Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/18/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Claire are playing together when Shawn comes home. He tells Belle about ending things with Willow and how she tried to burn down is apartment afterwards. He tells her that she was right about her the whole time and that he is moving back home with his parents for now. He feels like a looser, but Belle tries to help him understand that he was trying to help Willow and she took advantage of that. She suggests he look at the bright side; she and Claire have moved in here with Bo and Hope while her parents are in Italy and they will have the opportunity to spend more time together as a family. The phone rings and Belle answers to hear Victor on the other end. He tells her that he is going to Canada on a business trip and he would like a favor. He says that he is sorry for the way he acted the last time they saw each other and was hoping they could put that past them. She asks what he wants and he tells her he would like one last visit with Claire. She doesn’t think it’s a very good idea, but Victor pleads, saying that he may be gone for quiet a while. She agrees, but only for a short while. Shawn asks Belle what she is doing and reminds her that he doesn’t want him around Claire.

EJ kicks and screams at Rico telling him to tell Stephano that he isn’t leaving Salem until he finishes what he started. Sami listens behind the door as he is unaware that she is standing there. All of a sudden, he turns around and asks her how long she’s been standing there.

John loads a bullet into the chamber of his gun telling the guard standing at the door he will go in there in 5 minutes if Marlena hasn’t come out. Inside the room Marlena asks Stephano what it is that he wants from her. He holds out his hand and she reluctantly takes it. The Phoenix in his ring glows and its wings are flapping. She tells that she and John need answers about EJ Wells and she wants to know if he is working for him. He lets go of her hand and points to a picture on the table. Marlena walks over to the table and, out of several pictures, she sees one that has Elvis, Kristen, and Elvis Jr. together. John watches his watch and reminds the guard that they have 2 minutes left. Marlena holds up the picture and puts it together. She believes EJ is Stephano’s son.

As EJ walks toward Sami asking if she heard his conversation, she holds herself together and tells him that she heard him giving someone hell, but she couldn’t hear what was said. He explains that he looses his temper sometimes, but Sami smiles at him, telling him that sometime business men have to kick butt. He remembers the little celebration they had planned and suggests they go upstairs, open a bottle of champagne, and see where the evening takes them. She tells him that her feet are killing her and she would like to go to her room first to change into something a little more comfortable. She digs through her purse and tells him that she can’t find her room key and must go to the front desk to get another one. He wants to wait, but she urges him to go ahead without her and she will meet him in his room in a couple of minutes. He tells her to hurry because he is feeling festive and kisses her on the cheek. After he gets into the elevator she rushes to call Lucas.

Victor finishes his conversation with Dr. Weinstein and hangs up. He tells Kate and Phillip that they have found a donor and their plan for the transplant has been finalized. Their plans are to leave tonight, but he wants a meeting with Claire first so they can reassure her that her daddy will return soon. Victor tells Phillip that they have to keep the bond between them very strong so they will have a smooth transition with her when they get full custody. Kate doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Victor to get Phillip’s hopes up because Shawn and Belle are going to put up a fight. He isn’t worried about that at all and tells Phillip to get ready for his trip. Kate informs him that Phillip is her son too and she is going along. Victor doesn’t want her to go and tells her that she is more valuable to them here so she can run interference for them. He tells her that the police are already looking for Max and Mimi and she insists on knowing what he did with them. He thinks she is better off not knowing, but promises they are alright. He can’t allow them to continue snooping around and finding out their plans to take Claire away from Belle and Shawn. Victor knows since Max is a Brady, Roman and Bo will be working overtime to find him. He wants Kate to stay here and lie to them to keep them off his trail, but Kate refuses to cover for him. Victor says she will not be doing this for him; he says it’s for Phillip and tells her to ask him. Kate turns to Phillip and he nods his head at her to show that he agrees.

