Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/4/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Billie walks with Bo and Roman into Roman’s office. Bo and Billie talk about Hope and Chelsea and the fact that Hope won’t even talk to Bo. Roman suggests that both of them learn to keep their clothes on because a picture is worth a thousand words. After Roman leaves, Billie tells Bo that she is sure Hope will come around; she’s just mad right now. She also tells him that Patrick is working her right now and playing on her sympathy. Billie reminds him that Hope did let him move back in, and once she realizes that Patrick is lying, she will come back around. Bo states that he has made threats against Patrick’s life and he will use that to make a case against him. Billie smiles and says that no body saw anything; it’s Bo’s word against Patrick’s.

Patrick puts his clothes on as Bonnie comes into his room. He is still upset about his missing money, and Bonnie says that she has checked around the hospital, but no one claims to have taken the money. She comments that whoever took the 3 grand has probably already spent it. Patrick jumps up from the bed and asks her how she knew it was 3 grand. She tells him that he told her, but he denies it, saying that he told the nurses that he accused right before she (Bonnie) came into the room. She plays it off telling him that the nurses must have told her. Patrick looks at her and tells her to give the money back to him. She scolds him for accusing innocent people, but he knows that she was there both times his money was stolen. Hope comes in and Patrick sends Bonnie away. Hope asks Patrick to drop the charges against Bo. Outside Patrick’s room, Bonnie counts the money she stole from him, but is interrupted by Mimi. She hugs Bonnie out of excitement of Patrick being released from the hospital today. Mimi tells her about possibly finding Phillip at a V.A. hospital in Atlanta. She wants to fly down there to bring him home and asks Bonnie for the money so she can fly there to get him. Bonnie tells Mimi that she doesn’t have two nickels to rub together, but Mimi grabs her arm and tells her to give her some of the money she stole from Patrick.

Lucas feeds Sami pizza as they watch a movie. He stops the movie early and starts kissing her ear.

E.J. is excited about their racing team, but he feels that his reputation is tarnished by the latest accusations by the Salem P.D. Kate reminds him that he was cleared of all charges, but E.J. still feels like they need someone else to represent their team as a spokesperson. He thinks they need a woman, and immediately, Kate says that she will be the one to do it. He tells her that he can’t spare her and that he needs to keep her close where he can keep an eye on her anyway. He says that they need someone who is more of a “talking head” with nothing between their ears. She asks who he has in mind and he tells her Sami. She is upset, and tells him if he brings Sami into their company, it will be over her dead body. E.J. reminds her that Sami is already on the payroll since she worked for Austin Reed and Co. (Mythic Communication bought out A.R. & Co.) He tells her that she is a smart businesswoman that needs to quit thinking of this as “just giving Sami money”. He says they are using Sami and tells her that she knows Sami is perfect for the job. Kate reminds him that she is co-owner of this company and her answer is NO.

Sami and Lucas are all over each other on the couch. Lucas wants more, but he remembers that she wants to wait. She does want to wait for the right moment to make sure they are building on the right feelings that they share for each other. She doesn’t want to mess this up, but he promises her that nothing will mess this up. Sami gives in and they start ripping their clothes off.

Max is getting ready to go after Phillip as he leaves instructions for Abby to run the garage while he is away. Abby thinks that Phillip isn’t the only reason he is going to Atlanta. She tells him to admit that he likes Mimi.

Bonnie tells Mimi one of the nurses took Patrick’s money, but Mimi isn’t buying it. She asks Bonnie who she owes money and how much. Bonnie blows off at her comment and starts to leave. Mimi threatens to go inside and tell Patrick that Bonnie took his money if she doesn’t help her. Bonnie agrees.

Patrick can’t believe that Hope would ask him to let Bo off the hook after she sees what he has done to him. Hope tells him that whatever happened, he is better now, and Bo says that he didn’t do it. She says that she has known Bo since she was a teenager and the man he has described Bo to be doesn’t exist. He asks if she is calling him a liar, and tells her that just because she can’t face her husband, not to ask him to help her lie to her son. She says please, but he tells her no. He says that he will do anything for her except this one thing.

