Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/11/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Willow, Shawn, and Belle are in his apartment and, after Willow kisses Shawn, she acts like she just noticed Belle. Willow tells Belle it was nice of her to stop by, and if she had known, she would have brought steaks home to cook for the three of them. Belle stands up and asks Shawn if Willow lives here. He tells her that is what he was trying to explain before Willow came in. Willow interrupts and says, “Time you find out where you stand honey.” Belle just looks at her.

Hope plays with Claire as Bo comes down the stairs with his duffle bag. She puts Claire down and asks him where he is going. He tells her that he can’t live in a house with someone who doesn’t trust him. Her eyes get big and she stares at him with a disturbed look on her face.

John picks the lock to Stephano’s crypt and he and Marlena go inside. They shine their flashlights on one vault that has the name Gino Dimera, and then they find Stephano’s vault; John tries to push the top off, but it’s too heavy and Marlena hands him a crow bar.

Steve and Kayla sit on the bathroom floor and he starts laughing, saying that he remembers his past. He starts to have more flashbacks of his and Kayla’s life together, year after year, and he looks at her and starts crying, telling her that he remembers loving her. She is crying too and asks him if he is okay. He tells her he is okay for the first time in a long time as he strokes her face.

Nick and Abby share a dinner that Maggie has prepared for them at Chez Rouge. It is her way of saying thank you for helping her decorate for the holidays. Chelsea runs in telling Nick that she needs him more than any woman has ever needed a man in her life. Nick is speechless as he sits straight up in his chair.

Willow looses it. She starts yelling, telling Shawn that he told Belle he was going to tell her the truth, and demands that he be honest. Willow doesn’t wait for Shawn to speak. She tells Belle that she and Shawn share everything, including a bed, and then turns to Shawn demanding that he tell her right now. Shawn just looks at Belle, and she has tears in her eyes. He starts to speak, but Belle just grabs her things and leaves the apartment. Shawn calls for her, but she keeps going. After she is gone, Willow turns to Shawn and tells him that Belle deserved to know the truth and she wasn’t trying to hurt her. Shawn, who is very angry with her, tells her, “Don’t lie to me! You listened to our conversation and then you came in here to deliberately destroy her!”

Hope tries to stop Bo, begging him to please stay. He tells her that he told her the truth about Patrick, and that he wasn’t the one that beat him up, but she doesn’t believe him. He tells her that he is out of here. She stops him again and tells him that he is right; she jumped to conclusions that she shouldn’t have. She says that she believes he is innocent and didn’t beat up Patrick.

Kayla helps Steve up from the floor and into the bedroom. He is laughing and commenting how he has been living in the dark for so long. He says that he has all these people and places and things they did just rushing through his head. He mentions Stockholm and an adventure they had there as well as other memories that keep rushing in. Kayla isn’t sure how to take all this and she keeps her distance from him. He is so happy; he doesn’t notice that she is still nervous. He tells her to ask him anything, and he is ecstatic, but Kayla is still crying. He finally notices that something is wrong. She tells him that all this time, all she has ever wanted is for him to remember them, but now she isn’t sure that she can believe him.

Bo takes off his coat and asks Hope what made her change her mind. She says the more she has been talking to Patrick and he keeps telling her how vicious the beating was, she knows he could never do something like that to anyone. She tells him that she did what she was taught to do as a cop. Bo finishes her sentence saying, “You put the evidence aside and went with your gut.” She agrees and tells him that deep down she knew he could never beat a man within an inch of his life no matter how angry he got. She tells him that she is sorry it took her so long. He looks at a picture of Zack and says that he should have never given Chelsea the keys to his car that night. Tears well up in Hope’s eyes as he tells her that he knows a part of her died with him that night and tells her again that he is sorry. She says, “No, I’m sorry. Zack was your son too. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be there for you too.” He tells her that he would do anything to go back…She stops him, telling him that she knows, but they can’t go back. What counts is what they do now. Bo asks what it is that they do now. She steps closer to him and says that she wants him to carry his suitcase back upstairs. She kisses him and asks him to please stay as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Shawn tells Willow that they had a deal; if Belle came over, she would hide. She knows, but comments that she lives here. He tells her that she agreed to that, but she wants to know what it was that he was going to be honest with Belle about. She tells him that she thinks he was going to tell Belle what they had been doing here together and then tell her that she is the one he wants to be with. All he wanted to do was end all the secrets and he asks Willow what was so wrong with that. Willow screams at Shawn, telling him that the real truth is that he wants Belle back, and she tells him to admit it! His back it turned to her as he shakes his head. She asks him if they weren’t happy together, not just her, but him too. She says they make each other laugh, and at night, they can’t wait to get in bed together. He tells her that isn’t all a relationship is about. She tells him she never had a real relationship with anyone; all the other guys just wanted one thing from her, and when they got it, they were gone. She asks him how she is supposed to walk away from the one thing that has been good in her life.

