Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/8/06


Written By Kristy

Steve, Kayla, and Lexie are at the cabin in the mountains, the place Kayla and Steve hid in years earlier, and Lexie checks Kayla’s blood pressure. It is a little high, but Kayla is so nervous about finding out if Steve has really regained his memory. Lexie wonders if this is something she really wants to do, but Kayla assures her that she has no choice. Steve has come into the bathroom to call Billie on the phone. She had no idea that he was going away with Kayla, and he reassures her that this isn’t what she thinks; Kayla had to get out of town for a while. He thought if he came here with her, and they were away from the family and all the pressure, he would have a chance to tell her the truth. He knows that he has to tell Kayla that he doesn’t remember their past and probably never will. Billie reminds him to be gentle with her and she hangs up. She is with Chelsea at Chez Rouge having dinner. Cheslea assumes that she was just talking to her favorite “pirate”, but Billie warns her not to start. Chelsea says that she thinks its great [now] that she is in love with Steve, which surprises Billie immediately. Chelsea goes on to say that love is a really rare and amazing thing and there is nothing like finding your true love and soul mate. Billie wonders why/when she came to this conclusion. Chelsea pulls out the picture of the man she believes she has been talking to over the internet, and tells Billie that it is because she has found her soul mate. Billie studies the picture as Chelsea smiles from ear to ear.

Patrick and Bonnie are at home together, and he is trying to get his jacket on, with Bonnie’s help, so he can finalize plans before he and Hope can go away together. She doesn’t understand why he wants to go around the wife of the man that almost beat him to death. He says that he isn’t going to let Bo keep him away from the woman that he loves or his baby. She comments that maybe Bo wasn’t the one that did this to him.

E.J. runs into Bo at Chez Rouge and tells him that he came to accept his apology for accusing him of kidnapping his granddaughter. Bo informs him that he didn’t apologize without even looking at him. E.J. lays down a picture and asks Bo if he recognizes this woman. Bo looks at her and tells him that this was the lady that brought Claire back; P.D. checked her out and her record is clean. E.J. lays a file down on the bar and tells him that is because someone went to a lot of trouble to have her record expunged. Bo picks up the file and notices that these records are from Phoenix from 10 years ago. Bo closes the file and turns to E.J. asking him how a race car driver gets information that was buried so deep the Salem P.D. couldn’t even find it.

Shawn lies on the couch and Willow joins him, wondering why he is so solemn today. He blames himself for Claire’s disappearance, but Willow doesn’t understand because he wasn’t even there. Not being there is exactly what he’s talking about, but Willow reminds him that he has a place to live and is paying way more than half of Claire’s expenses. Shawn reminds her that is what parents are supposed to do, but Willow stands up and tells him that Belle is living off her parents and taking money from him and still can’t take care of her own kid. She tells him that he isn’t the one who is screwed up.

Belle is holding Claire and asks her if she can ever forgive her while Hope watches from behind them. Belle promises Claire that she will never turn her back on her for even one second again. Hope suggests that she allow her to watch Claire while she takes a shower, but Belle says that she is fine. Belle says she knows Hope thinks this is her fault, but Hope tells her that she is just worried about her. Belle comments on Shawn blaming her, but Hope tells her that Shawn was just scared to death. She tells Belle that Shawn has been trying very hard, and has done everything she has asked him to do, yet she still won’t let him spend any time with his daughter. Belle knows that she isn’t being totally fair with Shawn, but she just can’t get over the fact that he is sleeping with a hooker. Hope tells her that she should watch what she says in front of Claire, especially since what she said isn’t true. Even though Hope says that she and Shawn don’t talk about his personal life, she knows that Willow is trying to turn her life around and is working at Chez Rouge now, not hooking. She also tells her that Shawn is trying to help Willow become a better person. Belle says that is because Shawn has such a good heart and that is why she wants him to spend more time with Claire. Hope wants to know why she won’t let him, and Belle says every time she turns around, Shawn is with Willow. She tells Hope that she doesn’t care if Willow turns her life around; she doesn’t want Claire anywhere near her. Hope asks if she is sure this is about her daughter or about Shawn. Belle turns around quickly, asking Hope if she thinks she is jealous of Willow. Hope thinks there are still a lot of unresolved feelings between the two of them and they both are coming off from very difficult break-ups. And, both of them are trying to figure out where they stand with each other. She tells her that she can’t let her problems with Shawn affect Claire.

