Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/6/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena walk into a beautiful place called “Fountain of the Seven Sisters”. The fountains run with water and the locals say that these pools bring good luck, especially in love. He takes off his jacket and lies it down so she can sit on it as he pulls out a bottle of champagne. He tells her the legend of the fountains as he pops the cork. He says that this is a magical place where couples are brought together and then pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Kate is furious with E.J. for making Sami a full partner at Mythic Communications. E.J. tells her she needs to learn to become a team player and to become more reasonable. She says she is a team player, but wants him to be truthful with her. She accuses him of “sniffing” around Sami since he came to town, and says that she knows that he has a game plan that doesn’t involve this company; both of them know that they don’t need a bimbo for a spokesperson. He agrees that his interests in Sami are not professional and admits that he wants her to have his child!

Lucas flips through the television stations when, all of a sudden, romantic music fills the room. Sami strolls out of her bedroom dressed in a negligee, taunting him with her beauty. She sits down in his lap, but he pushes her away. She knows that he is mad at her for accepting the job at Mythic Communications, but still asks him to give her a break. He thinks she is making a huge mistake, but she promises that this will work out for both of them. He tells her that he is sick of being let down and disappointed by her, and he doesn’t want to get his hopes up again. She tells him that she is the one calling the shots, but Lucas disagrees, telling her that E.J. is the one calling the shots. She believes that she can handle him, and tells Lucas that she doesn’t want to fight with him; she suggests they kiss and make up. She tells him the only thing that is going to happen with her accepting this job is that she is going to become a successful business woman. She promises him that it’s going to be okay and they will get everything they have ever wanted. She kisses him, but he is still reluctant.

Belle holds a piece of Claire’s clothing that the police have found and put in a plastic bag. She says that its Claire’s and claims that she has been kidnapped. Victor consoles her, telling her that he promises they will find her. Bo and Hope are with her too, and Bo tells her that Roman has officers searching the city and they have organized volunteers from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Belle is so upset that Victor suggests she sit down. Hope goes away to call Shawn and Roman is on the phone putting out an A.P.B. on a guy named Jessie Faraday, then, he hands the phone over to the waitress so she can give a description of the man. The door to the diner opens, and the waitress exclaims, “Oh my God, that’s him!” She points to the man that has just entered and he raises both hands in shock. Roman and the officers pull their guns on him as Bo slams him up against the window demanding that he tell him where the little girl is. The man swears that he didn’t do anything.

Sami is still kissing on Lucas, telling him to forget about E.J., but he doesn’t know how to do that right now. She smiles at him and tells him to think about her and him and the fact that they have the apartment all to themselves. This time he takes her up on her offer and lays her down on the couch while kissing her intensely.

Kate laughs at E.J.’s comment about Sami having his baby and tells him that is very funny, but she wants the truth, and asks him again what it is that he wants with her. He tells her again, seriously, that he said exactly what he meant; he wants her to have his child. She realizes that he is serious and wants to know why. He tells her that he has met many women in his life, and no one has ever excited him the way she does. She says, “Ah, well I guess there is no accounting for taste now, is there?” and walks off. He follows her and grabs her arm telling her what they (he and Kate) have is different. He says, “Samantha... Samantha is about continuing the Wells line. I know that you Americans don't care as much for lineage as us British do, but when it comes to future generations, it is something that is far too important to be left up to something so folly as physical attraction.” Kate makes a joke about his explanation and asks him if he is Henry the V111, and if he is going to chop her head off afterwards. He simply tells her that he isn’t kidding and has given this considerable consideration; he has decided that the right woman for him is a Brady, and the right woman for him is Samantha. She makes a snide comment that he believes Sami has the right pedigree to continue his family line. “Precisely.” Is his answer and then the receptionist opens the door telling E.J. that the photographer is here to shoot him for the cover of Sports Illustrated. He thanks her and Kate leaves his office. E.J. stands in front of the mirror and looks at himself; he says, “Perfect.”