As Belle is coming downstairs, Shawn is waiting for her and says that he thought they agreed not to let Victor see Claire. Belle is frustrated and says that Victor begged her, and she wonders what harm it would do for her to spend an hour with her great grandfather. She knows he is upset with Victor, but reminds him that Claire loves him. Belle wants to know if Shawn’s problem with Victor is Phillip and the fact that Claire still thinks of him as her father. Shawn agrees that it kills him that Claire still thinks of Phillip as her father, but Belle reminds him that Phillip was her father for the first year of her life. He thinks Victor wants her to continue to believe Phillip is her father, but Belle doesn’t see it that way. Shawn tells her that she didn’t hear Victor threaten him the other night, but she thinks if they allow him to see Claire today, it will be considered a peace offering and will lighten up on him. The doorbell rings and Roman comes in. He wants to talk to the two of them about Victor, and Belle tells him that Victor is on his way over as they speak. Roman says he is glad he got here when he did and tells them that he doesn’t think they should allow Victor to see Claire. Belle tries the “he is her great grandfather” thing again, but Roman reminds her about Claire’s abduction a few days ago. He confesses that they all believe Victor was behind that and it was a set up. They also believe he is behind Max and Mimi’s disappearance. Shawn and Belle had no idea that they were missing, but wonder why he thinks Victor would have them kidnapped. Roman tells them that Phillip was seriously wounded and Belle is devastated. He fills them in on the rest of it and they realize that Victor must have taken them. They think Victor has Phillip stashed somewhere and think Max and Mimi were getting too close to the truth; Victor didn’t like that. Belle wants Roman to tell her if he thinks all this has something to do with Claire. He does not think this is a coincidence because the same time that Phillip went missing from the hospital Victor was asking to spend more time with Claire. She wants to know why he would have Claire kidnapped if he already had access to her, but Roman can’t answer that. He does believe this is all connected though and promises to find Max, Mimi, and Phillip so they can get to the bottom of this. Roman is very firm with Belle and says, “Do not let Victor take Claire.” Belle says he is already on his way over and asks what she should do. Roman doesn’t care, but tells her to come up with some kind of excuse.

Lucas meets Sami in the lobby of the hotel and she comes running to him crying. Lucas asks if she is mad at him for following her, and she tells him that she was at first, but now she realizes he was just trying to protect her. She is frantic and asks how she always gets herself into these messes. Lucas thinks that EJ must have touched her or hurt her and tries to go after him but she stops him. She tells him about overhearing him on the phone shouting at someone. Lucas wants to take her out of here but she says that he is waiting for her and she just can’t vanish. Lucas believes she can, but Sami stops him and tells him if she leaves, EJ will know that she is onto him. She tells him that she heard him on the phone with someone and he mentioned Stephano Dimera, and that he couldn’t leave Salem until he finished what he came here for. Sami wishes she had listened to her father and Bo because she realizes EJ is connected to the Dimeras. Lucas wants to get her out of here before she gets herself killed.

John tells the guard that time is up and he can either step out of his way, or get killed. Marleana asks Stephano again who EJ is, and he holds his hand up, motioning for her to come closer. She sets down the picture and asks why he would send Elvis Jr. to Salem. She takes his hand and asks if EJ has been following his orders and working for him the whole time. He squeezes her hand too hard and she screams for John. Outside the window of the door, she sees the shadow of John struggling with the guard and then a gun goes off.

Shawn asks Belle what they are going to tell Victor when the doorbell rings. Shawn opens the door and tells Victor that he has wasted a trip. He walks right past Shawn and asks Belle if Claire is ready to spend some time with him. Belle says that she has changed her mind because she thinks it’s more important for her to spend time with Shawn now that he is here. Victor is angry and warns if they keep Claire from him tonight, they will surely regret it. Shawn tells him that they are her parents and know what is best for her and then tells him to leave. Victor wants to know what is really going on here, and Shawn says he was about to ask him the same thing. He also tells Victor that he is guessing it has something to do with Phillip. Belle asks Victor point blank where Phillip is, but he denies knowing. Shawn says that he guesses he has no idea where Max and Mimi are either. Victor wonders why they would think he would know anything about Max and Mimi, but Shawn says that they all believe the two of them were getting too close to finding Phillip and he had them abducted. Victor thinks someone has been putting crazy ideas into their heads and guesses it is Roman Brady.

