Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/15/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena enter the hospital looking for Stephano. As they walk down the hallway, Marlena has a flashback of a dream she had. This hospital, and this corridor they are in, is the same ones in her dream. She begs John to leave.

Sami is giving a presentation on E.J. and his racing team to numerous sponsors. She introduces E.J., and he comes out to a lot of applause. He starts to speak when he notices Lucas enter the room and trying to remain unnoticed; Sami doesn’t see him.

Hope wakes up and Bo isn’t in bed. She walks downstairs to learn that Roman had been there with bad news concerning Max and Mimi. He tells her that they believe they were abducted because the garage showed signs of a struggle. Bo is frustrated because he can’t go out and help in the search, and blames loosing his badge on Lockhart. Hope sits down and lowers her head. Bo immediately apologizes and tells her that he isn’t blaming her for this. She says that he should blame her because she is the reason he is in their lives. Bo disagrees and tells her the reason he is in their lives is because he was ordered to be by Dimera. Hope adds, “And I trusted him.” Bo is sweet to her and tells her that she needed someone to be there for her and he failed her. She doesn’t agree, and she tells him that he was there; she just wouldn’t let him in. She says that she should’ve known all along that he was the one that she could trust and always can count on. She stands up and goes to him, telling him that they are back together now and everything is going to be better from now on. He says a part of him feels like a failure.

Shawn is struggling to get in the door of his apartment as he calls out for Willow. He has no idea if she is inside and he kicks open the door and runs in. Willow is standing over the fire in the living room telling him that it has gotten out of control and she can’t stop it. He goes into the kitchen and pulls out a fire extinguisher and starts to put out the fire.

E.J. hands the rest of the presentation over to Sami, telling the sponsors she can tell them all the wonderful ways Mythic Communications can accommodate their needs. E.J. makes his way over to Lucas who is hiding behind the tree. He shakes Lucas’ hand saying that Sami told him he wouldn’t be coming today. He tells Lucas how amazing she is, to which Lucas agrees. E.J. grabs Lucas’ arm and tells him that he should come over and tell Sami that himself, but Lucas doesn’t think that is such a good idea as he pulls himself back. E.J. thought he came all this way to see Sami and tells him that he can’t hide in the shadows all evening.

Hope doesn’t want Bo to feel like a failure, and she tells him that she admires him; he is an honorable person that takes responsibility for his mistakes. He asks why he continues making the same mistakes over and over. She admits she did the same thing with Patrick by giving him chances over and over. Bo knows it’s because she is a generous person and always wants to believe the best in people. He says that’s why she’s given him so many chances, but she says, “No. I did it because I love you.” She tells him that he is a person who fights for what’s right, and at the end of the day, he knows what he fought for, he truly believed in. He wonders if he’s lived his life so right, why is his daughter responsible for so much heartache? He also talks about Shawn working for a criminal and living with a hooker, and blames himself for Shawn’s lack of values and knowing right from wrong.

Shawn puts the fire out as the alarm goes off and the sprinklers start to work. He opens the door to let the smoke out and digs through the things Willow has burned and finds a picture he was saving for Claire. Sirens are in the background and he stands up to tell her the authorities are on their way and will have questions for her and she had better have answers.

John pulls Marlena aside and asks her what dream she is talking about. She tells him she had a dream of being here when they were on the plane coming home from Smokey Robinson’s cabin and reminds him that it was so bad he had to wake her from it. He remembers but she never told him what it was about. She tells him it was this place, and she was alone going down this corridor and opened the door, and that’s when she saw him (John) lying there; he had a knife in his heart. She turns around, extremely frightened, and tells him that she refuses to go in that room. He tells her to wait here as he starts to go into the room, but she freaks out and refuses to allow him to go in there. She says that it’s him they want, not her, and they need to leave before it’s too late.

