Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/19/06


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

As the show opens Steve and Kayla are sitting together on a couch in their suite. They are leafing through a photo album and reminiscing. They come across some pictures of Benji and laugh about the souvenir from their honeymoon. Kayla is sorry she missed him at the hospital and wonders if she'd even recognize him. Steve assures her that she would, he looks exactly the same. He also reminds her that Benji promised he'd be back. "You came back", Kayla says, looking at Steve lovingly. Steve says he's feeling very "romantical" and wants to make love to Kayla right there. First he thinks he should carry her across the threshold again. Kayla giggles but resists. Steve pulls her towards the door of her suite. When he opens the door they are both surprised to see Hope standing there. We see a shot of Hope's very confused face, "I must have missed a few chapters".

Kate is at the office and on the phone. Billie rushes in. Kate explains that she is going on a business trip to Montreal. She also lets slip that she is going with Victor. Billie thinks that her mother must be up to something.

At the Brady pub family and friends are gathered waiting for news about Max and Mimi. Roman, Stephanie and Bo are comforting Caroline who is very upset. Chelsea walks over and thinks she should probably leave. Stephanie takes her aside and convinces her to stay, to come over and talk with Nick and Abby.
Roman asks Bo if he's had a chance to speak with Victor. Bo says that he hasn't been able to get ahold of him. Roman tells Bo that Kate was at Victor's mansion when he went there. He is sure that Kate is involved somehow and that, perhaps, she knows what has happened to Max and Mimi. The two brothers discuss how if they had a search warrant for the mansion they could find the evidence they need but that to get a search warrant they'd first need to get into the mansion! Bo tells Roman that "they", meaning the police, can't get into the mansion but he can.

John and Marlena are on John's plane. They are in the cabin, sitting on the couch. Roman takes Marlena's hand in his, studies it, and asks if Stefano hurt her? Marlena says he's stronger than he looks in that oxygen tent. John and Marlena talk about how they still can't quite believe that EJ is Stefano and Susan's son! John says that he's "nothing but a killer". He also insists that, once John is back in Salem, EJ will certainly have some explaining to do! Marlena jokes that so will they-especially once their families and friends find out that they have missed a wedding! John jokes back that he'd better get that marriage lisence translated and find out exactly what he agreed to. He tells Marlena that it's in the jacket of his coat over on the table. When Marlena reaches into the jacket pocket a very worried look crosses her face. John comes over to see what the problem is. Marlena pulls a tarot card from John's jacket pocket.

John takes the card, which is the Tarot Death card, out of Marlena's hand and promises her that he was going to tell her about it. Marlena is very stern and wonders when? Marlena is very, very concerned. John tells Marlena about Celeste reading the tarot cards for him and Roman. He recounts how she found it so intriguing that the death card was missing. John laughs, trying to lighten the mood. This is just one last mind game from Stefano. Marlena thinks John is to be Stefano's next target. John insists this is nothing to worry about. Marlena's concern cannot be lightened. She says that she was with Stefano but he didn't give her the card--he gave it to John.

As Hope enters Steve and Kayla's place, Kayla tells Hope that Steve remembers. He remembers being with her and their life together. Hope gives Steve a big hug. Steve admits that there are still gaps in his memory but he remembers everything about his life with Kayla. Hope says she's thrilled, but from the look on her face, something is obviously wrong.

Back at the office, Kate is desparately trying to leave but Billie won't let her go. She knows there's something going on besides a run of the mill business trip. Billie says Kate hasn't even thought to ask her why she's come to see her. "I have great news" Billie tells her mom. "Steve is, right now, telling Kayla that he wants to be with me!" Kate, absent-mindedly, tells Billie that that is great news and they'll celebrate as soon as she gets back. All of a sudden Billie realizes something. She asks her mother why she and Victor are going on a business trip together when they are competitors? Kate, acting like she's telling Billie a secret, says that Victor has been having mental problems since Phillip left town. Kate is taking him to Montreal to see a psychiatrist. Billie, with a "lightbulb just went on" look on her face says "You're not taking him to see a psychiatrist, you're taking him to bed!".