Bo jerks the guy around and asks him what he did to Claire and where he took her. The man defends himself saying that he was in his truck when he heard the Amber Alert come across the radio and realized they were talking about the little girl he saw here earlier. He says that he went home and got his gun to come back here to help search for the little girl. Roman tells the officers to take him outside and question him. Bo feels like Jessie is telling the truth; he could see it in his eyes. Hope, Bo and Roman discuss the situation, and Roman says that the waitress told him there was only one other person here; a middle-aged red-haired woman that paid in cash. Roman looks over to see a very upset Belle sitting in a booth with Victor. He tells Bo and Hope that it isn’t doing Belle any good to be here, and suggests that they try to talk her into letting them take her home. He leaves to question the waitress again. Belle stands up and asks if that was the guy that took Claire. It wasn’t, but Bo asks her to let them take her home. She refuses to leave until she finds Claire, and Victor tells them that he will stay here with her. Hope tells Bo that she got in touch with Shawn and he is on his way. She is worried and says that he has hardly had any time with his little girl, and asks Bo what he will do if he looses her.

The woman that has Claire is in her car and Claire is in a car seat in the back. She turns around and talks to her, telling her that she had a daughter once a long time ago, but had to give her up because “they” don’t allow you to keep your daughter in jail. Claire is quiet and just lays there.

Back in Italy by the Seven Fountains, John and Marlena enjoy themselves and their time together. Marlena reminds him that they came here to find the Dimeras. He tells her when he arrived at the hotel, he put out word on the street that he is looking to talk to the Dimera chief. She wonders if he thinks that will work, and he does, saying that sooner or later someone will show up; he wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t Tony or Stephano himself. She asks if they find out that Stephano is really dead and Tony is still in jail, what would they do then. He says that they would be back to square one. Marlena comments that the trip would be a wasted one. John disagrees and they smile at each other. He takes a coin and tells her that he is going to make a wish; she wants to make one together with him. As they look into each other’s eyes, he asks what they should wish for.

Lucas and Sami are very passionate with each other on the couch. They fall off and get very aggressive, and Sami suggests moving their lovemaking to the bedroom. He picks her up and heads towards the room when her cell phone rings. Lucas doesn’t want her to answer it, but she insists it could be Will. She looks at the I.D. and it’s her father. She quickly answers and receives the news that something has happened with Claire. She is going crazy trying to get her clothes on and then rushes out the door telling Lucas she will call him as soon as she finds out what has happened.

Victor brings Belle a glass of water and tells her that he informed Roman that he would be offering a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that leads them to Claire. She thanks him and Roman comes back inside the diner. He tells them that there is no word on Claire or the red-headed woman. An officer comes in and calls for Roman to come outside. Belle goes through her wallet and pulls out another picture of Claire, handing it to Victor, telling him to put it on television along with the promise of the award money. He takes it and leaves while Belle sits there crying. Shawn comes in and Belle rushes into his arms saying that their baby is gone. He pushes her away and asks her how she could let this happen.

John kisses Marlena’s hand while she tells him that her wish is that they always have this; this trust, this honesty, this knowledge that no matter what comes their way, they will always believe in each other. She says that no one will ever get them as long as they have that. As she says this, something catches her eye and she falters for a second. John notices, and asks her what is wrong, but she says that it’s nothing. She continues and tells him that she loves him. They get up and toss the coin into the fountain, and then he kisses her passionately.

Lucas is watching television and talking to himself when the doorbell rings. Kate comes in asking if Sami is here. She is glad that Sami isn’t here because she needs to speak to him privately. He says if she came here to talk to him about Sami becoming a partner at Mythic, he has nothing to say about that; it wasn’t his idea. Kate knows all that, but she tells him that she knows the reason E.J. wanted Sami to work for him and says that he is going to find this one hard to believe. She spits it out, and tells Lucas that E.J. wants Sami to have his baby. Lucas takes the comment in for a second, then busts out laughing.

Bo barges into E.J.’s office, along with Hope, demanding to speak to him right now. E.J. tells the receptionist that it’s okay and asks everyone else to leave. Bo tells him that he has done some hateful things to his family, but to take a little girl from her mother is low. E.J.’s face changes to concern and he tells them that he has no idea what they are talking about. Bo tells him not to play innocent with him, and demands that he tell him where “she” is, or he will kill him right here and right now.

Belle is devastated and asks Shawn if he thinks she wanted this to happen. She tells him that Claire is her baby and somebody stole her. He asks why she wasn’t watching her, but Belle promises that she was; she just turned away for a minute. Shawn wants to know why she didn’t call him and why he had to hear this from his mother. Belle gets stern with him and tells him that maybe she thought he didn’t want to be bothered. Shawn asks why in the hell would she think that as Sami rushes in to hold Belle. She tells Shawn to shut up and stop upsetting Belle; she is upset enough about loosing Claire.