E.J. asks Lucas if he intends to hide in the corner all night long, but Lucas says that he doesn’t want to interrupt Sami while she’s working; he is going to grab a bite to eat. E.J. wants him to stay and eat with them, telling him it will be fun, but Lucas says that he really doesn’t want Sami to know that he is here. E.J. tells him that he thought he came to surprise her. Lucas stands there for a minute and says that he didn’t come to surprise her, and E.J. says, “I see. It wasn’t that you couldn’t make it was it? It was because she didn’t want you to come.” E.J. tells him that is what he thought to begin with and that is why he invited him. Lucas tells him that he knows he doesn’t like him and he definitely doesn’t trust him and that’s why he is here; to protect Sami. E.J. is amused by Lucas’ reasoning and comments that he came to protect her without her knowing he is here. He tells Lucas that is very chivalrous of him and says if Sami finds out that he is here, she is going to think he doesn’t trust her, not him. He smiles even bigger and warns Lucas that Sami will hate him for that.

Hope holds onto Bo from behind telling him that Shawn does know right from wrong, and reminds him that he isn’t his only parent; it’s their job to teach him values and it’s as much her fault as it is his. She brings up the time she just ran off to Morgan Island and left everything and tells Bo that at least he was here and tried to reach out and help Shawn. Again, Bo tells her that Shawn is the one that wanted her to get away because he was angry with him, and rebelling against him, not her. He knows Shawn is stubborn and says that he is like his old man, but Hope says that stubborn can be a good thing sometimes. Bo sits down and begins to talk. He says that he has spent most of his life chasing bad guys, and now he is suspended from the force, his kid is working for a criminal, and if that isn’t failure, he doesn’t know what is. Hope tries to reason with Bo and she tells him that Shawn lost control after Zack’s death, and they did teach him right, and now, that’s why he is now supporting Belle and Claire and why he told Willow to move out. She also reminds him when he was arrested, Shawn was the first person to say, “My father didn’t do this.” She tells him that Shawn loves him very much, and although he has made mistakes, he is slowly finding his way back home. She asks Bo if he really thinks Shawn would be able to do all this if his father had failed him, and he smiles and holds her, telling her that she is right and things are getting better. The phone rings, which disturbs them at this late hour, and it’s Shawn; he needs them. Bo and Hope rush upstairs to get dressed.

Neighbors have gathered around Shawn’s apartment and one of them brings Willow a blanket and hot chocolate to comfort her. Willow plays her “sad girl” card and tells the woman that she just can’t stop shaking while Shawn watches as he stands in the doorway. Shawn comes up behind her and roughly grabs her arm, pulling her aside and back into the apartment. He tells her that he should have been the one to call the cops and asks her how she could do a thing like this. He understands her burning his stuff, he is a big boy, but burning Claire’s stuff is sick; she’s just a little girl. He can’t believe she burned her toys and the picture of the two of them, and he asks what her problem is. She says she is sick of competing with a 15month old baby and sick of watching him do everything under the sun to impress “Princess Belle” so he can play daddy to “baby dumpling”. She starts screaming too, telling him that she is tired of his pushy mother, and then comments that he wanted a home for his precious daughter and tells him it’s gone now; deal with it.

John holds Marlena and promises her everything is going to be okay. She adamantly disagrees with him and tells him, if he keeps going, he will die. She reminds him that they were almost killed in their hotel room, but he says they weren’t and all the answers they need are in that room at the end of the hall. She tries to make him understand that he had a knife in his heart in her dream and pleads with him to drop this, but he can’t. He says they are a couple of steps from finding out who E.J. Wells is and what he wants with them, the Brady’s and all their friends back in Salem; if he stops now, he lets everybody down. She considers it self-preservation and tries to make him understand that he doesn’t have to risk his life. John knows Stephano won’t talk to anyone else but him and reminds her that he made a promise; he would come home with the information they need about Wells and Lockhart. He says that he is going to do everything he can to keep that promise. Marlena turns her back on him when he says he IS going in there.

