhaps he will just have to phone the Salem PD and press charges then.

In their cellar prison, Max promises Mimi that he'll find a way out. The two search the room for a tool or something that will help them open the trap-door over their heads. Max finds a very small hatchet. He laughs as he then finds a large sledgehammer. He gives the hatchet to Mimi and tells her to work on the boarded up windows. He will work on the door. Mimi can't believe that this is how she's spending her holidays.

Shawn, Belle, and Claire are at the food court. A very friendly lady stops at their table to tell them what a nice family they make. They admit that they aren't a family. She says how family is so important at Christmas time. Her son is in the army and is overseas. She'll miss him alot this Christmas. Belle, with a faraway look in her eyes, turns her head.

Mimi is frustrated. The hatchet is not working. Max says there must be another way. "Wait!". Max hears footsteps above them. Someone is up there!

John takes Marlena's hands. He promises her he'd do anything for her. Just then, Sami comes into the police station with Lucas. Sami tells her mom and John that she has to talk to the police about EJ Wells. She heard him talking on the phone about Stefano.

Back at the food court, the stranger is still visiting with Belle and Shawn. She's asking what they do. Shawn says he's out of work for now but he will probably go back to his old job. Belle says that he's a mechanic for a race car driver. The woman thinks that must be very exciting. She asks Belle what she does. Rather reluctantly, Belle tells her she has no job. The woman realizes she is a stay at home mom and tells her that is the most important job in the world! She says Christmas always makes her a little sad thinking of all the children with no one. With that, the woman leaves. Belle and Shawn continue talking about disadvantaged children. They decide that they will help some of these kids with the rest of EJ's money.

Kayla explains to Steve that the reason she can't go to Clay Aiken's concert is because of a Brady family Christmas tradition. Every year the Brady's and the Horton's throw a Christmas party for the patients of the children's wing at the hospital. Steve, still trying to get Kayla to accept his gift, reminds her that there are lots of Bradys. Kayla forgot to tell Steve, but Mrs. Horton would like Steve to be the one to read the Christmas story from the Bible this year. Steve seems a little flustered. He doesn't think he can do that. He makes excuses because of his upbringing. There was no Sunday School and not much of a family life even. Kayla tells Steve that being asked to read the story is quite an honour and no one has ever refused. Steve relents and says he'll do it-on one condition. He'll only read the story if he and Kayla can leave the hospital immediately afterwards and catch the rest of the concert. Kayla says "it's a deal" and gives him a big hug.

Outside the pub, Hope calls Patrick's bluff, takes his cell phone from him and says, "here, let me dial the number for you.". She, very adamantly, goes on to tell him that she knows she has an obligation to him about the baby, to keep him informed, to let him help raise the baby but that's where her obligation to him ends.

Now in Abe's office, Sami is telling Roman and Abe about the conversation she overheard. She says that she heard EJ on the phone saying that he didn't care what Stefano ordered. He will not leave Salem until he finishes what he started. John speaks up and reveals that Stefano gave him the missing death card. Abe and Roman exchange concerned looks.

As Max is yelling for help, Mimi wants him to be quiet. She worries that if what they hear is one of Stefano's guys they could be in trouble. Max says that if it's one of Stefano's men, they already know that they are down here but if it's someone else, it could be their way out. Max grabs a broom, bangs on the trap-door and continues to yell for help. We now see the "up" side of the trap-door. There is a man in worn, dirty clothes. He is throwing a rug out of the way. The rug is in the center aisle of a church! The guy hollers down that he will help them but he wants money! Max and Mimi exchange looks of disbelief.

Kayla is so happy. "It's perfect" she beams. Steve can read the story, they can play with the kids for awhile and then they can go to the concert. Switching gears, she asks Steve if he wrote that letter to Billie. Steve says he did, while Kayla was asleep. Both feel terribly, knowing how upset Billie will be when she reads it.

Roman asks John why he didn't mention the tarot card before now. Lucas isn't concerned with John, he just wants to make sure that the Salem Police Department can keep Sami safe. Roman and Abe assure him that they can and they will. They decide that they'll place a cruiser outside of the apartment building. They think it's perfect because EJ will simply believe that it's there to watch him. Marlena, Lucas and Sami are asked to leave for a minute. The three go to the outer office for a cup of coffee. This leaves the four men alone in the office. They know they have to come up with a plan to stop EJ Wells.

Victor has been sending Lucas emails so Lucas has to leave for the office. Marlena turns to Sami. She is so proud of her daughter! "You are so brave" she tells her. Sami says that she doesn't feel very brave. Sami notices that her mom's hand is hurt. Then she notices the wedding ring on it. Marlena admits that she and John got married again. Sami gives a weak smile.