Sitting at a booth at the pub are Stephanie, Nick, Abby, and Chelsea. They are all waiting anxiously for word on Max and Mimi. They hope that the police find some new leads soon. Chelsea scoffs. She thinks that they've both just snuck off on some romantic getaway.
Over at the bar, Roman is trying to convince Bo not to break into Victor's house while he's away. He tells him that he would be taking too big a risk. Bo answers, "I've got nothing to lose, I'm not a cop anymore."

Kayla is explaining to Hope how she took Steve away to somewhere that he should have had memories about. She wanted to find out what he really remembered. Hope tells them that she is very happy for them. Kayla smiles and says that she knows that Hope has good news too--that Bo has moved back into their house. Hope nods her head and tells them that their daughter helped in the match-making. Hope changes the subject explaining her real reason for being there. She tells Kayla and Steve that Max and Mimi are missing. She goes on to say that Roman thinks that they were kidnapped from the garage. Kayla wonders if her Mom and Pop know? Hope says that they do but they aren't handling it very well. Kayla rushes into the bedroom (to change?) saying that she has to get be there for her parents. This leaves Steve and Hope alone in the living room. Hope and Steve are both sad for Billie. Steve asks Hope if she's got any advice on telling Billie that he has now got his memories back and will, of course, be staying with Kayla. Hope says she's got no advice but is sure he will do fine.

Billie is sure that the relationship between Kate and Victor is romantic again. Kate continues to rush around gathering papers preparing to leave. Billie's feeling are hurt. "A guy finally picked me and you don't even care!". Kate tries to convince Billie that she does care but she's got to leave. Kate rushes out of the office leaving Billie standing there, a little perplexed.

Back at the pub Abby is getting quite annoyed. She insists that Max and Mimi are not on a romantic getaway and certainly didn't elope! Chelsea keeps insisting that she's sure they're away in some romantic place. Chelsea mentions that her blogging buddy is very romantic as well. "Our souls are destined to be together" she tells everyone. Abby, now very perturbed with Chelsea, says that Lonely Splicer isn't even real. She says that it's probably even a fake photo. She wonders if Chelsea even cares who he really is? Now it's Abby's turn to torment Chelsea! Nick steps in and says to Abby "it's ok".
Roman looks increduously at Bo. "You've got nothing to lose? You want to be behind bars? You just got Hope back!". Bo insists that, even if he got caught, Victor would never press charges because he's his son. Bo tells Roman that he's determined to do this because he knows that Max is counting on them to find him.

John tries to reassure Marlena that no one's going to die. He tells her that he would never lie to her. Marlena reminds him that he just finished lying to her about the reason for the trip to Italy. John chuckles, hoping this will lighten the mood. Marlena frets. What is Stefano's promise comes true? She insists that as soon as they land in Salem John bring Abe and Roman up to speed on the case and then step back. John tries to explain to Marlena why he can't do that. He says that it's personal now. He can't just sit back and do nothing. He asks Marlena, "do you want me to hide?" Marlena and John continue to go back and forth, each desparate to make the other understand. Marlena begs him to think of his family. John won't back down.

Abby is now very upset. She thinks that whatever happened to Max and Mimi that it's all her fault. Chelsea admits that she knows that Abby is upset because she loves Max but he chose Mimi.

Over at the bar Roman relents, slightly, and suggests that he should go with Bo. Bo is very adamant. No! Roman can't go, he's a policeman! As Bo heads out to Victor's place, in walk Hope, Kayla and Steve. Hope asks where Bo is going and he answers that he's going to find Max. Hope pulls Bo aside and asks him where he's really going. Bo, trying to avoid the question, notices how great Kayla looks. Hope tells Bo that, while Kayla's upset about Max's disappearance, she's also very happy because Steve has his memory back. Bo immediately walks over to Steve who is visiting with Caroline. Bo says to Steve, "you're back!" and they begin to joke. Steve says that Nick Stockton has "left the building" and that Steve has remembered that Bo owes him some money--from 1989! Quietly Bo tells Steve that he needs his help. They leave together and Hope looks very thoughtful.