Sami finishes her presentation to the sponsers and invites them to a late dinner in E.J.’s suite afterwards and hands out invitations. E.J. and Lucas watch her work and E.J. says, “My God, she is marvelous…she is beyond anything I had expected.” He turns to Lucas and says that he can’t believe he thought she wouldn’t even be qualified. Lucas denies saying that and E.J. reminds him that he accused him of having an ulterior motive when he hired her. Lucas still believes that. E.J. asks if he still thinks he wants to get Sami into bed, and when Lucas admits that is what he believes, E.J. asks if he is going to follow them up to his suite later. “No.” is Lucas’ answer; he says he isn’t into that kind of thing. E.J. calls Lucas a looser and says that one has to wonder if he could be with any woman who is less desperate than Samantha. Lucas asks him why she rejected him (E.J.) if she’s so desperate, but E.J. smiles and asks, “Did she? Has she been in your bed lately?” He wants Lucas to tell him if he really thinks he has any chance of being happy with Sami or any woman for that matter, but before he can answer, E.J. says they should examine his track record. E.J. starts naming off some of Lucas’ previous relationships starting with his first wife Nicole, saying that Kate had to pay her 5 million dollars just to marry him. Then says that his second wife had an affair on their honeymoon with his brother, and comments that all this time, they are supposed to believe he has been pining over Samantha. Lucas has his back turned to E.J. and he finishes him off, telling him that he was so in love with Sami that he made her life a living hell for years; he berated her, humiliated her, and got on his high horse and then got off again. Lucas turns to him and says, “Look who’s talking.” E.J. smiles again and points towards Sami telling him to go on over there and show his face. He asks Lucas to let Samantha see that he doesn’t trust her enough to stay home, and to let her see what a pathetic little man he really is. Lucas warns him to shut his mouth before he shuts it for him and tells him that he knows exactly what he is up to. He says that he is going to tell Sami what a great job she did, pop the champagne, fill her with praise and booze, a little English charm, and then get her right into his bed. E.J. suggests that he follow him over to Sami and tell her what he thinks, telling him that she will be grateful to hear all about his suspicions. He gets louder and tells him to go on and be a man, if he can, and tell Sami the truth.

Shawn screams at Willow and tells her that she just destroyed everything that he owns and all she can say is deal with it. Some of their neighbors are standing at the door listening to their conversation and then a fireman comes in asking how the fire started. Willow walks up to him saying that it was an accident and how grateful she is that Shawn got here in time to save her. Since he realizes she was here when the fire started, he asks if she has any idea how the fire started. She says that she was asleep, but Shawn walks up behind her, grabs her arm, and warns if she doesn’t tell them the truth, he will. The fireman asks her to step into another room with him and tells Shawn not to go anywhere. All of a sudden, Shawn’s landlord comes walking into the apartment demanding to know what he did to this place. Shawn says he didn’t do anything, but the landlord starts talking about the loud music and the screaming and fighting all night long. He says that obviously wasn’t enough because he had to wreck two apartments. Shawn doesn’t understand what he is talking about, and then the landlord tells him that the water from the sprinklers has just destroyed the apartment below this one. Shawn tells him that he is sorry and will pay for everything; she just flipped out and burned all his things. The landlord agrees that he will definitely pay for the damages and orders him out of the apartment and warns him never to come back again.

Marlena understands why John must go in there, but says that she just can’t go in with him. She asks him to make her a promise; he will get in there, get the information, and get out as fast as he can. She says when he gets out they will go home and make love for 40 years. He hugs her and she starts to cry, begging him not to try and be a hero. As John heads off for Stephano’s room, Rico comes in behind him and points a gun, ordering him to stop or he will kill him. John tells him that it isn’t him he has a problem with; he just wants to talk to Stephano. Rico informs him that Stephano doesn’t want to see him and orders him to leave again. Marlena stands behind the wall watching and turns around as if she is looking for something.

E.J. realizes that Lucas can’t bring himself to go over there so Sami can see that he doesn’t trust her. Lucas thinks E.J. is loving this, but E.J. says that he is on his side; he feels for him because he understands the need to protect what is his. He tells Lucas that he too is a romantic at heart, and tells him if he leaves right now, he will never tell Samantha he was here. Lucas turns to him and tells him that he would love it if he left, but E.J. says he is doing himself a favor. He turns toward Sami and tells Lucas to look at her and notice how she has those people eating out of her hands. He says she is working magic and he doesn’t need anything disrupting that spell, especially the little tantrums he might come up with. He asks him to walk away and Sami will never know he was here. Sami thanks everyone for coming and she notices E.J. from behind and calls out to him. She doesn’t see Lucas because he is standing directly behind E.J. from Sami’s view.