The woman that has Claire tells her to hang on because it is all going to be over soon. She gets a phone call and tells the person on the other end not to worry; she knows exactly what to do.

E.J. promises that he has no idea what Bo is talking about. Bo tells him about Claire and E.J. understands why they are so upset. Hope pleads with E.J. and asks if he has any idea where she is…E.J. stops her and tells Bo that he knows he would like to blame him for every crime in Salem, but he adamantly denies having anything to do with this. He does want to help and grabs his checkbook, telling them that he wants to offer money for a reward. Bo tells him Victor has already taken care of that, and since Victor is Claire’s grandfather, he doesn’t want to cross him. E.J. agrees that he doesn’t want to cross Victor, and tells Bo and Hope if they don’t wish for his help with money, then they are finished here.

Lucas is still laughing and Kate tells him that she thought it was a joke too until E.J. told her that he needed to produce an heir with the right person. The expression on Lucas’ face turns serious as he stands up and accuses Kate of trying to come in between him and Sami again. He tells her that it’s not going to work this time and accuses her of making up this ridiculous story about E.J. He says it doesn’t make sense and he’s not buying it this time. Kate promises that she is telling him the truth, and tells him that he knows Sami; she will take any chance that she gets to hitch herself up to British Aristocracy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him hurt again, and as soon as she heard what E.J. was up to, she came here to stop him from taking things too far with Sami. As she is finishing this statement, she notices their clothes lying around the room and realizes that she must be too late.

Sami takes a distraught Belle to a booth to sit down as Victor comes back inside. He asks Shawn how he is holding up and tells him that Belle is falling apart. Shawn says that he should be out looking for Claire, but Victor thinks Belle needs him instead of Sami looking after her. Shawn says that Belle doesn’t even want him around. Sami is crying with Belle and she tells her it was like déjà vu; remembering the feeling when Will was missing. She reminds her that Will came back and Claire will too. Sami asks if she has talked to John and Marlena, but she hasn’t, and refuses to disturb their trip until she knows more.

John snaps his fingers and musicians start to play, and then, he pulls out a bouquet of white roses and hands them to her. She wonders where he found time to do all this and he tells her that there is more to come.

Sami wants Belle to allow her to call John and Marlena, but Belle refuses. Shawn walks up and tells Sami that he just wants to talk to Belle. Sami tells him that Belle doesn’t want to talk to him and warns him not to accuse her anymore, and to give her a break. Shawn says that he is sorry about what he said and he promises it will not happen again. Belle tells Sami that it’s okay and Shawn sits down. He apologizes to Belle and says that he was just freaked out. Belle understands and tells him that he didn’t say anything to her that she hasn’t already said to herself. She goes over the things she “should not” have done and asks what will happen if they don’t find her. He promises that Claire will be found. All of a sudden, the door opens, and an officer walks in with the red-headed lady in handcuffs, and behind them, Roman walks in holding Claire. Belle runs to her and holds her, crying. The woman demands that she be let go; she says she is a hero because she brought the little girl back to her mother. Roman asks her what she was doing with Claire in the first place. She tells him when she left the diner and got into her car, she was driving home and heard a noise in the back seat, and when she looked back, she saw the little girl. She says that she recognized her from the diner, turned around, and brought her back. Victor asks if she heard about the reward, but she denies hearing about it, saying that she was listening to a C.D. Claire is crying as the lady is trying to explain. Roman tells the officers to take her outside and get a formal statement. He says the story sounds a little strange, but promises they will check it out anyway to make sure.

Bo and Hope walk out of E.J.’s office as Roman calls to tell them that Claire has been found. Hope wants him to admit that E.J. had nothing to do with her abduction, but he refuses, saying that he has been plotting against the Brady’s ever since he has been in Salem. Hope is angry with Bo and tells him that he is always so damn sure of himself, and asks if he is going to start after E.J. now like he has been on Patrick. He tells her that he did not attack Patrick and she tells him that he had no business around him anyway because of the restraining order against him. He starts to explain, but she tells him to forget about it. She says all he cares about is being right anyway. He says that he cares about them (him and her), and Hope says that she does too; she doesn’t want them to fall apart again. She tells him that he will have to learn to admit that he is wrong sometimes, and until he can accept that, and find some way to change, she doesn’t hold out much hope for their future. She walks away from him leaving him standing there alone.

