Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/14/06


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(Max's Garage) The Show opens with Nick showing up at the Garage to find a frantic Abby waiting for him. Abby explains that she came back to apologize to Max but found the garage to be empty. Both Max and Mimi's cars are still there but their isn't a sign of either one. She explains that she tried to call the both of them but got their voice mail instead. She used her keys to get in but found that the lights wouldn't turn on. Nick goes off to find the fuse box.

(EJ's Company) Sami is holding a bunch of flyers with her picture on front. She excitedly tells Lucas that she can't believe EJ and Kate want her to be the face of their products. Lucas isn't thrilled and suspects that something is up. Sami thinks that he is just being jealous however he says that if they were sleeping together he would be. She promises that they will do things right and take things slow. Just then they are interrupted by EJ who tells Sami to pack a bag they are heading to Alabama.

(Bo and Hopes) Bo is in the kitchen grabbing two champagne glasses and some bottled water. He heads into the living room and accidentally knocks over Hopes purse. As he picks up the contents he notices the flight itinerary for both Hope and Patrick.

(Shawn's Apartment) Willow is in Shawn's apartment decorating a little Christmas tree when Shawn walks in.  A happy Willow goes on about the tree and just when she is about to put the star on top Shawn stops her. He says that he owes it to both Belle and Claire to make things right. He tells Willow that he can no longer see her. She is crushed.

(Bo and Hopes) Hope comes down stairs to find Bo holding the itinerary. She explains to a very upset Bo that the only reason she is going with Patrick is because he blackmailed her.  She explains that she made it clear to Patrick that nothing will happen between them.  Bo is still furious. He doesn't feel that he should just stand by and do nothing. He wants to protects her.

(Shawn's Apartment) Willow is upset and says that she should have guessed this was coming. Shawn walks over and says that their relationship wasn't going to last forever. They just had a thing.  Willow is angry and says that he obviously liked the sex. He thought nothing of lying to Belle about their relationship but he didn't feel guilty enough to say no to her. Shawn explains that things have changed. Willow asks if she is just supposed to smile and say good luck. Shawn doesn't think it's a big deal but Willow does. She thinks she has the right to be angry and that Shawn has to take what is coming to him.

(EJ's Company) Sami asks EJ about Alabama. He explains that the company is having a sales conference in Taladega. He needs her there to get sponsors. She informs him that he can't just expect her to pack up and leave on a moments notice. EJ explains that she doesn't have a choice. Lucas says that he isn't surprised. He tells Sami that EJ will probably give her a few drinks then try to get her into bed. EJ just glares at him.

(Max's Garage) Nick tells Abby that their was a blown fuse and that he put a penny behind it. He asks for the keys to the garage and is about to unlock the door when Abby stops him. She explains that a mysterious black van kept pulling in and out of the driveway all day.

She is afraid that they may be walking into a trap. Nick explains that the place is quiet and their isn't a van in sight. They need to see if the lights work and if something is wrong they will call the police.
(Bo and Hopes) Hope thinks she can handle Patrick since she is a cop. She doesn't want Bo to be caught in the middle. She believes Patrick will call off the trip however Bo thinks Patrick will go ahead with it.  He believes that Patrick may endanger Hope's life.  She assures him that she will be ok. He's afraid Patrick will take her out of the country won't bring her back.  Hope is afraid that if she doesn't go Patrick will reinstate the charges and Bo will go to jail. She pleads with Bo to let her handle it.
(Shawn's Apartment) Shawn tells Willow to go ahead and let him have it.  He admits that he is a jerk. Willow doesn't think he's worth it. She doesn't think Belle will make him happy. Everyone thinks Belle is perfect but she see's right through her. She warns that Belle will destroy him. She angrily tells her that she has no right to judge him or Belle. He explains that they just want to be a perfect family. He tells Willow that she has no idea what a happy family is. She thinks he is digging a hole for himself. He is trying to be someone he is not. He bitterly informs her that she has no idea who he is. She explains that he is the type of guy who likes danger, fast cars and fierce women. That's why they hooked up. He says that Belle is the only woman for him. The only reason he hooked up with Willow was because he needed to get Mimi out of his system. Willow angrily storms out.
(EJ's Company) EJ doesn't want to fight with Lucas. Lucas doesn't want Sami to go but EJ informs him that if he's so worried maybe he should come along. He explains that he'll pay for Lucas to come along. Sami looks at Lucas and then at EJ.
(Max's Garage) Nick and Abby enter the Garage and Nick immediately starts freaking out. He admits that he is afraid of the dark. Abby quickly rushes over and turns on the light. Both are shocked to find the garage trashed. They rush to the office only to find it trashed as well.

(EJ's Company)  Sami thinks the whole idea is ridiculous since Lucas works for the competition. Lucas explains that Victor owes him a few days off. EJ leaves to make the arrangements. He tells them that he is sending a limo for them. Lucas says that he will ask his mother if she will watch Will but Sami says that there is no way he is coming.

