Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/13/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Hope is lying asleep on the couch as Bo watches over her and strokes her face. She wakes up and learns that he had fallen asleep too. He says that they are both so worn out, so she asks why he got up. He tells her that he needed to make sure he wasn’t dreaming; he has missed being close to her like this. She touches his face, telling him that she was thinking they could get a little bit closer and she kisses him.

Bonnie is lying to Patrick again by telling him that E.J. didn’t give her money to give to him. He calls her out on it and she denies it saying that she can’t believe he would call his mother a liar. Mimi comes in and notices right away that something is going on. Bonnie is glad to see her and tells her that Patrick is trying to blame her again for the money he lost. Patrick turns to Mimi and tells her that their mother ripped him off again, and if she doesn’t give it back, he’s going to call the cops.

Roman has a drink at Chez Rouge as Max comes in and sits down with him, thanking him for meeting him here. He wants to run something by him that has to do with Phillip Kiriakis. He says ever since he left town, no one has heard from him; he and Mimi went looking for information on his whereabouts. He tells him that they found out he was back in the military and badly injured. They found out he was transferred from and overseas hospital to a Veterans hospital in Georgia. He tells Roman when he and Mimi went to see him, he wasn’t there, but they were told that he hadn’t been released or moved. He and Mimi think that Victor is behind it and has been hiding Phillip someplace. Roman comments that this is just their “hunch” and asks if he is right. This upsets Max a little, so he asks Roman to understand that he got to know Victor when he was sponsoring his car; he is a very powerful man that is used to getting what he wants. Roman agrees with him, and Max asks who else would be able to take Phillip from a place like that with no paper trails. He also tells him that they told Kate and she is supposed to be checking it out for them. Roman tells him to keep him posted. Max agrees and tells him if anything should happen to him or Mimi, he wanted him to know what they were doing.

Kate is crying and she is furious with Victor for keeping this from her. He tells her to listen to him. He says that Phillip’s face was damaged beyond all recognition and he has made arrangements with a surgeon in Montreal to perform a medical procedure that will give him a new face. Kate is devastated and Victor assures her that they are only waiting for a donor, and then he will fly him to the clinic in Montreal; he has a plane on standby. She is crying uncontrollably and asks him how he could keep this information about her son from her. She straightens up for a minute and tells him that he knew when she came over here with the newspaper that had Phillip’s picture in it that day. She demands that he at least admit that to her. He does, and Kate tells him that he has been keeping this from her and making plans without her knowledge. She tells him that she will be the one making plans from here on out and he will have round the clock care from now on. She picks up her phone telling him that she is calling Roman to find out how many laws he broke by taking him out of the hospital. Phillip beats on something to get Kate’s attention, and as we hear a nurse from University Hospital asking how to direct the call on her phone, Phillip is shaking his head no.

Roman tells Max that he needs to get this straight, and asks him if he and Mimi confronted Victor with what they found out. He says they went to see him and told him everything they found out, and Victor told them he already knew Phillip was alive. He says that Victor told them that he recently found out that the CIA had been holding him. Max knows that he was obviously lying to keep him and Mimi from finding out anything else. Roman tells him that they did good work, but now it’s time for him and Mimi to give it a rest. He assures him that if he is with Victor, he is getting the best possible care available. Max knows he is right, and Roman says if Victor is hiding him for a reason, there really is no law against that. Roman tells him, as a brother and a cop, it is now time for him to back off.

Bonnie and Patrick are screaming at each other and Mimi breaks them apart. Bonnie calls Patrick’s bluff by telling him to go ahead and call the cops because she is sure they would love to find out where and why he’s getting all that money from E.J. Patrick looks at Mimi and says that Bonnie is basically admitting to taking the money. Mimi walks over to Bonnie’s purse and pulls out a wad of money saying, “Well, well, what do you know. It’s a wad of hundred dollar bills stashed in mom’s purse.” Bonnie tries to take it from her but she tosses it over her head to Phillip. Bonnie looks at Mimi and tells her that she thinks she is so smart and asks her what Patrick is going to say when he realizes she siphoned off some of that cash. Bonnie turns to Patrick and says that his sister isn’t so innocent; she demands Mimi tell him what she did with his money too.

As Bo and Hope kiss, Bo says that he didn’t see any of this coming because he thought they were going to take things slow. She tells him to relax; no pressure. She says that it will happen when it happens. He is smiling from ear to ear and tells her if she wants to get closer, now is the time.