Marlena insists that she is not giving John an ultimatum but that she does feel very, very strongly that he should back off of this case. John wants to be sure that Marlena knows that if there is ever a choice to be made, she's win every time. Marlena smiles slightly. She does know that John is very capable and she knows that he's doing what he's doing because he knows that he's a target but that his family might be hurt in the cross-fire. Will Stefano ever die? The mood lightens slightly, Marlena and John laugh, hug, but still look worried.

Chelsea accuses Abby of being so in love with Max that she can't "see straight". She calls Abby pathetic. Abby fights back telling Chelsea that it's no more pathetic than being in love with Lonely Splicer. The girls continue their argument outside with Nick and Stephanie looking on. Abby makes a remark to Nick to take notice--this is the real Chelsea. Abby begins to cry.

Billie holds Steve telling him how happy she is that he is back at home. Hope watches from behind and stares at Steve. She tells him how much she has missed him, but he stops her and asks if there is someplace they could talk alone. She is excited because she thinks he wants to be alone with her and tells him to follow her. Steve takes one last look at Hope as he and Billie leave the Pub.

Roman and Bo discuss the Victor/Phillip/Max/Mimi/Kate situation. Bo tells Roman that no one is at Victor’s mansion so Roman thinks their first concern is finding Max and Mimi. He also has figured out a way that Bo can help.

Mimi and Max are tied together in a basement somewhere. They both think Victor is the one that did this to them and Max says they have to find a way out of here. Mimi asks if he has a plan.

Patrick walks into a bar to meet EJ, who comes up behind him and pulls him over to a table. Patrick wonders why he called him here and says that it wasn’t exactly easy getting to Talladega in the middle of the night. EJ is smooth and tells him that nothing is easy for him, especially thinking, and that’s why he tries not to burden him with too much of it. He also tells him that John Black knows that he is Elvis Dimera and that Stephano sent him to Salem, as well as the fact that he is the black glove perpetrator. Patrick is nervous now and wants to know when they are leaving the country. EJ smiles at him and tells him that he has two tickets to Salem. He tells Patrick that is where he is going and he (Patrick) is coming with him.

Abby and Chelsea share fries at the Pub and Abby confesses that she feels weird about her knowing her feelings towards Max. Chelsea wonders if she doesn’t feel better now that her feelings are out, but Abby says it isn’t out yet, at least not to Max anyway. Chelsea rolls her eyes and tells Abby to relax; she’s not going to tell anyone because she promised. Abby fears that she may never see him again but Chelsea assures her that, if she knows anything, Max can more than take care of himself. Abby sure hopes so as she stares out into space.

Max tells Mimi the first thing they have to do is loosen these ropes by trying to get to their feet. They are tied up back to back, and he tells her, on the count of three, to push hard against his back so they can use the leverage to push themselves up. They push and push and finally are able to stand up. He tells her that they now have to wiggle their bodies together so that the ropes will loosen. It doesn’t seem to be working and Max remembers that he has a knife in the front left pocket of his jeans but he can’t reach it since his hands are tied behind him. They start to argue and he tells her to squirm around until they can turn around and face each other.

Billie doesn’t give Steve a chance to talk because she starts taking as soon as they are alone. She tells him that she hates to hurt Kayla, but after she received his phone call and he told her he had settled things with Kayla and was free, she couldn’t remember the last time she was this happy. She keeps rambling on and on as he keeps trying to speak. Finally she says she is going to let him speak and tells him to go ahead. He is searching for the words and stumbles around for a minute. He says, “Um, what I said on the phone. Things didn’t quite work out that way.” She doesn’t understand and tells him that he said he was going to tell Kayla the truth. He says he did tell her the truth, so, she wants to know what could be wrong. Steve says, “When I talked to you, things were over between me and Kayla. I meant every word.” Billie knows that he is trying really hard to tell her something, but she’s not getting it. Kayla walks up and Billie looks over at her (Kayla stops and stands there) and then looks back at Steve whose face is troubled. Billie says she realizes that she didn’t let him get to the punch line.

Roman lays out a map of Salem, telling Bo that he knows all the nooks and crannies, and asks where he thinks Victor could be hiding Max and Mimi. Bo realizes that Roman wants help “on paper” but he says he should be out there looking for them; he’s upset. Roman wonders if Hope has a say in this as he gets up from the table and walks away. Bo looks over toward Hope sitting at the bar.