Bo and Hope come into Shawn’s apartment just in time to hear the landlord, who is pointing his finger into Shawn’s chest, demanding that he get the hell out of here. Bo grabs the man’s finger and pushes his hand down telling him it isn’t nice to poke people like that. The man asks if they are Shawn’s parents, and when they admit it, he makes a slur saying what good parents they must have been. He tells them that Shawn has been nothing but a headache since he moved in here because of the lack of respect for other tenants, loud music at all hours, has someone living here that’s name isn’t on the lease, and now this mess. Bo asks him if he knows how this fire was started, but the man doesn’t; he just hopes it was arson because he can expect a big lawsuit. Shawn demands that he isn’t the one that set the place on fire, but the landlord reminds him that his name is the only one on the lease. Hope asks him to calm down and tells him that a lawsuit can be expensive for both parties. She asks him if he has fire insurance, and he does, but with a big deductible which, he says, Shawn is going to pay. Hope turns to Shawn asking him if he as renters insurance. He does, but tells her it is only for personal contents, and says that it is in his room in his lockbox. Hope goes after it as the landlord leaves, leaving Bo and Shawn alone together. Bo asks Shawn if the landlord was right, if this was arson, just as a cop leads Willow out in handcuffs.

John opens his jacket to show Rico that he isn’t armed and didn’t come here to hurt the old man. Rico doesn’t care, but John wants to show him something. He pulls out “the” ring, telling him to take it and show Stephano and tell him that he wants to talk to him; it will only take two minutes. Rico quickly grabs John and pulls his arm behind his back while shoving him up against the wall telling him he is going to kill him.

Before Sami can get to E.J., a sponsor stops her, telling her that she gave a wonderful presentation and that he intends to put a lot of money into Mythic Communications. She shakes his hand and thanks him. E.J. tells Lucas that Sami is on her way over here and asks if he is going to do the right thing and walk away. Lucas tells him to keep his hands off her as he walks out the door. Sami runs up and never sees Lucas. She wonders who he was talking to. He hesitates for a second and she realizes something is wrong. He tells her that Lucas was just here.

Shawn looks at the burned picture of Claire and turns to Bo saying that he thought he would come here to lecture him. Bo tells him that isn’t what he came for at all and asks what happened here tonight. Shawn tells him about leaving Willow and asking her to leave so he could be a father and family with Claire. Bo says that was an adult decision and a smart one too. Shawn goes over everything he did earlier, but says he forgot one thing. Bo knows right away what that was; the apartment key. Shawn tells him while he was gone, Willow started a bonfire in here using all his and Claire’s stuff to start it with. He knew she had a temper, but had no idea that she was a nut case. He makes the comment that he should have learned with Jan Spears, but Bo reminds him that he went out of his way to help both those girls, and that he is a lot like his mother. Shawn says he almost threw his whole future away with Jan twice and now he has gone and done the same thing with Willow, and he can’t blame Belle if she never forgives him. Bo tells him right away that Belle will forgive him because she loves him. Shawn admits that Bo, Hope, and Belle all told him that Willow was bad news and he ignored them, and now realizes the risks he took. He wonders what would have happened had Claire been here. Bo doesn’t think Willow would have done this if Claire was here, but Shawn calls himself an idiot anyway. Bo hugs him and tells him that he isn’t an idiot.

Rico continues to hold a gun against John’s neck and says that there is no one here to help him this time. Marlena says, “You’re wrong again scar face.” Rico turns around to see Marlena pointing a gun at his head. She tells him to drop the gun or she will shoot him where he stands. Rico doesn’t think she will pull the gun, but she warns him not to call her bluff. She orders him to go into Stephano’s room and tell him that Marlena is here to see him. He just stands there so she tells him when Stephano finds out that she was here to see him, and he didn’t see her, that armoire is going to look like a palace to him. John snickers and Rico pushes John aside and goes into the room.

Shawn’s landlord comes back into the apartment with his insurance policy telling him that his insurance will cover the damage and he doesn’t intend to sue him, but only under the condition that he covers the deductible. Shawn thanks him and agrees to pay the deductible. The landlord leaves and Hope says she tried to talk him into letting him (Shawn) stay in the apartment, but he wouldn’t allow it. She tells him that he could ask E.J. for an advance, but Shawn tells them that he quit. Bo sarcastically says a good mechanic is hard to find as he smiles. Shawn tells them that he was delivering envelopes between him and Patrick, and that E.J. tried to convince him it was just business documents, but admits he knew he was lying. Bo and Hope are pleased with Shawn and the decisions he has made. Shawn says he will have to find another job and it will take him a while to save up for another place. Bo suggests he come home and the three of them smile at each other.