Patrick asks Mimi if what Bonnie says is true. Mimi tells him when she was at the hospital the other day she found out that it was Bonnie who took his money. She needed some cash. He can’t believe Mimi of all people would do this to him, but she says it was probably dirty money anyway and tells him that her hands aren’t any sticker than his. She tells him that she is sorry she took his money but it was an emergency and promises to pay him back as soon as she can. She says, “Okay?” but he says that it isn’t okay and takes his coat telling both of them that none of this is okay as he walks out the door.

Max knows that Roman is right and that it’s best to leave Victor alone. He tells him that he only got involved in this to help Mimi, and as he notices Roman’s reaction, he says that it isn’t for the reason he is thinking. Roman smiles and asks how he knows what he is thinking. Max tells him that he and Mimi are just friends. He doesn’t understand why Victor would take Phillip away from the hospital to just hide him, and then he mentions Claire. Roman’s look gets a little more serious and wants to know what Claire has to do with this. Max tells him that Victor has been spending more and more time with Claire and he thinks Victor still thinks of her as Phillip’s daughter and not Shawn’s. Roman is going to make some phone calls to see if he can find out what is going on. He tells Max to take it easy and be careful. After Max leaves, Roman “blows” and sits there with a concerned look on his face.

Hope and Bo hold each other as she tells him that she would really like to take things slow. He asks her if she has heard anything else from Lockhart, but she says she hasn’t. That is good news to him and he wants to keep it that way. Hope tells him not to worry, she isn’t going to let anything jeopardize their relationship and says, “You trust me don’t you?” It’s Lockhart that he doesn’t trust, and Hope reminds him that she believed him when he said he didn’t lay a finger on Patrick. She asks him to believe her when she tells him that her number one priority is rebuilding their marriage/relationship. He says that he believes her as his phone rings. It’s Roman and she gets up and heads upstairs. Roman tells Bo that he has been thinking about Nancy Everett (the lady that took Claire), and the fact that she turned down the reward money for finding Claire. Bo agrees and says they have to come up with a link between her and Wells. Roman suggests that he consider a link to Victor and asks him what he thinks.

Victor shuts Kate’s phone, telling her that he thinks their son has made his feeling abundantly clear. She wants some explanations; why are they waiting on this physician in Canada and why he was so underhanded about planning this whole thing. He tells her that Dr. Weinstein is an expert in his field, and he felt that the more people that knew he was back home, the more difficult it would be for him to accomplish what he wanted. She thinks he needs to share his master plan with her and asks what it is that he wants. He turns to Phillip and then back to Kate. He agrees to tell her the whole story after he makes the two of them a drink.

Hope comes downstairs to find a note Bo left for her saying that he had to go meet Roman and will be back soon. The doorbell rings and its Patrick. Right away she tells him that he shouldn’t be here because Bo is on his way home. She tries to say that she doesn’t have time, but he walks in anyway, telling her that this won’t take long. He hands her an envelope telling her that their trip is all taken care of and this is their itinerary and tickets; first class all the way.

Mimi grabs Bonnie’s arm as she starts to leave and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere until she tells her what is going on and why she suddenly needs all this money she has been stealing. Bonnie starts to speak, but Mimi screams at her demanding that she stop with the lies. Bonnie says between her mortgage payment and the operating expenses, it was killing her, so she took the money and the pressure off with it. Mimi asks her who she thinks she is kidding; when she did her books in the spring, her monthly receipts were amazing. Bonnie says she has no idea, but in the restaurant business, one minute you’re hot and the next you’re shot. Every time Mimi stops by Alice’s, the place is packed and she wants to know how she could be in a hole, and she asks about that computer program she taught her to use that kept track of her expenses and income. She wants to know if she’s keeping up with that. Bonnie makes a smart remark and goes into the kitchen for another beer. Mimi digs through a drawer and pulls out Bonnie’s ledger just as Bonnie comes back out. She is upset and wants to know what business it is of Mimi’s to go through her things. She tries to grab it from her but Mimi won’t let her have it.

Abby is pacing the floors of the garage as Max comes in. She is upset and wants to know where he has been because a black van keeps coming in and out of the parking lot and it’s really scaring her. He laughs saying that it’s probably just a customer. Abby says that customers come inside asking for help. She is really nervous and looks out the window to see the same van driving through the parking lot again.