Roman rings the doorbell to Victor’s mansion and Kate answers the door. He wants to know why she is here, and she tells him that Victor is going on a trip and she is here to help him organize and pack. Roman laughs because he thought Victor had servants to help with that, and says that he thought the two of them were business rivals. She corrects him, saying that they are competitors, not rivals, and then reminds him that they share a son together. Roman has questions about Phillip and asks if she has heard anything from him. She denies knowing anything about his whereabouts and Roman brings up the fact that Max and Mimi are missing. He accuses her of already knowing that and lets her know that he knows she was supposed to check something out for them and get back in touch with them later. He also mentions Victor’s jet. She asks if Max told him all this. He just looks at her and says he knows she’s hiding something as Phillip peers out from behind the door.

Lucas doesn’t want Sami going anywhere near EJ’s suite and tells her to “come on”, but Sami just stands there. He tries to make her understand that she has to get far away from him if he is working for Stephano. It is hard for Sami to believe because she thought EJ was her friend; she doesn’t have many. She talks about how he was there for her and supported her. Now she realizes it was all a lie and that he just wanted to get close to her so he could use her to hurt her family. Lucas doesn’t want her to blame herself, but she does. She says that she helped him and told him things; she trusted him even after Bo warned her not to. Lucas wants to talk about all this later, but Sami continues to beat herself up. She can’t get over the fact that she really thought he was her friend. Lucas can’t believe she would still think that even after he tried to rape her, and says that he could be the person behind all the trouble in Salem, even the gloved hand. He also believes he could be the one that murdered Eve Michaels. Sami refuses leave because he is expecting her in his room, and she doesn’t want him to know she heard his conversation; she doesn’t have a choice. She is pretty sure she convinced him that she didn’t hear anything about Stephano over the phone, but if she doesn’t go up soon, he will come looking for her. Lucas thinks they can be long gone before he notices, but Sami disagrees. She is afraid her leaving will tip EJ off and he could disappear and her father would never be able to find him. She is also afraid if he finds out they are onto him, he could become desperate and more dangerous. She has an idea.

Marlena struggles to get away from Stephano’s grip when John comes into the room. He pulls her free and she tells him that EJ is Stephano’s son Elvis. John looks at the picture and walks over to Stephano’s bed and points his gun at him demanding information on EJ.

Sami tells Lucas to call Will and have him call her from his cell phone and she is going to go up to EJ’s room. When Will calls, she will come up with some kind of emergency and have to leave. Lucas hopes she knows what she is doing and gives her 5 minutes to do this. If she isn’t out by then, he’s coming in. She kisses him and he leaves. She heads toward the elevator and EJ comes out wondering why she hasn’t been to her room to change like she said she was going to do. He asks what is going on.

John demands answers from Stephano when 2 nurses come to the door wanting to see the patient. Marlena pulls a gun on them telling them that won’t be possible; they aren’t through talking to him. They back off as Marlena walks out the door holding the gun on the nurses and closes the door behind her. John tells Stephano he has 3 minutes to tell him the truth before he kills him. He counts…1….2…Stephano hands him a tarot card.

Victor denies having anything to do with the disappearance of Max and Mimi. He tells them that he loves Claire and she misses Phillip. Shawn tells him that Phillip is not her father and he never was. He tells him that he constantly brings up his name and it will only confuse Claire and it has to stop. Victor tries again to talk them into letting him see Claire, but Shawn cuts him off telling him that he isn’t seeing Claire tonight or any other night. Victor asks Belle if she feels the same way. She says she does until they find out what happened to Max and Mimi. Victor walks to the door, but turns to them before he leaves, telling them that they will regret making an enemy out of him.