As Sami and E.J. head towards their rooms, Sami says she can’t believe that Lucas came here because he promised to stay away. Mr. Williams, an interested sponsor, stops them and Sami introduces him to E.J. He asks E.J. to give him an autograph for his son as Sami informs E.J. that Mr. Williams is going to join them for dinner and says he is very interested in their product. After giving his autograph, E.J. and Sami walk off. E.J. picks back up on their conversation that was interrupted by Mr. Williams, and says that would explain Lucas’ reluctance to be seen by Sami this evening. Sami is disappointed in Lucas and tells E.J. that she thought he trusted her enough to stay away. E.J. tells her that Lucas obviously cares a lot about her and that means something. Sami agrees, but she thought they had a chance to start something new in their relationship. She stops herself and tells him to “never mind”. He tells her that it is okay to confide in him, and then grabs her hands telling her how wonderful she was this evening. He thanks her and says that he made the right decision by making her a partner. She smiles and thanks him, telling him that this was very exciting and she thinks they did a great job. She believes they are going to have a lot of buyers and they need to finalize the deal tonight. He looks at his watch and tells her that they have 2 hours before dinner and suggests they go upstairs and open a bottle of champagne and celebrate; just the two of them.

John pulls Marlena into a passionate kiss and says that it was a pretty smart idea for him to bring her along. He owes her one and she says that she intends on collecting too. He says it’s time for them to get serious now, and asks if she is sure she wants to go in the room with Stephano. She is more confident now and realizes that was just a nightmare; he (John) is her dream. Rico comes out telling them that Stephano has agreed to see her now, but not John, and no guns. John refuses to allow Marlena to go in alone and unarmed, but Rico refuses his demands. He tells them to wait for a minute as he goes back inside the room. John preps Marlena, reminding her that this is Stephano, and to be careful. She promises and she realizes that this may be the only way to get the information they need on E.J. and Patrick.

Shawn isn’t sure about moving in with his parents, but Bo steps up and tells Shawn that he understands how he is feeling. He tells him that he has been rough on him this year, by criticizing him and not praising him when he was right. Shawn admits that there hasn’t been that much to praise and tells Bo that he has been doing the same thing to him as well. Bo says that Zack’s death has been hard on all of them, and Hope says that the only way they are going to get through this is together. Bo puts his hand on Shawn’s shoulder and tells him that it is the holidays and this is a time for families to be together. Shawn nods his head and they all share a hug.

Sami asks E.J. what he means by “just the two of us”. He tells her as much as he would love to make love to her, he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He just wants to discuss this new business deal that they have started. She asks, “And that’s it?” E.J.’s phone rings and he excuses himself to take the call. E.J. steps outside and answers the phone. It is Rico, and he tells him that John Black is here and the “old man” says it’s time for him to leave Salem. E.J. tells him that he needs more time and he isn’t leaving here until he accomplishes what he came here for. He is very angry, but Rico warns him that the “old man” has spoken. Sami is walking toward the door where E.J. is standing and she hears him say, “….And you can tell Stephano that I don’t care to listen to him anymore.” E.J. throws his phone down and starts kicking everything around as Sami looks out the door.

Again, John reminds Marlena that she knows who Stephano is and to be careful. She promises as Rico comes out, telling her she can go inside. Rico and another thug stand in front of the door and in front of John. Rico lights a cigarette, and before he leaves, he walks straight up to John and looks him right in the face while talking to the other guy, saying, “If he moves, he’s dead.” Inside Stephano’s room, Marlena walks toward the bed. Stephano holds out his hand, but his body is covered behind a plastic tent.

Previews for Monday:

Shawn D.: I don't want to scare you, but I think that Victor and Philip are in this together. They are trying to take Claire away from us.

Marlena: What do you want from me, Stefano?

Sami: E.J.'S connected to the Dimeras.

Lucas: We got to get you out of here right now before you get yourself killed.

Rico: Your orders are to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.

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