As Victor and Kate walk into the living room, Victor tells her what a brave young man Phillip is and how he almost gave his life for his country again. He says they have a lot to be proud of and Kate agrees, but she says that he lost a lot too. He pours a drink telling her that Phillip has gained a new appreciation for life. He tells her that Phillip wrote to him from a hospital in Germany telling him that when he walked away from Claire, he walked away from the one thing that he loved most in life, and he wasn’t sure he could go on without her. He also said he didn’t think he would ever get a chance to be a father to her again. He tells Kate that it broke his heart when he read that. Kate sighs saying that she can’t believe he didn’t write to her too. Victor tells her that when a man needs comfort, he comes to his mother, but when he needs a problem fixed, he turns to his father. She wants to know if all this secrecy is about Claire, and Victor tells her that he has filed a custody suit on Phillip’s behalf asking for full parental rights to Claire. He also tells her that Shawn and Belle are going to loose any claim they have to that little girl. Kate just stands there and stares at him.

Tires screech outside as Max walks back into the garage. Abby asks if he could see who it was, but he says that the van was idling until they saw him, and then they took off. She thinks they are being stalked, but he tells her to get a grip; it’s probably just some kids looking to steal some rims or something. She isn’t so sure, but he tells her to relax and apologizes for leaving her alone and offers her a ride home. She thanks him but says that she has her own car, and sarcastically asks him if he’s sure Mimi wouldn’t mind anyway. She says she would hate to make her jealous.

Kate wonders if Victor was born with a heart and comments on him so casually trying to take Claire away from her parents. She points out that Shawn is his grandson, but Victor cuts her off, telling her that Phillip is her son, and furthermore, he owes him. He tells her that she owes him as well; if they had told him about Claire to start with, he may not have run off and almost got himself killed. She tells him that she will feel guilty about that for the rest of her life, but Victor makes the comment that he is sure she sure won’t loose any sleep over it. This offends Kate and she asks what that is supposed to mean. He says when it comes to her and her interference in her children’s lives, she has never learned anything. He reminds her that he warned her that nothing good would come from her lying to Phillip, but she had to have her way. He tells her to look at her children and says that she’s driven Austin out of Salem again, she’s driven Lucas into Sami’s arms again, Billie’s life is miserable again, and he refuses to have that kind of life for Phillip. She thinks he is blaming all this on her, but he’s not. He is saying that both of them are to blame and now it’s time to make amends. He also tells her that they aren’t the only ones to blame; Belle was supposed to be his loving wife and Shawn was supposed to be his best friend; they both betrayed him and now it is time for them to pay. She wants to know what he is going to do, but he says he will tell her when the time comes, and until then, he needs something from her. He needs her to swear she won’t tell anyone what they have talked about, and that she will be on Phillip’s side and stand by him through this whole thing. He tells her that it’s them against the whole world and asks if she can do that. Kate says if he wasn’t such an arrogant man, he would realize that she has always been on Phillip’s side, no matter what.

Roman has just told Bo the whole story that Max told him about Phillip and Victor. Bo agrees that is some story, but Roman isn’t so sure that it is just a story. Roman tells Bo that he wouldn’t put anything past his father, to which, Bo agrees. Roman also tells him that Max says Victor has been spending a lot of time with Claire lately. Bo knows about this, and Roman asks if that doesn’t seem a little odd to him. Roman also notes that this all started up around the same time Phillip disappeared from the VA hospital down in Georgia. Bo adds that was also during the timeline Claire went missing from the diner as he pulls out the mug shots of Nancy Everett and hands it to Roman. They both agree that it is a strong possibility that Victor is the one who hired this woman to kidnap Claire. Roman just wonders why he would put this woman up to taking Claire. Bo has no idea, but says that she sure was throwing around a bunch of money.

Hope tells Patrick that she will look over the paperwork later, but he asks if she isn’t a little curious as to where they are going. He says, “Good-bye cold weather here in Salem, hello sunshine beaches in Cabo San….” She throws up her hands while she walks away telling him to stop. He wants to know what is wrong with her, telling her that he is holding up his end of the bargain by dropping the charges against Bo, and that it wasn’t exactly easy watching him move back in here with her. He tells her that it’s time that she holds up her end of the bargain. She wants to know why he would even want to take her on this trip because he knows she only agreed to go out of a since of obligation. He says it’s because she is having his baby and he knows she’s been stressed; he thought if they got away and had some time to relax…She cuts him off again, asking him if he thought she would feel differently towards him. She tells him that nothing is going to change. He wants to know where all this hostility is coming from, but she says there is none, and then says that he told her they were going to Chicago. He knows thats what he said, but tells her that it’s cold here. She says, “So what? You thought maybe you would buy me a ticket to Mexico and sweep me off my feet? I have made it so clear to you that I am not interested. I have no intentions of sleeping with you. We will have separate rooms; you realize that? Patrick, I’m keeping my word but this is nothing more than a business transaction. You do realize that don’t you?”