(Max's Garage) Nick and Abby have called the Police. Roman asks Abby about the van and what she remembered about it. She only remembers that the windows were tinted. She can't remember the license plate number. Roman asks if there is anyone who had  it in for either Max or Mimi. Abby explains that Mimi convinced Max to help her search for Philip and that maybe they angered the wrong person.
(Bo and Hopes) Hope convinces Bo to let her go and that she'll be alright. They start kissing when the doorbell rings.  Bo opens the door and finds a tearful Willow who rushes over to Hope. She says that Shawn dumped her and she wants to know what Hope is going to do about it.
(Restaurant) EJ meets up with Shawn. Shawn says that they need to talk. He explains to EJ that he can no longer work for him.
(Max's Garage) An officer informs Roman that they sent a car over to the Lockhart's but according to Mimi's mother she hasn't seen Mimi since she left to meet Max. They sent a car to Max's apartment and to his local hangouts but found no sign of either one. Abby believes that both have been kidnapped or even worse. Just then Grandpa Shawn walks in and Roman immediately rushes over to him. Nick wants to take Abby home but she refuses to go until she knows Max is ok.
(EJ's Company) Lucas wants to know why Sami doesn't want him to come along. She explains that this is her chance to prove herself. She doesn't think it will look right if he comes along.
(Bo and Hopes) Hope offers Willow a drink but Willow declines. She thinks she must look pretty pathetic but Hope says that she is obviously hurt and angry. Willow knows that they don't like her but she thought Shawn was different. Bo asks what she expects them to do about it. Shawn is a grown man who makes his own decisions. He explains that they never get involved in Shawn's private life but Willow says that a lie. That's one of the reasons Shawn moved in with her. Bo is clearly upset so Hope intervenes. She asks Bo if she may talk with Willow alone.  She explains to Willow that there is nothing she can do. Willow knew that Shawn and Belle have a baby together. Willow angrily points out that Hope is carrying another man's baby.
( The Restaurant) Shawn explains that he is grateful but with his daughter back in his life he can't do it anymore.  He needs to move on. EJ says that he should have come to him. Shawn thinks that EJ is doing something illegal and he doesn't like working with Patrick. EJ isn't very happy.
(Max's Garage) Grandpa Shawn wants to know what happened to Max but Roman says he doesn't know. He thinks it may all be a big prank. However Grandpa Shawn doesn't think so. Nick asks Abby why she and Max were fighting. She explains that Max admitted that he has feelings for Mimi. Max treats Abby like a little kid with a crush. Nick thinks that when its all over she should tell Max how she feels but she doesn't think it will do any good.
(Bo and Hopes) Hope is upset that Willow has been prying into her personal life. Willow starts to cut down Belle when Hope tells her enough. Belle is part of the family and she won't allow anyone to bad mouth her. Willow asks Hope to at least tell Shawn to live his own life and stop trying to impress everyone.
( The Restaurant) EJ explains to Shawn that he is no involved in anything dangerous.

(EJ's Company) Lucas says that he can't help but worry. Since Carrie cheated on him and then left him he can't help but worry that he will lose Sami too. Sami explains that if they are going to have a relationship he needs to trust her.

(Max's Garage) Abby is blaming herself for what happened to Max. She says that she would rather die with him then live without him.
(Bo and Hopes) Hope is furious and tells Willow that she is sorry that she got hurt but she will not interfere in Shawn's life. She kicks Willow out but not before she leaves Willow issues the warning that both Hope and Shawn will be sorry they messed with her. After she leaves Bo thinks he and Hope should call Shawn but Hope says no.
(The Restaurant) Shawn is about to leave but EJ orders him to sit. He says that Shawn is weak like his father. He then tells Shawn to get lost.  Shawn informs him that if he finds out his dad was right then he will blab to everyone. As he walks off EJ looks amused.
(Shawn's Apartment) Willow goes back to Shawn's apartment and tearfully puts the star on top of the tree. She then angrily destroys the tree then throws Shawn's clothes on the floor.
(Bo and Hopes) Bo and Hope do some kissing.
(Max's Garage) Abby thinks she is a coward but Nick says that she is pretty brave. She called the cops and gave them the facts. She doesn't think it matters because wherever Max is he is with Mimi. Nick convinces Abby to let him take her home.
(EJ's Company) Lucas agrees not to go along and says that he will support Sami from afar. Sami is pretty happy and they do some passionate kissing. She then rushes off to pack. After she leaves Lucas makes a call to Victor asking for a few days off.

Final Scene

(Shawn's Apartment) Willow pulls out some matches and then after pouring some booze all over Shawn's clothes lights a match. Shawn steps off the elevator only to find smoke coming out of his apartment. He calls out to Willow who is still inside.

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