Billie tells Bo that she tried to explain to Hope what happened in his room that day. He understands that, but tells her that Hope’s problem with it is more “why does it keep happening”. He knows that Hope has lost all faith in him and knows that this is his fault. Billie says both of them feel guilty, but it’s not like she was a stranger, and Hope needs to understand that they have a history together. She says that when she has a problem, she comes to him, and when he has a problem, he comes to her; it’s always been like that. She also says that Hope is going to have to break the habit of pretending that they never loved each other. Bo says it is a habit they are going to have to break. Billie reminds him that they have a child together and that Hope is having Patrick’s baby, and tells him that if she (Hope) expects him (Bo) to be a man about that, then she should be the same way where they (Bo and Billie) are concerned.

Hope tells Patrick that the Brady family needs Bo right now; they depend on him. She reminds him that her son’s grandparents can’t handle much more. She pleads with him to understand that they need him. Patrick asks her if she needs him too.

Bonnie counts out the money she took from Patrick and hands some to Mimi. Bonnie still denies taking Patrick’s money as she hands it over. Mimi laughs and says that Patrick and E.J. are “thick as thieves” and have some kind of scam going on, and they are also paying Shawn to pass messages between them. Bonnie’s facial expression changes and she is intrigued. Mimi says that her guess is that Patrick got ruffed up by E.J. for doing something stupid, and now Patrick is blaming Bo to score points with Hope. Bonnie seems happy when she says that Patrick is tight with E.J., but Mimi frowns on her, telling her that this isn’t a good thing, and says she had better find out what he is up to before he ends up six feet under. Mimi storms off while Bonnie smirks to herself.

Abby wonders if Max asked Mimi about that “love ya” she threw in while they were on the phone. He plays it off like it is nothing, but wonders if she has a problem with Mimi. Abby just thinks it would be easy for her to take advantage of him right now; that comment makes Max angry. He reminds Abby that he gave her a job too, and Mimi is a good bookkeeper. She wants him to know that he is more than her boss; he is her friend, and she doesn’t want to think that Mimi is just using him to help her bring Phillip back to Salem. Max turns to Abby asking her what it is that Mimi would get out of having Phillip back. Abby says that Phillip would go for Belle again and that would leave Shawn available. He doubts it, but Abby says she just wants him to be careful. She walks off and Max ponders on the things she just said.

E.J. knows that Sami and Kate have clashed in the past, but reminds her that this is business. Kate says that her answer is still no, so, he reminds her that he is the majority stock holder in this company, therefore he outranks her. He tells her that the job is Sami’s if she still wants it.

Sami and Lucas start to move their lovemaking to the bedroom when the phone rings. Lucas tries to convince her not to answer, but she is worried that it could be Will. When she answers, E.J. speaks. He tells her that he needs her in his office right now and reminds her that she works for him since Mythic Communications bought out Austin Reed and Co.; she came with the contract. He also reminds her that she has been cashing the checks. Sami says she thought it was severance pay and E.J. laughs. He tells her to hurry over. Lucas doesn’t want her to go, but she says she has to.

Kate tells E.J. that Lucas will never allow Sami to work for him, but E.J. says there is no way he can stop it. Kate assures him that Sami will turn his job offer down as she leaves the room. Sami pulls herself away from Lucas and talks about the checks she has been cashing. She is afraid that E.J. might want the money back, but Lucas assures her that he makes enough money for the three of them. He picks up the phone and tells her to call E.J. to tell him that she quits.

Roman comes back into his office to give Bo his belongings that were taken when he was arrested. Bo asks what is next in the Wells investigation. First, Roman reminds him that he no longer works for the department, then tells him that John is in Italy looking for the Dimera’s, and Abe is leaning on the state department to get a warrant to seize E.J.’s bank accounts in Europe. He tells Bo to go home and stay out of trouble this time.

Patrick asks Hope to be straight with him. He wants to know if her reasons to have Bo released have anything to do with them getting back together. She tells him that she doesn’t play games with people’s emotions. He says that, instead of giving him a chance to prove himself, she is giving Bo another chance. Hope tells him that she has invested so many years in Bo, and they have children together. Patrick tells her that he loves her and says that he knows he could make her happy; he would never hurt her the way Bo has. She tells him that he will drop the charges against Bo if he really means that. Patrick agrees to drop the charges and she hugs him. Then, he tells her that there is one condition.

Sami reminds Lucas that E.J. lives in the building, and if she doesn’t talk to him, he will just come over. She wants to go talk to him and let him know, in person, that she wants nothing to do with him or his company. Lucas agrees that is a good idea, but says that he is going with her.