Hope has come back to the diner to see Belle and Claire. She asks Belle if she would come back home with them tonight instead of staying alone in the penthouse. Belle thanks her and says that she would like that. Belle wants to find out what happened with Claire and tells Hope that there is no way that Claire got out of the high chair and opened that lady’s car door and got inside all by herself. Hope tells her that Claire is safe now and that’s all that matters. Belle thanks Victor before he leaves and he kisses her on the head telling her that is what family is for. Bo tells Shawn that Belle is going home with them tonight and asks him to come with them. Shawn is hesitant, but Bo tells him that he and Belle could use some time alone together. Shawn believes that Belle doesn’t want to be around him.

Kate walks back into E.J.’s office commenting on the scene Bo made here earlier. He stands up from behind his desk and walks to her, telling her that he has more important things on his mind right now. He asks her if she went to tell Lucas about his plans for Sami.

Sami comes home and calls out for Lucas. She thinks he has left, but he comes out from the bedroom with a solemn, irritated look on his face. Sami is telling him about Claire, but notices his expression and trails off in her sentence. She tries to kiss him and he turns his head away from her. She asks him what is going on with him now and he proceeds to tell her about Kate stopping by earlier. He tells her that E.J.’s ultimate goal is for her to have his baby. Sami just looks at him.

John and Marlena share a dance and she asks him what else he has in mind. He gets down on one knee and asks if she would do him the great honor of marrying him; right here, right now. As they stand there, hand in hand, some guy watches them from behind a column.

E.J. wants an answer from Kate. She tells him that she did tell Lucas about his plan, hoping that he will tell Sami, and hoping Sami will tell him where to get off. He sits down his drink, adjusts his tie, and smiles at her, saying that is splendid; he loves a little bit of “sporting” competition. She warns him that he can wreak havoc on anyone he likes, but he had better stay away from her family. He laughs and reminds her that she wanted him to pull “little hussy’s” (Sami) claws out of her son not too long ago.

Sami walks around the kitchen grabbing a dish and tells Lucas that Kate has lost her mind. She also tells him that Kate has done a lot of jacked up things to come between them, but this one is ridiculous. Lucas says that he thought that too at first, but now he believes that she was telling the truth. Sami says even if E.J. did tell Kate that, he probably did it to mess with her head because they are sleeping together. She thinks he is only trying to make Kate jealous, and reminds him that the only interest she has is E.J. is as a business associate. She tells him that she is not interested in E.J. and Lucas is the only man she needs. She suggests they go to the bedroom and finish where they left off. He tells her that he is no longer in the mood as he walks away.

Victor opens his door and the red-haired woman that took Claire comes inside. He asks her if she was followed and how things went with the cops. She tells him that she thinks they bought her story. Victor reaches inside his coat pocket and pulls out an envelope full of money, hands it to her, and tells her that was a job well done. She says now that its all over, what was the point. He tells her the less she knows, the better, and warns her not to forget their agreement. She says that she takes the money, leaves town, and never comes back. On her way out, she tells him it was a pleasure doing business with him. Victor goes into Phillip’s room telling him that they have just completed their fist step toward getting Claire away from Belle and Shawn and back into the arms of her rightful father. Phillip rubs his hand across a picture of Claire as Victor tells him that this is all for him and his success.

Belle holds and talks to Claire as Shawn tells Bo how he went off on Belle earlier and how he blamed her. He says that it’s hard being a father, and Bo laughs, telling him that he got that one right. He tells Shawn that he can work through this and urges him to come home with them tonight. His answer is still no, but he thanks Bo for inviting him anyway. Shawn walks over to Belle to tell Claire goodbye and to tell Belle to call him if she needs anything. He kisses Hope and tells her that he loves her as he leaves. Hope and Bo get Claire’s bag together and, after Belle walks out, he asks Hope if they are over.

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Stephanie: He is freaking gorgeous.

Chelsea: I think I'm in love.

Abby: The second Chelsea finds out who you are, you're history.

Nick: That’s the thing. She won't find out, not until exactly the right time.

SeÑor Black, I bring you word from the house of Dimera.

Victor: I'd hate for anything to happen to you two because of information I shared with you.

Max: Is that a threat Victor?

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