Steve is devastated, and asks Kayla why she doesn’t believe him. She says that he told her that he remembered before and it was a lie. He tells her that he lied to her to keep her alive, and asks what reason he would have to lie now. She quickly turns around and screams that she has no idea; maybe he thinks she would have a relapse again or something. He stands still, and with a serious look on his face, he says, “Kayla no.” She tells him that she can’t go through this again; she can’t let him get her hopes up again, and she asks him to stop whatever it is that he is doing.

John pulls and pulls on Stephano’s vault and Marlena steps in to help him. As they push the top back, they hear a someone coming. He is talking on the phone to someone, and as they hide behind the vault, John notices that he has left his black bag out in plain view.

Bo runs down the stairs as Hope gets off the phone with Roman. She tells Bo that he was unable to find any information on Nancy Everett but he would keep looking. She wonders what this is all about, and he tells her that she was the woman that supposedly returned Claire, but he found out she has a record/history of pulling the same scam with another child 10 years earlier. He informs her that someone paid her to take Claire and he thinks E.J. is the one behind it. Hope wants him to leave it alone because of the way things have turned out before when they tried to accuse him of wrongdoing. She thinks whoever beat Patrick is obviously vicious and she doesn’t want him to be next on the list. The doorbell rings, and when Bo opens the door, Belle is standing there crying. She comes in and runs to Hope and she holds her.

Willow pleads with Shawn to understand that she was so scared she would loose him to Belle that she panicked; she asks him to forgive her. He says he understands why she said what she said. She tells him that she wants to start this whole day over and suggests that he take her for a ride in his convertible. He turns to face her and says, “I can’t.” and then walks toward the door to leave. She asks if he is going to see Belle, but he says that he doesn’t know where he’s going to go. He just needs to think and he can’t do it here. As he walks out the door, she tells him she will be here when he gets home.

Chelsea pulls out a photo of the man she believes she has been talking to on the internet and tells Nick that she needs him to help her find him. Nick about chokes on his food when he sees the picture and tells her that he would love to help her but he doesn’t have a clue on how to start a search like this. Billie walks in, and up to their table, telling Chelsea that she should give up on this silly idea.

Steve begs Kayla to trust him when he tells her that his memory has returned; it’s real. He says it feels like he never left her. She breaks down and puts her hands over her face crying, “No,no, no…” walking away from him. She begs him to stop and he grabs her telling her to listen to him. He tells her that she can’t give up on them now since she has fought so hard to make things right between them. She takes off running out the door.

John and Marlena continue to hide behind the vault as someone gets closer.

Hope has Belle to sit down next to her on the couch and tell her what happened today; she was sure she and Shawn would work things out. Belle did too and tells her that she finally thought they were at a place where they could finally talk to each other about a future together as a family. Hope is sure that is what Shawn wants too, but Belle tells her that there is no way that Claire is going to be spending time with Shawn’s live in hooker. Hope asks her to please consider what she is doing. Belle looks straight at her, telling her that she is being a responsible mother. Hope says that she understands Belle is disappointed in Shawn for seeing another woman, but she also thinks she is letting it sway her opinion of him as a responsible father. Belle thinks if Willow is living with Shawn, it sends a message to Claire that that kind of lifestyle is okay. The doorbell rings and its Shawn. Hope is glad he is here now and leads him inside. Belle stands up and Hope leaves the two of them alone to talk. Belle tells Shawn that she thinks Willow said it all back at their little “love nest”. Shawn tells her that there are a few more things he has to say, and for Claire’s sake, he hopes she will listen.