Bonnie knocks and enters E.J.’s office and introduces herself. She tells him that she is Patrick’s mother and she really needs to talk to him. He offers her a seat and asks what he can do for her. She says that her daughter was just telling her about him, and she reminds him that Patrick was beaten and is in the hospital. E.J. wishes the best for her son, but says that they hardly know each other. “Really?” is Bonnie’s smart remark, and she goes on to tell him that her daughter told her that he and Patrick were sending messages to each other through Shawn Brady. Bonnie says that she worries about her children and maybe she should call the cops about this because she doesn’t want her son to get into trouble.

Patrick wants Hope to go away with him like they had planned; time alone together. He says that he doesn’t stand a chance with her with everyone running him into the ground. Hope says that she can’t go right now, but he says they will go somewhere close. He tells her if she says yes, he will go straight to the police station and drop all charges against Bo. Hope tells him that the arrangements will have to be under her terms; single rooms.

Bo tells Roman that he has nothing to loose, and Roman asks Billie to talk some since into him. He turns to Bo and tells him to think for a change. He tells him that he is out on bail, and keeping his nose clean would be the best thing for him. Bo still wants to be involved, and Roman walks out saying that he gives up. Billie warns him to stay out of it because she worries that someone will end up dead.

Sami tells Lucas that she wants to fight her own battles and promises him that she will be fine. Lucas knows that E.J. wants more than a business relationship, but Sami pulls him close and tells him that he is the only man she wants. She tells him that all she wants is to come home to him every night. They start to kiss again and she tells him that she wants him more than she has wanted any man. She promises him that she wouldn’t do anything to mess this up. She runs off to get dressed and Lucas sits down on the couch; worried.

E.J. and Bonnie make small talk for a while, and then E.J. pulls out some cash. He hands her money telling her that he would like for them to be friends. She takes the money and tells him that he has a friend for life. On her way out, Bonnie stops to tell him to call her if she can do ANYTHING for him. After she leaves, E.J. is pissed. He says, “Damn you Patrick. You are more trouble than you’re worth my boy.”

Roman comes back into his office to find Billie and Bo still here. Again, he reminds Bo that things will work out. All of a sudden, Hope and Patrick walk into the office.

Sami comes out of her room dressed to kill! She is wearing a beautiful red dress. Lucas immediately tells her that she can’t wear that to see E.J. Sami laughs and tells him that she is just wearing this to show him what he can’t have. They start to kiss when the phone rings. It’s Victor, and Lucas has to go to his mansion. In between kisses, they both agree to hurry with their meetings and come back to pick up where they have left off. Before Sami leaves, Lucas reminds her that no matter what, she is quitting, right? Sami says that is right as she walks out the door.

Patrick tells Bo that he has already spoken to the D.A. and he has decided not to press charges against him. Bo is confused, and Hope says that this is over now, and asks Bo to please let it be over.

Mimi rushes into the garage all chipper bringing in plane tickets. Max checks with Abby one more time, and asks her if she is sure she has things under control. Abby isn’t to happy with the situation, but tells him that she is going over the books right now, and with a “look” towards Mimi, she says that she has already found one error. She looks at Max and tells him that she hopes he knows what he is getting into. She walks out and Mimi wonders what is up with Abby. Max plays it off and they leave. Abby walks back into the office and stares at them as they walk off.

Bonnie hands the money over to Lauren, telling her that she has no idea what she went through to get this money. Lauren counts the money and tells her to keep it coming. Bonnie says that is all the money she is able to get and they argue. Bonnie begs her to….Lauren cuts her off telling her that she is in this for lots and lots of cash; she didn’t get into this to help people. She tells Bonnie that she will continue to give her money or she will never see her or her little “gold mine” again.

Sami walks into E.J.’s office and he stops to stare. He rushes over to take her coat telling her how beautiful she is. Sami tells him that she can’t work for him any longer and she had no idea she was still a part of the company. She says that she will return the money too. She picks up her coat as he tells her that he wanted to make her a full partner. Sami stops.

Roman is glad to hear the news that Patrick has decided to drop all charges. He leaves to make sure all the paperwork is taken care of. Patrick tells Bo that he is only doing this for Hope’s sake and the baby’s, and asks him to put the past behind them. Bo looks at Hope and then tells Patrick that he doesn’t take hand outs dirt like him.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: It just comes down to whether or not you can trust me. Can you?

Victor: What’s going on? Why are the police here?

Belle: Claire is gone. She is missing. Somebody took her.

Bo: What kind of deal did you make with him to drop the charges? What did you promise him?

Patrick: If you ever cross me again, I’ll make sure you and your daughter regret it.

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