Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/12/06


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

As the show opens we see Max, Mimi and Kate.  Max and Mimi tell Kate that they think Victor has Phillip stashed away at some unknown location.

Victor, Belle, Shawn and Claire are having a meal at Chez Rouge.  Shawn and Belle tell him that they plan on curtailing his visits with Claire so that Shawn can have more time to bond with his daugher.  Victor becomes quite angry.  Shawn reminds Victor that he is lucky that Belle even lets him spend time with Claire at all.  Victor, angrily, replies that Claire has had a father for the first year of her life and that it wasn't Shawn, it was Phillip.

Kayla and Steve are in a tub filled with bubbles.  Steve tells Kayla he remembers everything about loving her and their life together and remembers being in the coffin but nothing after that.  He worries that if word gets out that he's got his memories back he might be in danger, and Kayla as well.  Steve warns Kayla that she had better be prepared to let him go if necessary.

In Italy, Rico opens a door to a very dark room.  He furtively pulls back a cover.  There is a struggle.  All of a sudden the camera flashes on John's and Marlena's faces.  They, too, are involved in the struggle.  John demands to know where Stefano is.  Rico insists he's dead.  John threatens to kill Rico but Marlena says no. 

Steve and Kayla are still enjoying their candlelit bath together.  They talk about being apart.  Steve can't believe that Kayla was only involved with one man the whole time he was gone.  She says that Steve was the only man for her.  She says that they had such a passion, a love that she could never give up.  Steve thinks it's a good thing she didn't.  As they begin to kiss the camera fades to one single flame atop a candle.

Mimi and Max tell Kate that they have found out that Phillip re-enlisted and was wounded but the information is classified.  Kate thinks they should tell Victor.  Mimi and Max tell her Victor already knows.

Back at the restaraunt Shawn, Belle and Victor discuss Claire's abduction.  Thank goodness she's safe now.  Victor tells them that "this little angel is always safe with me".  Belle tells Victor that she is adamant about cutting down Claire's visits with her grandfather so that Claire can bond with Shawn.  

In a dark hallway Rico uses a knife to open a locked door.  He peers at  John and Marlena in bed wearing nothing but sheets.  Marlena tells John how the wedding was beautiful, the fountain, the champagne, Stephano's empty crypt..  John says "Stephano is alive".  John gets out of bed and, all of a sudden, he has a knife to Rico's throat.  He demands to know where Stefano is.  There is a knock at the hotel door.  Marlena answers.  It's the police.  They would like to know what's going on, there's been alot of commotion coming from this room.  Marlena looks embarrassed and says it's their honeymoon, just some rough sex.

Mimi, Max, and Kate decide they need the flight plan for the Kiriakis jet.  Kate phones Lucas to find out Victor's whereabouts.  Lucas tells her he's at Chez Rouge.

Shawn, Belle, and Victor continue to argue.  Shawn and Belle contend that Phillip abandoned Claire.  Shawn says that thanks to Victor he had to watch another man raise his child.  Victor shoots back at Belle telling her that she is "squatting with her parents".  To Shawn, he reminds him that he is "shacking up with a hooker".   Victor thinks he is the only stable influence in Claire's life.

Steve, in the tub, is still worried about the things he may have done while he was gone.  Kayla says no more what ifs, "you're never going to lose me".  Again, the camera fades to the candle.

Victor says nobody questions who loves Claire more, but he has money and his money can buy dreams.  He can give her everything.  Belle and Shawn insist that they are Claire's parents and that they will see that all her dreams come true.

Kate arrives at Chez Rouge and tells the hostess that she is looking for Victor then says nevermind, she will just leave a message in his coat.  The hostess retrieves Victor's coat and gives it to Kate.  Kate places a piece of paper in the coat and, secretly, takes a set of keys.  "We'll see what secret you are hiding", she says.