As Bo and Roman discuss the “Victor” situation, Bo gives his idea of what could have happened. He says that Victor asked Belle to lunch and calls her to tell her he is going to be late, and while Belle is on the phone, Claire gets up out of her high chair and strolls out. Or, Roman says, she gets carried away. He wonders why Victor would set up a phony kidnapping for his granddaughter. Bo says they have to dig deeper and connect the dots.

Victor tells Kate that he knew he could count on her, but she doesn’t believe him. She says if he thought that, he would never have kept her in the dark to begin with. He smiles and admits that he never should have tried to outsmart a woman like her. She grabs the glass out of his hand and tells him to stop trying to butter her up, and, she tells him if it weren’t for Max and Mimi, she still wouldn’t know where her son was. He says that he underestimated those two, and she tells him that he certainly did because they are good friends to Phillip who would do anything to get him back. She tells him that they wanted her to get the flight log for his jet so they could prove that he was in Georgia the night Phillip left the hospital. Victor can’t believe that and says that he hopes for their sake, she’s kidding. She isn’t kidding and asks why he thinks she took his keys from Chez Rouge; she was supposed to call them with information afterwards. He thought he threw them off the scent, but Kate informs him that they saw right through him. She thinks he is slipping and thinks that Max and Mimi are very concerned about their son; it’s very touching. Victor sarcastically says that Mimi cares so much about him that she coerced him into giving up his unborn child. Kate is frustrated with that comment and reminds him that it is a Lockhart baby and asks what kind of disaster he thinks that could have been. He tells her that is a Kiriakis baby; Phillip’s blood; his flesh and blood. Kate is more than aware how important it is to Phillip to be a father. Victor throws out that Claire doesn’t even recognize him anymore and that Phillip doesn’t want anyone’s pity. He wants to come back from this thing strong and whole and that is why it is so important they keep him hidden for now. Kate agrees with his plans and wonders what they do about Max and Mimi. “Put them on ice” is Victor’s response, and he says he needs her help with that.

Max wants to leave Mimi out of this conversation and walks away from Abby. She follows him and says, “Let’s not. Ever since she started working here, your mind has not been on work.” Max snaps back at her asking her what she’s taking about. She says that he left everything to fly to Georgia with her, and before that, it was Chicago. Max throws his head back out of frustration but she keeps on telling him that because of Mimi, he is running around crazy; she’s got him into stuff that isn’t even his business. He tells her she has said enough, but she accuses him of having more than friendly feelings for Mimi and tells him to admit it. He looks right in her eyes and tells her that he doesn’t have to explain anything to her because she is not his girlfriend. She stops and stares as he tells her that she is his friend and employee and that is all. He also tells her that, if she must know, he likes Mimi because she is a good person. Abby says at least he has finally admitted it and walks off. He tries to stop her, but she walks out the door, and then the phone rings. It’s Kate and she wants to meet him and Mimi. He agrees and asks if she wants to come to the garage. She agrees and says she will be right over. He tries to ask what she found out but she says she will tell him when she gets there, and he isn’t going to believe what she found out. Max looks outside the window again.

After Kate hangs up with Max, Victor congratulates her on a job well done. She tells him to make sure he doesn’t hurt them, and he agrees; he just needs them in the same place together.

Bonnie grabs her ledger out of Mimi’s hands but she has already seen enough. Mimi tells her that she didn’t pay off anything; in fact, she took out a second mortgage, and she asks her if she is incapable of telling the truth. Mimi is worried because Bonnie is borrowing and stealing and she wants to know what she needs all this money for. Bonnie tells her she will let her know when she gets ready. Mimi knows that she has put her whole financial future in jeopardy and has no equity; if she can’t make her payments, she will loose the restaurant. She demands to know what is going on, but all Bonnie will tell her is that she was running low, but promises it will all be worth it in the end. She demands that she has made an investment that will pay off in the end; serious money; life altering money that will pay off in about 3 months. Mimi wants to know what she invested in but Bonnie had rather not say yet. Bonnie is sure that she will be rolling in money when this is over and tells Mimi if she’s not nicer to her, she may not even let her visit. Mimi’s phone rings and it’s Max telling her that Kate is coming to the garage with information about Phillip. Mimi tells him she will be right over, and then, turns and tells Bonnie that she has to leave now, but this conversation is not over.

Patrick comments that he doesn’t know Hope as well as he thought he did, but she tells him that he knows her as well as he is ever going to know her. She tells him again that she is going to keep her promise to go away with him, but from here on out the only thing they will be sharing is the custody of their child. She says that they are just friends and that is all it’s ever going to be. He tells her that most guys would be discouraged by this but not him. He says she will change her mind about him and then walks out the door.