Patrick refuses to go back to Salem because, unlike EJ, he has no protection. EJ reminds him that he doesn’t call the shots and informs him that he is going back to Salem. Patrick says he is getting on a plane and going somewhere that no one will ever find him. He also tells EJ if he is as smart as he thinks he is, he will do the same. Patrick starts to walk off until EJ makes the comment that it will be too bad that he will miss his mother’s funeral. Patrick stops and walks back toward EJ to tell him that his mother has nothing to do with all this and not to bring her into it. EJ reminds him that Bonnie blackmailed him into giving her a wad of cash on information his sister gave her. He is getting angrier as he talks and says that he (Patrick) has been a pain in his backside and he has a good mind to tie him to a bag full of stones and chug him into the river. Patrick laughs and tells EJ not to do anything stupid, but EJ tells him it was because of his big mouth and incompetence that they are about to become a couple of fugitives. EJ says that now he is going to have to leave Salem early, and tells him to shut up and listen to what he has to say.

Bo walks up behind Hope and kisses her neck and then sits down beside her. He knows Roman told her that he went to Victor’s and kind of broke in; he assumes she isn’t too happy about that. She gives him a half smile and he just wants her to understand this is about Max and Mimi and he had to see what Victor’s involvement is in this whole thing. He tells her he is sorry, but she says she isn’t. She thinks he is a great guy and smiles at him.

Billie starts to get the picture and she is trying to hold back tears and tells Steve that she is going to go. He wants to stop her so that he can explain but she says he doesn’t have to explain anything. He says that he got his memory back; Billie is shocked and stands there not knowing what to say. Kayla motions to Steve that she is going inside the pub while Billie’s back is turned. Billie can’t look him in the eye while he says he knows she’s hurting and he is sorry. She stops him and tells him that she (Billie) did this to her;

Tears fill her eyes and she tells him that it is great that he got his memory back.

Roman sits down with Abby and Chelsea and tells them that he thinks Victor had Max and Mimi abducted from the garage to keep them from learning about Phillip. Chelsea assumes that they are going to arrest Victor but Roman says that it is all speculation at this point; they can’t arrest him until they have more proof. Abby begs him to hurry before they get hurt, but Roman insists that Victor won’t hurt them because they are Phillip’s friends; he just wants them out of the way for a little while. Roman tells them that they are going to search every place in Salem and, since they are short on man power, he thought they might be up to helping them out.

In their struggle to face each other while tied up, they fall, and Mimi is lying on top of Max. He tells her that she is now in a good position to put her hands in his pocket to reach his knife. Mimi gets into his pocket and thinks she’s finally found something. Max says that is definitely not his knife and Mimi is embarrassed.

EJ asks if Hope has agreed to go away with him and Patrick tells him that she has. EJ is pleased and says that he did something right for once. He tells him to call Hope once they arrive in Salem to tell her their plans have been moved up a little. Patrick asks him if he is out of his mind and reminds him that Hope has family and its Christmas time. EJ says that the Horton’s and Brady’s are going to have to do Christmas without her this year. He tells Patrick that his job is to get on a plane and wait for his instructions. Patrick looks him in the eyes and tells him that he can blackmail him, beat him down, or anything, but Hope Brady is not going to be hurt. He asks EJ if he understands him and tells him if he wants to kill him to go ahead and do it now.

Bo assumes that Hope isn’t mad at him, and she isn’t, but doesn’t think this is the smartest thing he’s ever done. She tells him when it comes to defending his family no one comes close to him. He smiles and is pleased with her reaction and compliment. She knows that it would have taken an army to keep him from finding Max, but asks for a favor; not to get arrested again. She wants him home, in bed, with her. He kisses her and she says that they could have lost this, but he says no, because that is never going to happen. Kayla comes up behind them as they kiss, and Bo jokingly tells her to get lost because he is trying to score here. Kayla is sorry, but she was looking for their mother and wonders if he knows where she is. Bo tells her that she is resting upstairs and asks about their father. Kayla says that he is at Max’s garage and refuses to come home without him. Kayla asks if they knew Billie was here. Hope says that she saw her earlier and then Kayla tells them that Steve is outside talking to her, and not that she feels guilty, but she hates to see her get hurt again. Bo thinks Steve will take care of that. Kayla comes in between the two of them and puts her arms around them, thanking them for being patient with Steve and not judging him when he didn’t remember being married to her. Hope is happy that he does remember everything. Kayla says, even though he remembers most of it, there are still some memories he hasn’t recovered. She smiles a huge smile and confesses that she is so happy. She puts her arms around Bo and says that she remembers this sweet sensitive guy that told her that your heart is your compass, and if you follow it, it will take you in the right direction. Hope lays her head back and puts her finger up beside her face as if she is thinking and says she thinks she knows that guy; stubborn and certainly not perfect, but she can’t live without him. She leans over and kisses Bo and Kayla says this is her cue to leave. They share a laugh as she walks off.