Shawn tells Willow that he is living in an expensive apartment because he works for a guy who might be a criminal that pays him tons of money to deliver packages. He says that doesn’t make him a good father, it makes him jerk. She reminds him that he doesn’t know that E.J. is bad, but Shawn adds that his father thinks he is. Again, Willow says that his father is another one that wants to run his life. Shawn wonders what would happen if Bo is right and somehow he (Shawn) ends up in jail over something bad that might happen because of E.J. Willow plays it off telling him that he is just freaking out over what happened with Claire. Shawn is sure that he needs to make things right so the next time Claire is in trouble he is the one that Belle calls. She wants to know how he is going to do that, and he says that he is going to come clean with her and tell her everything.

Billie shrugs off Chelsea’s “man” saying that this guy is at least 10 years older than her and she met him on the internet. She can’t believe that Chelsea considers this man, who she has never met, her soul mate.

E.J. reminds Bo that he is more than just a race car driver, he owns a media company; he has reporters, and reporters have sources, and the sources aren’t to keen on talking to the authorities. Bo wonders why he would give this to him, and E.J.’s response is so that he can come to the obvious conclusion that he had nothing to do with Claire’s disappearance, or any of the other unpleasantness that has been going on in Salem.

Patrick stands on the fact that Bo is the one that put him in the hospital, but Bonnie wants to know why E.J. would tell her that he was the one responsible. Patrick stops and asks her if she has been talking to E.J. She admits that she has, and Patrick is upset, wanting to know what would possess her to do such a thing. She tells him she decided to see E.J. after the talk she had with Mimi when she learned about Shawn making a lot of money delivering messages between him and E.J. He tells her to mind her own business, but Bonnie grabs his arm, telling him that he is her business and that’s why she told Mr. Wells that he had better give her a few thousand good reasons why she shouldn’t go to the cops. Patrick is shocked and he asks/tells her that she is blackmailing E.J. Again, she admits it saying that she had to show him who is boss. Patrick tells her that E.J. is the boss, and warns her to keep her nose out of this before she gets them all killed. He leaves the house.

Lexie leaves the cabin and the tension is thick between Steve and Kayla. She comments that it is weird being back here and he agrees. She tells him that she thought this would be an interesting place to come to; not that it was that fun before, but at least they were together. She walks close to him and he pulls away, telling her to stop because he can’t do this anymore. He tells her that he can’t lie to her anymore and says that he doesn’t remember “them” or remember loving her. He says that he is really sorry, but he thought she was going to die and that’s why he lied to her about having his memory back. He admits to getting bits and pieces, but not the feelings that should go with them. She stops him telling him that it’s okay because she already knew that something wasn’t right. She was just hoping that this wasn’t it. He asks why she wanted to come here then, and she tells him that she came here for the truth; now she has it. She is trying to hold back the pain and then starts to get her things together to leave, but he stops her.

Bo walks into a bar and right up behind the woman that supposedly returned Claire to Belle. She is buying everyone drinks and Bo asks what she is celebrating. She tells him that she got a big bonus at work. Bo asks what it is that she does, and her reply is child care. He puts the picture of her mug shot on the bar in front of her and says that is funny because he didn’t think they let people with a record around kids. She tries to leave but Bo stops her and asks her why she took Claire and then brought her back. She tells him that she is square with the cops; otherwise she would have taken the reward money and run. Bo pulls up her hand full of cash and suggests that someone paid her to take Claire in the first place.