Nick gets up to pull a chair for Billie to sit down. Billie comments on how much of a gentleman he really is. Chelsea says that he doesn’t impress her; she just gave him a chance to be a hero and he turned her down. Abby snaps at her, telling her that she has never even met this internet guy. That’s Chelsea’s point, and that is why she wants Nick to help her track him down. Nick asks her if this guy “lonely splicer” is really the guy for her. He realizes what he just said, and so did Abby; they are both shocked. Chelsea asks him right away how he knew the guy was called “lonely splicer”, and Nick stutters for a second while looking at Abby, and comes up with the excuse that Stephanie told him. Billie speaks up and tells Nick and Abby not to encourage Chelsea because she’s been in enough trouble for two lifetimes. Chelsea grabs the picture out of her hands and accuses her of just being jealous. She turns to Nick, telling him that he would be her hero forever if he would just take this photo and examine it for any kind of clue. She asks him to please help her, but Abby blurts out that he just can’t help her and turns to Nick telling him the same thing.

Kayla runs back into the cabin and collapses, but Steve catches her. He holds her, and promises her that everything is going to be okay.

The person outside the crypt walks past while John and Marlena keep quiet, and as soon as he has past, they get up to open the vault. John looks inside and immediately tells Marlena that it is empty. She automatically says that he has had E.J. reporting to him. All John says is that the Phoenix has risen again.

Shawn and Belle sit on the couch and look at each other in silence. Belle says that she doesn’t even know what to say to him except she hopes he is using protection. Shawn drops his head telling her that Willow isn’t in that life anymore. He says he isn’t trying to make himself sound like a hero, but he thinks he is the first guy that came along that actually wanted to help her. Belle stands up and walks away, saying that is very noble of him and she doesn’t want to know how she helps him in return. Shawn tells her that she would be surprised; Willow knows him, the good and the bad, and she accepts all of it. She gets what he is about and there hasn’t been anyone he could trust since….Belle finishes his sentence with, “Since me.”

Bo holds Claire and talks baby talk to her while he is trying to get her to take a nap. He starts to sing her a lullaby as Hope watches from the doorway. Bo kisses Claire on the forehead.

Steve covers Kayla with a blanket and wonders if he should call Lexie. Kayla refuses and tells him that she doesn’t need her. Steve tells her that he is so happy, but she tells him that she is so scared. She wants to know how she can be sure, and tells him that she trusted him the last time and he was lying. He tells her to look into his eye, but she says she can’t go through this again.

Marlena tells John they should close the lid, but he wants to leave it just like it is. She says that Stephano will know they have been here. He tells her that is exactly what he wants and then he writes “John Black was here” on the vault. Marlena tells him that he may as well have painted a target on his back. He walks back to where she is standing and tells her the only way to end this is to bring Stephano in close enough for a show down. He thinks they have been heading in that direction from the very beginning. They leave, and as soon as they have gone, Rico stands up from behind the bushes and calls E.J. and tells him that things didn’t go as they had planned. He asks him what he should do now. He laughs after E.J. obviously gives him an answer and says that it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Black aren’t going to have their dream honeymoon after all.

Shawn tells Belle that they used to be so close and he felt like he was married to her. With tears in her eyes, Belle says, “You did?” He says that they shared so much, and asks her if she remembers when they used to baby sit J.T. together, and tells her there were so many times when Zack died that he needed to talk to her. She says that she used to hear him and Mimi talking through the air vent and tells him how she used to cry herself to sleep because she wanted to be with him so bad. He wants to know why she never told him about that, and she says that she was too ashamed for wanting him because she had a devoted husband to count on; it’s not something she is proud of. She turns to him and tells him that maybe she and Willow aren’t that different; she should never have judged her. She looks right at him and asks him if he is in love with her.