Billie looks at Steve and says that he should have called her on the phone after he knew his future was with Kayla; she tries to dry her eyes. He doesn’t want her to think this is nothing to him and promises her that he didn’t want to hurt her. He says when it started, all these things came flashing before him and he thought he was having a nervous breakdown. He had no idea what was happening, but when things calmed down, he felt like he had an epiphany; his life had totally changed. He didn’t call her and tell her over the phone because he didn’t think that would be right. She tries to hold back the tears and says that she gets the fact that he and Kayla are soul mates….again. She tells him that she is happy for him, but has one question; what did she mean to him?

Abby wonders how they can help because they aren’t cops. That is exactly Roman’s point. He says cops know a lot, but they don’t exactly understand Salem’s young people. He knows they are young and assumes they know where all the young people hang out; places where the cops may not think to look. He talks about abandoned houses, old barns, basements, garages, or any place young people would go to get away from older people. Abby understands that he wants them to go to these places to look for Max and Mimi. He also wants them to talk to their friends because they have a ton of missing person flyers. Abby and Chelsea agree to get a bunch of their friends to help hang them up and Roman tells them to come down to the station in the morning and he will get them set up. It feels good to Abby to know that she is doing something to help. Roman promises both of them that he will get them home safe.

Mimi is having a hard time finding Max’s knife and she goes inside his pocket again. She finally finds the knife and pulls it out. She opens the knife and cuts the rope and releases them. Max is excited and tells her that she is wonderful. They finish untying themselves and stand up.

Tears stream down Billie’s face as she awaits an answer from Steve. He doesn’t want her to do this to herself, but she insists on knowing if she meant something to him or was she just a “time filler” for him while he was waiting for his memory to come back. He says it was nothing like that, but she wants to know what it was then. He just stares at her as Chelsea walks out of the pub. Billie tells him his silence is deafening. Chelsea notices something is wrong and she just stands there watching. Steve says he is really sorry and walks back into the pub. Chelsea walks over and puts her arms around Billie and holds her while Billie cries.

Max and Mimi beat on a door to no avail. Max concludes that they will have to wait until someone rescues them. Mimi wonders where they could be, and Max sarcastically tells her that they are in a basement, like Mimi hadn’t figured that out yet. They look through some things in there and Max comments that this place looks like a store for nuns. Mimi realizes that they are in the basement of a church and says that there is a chapel just outside Salem. She says if you drive past University Hospital, there is this little chapel surrounded by trees, and she thinks that is where they are. He tells her to prepare herself for a long wait because they are in the middle of nowhere and it will take a while for someone to find them. Mimi complains that she is cold and hungry and Max suggests they start looking around to find something to keep them warm.

Patrick insists that he is not going to hurt Hope and EJ smiles saying that he really does have the hots for “fancy face”. He says that he can’t blame him because Hope is a tasty “piece”. This makes Patrick mad and he gets up in EJ’s face and demands that he not talk about her like that. EJ laughs and asks if he really has a dream about running off with Bo Brady’s wife and makes fun of him. Patrick tells him to shut his mouth because nobody is going to hurt Hope. EJ’s smile fades and he tells Patrick to enjoy his fantasy because that’s all it is, and when the time comes, he WILL do whatever he tells him to do, and whenever he tells him to do it. EJ’s face turns evil and he says that he is the one that has the bigger risk here because he is going to be the one with blood on his hands. Patrick wants to know whose blood he is talking about.