Max turns to Mimi and asks, increduously, "he's asking us for a bribe?" Max hollers back for the man to unlock the padlock and let them out. The guy asks how much money they have. Max and Mimi scramble and search their pockets. Between the two of them they have sixty dollars. The man says it's not enough. After some more coaxing, the guy agrees to help them for the sixty dollars, but he wants the money first. Max is concerned that if they give him all the money upfront he'll just take off. They settle on half now and half when Max and Mimi are freed. Max slides thirty dollars up through the crack in the trap-door. The guy takes the money, wishes them a merry Christmas and walks away leaving Max and Mimi in the cellar.

In Abe's office, Roman looks questioningly, "a bluff?" he says. John says yes. The police department has no evidence against EJ so a bluff is their only option. The men decide that they will need someone EJ trusts. They will get that person to pass on some information to EJ. They will tell him that the police department is getting a warrant and is ready to arrest him. Now they just have to decide who EJ trusts. Roman suggests Kate. It's decided that no, Sami would be a better choice. Roman does not like this idea at all.

Marlena knows that Sami is probably not thrilled with her news and tells her, again, how much she loves John. Sami says "brace yourself, Mom", Sami loves her mom and really believes that her mom deserves to be happy. She is so sorry for all she has ever put her mom through. Sami goes on to admit that John was a good father to her. She knows now that, ever since she saw them making love in the boardroom together years ago, she was obsessed with the notion that everything bad that ever happened was all John's fault. "I'm sorry" she says as she begins to cry. Marlena, with tears in her eyes as well, tells Sami that John loves her very much. He considers Sami to be his daughter and will always love her.

The man in the church throws the rug back over the trap door and tells Max and Mimi he'll say a little prayer for them as he's eating Christmas steak. Mimi hopes he chokes on it! Max, very frustrated, grabs the nearest object and hurls it at the wall. "Did you hear that?" Max asks. He thinks there's something behind the wall.

Back at the pub, Kayla assures Steve that he did the right thing writing the letter to Billie. Steve knows but he feels badly for Billie. The two begin to kiss. Just then, Hope, Belle, and Claire come into the pub. Everyone oohs and aahs over Claire. They wish each other a merry Christmas. Kayla chimes in with "Happy Birthday to Hope" Steve gives Hope a hug and also wishes her a happy birthday. Caroline comes in from the back and says that the pub looks so great. She thanks everyone for decorating for her, she just couldn't. Caroline looks around and asks if anyone has heard anything about Max. No one has. The door to the pub flings open and in coems Shawn, his arms overflowing with gifts. He and Belle explain that they have used the rest of EJ's dirty money for a very good purpose--presents for the kids at the hospital!
Caroline says that she is very greatful that the Horton/Brady tradition will carry on no matter what.

Max laughs as he bangs on the wall with the sledgehammer. "It's an add-on" he explains to Mimi.

Roman insists that they are not going to use his daughter in this scheme to trap EJ. "You will not put my daughter at risk" he says. Bo promises that they will protect her but she's their only chance.  In the outer office Sami admits to Marlena that she knows how much John loves her. In fact, it used to make her very angry that no matter what horrible thing she did to John, he would never get angry with her or throw her out of his life. The mother and daughter are laughing and crying at the same time. They both have a great deal of love in their eyes.

Abe, John, Roman and Bo come out of Abe's office as Marlena and Sami are hugging and crying. Abe tells the two women that they need someone to help trap EJ Wells. They want this person to convince EJ that the police are onto him and that this person will help EJ plan an escape. Sami thinks that sounds like a good plan. Roman looks at his daughter and says, "we want it to be you.". Sami looks amazed.

Steve and Kayla are hugging again. This time it's Steve that stops. He tells Kayla that something's not quite right. He takes Kayla by the hand and leads her to the mistletoe. Kayla laughs as they begin to kiss. Belle apologizes to Caroline for not being able to help decorate the pub. Caroline says that's okay. Belle and Claire could help make some egg nog right now. The three go into the kitchen.

We get a shot of outside the pub. The lady from the shopping mall comes by. She looks into the pub and sees Shawn and Hope hugging. She pulls out her cellphone and says to the person on the other end of the line, "I've made first contact"....

Max, now with his shirt off and glistening with sweat from the effort, is still banging away at the brick wall with the sledgehammer. He is making a very little progress. Mimi is standing behind him waiting hopefully.

Marlena looks at all the men. "Are you serious?" she asks. John assures her that Sami won't be in any danger. Roman also speaks up and tells Sami that he's her dad and he will make sure she's safe. Sami agrees to help. Lucas, just now back from the office, says, "like hell"

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