Willow wonders what Shawn is going to tell Belle and if he is going to tell her that he isn’t working on cars, but delivering messages for loads of cash, and also living with a hooker. (She is saying this with a lot of sarcasm) He turns to her and tells her that is exactly what he is going to say. She thinks he is nuts and can’t be thinking straight. She tells him that she is leaving to go to Chez Rouge to pick up her check and suggests that he take a shower and relax; when she returns they are going for a ride with the top down. He tries to tell her that he doesn’t feel like going for a ride but she interrupts him saying that he has to clear his head and then they will get out. She leaves.

Steve apologizes to Kayla again, telling her that he doesn’t want to make this any harder for her, but there is something he needs to say to her. He asks her to sit down and he pulls up a chair next to her. He says since he has been in Salem, he has seen her with Stephanie, with her family, and he can see that she is a really good person and mother. He knows she is smart, generous, and strong; a lot of things that he is not. He tells her that she is something special and he admires her. Kayla says, “But you don’t love me.” The look on her face hurts him and he tells her that he never wanted to hurt her and he hopes she can forgive him someday.

Chelsea tells Billie, with a smile on her face, that she is through screwing up and hurting people. She wants to be someone that she can be proud of. Just hearing that makes Billie proud, and Chelsea gives credit to her on line love. Billie suggests that maybe it is because she is growing up. Chelsea wonders why she won’t give this guy any credit, and it is because Billie thinks he is a made up person on the internet. Chelsea disagrees and promises to prove it to her. She is taking Billie home so she can see that he isn’t made up at all.

Bo asks the lady if E.J. Wells paid her to take the kid, but she denies knowing him. He thinks she is lying and asks where she got the money. She says unless he is the IRS, it’s none of his business, and then she walks out of the bar and leaves him standing there.

Patrick comes in at Hope’s house and the first thing he says is, “Where is Bo. I saw him drive you home last night and he didn’t leave until this morning.” Hope asks if he is spying on her, but he says that he is just trying to protect her. She denies needing protection from Bo, but Patrick disagrees with her. He says that Bo has a serious violence problem and she keeps making excuses for him. He thinks Bo should be in jail. She reminds him that he dropped the charges, but he makes it clear that he only did that for her. She appreciates it and is very grateful. That’s good enough for him, but he wants her to keep up her end of the deal and go away with him.

Nick, Stephanie, and Abby dine together at Chez Rouge and Stephanie tells the two of them about Chelsea’s on line man. She was sure that he was going to be a huge geek, but shows them a picture of him, and they all agree that he is totally hot. Stephanie gets a call and excuses herself. Nick notices Willow and comments that she is hot. Abby gets a disgusted look on her face when she sees who he is talking about, and tells him that she is an ex hooker that lives with Shawn. Abby brings up Chelsea and tells him when she finds out that “lonely splicer” is him, she will be very angry.

Kayla tells Steve that he is still the same person; he does something good and still can’t see it. He wants to know what it is that he did that was good. All he can see is that he broke her heart, but she tries to make him see that he saved her life and she gets to go on because of him. She says that she just doesn’t get to go on with him. Again, he tells her that he is sorry. She says that she has no idea why he was taken away from her and why he came back with no memory, but they both have to accept it because things happen that are out of their control. She knows she can’t change it and make life come back the way she wants it too. She stands up and starts crying, trying to hold back. She tells Steve that she doesn’t want him to be with her if he doesn’t want to; all she ever wanted was for him to be happy too. He stands up and walks toward her, telling her that is exactly what he wants for her too. She asks him to do her a favor and be her friend. He holds her and says of course he is her friend. She leaves the room to go to the bathroom to pull herself together. Once inside, she leans up against the door and cries.

Bonnie is playing a game of pool at the Cheatin’ Heart when E.J. comes in saying that this was an interesting choice for a meeting place. He wants to know why she called him here and she tells him that it’s about Patrick. E.J. reminds her that Patrick is a grown man that doesn’t need his mother running interference for him. She says that Patrick is in way over his head with him even though he may not realize it. She wants more money because Patrick somehow misplaced the money he was already given. E.J. realizes that she thinks he should replace it. That’s what she wants, but says that she doesn’t want it for nothing; she is willing to make a fair trade. He wants to know what it is that she has that she could possibly think he would want. She tells him to step into her “office” and she’ll show him.