Max finds an old mattress and Mimi has found some blankets. Mimi whines because she is hungry, but Max suggests she make the best of it. Then, he finds a picnic basket, and when they open it up, there is food in it. Mimi says that Victor must not have wanted them to starve and she asks how much food is there. He thinks there may be enough for a couple of days, but Mimi worries what they will do after that. Max says that they will eat and rest and then they will find a way out of here. She agrees and thinks there must be enough junk around this place to help them get out. He likes the way she thinks, and then, Mimi tells him that she is glad she is here with him. She believes in him when he says they will find a way out of here because he makes her feels safe.

Abby is waiting at the Pub with Bo and Hope and she tells Bo that Roman involved her in their plans to help find Max and Mimi. Bo wonders out loud how many properties Victor must own in Salem. He suggests they could find out in the Hall of Records. Abby is going to leave to go home and write down all the places she can think of to look tomorrow. She walks out the door to see Chelsea and Billie. Billie walks off and Abby tells Chelsea to call her as soon as she gets up in the morning so they can go to City Hall. She tells her that she will explain everything tomorrow and asks if something is wrong with her mother. All Chelsea tells her is that she isn’t feeling well. Abby says that she will see her tomorrow and then Chelsea walks over to Billie and apologizes to her. She knows it probably never helped that she didn’t like Steve. Billie wonders how many times you can get your heart broke and go on living. Chelsea is upset for her and tells her how sorry she is. She tells Billie that she is going to get a job so she can help out with rent so they can finally get their own place together.

Steve sits down at a table with Kayla and she asks how he is doing. He says that he had no idea that Billie would be here and it has turned into a big mess. He says that he apologized for not calling her but she didn’t want to hear it. Kayla reminds him that everybody’s feelings are a bit raw right now and says that it may be good for both of them if he sat down and wrote her a letter.

Roman joins Bo and Hope at their table to tell them that John called to say that he and Marlena are home from Italy. When Bo asks what they found out, Roman tells them that they aren’t going to believe this.

When Patrick asks EJ again who he is going to kill, all EJ says is, “What we’ve been doing so far, making the Brady’s lives misery, is just an overture to the opera. The curtain is about to go up on the greatest tragedy that Salem has ever known.” He tells him that three men are about to die; the first, before he leaves Salem. Patrick wants to know who it is because he has a lot of friends in Salem. John Black is the first, and EJ tells Patrick if he tells anyone, he will add his body to the pile.

Max finds an old radio and he fiddles around with it, trying to get it to work. He is hoping to find out if anyone is looking for them. He comes across a Salsa music station and Mimi asks him to leave it on that station; she likes it.

Patrick questions why EJ is going to continue with this hit mission. EJ reminds him that he doesn’t want him thinking too much. Patrick tells EJ if he wants more time in Salem to take it because the cops don’t have enough evidence against him. EJ knows the cops are going to be working overtime trying to piece this together, but, he thinks it is going to give them the time they need to finish their plans. Patrick suggests that he just tell Stephano he can’t finish the job or whatever. EJ frowns at him, telling him that only morons like him fail, and reminds him that he is a Dimera and will not fail. Patrick tells him if he kills John Black, he will not leave Salem alive. He also tells him not to look to him for help because he will be right there along with everyone else as they hang him from the highest lightpole.

Roman tells Bo and Hope that John and Marlena found Stephano and they know who EJ Wells is. He asks them if Elvis Jr. means anything to them. Bo and Hope look at each other, both knowing exactly who he is. Bo wonders how they get to him and Roman says that John has a plan and will fill him and Abe in tomorrow. Bo wants to know what time, saying that he will be there.

Billie is surprised at Chelsea’s intentions to get a job. Chelsea tells her that Lonely Splicer says that work is the way we sing as she smiles from ear to ear. Billie says that this might be the most intelligent thing she’s heard her mystery man say. Chelsea puts her arms around Billie and tells her to picture it; they could have people over and entertain. She says they wouldn’t have to worry about Bon Bon walking around in her underwear. They both laugh and Billie feels of Chelsea’s head to make sure she isn’t feverish. Billie thanks her for making her laugh; she didn’t think she would be able to laugh after loosing Steve. Chelsea says that she can’t let that “one eyed pirate” ruin her whole life. As they are hugging, Billie is facing the window of the Pub, and she can see Steve and Kayla holding hands.