Bo says since Victor is his father, he will work him, and tells Roman to work on Kate and find out what she is up to. Roman loves it when he takes charge, but brings up the fact that he is suspended from the force. Bo gets aggravated and says that Abe is allowing John to freelance in Italy so he should be able to snoop around a little bit. Roman reminds him that Abe told him to keep his butt out of this, but Bo says only the Wells investigation, and says that this is a whole different “ballgame”. He tells Roman that he needs him, but Roman says they aren’t sure a crime has been committed yet. Bo pleads with him and asks if he doesn’t want to know what Victor has been up to. Roman gives in and warns him if they mishandle this… Bo promises that he will not mishandle this investigation and reminds him that Claire is his granddaughter.

Victor comes in with a bottle of champagne as a peace offering to Kate but she wants nothing else to drink. She just wants to be sure that he doesn’t hurt Max and Mimi. He wonders why she cares. She says, outside of basic human decency, she knows better than anyone what he will do for people that he loves, and also what he will do to people that he hates. She tells him that Mimi isn’t one of her favorite people, but she (Kate) did involve her in a lie of hers and she (Mimi) was only trying to help and she shouldn’t have to suffer for that. Victor says, “How loyal of you Kate.” She tells him that Max and Mimi had good intentions. Victor says he already promised Phillip that he wouldn’t hurt them; he just needs to keep them on ice until he can get Phillip to Montreal for the face transplant. Kate wants to spend time with Phillip, and Victor agrees, telling her that both of them need her now. He makes the comment that the three of them are here under the same roof; a family again. “For the moment” is Kate’s last words as she walks out of the room.

Max is looking out the window as Mimi comes in the garage. She questions what he is looking at, and a nervous Max asks her if she saw that car out there. She says there are a lot of cars out there, but he is talking about the black van across the street with the motor running. Max tells her about it driving in and out of the parking lot earlier and Abby was freaked out about it. He is making Mimi nervous now; he apologies and changes the subject. He tells her about talking to Roman earlier, and he told him they should stop obsessing about Phillip…She stops him and asks if he thinks this black van has something to do with Victor. He is paranoid and she turns and heads for the office, telling him they have to get the Salem P.D.’s number. Mimi picks up the phone, but the line is dead.

Bo comes home to find a box sitting in front of the door. He calls out for Hope, asking if she would like him to take this box of old clothes out to the church for her. She comes into the room and tells him she would like for him to do something else for her tonight. Their eyes meet and he walks over to her with that look in his eye, asking her if she’s sure. She kisses him passionately, and asks if that answers his question as she leads him up the stairs.

Bonnie sits at a table with Lauren, and as Lauren stuffs her face with food, Bonnie tells her that she shouldn’t be eating such rich food since she’s pregnant. Lauren suggests that Bonnie order something for herself, but she tells her that she is “tapped” out and is up to her eyeballs in debt. Lauren warns her that she had better not be trying to squirm her way out of their agreement as she points her finger at her. Bonnie reminds her about the amount of money she has already given her and asks if she can give her a little break. Lauren gets an attitude with her and stands up, telling her that she used to be a size four, and talks about how she has sacrificed her body for this baby. She also tells her this is exactly why she (Bonnie) will continue paying her the big bucks. Bonnie agrees and begs her to sit down because people are starting to stare at them. Bonnie tries to reason with her, telling her when this baby is born, she will be coming into a boat load of money, and the two of them can split if 50/50 if she would please be patient. Lauren agrees to be calm for now, but warns if she doesn’t hold up her end of the bargain, this baby is going to disappear permanently. Now, Lauren tells Bonnie to order her some crab legs because mommy and baby are still hungry. Bonnie rolls her eyes and takes a drink.

Kate sits alone with Phillip listening to music when Victor comes in. Kate stares at him and he holds his hand out for Kate to take. Phillip looks at her as if he wants her to take his hand so she puts her hand in his and they slow dance together in front of Phillip as he watches.

Max picks up the phone to listen and comments that he just used the phone a few minutes ago. Mimi gets out her cell phone when they hear a loud crash outside the office door. Mimi is afraid for Max to go out, but he does, and then the lights go off. She hears a lot of crashing and she hears Max cry out. She sticks her head out to see what happened.

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Sami: You said that I'm so spineless, that a couple of compliments and some drinks from E.J. And I'll jump into bed with him. Lucas, is that really what you think of me?

Abby: I could have warned Max before they tried to hurt him. I'd rather die with him than live without him.

Shawn D.: I can't work for you anymore, E.J.

Willow: Your son just dumped me. I want to know what you're gonna do about it.

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