Hope says that she will go to Chicago with Patrick, but asks him to allow her to be the one to tell Bo. He agrees and tells her that he has made all the arrangements and they will be leaving in two weeks. Hope says that is right before Christmas and she can’t go then, especially not this year because it’s their first year without…she hesitates… Zack. He knows and reminds her again that he let Bo off the hook because she asked him to; he held up his end of the bargain, and all he wants is to spend time with her. He asks if that is too much to ask from her. She says it wouldn’t be if she was sure that Bo was really the person that beat him up.

Billie reads a copy of the conversation Chelsea had with her on line soul mate. She wants to know what Billie thinks, and she thinks he definitely has a way with words. Chelsea still carries a huge smile around, and says that she could seriously see herself spending the rest of her life with this guy. Billie is disturbed and tells her that this guy could be a drug dealer or an axe murderer…Chelsea finishes her sentence with, “…or a doctor.” She shows her the picture again and points out that he has a stethoscope around his neck, so he must be a doctor. Chelsea just thought of someone that could help her track this guy down and rushes out of the house.

Nick tells Abby that Chelsea won’t find out that he is “lonely splicer” until a precisely calculated, pre-determined time, and when that time comes, the outcome will be the opposite of her (Abby) supposition. Abby warns him that Chelsea is someone that you just can’t predict. He understands this, but says that she isn’t unmanageable. He compares her to the hydrogen atom; powerful and highly effective when used wisely; deadly when not. Abby hopes it doesn’t blow up in his face and comments on the fake picture he sent her. He says that this guy is his boss and he took his picture on his camera phone. Abby can’t believe that he sent her a picture of someone he works with, but he tells her the odds of Chelsea finding out this guy works at University Hospital are slim. Stephanie sits down at the table and tells them that Chelsea just called to tell her that “lonely splicer” is a doctor.

There is a knock at the door and, when Shawn answers it, Belle is standing there. He is surprised to see her and invites her inside. They both start to speak at once and then laugh. He tells her to go ahead. She says that she came here to tell him that she hasn’t been fair to him. She asked him to show her that he was responsible enough to take care of Claire and says that he did everything she asked. She says that she still hasn’t let him spend time with Claire. He understands that she was just looking out for Claire but he admits that he feels like he has been beating his head up against a brick wall. He doesn’t know what else to do to make her trust him. She cuts him off and tells him that he isn’t the problem. He says, “It’s Willow.”

Steve lies on the bed tossing and turning when he starts having visions of him and Kayla. He wakes up to someone calling out and he gets up and runs to the bathroom door, frantic, knocking and calling for Kayla.

Bonnie leads E.J. to a corner in the bar and he sits down and tells her that he is under the impression that she is after a considerable amount of cash. He wants to know what she has to offer him, and she babbles on for a minute, suggesting that she is offering herself. She pounces on him and locks lips, pulling him down to the ground.

Willow passes the table where Nick, Abby, and Stephanie sit, and Nick jumps up and runs after her. He introduces himself and tells her that she is extremely hot. She looks around behind him to see Abby and Stephanie staring at them. She says, “Oh, I get it. Well, um, tell your friends to go to hell and take you with them, you pathetic looser.” She walks off and he walks back to the table making fun. Stephanie leaves and Abby asks him what all that was about. He says he is playing the field so no one thinks he is the “lonely splicer”. Abby asks him if he was raised in a test tube. He answers seriously with a “no”.

Patrick insists that Bo is the one that beat him, but Hope still isn’t sure. He tells her that Bo wasn’t thinking about them (Bo and Hope); he was thinking about his (Patrick) and Hope’s future with the baby that made him so angry it drove him to do this to him. Hope still thinks something isn’t right here. Patrick insists that Bo is the one that isn’t right because he has lied to her over and over and hurt her, and says she still believes in him. He wants her to trust him and tells her why this trip is so important to him. She tells him again that she said she will go. He is pleased and tells her to be ready to be convinced that he is the man for her.