Inside the Pub, Steve says that he has no idea what he would write to Billie. Kayla suggests that he write what he feels, and tells him that she knows he is a man of few words, but says that he could give it a try. He thinks writing a letter would only make her feel worse, but Kayla thinks it is worth a shot and could possibly make her feel better.

Before Patrick walks off, EJ stops him to tell him that he can expect one more message from him telling him how to deal with Hope Brady. He says after that, he will never hear from him again. Patrick says that is good because eternity would be too soon. EJ starts to walk away this time, but Patrick stops him. He says that he told him there would be three men killed and he wants to know who the other two are. EJ walks back over to tell him that he won’t tell him that, but that he can definitely expect a surprise on the order of a hurricane or typhoon for his little friends in Salem. He leaves Patrick standing there.

Roman tells Bo that Abe would not be happy to see him at the station in the morning. Hope speaks up and tells Roman to give him a break; like brother like brother. He’s not the sit around and do nothing type. Roman smiles and says when Abe blows up, he’s ducking. They all laugh as Roman gets up to leave. Bo thanks him on his way out and also thanks Hope. She thanks him for being Bo Brady and stands up and leans over the table to kiss him.

Steve agrees to write Billie a letter and thinks it may be the best way to tell her that he is sorry. He knows that she gets too upset around him, but he warns Kayla that it won’t be poetry. Kayla says all it has to be is the truth. He thinks she will still think he is a jerk. Kayla smiles at him and tells him that he is not a jerk. He says, “You do love me don’t you?” She smiles even bigger and tells him that she does love him. He leans in closer and suggests they go home and get naked. They share a passionate kiss as Billie watches from outside the window. She turns and smiles at Chelsea and says, “Let’s go.” They take each other’s hands and walk away.

As the Salsa music plays, Max sits down on the mattress and says that they should get some sleep. Since the mattress is so small, Mimi suggests they discuss their sleeping arrangements before they “sleep together”. Max says that is probably a good idea.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: I am afraid of EJ. He was violent. He is capable of anything, including murder.

Patrick: You go be with your family. Enjoy it.

Kayla: There's just one last thing.

Steve: What's that?

Kayla: Did you write that letter to Billie?

Abe: Sami, we would like to set a trap for EJ Wells.

John: In other words, they need someone who can help set him up.

Roman: We'd like you to be that someone.

Inside the pub, Roman admits to Hope that Bo and Steve were actually going to Victor's mansion to see if they could find out where Max and Mimi went.

It's dark and outdoors. Flashlight beams can be seen. Steve and Bo, both in leather jackets, come out of the trees. (These scenes today with these two were awesome! I felt like I had been transported back to the glory days of Days!) Bo assures Steve that everything will be fine, he knows this place inside and out. He tells Steve that all they have to do is cut the feed to the live alarm and they're in! As he's working on the circuit box he looks over his shoulder, "it's good to have you back" he tells his cohort.

Abby, outside of the pub, finally admits, "alright, I love Max Brady". Chelsea continues to batter her. How would you know, she asks, you've only ever had Josh? Nick comforts Abby and takes her back inside the pub. This leaves Stephanie and Chelsea outside. Chelsea continues to insist that Max would never be with a girl like Abby--he's too much a player. Kayla comes out of the Brady Pub and tells Stephanie that Grandpa is out looking for Max and she's very worried about him. Kayla's going to look for Grandpa Brady. Would Stephanie like to come with her? She does. They leave and Chelsea looks longingly in the pub window at Nick comforting Abby.

Hope tries to confirm with Roman, Bo and Steve went to help us? He says yes. She says, "us, the police?" Roman, very stern-faced, answers, "us, the Brady's" Hope chastises Roman telling him that he certainly shouldn't have allowed his younger brother to break the law. Hope, very frustrated, wonders when will Bo learn? Roman tries to soothe Hope and tells her that since the department took away Bo's badge all he has left is his pride. He asks Hope not to take that away from his brother. All of a sudden Billie bursts into the pub. "Hope!" she calls out.