Marlena and the italian police officer are still at the door to her hotel room.  The officer insists that he inspect the room to be sure everything is alright.  He enters the room, John is in bed and Marlena gets into bed with John.  The police offer congratulates the newlyweds and leaves.  Where's Rico, Marlena wonders.  John says he's in the closet.  John says he knows where Stefano is  and "you're out of this" he tells Marlena.  Marlena argues back, saying that she and John are married-a partnership.  John insists that he is not going to apologize for trying to protect her.  John reminds her that a hired assassin just tried to kill them.  "I'm going to find Stefano" he vows.  Marlena continues to plead.  She cries.

Steve and Kayla have left the tub.  Kayla is in her bathrobe.  They kiss and caress each other's faces and move onto the bed. Kayla discusses Steve's feelings for Billie.  Steve assures her it never went that far, he didn't want it to.  Steve says he loves Kayla.  Any other girls were just casual.  Kayla worries that Billie will be hurt.

Mimi and Max wonder how Victor could keep Phillip's whereabouts from Kate. 

As things remain tense around the table at Chez Rouge, Victor warns, "don't deny me or I'll take action".  Shawn tells Victor to stay out of their lives.  Belle takes Claire and leaves.  Victor asks Shawn if that was his imitation of a man.  He tells Shawn that he'll never be the father to Claire that Phillip was.  Phillip's name is on the birth certificate, Victor continues.  Victor threatens Shawn, "you'll regret this".  Shawn tells Victor that Claire will forget him.  Victor gets up and gets his coat from the hostess.  He wonders where his keys are.  The hostess says they must have fallen out when Mrs. Roberts left that note.  Victor finds the note with Phillip's name on it.

Meanwhile Kate is at the Kiriakis mansion.  She is looking around and calling for Phillip. 

Marlena continues to plead with John to let her go with him to find Stefano.  She promises she'll play be his rules.  John finally relents and agrees that they will go together.  John takes a gun out of a drawer and hands it to Marlena to put in her purse.  He explains to her how to use the gun.  As they leave John says to Marlena, "you're one helluva woman, Doc".

Steve tells Kayla how supportive Billie was.  How she always knew that he would get his memory back and remember loving Kayla.  He tells Kayla how she was there for him in the "aquarium".  Kayla asks Steve if he's sure this is what he wants.

In the restaraunt lobby Shawn tells Belle that Victor thinks that he will never be the man that Phillip was and that Victor told Shawn that he means nothing to him.

Kate continues to search the Kiriakis mansion for Phillip.  She is studying the wall, which unbeknownst to her, opens to Phillip's secret room.  Victor calls from the front door, "Kate, are you here?" as Kate whispers, "Phillip, are you here?"

Steve says to Kayla that of course he wants her.  It's like he never left her.  He tells her, "I'm your Patchman" and "I'm home".  They kiss passionately and begin to giggle.

We next see a shot of Max and Mimi's lips, very close to each other, perhaps they are about to kiss.  The phone rings.  Mimi says it's her mom and she has to go.  They exchange wistful looks and Mimi leaves.

Belle assures Shawn that he did what was right for their family.  Shawn tells Belle that he is going to deal with Willow and EJ.  They hug.

Victor opens the door to the secret room.  Kate looks in and sees a bandaged man.  The man, Phillip, turns to Kate.  Kate begins to sob.  "Phillip, my beautiful boy"  She begs him to never go away again.

Marlena and John stand in the hotel hallway waiting for the elevator.  Marlena is holding a bridal bouquet.  John is worried that he should never have allowed Marlena to come with him.  He reminds her that Stefano is no inner demon, he's the real thing.  Marlena and John enter the elevator.  As the door closes they kiss.

On the next Days of Our Lives

Patrick, "Mom ripped me off again"

Victor to Kate, "I filed a custody suit on behalf of Phillip"

"Claire is my granddaughter" Bo says to Roman

Patrick tells Hope, "Our trip is all set"

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