Bo puts Claire down and Hope walks in the room telling him it was nice to hear that song again. They talk about how much Zack loved that lullaby. She tells him that Shawn and Belle are downstairs talking. He is hopeful they will work things out because Claire needs both of them. The baby kicks and Hope takes a deep breath telling him that she (baby) is wild today. He puts his hand on her stomach and tells Hope that he wants her to know that he will love this baby; that means he will protect her and her mother. He tells her that she has to promise him something, and says, “No matter what Lockhart made you agree to in order to drop those charges, you have got to stay away from him.” Hope nods her head and asks him how she can do that without making him angry. He tells her not to worry about that; he will take care of it.

Kayla jumps up again and tells Steve that she just can’t do this again because she isn’t strong enough. He can’t believe she said that because she is the strongest person he knows. She tells him that she can’t be hurt again, and he knows, but asks her to turn around and look at him. When she turns around, he signs the word “courage” and she smiles while he says, “It’s me baby. It’s me.” She holds his face in her hands and he holds hers too. He kisses her face and she laughs and kisses him back.

John and Marlena are back in their room and they share a bottle of champagne. He makes a toast to his wife saying that she looks sexy as hell in black. They have a drink and he pulls her close to him and they kiss passionately and fall to the bed and begin to make love. Outside in the hallway, Rico listens to them through the door.

Shawn tells Belle that he does care about Willow; she is special to him, but no, he isn’t in love with her. Belle thinks if she is that special to him, maybe he does love her and doesn’t realize it yet. Shawn puts his hands on Belle’s arms and has her face him. He tells her that he knows what it feels like to be in love with somebody and he is not in love with Willow. He says that he can prove it to her. He promises that he is going to tell her to move out and tell her it is over between them. Belle tells him that he doesn’t have to do that just to spend time with Claire. She tells him that Hope made her realize that, no matter whom he dates or lives with, it has nothing to do with the kind of father he will be. She tells him that she trusts him with Claire, so if he really wants Willow, she won’t let that get in the way of him spending time with Claire. She promises him that it is okay with her and she will make it work. He promises that he has been meaning to end things with Willow, and not just for Claire, but because he loves her!!!! (Belle)

Bo asks Hope if she is going to promise to stay away from Patrick. She promises to do what is best for her family. She asks him if they can do this, can they be a family again. “Absolutely; all you have to do is believe in me…” Is Bo’s answer, and he tells her that all they have to do is have faith in each other. She hugs him and smiles.

Chelsea wonders why Abby is freaking out and doesn’t want Nick to help her. She tells Chelsea that Nick is busy and just too much of a gentleman to tell her no. Abby looks at her phone and says that it is late while she grabs Nick’s hand and pulls him up. She reminds him he is late getting back to the lab. He pulls her back down and tells her that they have a little time left. He tells Chelsea to let him see the photograph. This makes her happy and she jumps up to walk it over to him. He hugs her, but she pushes him away because he got food on her shirt. He takes the photo and Billie reminds her to say thank you. Abby and Nick leave, and on their way out, Abby wants to know why he agreed to track down Chelsea’s dream guy when it’s really him. He hasn’t figured that out yet. Back at the table, Chelsea asks, out loud, why he has to be such a klutz. Billie says that she is wasting her time chasing this mystery guy because she has already met the perfect guy; sweet, adorable, and considerate. She is talking about Nick and Chelsea, who refers to him as the “lab rat”, says that is ridiculous and will never happen. Billie tells her that she has still got a lot to learn about love. Chelsea wonders, sarcastically, if she is going to be the one to teach her. Billie thinks so, and says that she thinks she (Billie) has finally got it right this time.

Steve and Kayla kiss passionately and he lays her down on the bed and undresses her slowly. (They are awesome together!) They make love.

Previews for tomorrow:

Steve: I'm always gonna worry about losing you again.

Kayla: You are never going to lose me.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna get my life together and make you proud of me.

Belle: The way you just handled victor, I already am.

Mimi: You stood by me even when it cost you Shawn's friendship. You're a definite keeper.

John: I know where Stefano is.

Marlena: Where do we find him?

John: No! We don’t do anything. You are out of this.

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