Bo and Steve are still outside the Kiriakis mansion. Steve has been assigned the job of lookout while Bo works on the alarm. Steve kids Bo that he's not very good at that. When's the last time he broke in somewhere? Bo finally says that if Steve thinks he can do a better job, go ahead. Steve disarms the alarm, swings open the door and says, "after you, Beauregarde!" (wow, I loved these two today!).

Bo and Steve are now inside the mansion. It's still dark and they are using their flashlights to light the way. Steve asks Bo what they are looking for. Bo says "anything that might lead us to Max and Mimi". Steve chuckles, "oh, the anything that might lead us clues!". Bo then asks Steve what that smell is? Steve knows right away. It's antisceptic. He knows that smell from his "bedpan days" at the hospice. The guys continue to look around, trying to follow the smell.

John finally promises that as soon as they land in Salem that he will turn the case over to Abe and Roman. Marlena, relieved, and John, relieved that Marlena is relieved, begin to joke. They reminisce about wishing on the coin. John has another coin. He gives it to Marlena so she can remember this promse, "their promise". He says that her dreams can come true and that she can always trust him. They hold hands and then begin to kiss each other's hands. Marlena whispers that maybe she should make all John's wishes come true right now. They joke about the "mile high" club and begin to kiss passionately.

Billie asks Hope if there's any news of Max and Mimi. Then she, nonchalantly, asks if Steve and Kayla are back. She tells Hope how worried she is about Kayla, how she will react when Steve tells her that he plans on moving on with Billie. Hope looks very uncomfortable and tries to be very vague, only nodding her head.

Chelsea and Abby are now both outside the pub. Chelsea apologizes to Abby, admitting that she shouldn't have made fun of her feelings for Max. Chelsea also admits that, perhaps, part of the reason that she did what she did is that she is still trying to get over Max herself. She thinks maybe that is why she is so attached to Lonely Splicer. Abby is a little awed. She's never heard Chelsea apologize for anything before! Chelsea laughs and says that maybe Lonely Splicer is having a good influence on her. Nick is looking on during this conversation. At the end, Nick and Abby exchange knowing glances.

Bo and Steve are still trying to follow the smell of antisceptic. It's getting stronger. One of them sees a piano hinge attached to the wall. They know that means a door. Once the door to the secret room is opened they see a wheelchair and a hospital bed. They know that Victor has never needed a wheelchair. Maybe his wounded son has? Breaking the quiet, the alarm goes off and voices of security guards can be heard! Bo realizes that Victor must have updated the alarm! Steve and Bo look around the room with a quiet fervor. Bo empties and searches the garbage can. He finds something!

John and Marlena are joking about deja vu. Being recently married, on a private jet, making love. Marlena says, "no, it's a honeymoon tradition" As they kiss they move from a sitting position to a laying one

Chelsea asks Abby if they are ok. Abby says, "yeah". The girls hug. Chelsea now, instead of tormenting Abby, tries to reassure her. She says that Max is indestructible, he's really smart. Chelsea knows that he'll figure out a way to get home to those who care about him. Abby looks sad and says that that means Mimi, not her. Chelsea is sure that, before long, Max will see the light and realize what a great catch Abby is. Chelsea switches focus and asks Nick if he's found out who Lonely Splicer is yet. Nick sputters a bit and says that no, he hasn't. Chelsea implores him to do whatever he can to find out who this is. With that, Nick gives Abby a peck on the cheek, ready to say goodbye. Chelsea jokes, wondering where her kiss is. Nick looks uncomfortable and leaves.

Hope tells Billie that she really doesn't want to discuss the Steve and Kayla situation with her. She says that Steve will contact her soon enough. Just then, Bo and Steve come in the pub. Billie rushes to Steve, hugs him and tells him how much she missed him.
Roman comes over to Bo and is surprised that they were gone for such a short time. Bo shows Roman what he found--bandages soaked in blood! Now Bo and Roman are sure that Max and Mimi got too close to one of Victor's secrets and he is to blame for their disappearance!

Max and Mimi are shown in a warehouse. They are tied up, sitting on the floor, back to back. Mimi is yelling and yelling for help. Max tries to assure her that whoever did this will be back for them. The two struggle, trying to free themselves......

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