Roman wants to know if Kate got any information out of Victor. She says she didn’t, but when Roman asks to look around the place, she says she can’t give him permission to look around someone else’s house. She does know that Victor is a very private man and that he would not allow him to search his house without a search warrant. Roman smiles at her and says he can tell she doesn’t want him looking around because she is afraid he is going to find something. He starts to look around anyway, disregarding Kate’s warnings.

Shawn thanks Belle for backing him up in front of Victor and asks if she doesn’t think his sudden interest in Claire was strange. She though he was lonely but knows they have to protect Claire. She is worried about Max and Mimi and wonders if he bought it when Victor denied having any knowledge of their whereabouts. Shawn believes he was lying and thinks he hired someone to get them out of the way. Belle didn’t want to have to push Phillip away, and certainly didn’t want him to get hurt. Shawn tries to make her understand that it wasn’t her fault; Phillip left on his own and it was his decision. Belle wonders why he wouldn’t tell anyone if he knew where Phillip was. Shawn doesn’t want to scare her, but he thinks that the two of them are in this together. He thinks they are trying to take Claire away from them.

Phillip can hear Roman and Kate arguing, and as Roman gets close to the door of Phillip’s room, Kate demands that he stop.

Sami tells EJ that she went to the front desk to get a room key and one of their potential investors stopped her asking all sorts of questions; she thinks he is really excited. Her phone rings and she tells him that it’s Will and she has take the call. He pulls her hand to look at the phone to make sure she is telling the truth. Will has no idea what is going on, but Sami is pretending like he has an appendicitis and is in the emergency room. Will asks what is going on, but she still plays it off. She asks EJ if he can handle things here and he tells her it is fine and to go on to the hospital.

Marlena calls to John warning him that the police are coming as he looks at the tarot card. It is the death card and John demands that Stephano tell him who EJ’s next victim is. Stephano just laughs out loud telling John to do it and calls him a coward. Marlena runs in warning him they should leave now. They leave and Stephano is still laughing making a fist with his hand.

Sami tries to explain to EJ that she hates to leave him right before their big sales meeting and their celebration, but he tells her to go to her son. He kisses her cheek and Will calls again. She takes off quickly and EJ just stands there.

Roman walks into Phillip’s room but no one is in there. He picks up a cup of coffee and notices that it is still warm, not to mention, he remembers Kate takes her coffee with cream and this one is black. Victor comes in and is furious that Roman is in his house and tells him to get out or he can kiss his badge goodbye. He threatens to sue him for entering a private residence without a warrant, but this doesn’t faze Roman. He says he can issue threats too. He tells him if he harms Max or Mimi, he can be sure he will get what is coming to him.

Kate comes back into the room telling Victor that Roman has gone. Victor calls for Phillip to come out now and Kate demands to go with them tonight. They argue over her going and then hear a tapping noise. They turn to Phillip and he is holding up a piece of paper that says “let mom go”, and then Victor agrees. He tells her to pack because they will be leaving in a couple of hours. Victor tells him that he and Claire will be reunited when he recovers and he will have her for the rest of his life.

Belle comes downstairs from checking on Claire. Shawn tells her that he will do whatever he can to stop Victor should he try to take Claire away from her; he gives her his word. They hug each other with solemn looks on their faces.

Lucas meets Sami outside the hotel and she thinks EJ bought her story. Sami knows she has a lot of explaining to do with Will so they leave.

John and Marlena make plans to return to Salem. Rico is on the phone with EJ telling him that Stephano gave the death card to John and his orders are to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.

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Chelsea: I guess Lonely Splicer's having a really good effect on me.

Nick: Lonely Splicer sounds pretty deep.

Abby: And in way over his head.

Roman: And if you get caught?

Bo: I got nothing to lose.

Hope: It looks like I missed a chapter...or two.

Marlena: What is that?

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