Shawn takes Belle’s coat and asks her to sit down. She says that she would love to blame Willow for all of their problems, but she can’t. She reminds him that he was her best friend since forever, and it hurt her when he married Mimi because she was his best friend. Belle says when he told her that they didn’t have a future together, she cut herself off and put up a wall to keep from being hurt again. He tells her that he and Mimi are through and the wall can come down now. She says it isn’t that easy, but Shawn disagrees with her. Willow walks up to the door outside, which is cracked open, and listens to Shawn and Belle talk. Belle tells Shawn that he turned to Willow, a stranger, and asks why he didn’t turn to her.

Someone keeps calling out as Steve beats on the bathroom door calling for Kayla. He seems scared, and when Kayla opens up the door, he rushes in saying that he can’t let them find us. She doesn’t understand, and asks who. Steve is nervous and says, “Kiriakis. He wants that disk and he will kill us to get it.” She starts to speak, but he tells her to be quiet or he will hear them. She is smiling, telling him that there is no disk, and what he is saying is from their past. He doesn’t understand and still feels like someone is after them.

E.J. pulls himself away from Bonnie and wipes off his mouth. He tells her that he is really flattered by her offer, but says that he is sorry his heart is already spoken for. She isn’t after his heart, which he realizes, and then he holds up a wad of cash. He tells her that he wants her word that he will never hear from her again. She says that she can’t take the money, but he tells her that she can and she will because this is in her and her son’s best interest. She takes the money and agrees to his terms.

Shawn tells Belle that Willow isn’t a hooker anymore; she is a good person who got a bad deal and they helped each other out. Belle asks if he is still helping her and Shawn tells her the truth and Belle appreciates his honesty. He tells her that he wants to be completely honest with her and tells her that Bo feels like E.J. is into something illegal. Belle wants to know what he thinks, he says that he doesn’t know, but if Bo is right, he is finished working for E.J. Belle trusts him to do the right thing and he drops his head, making her wonder what else he has to say. He tells her that there is one more thing that he hasn’t been completely honest with her about.

As Patrick leaves Hope’s, E.J. is standing there waiting for him. He gives Patrick only one warning; if his mother ever asks him for another dime, he will rue the day that he was born.

Kayla tries to convince Steve that no one is after them, but he still believes, and all of a sudden, memory after memory comes rushing back to him. She tries to keep his mind focused on her, but he feels like someone is after them.

Belle wants Shawn to confide in her and tells him if they are going to be friends, they are going to have to learn to trust each other. Willow decides this is her time to come in. She walks in and goes straight over to Shawn asking him if he’s ready to go on that romantic drive and then kisses him in front of Belle.

Patrick tells E.J. that he already told his mother to stay away from him, but E.J. says that she obviously didn’t get the message. He tells Patrick that he is pathetic, and tells him that he gave his mother a little warning. Patrick promises that it will never happen again. E.J. gets really close in Patrick’s face and tells him that he is right about that because if she ever asks him for another dime, it will be the last thing she ever does.

Steve is frantic and he’s trying to get to the sprinkler on the ceiling. He is faint with memories flooding through his brain and Kayla is pleading with him to understand that this isn’t really happening. She begs him to come back to reality and we see all the memories flash before him. It stops and he is exhausted as he slumps to the floor crying and saying, “I remember. I remember.” They are both crying and holding onto each other.

Previews for Monday:

Bo: I told you what happened. You didn't believe me after all these years, so you know what? I'm out of here.

Hope: No, wait, please.

Bo: I can't live in a house with someone who doesn't trust me.

Willow: Shawn and I share everything, including a bed. Tell her.

Kayla: I can't let you get my hopes up again.

Steve: Kayla, no. Look at me! I'm back.

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