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Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo paces around the floor of his jail cell when John comes in to see him. Bo is desperate and insists that he never touched Patrick; he is sure E.J. was the one that beat him. John believes him and tells Bo that he is headed to Italy tonight to try and find the connection between E.J. and the Dimera’s. His first concern is to find out who E.J. really is and what he is up to, and tells Bo that is where he comes in. John wants Bo to cover for him in front of Marlena.

Abe is reading a Salem Police Department Entrance Examination, but is having trouble focusing on the words; his eyesight seems to be worsening. He rubs his eyes as Tek comes in his office. Abe isn’t to glad to see him, but Tek asks if he is okay. He tells Abe that he is having trouble finding work in the law enforcement field and asks if he would give him an recommendation.

Kayla is on the floor doing yoga as Lexie comes in; she finds it relaxing and she’s tired of doing nothing. Kayla confesses to Lexie that she would like to believe that Steve is here with her because he wants to be, but she doesn’t feel like that is the truth. She thinks he feels trapped and that is the last thing she wants him to feel like.

Someone is beating on Billie’s door and she is running to try to get to it. When she answers the door, Steve is standing there. He knew she wouldn’t take his calls, so he thought he would just come over and bust his way in anyway. She tells him that today isn’t such a good day for her and tells him about Bo’s situation. He comments that she is “standing by her man”, but she informs him that he is only her friend and not her man. He brings up the photo, but before he can say anything else, Billie interrupts. She tells him that Chelsea is so determined to get her parents back together that she will do anything. He tries to say something, but she tells him that nothing happened that day. He tells her that it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t change the way he feels about her.

Abe is amused that Tek would have the nerve to ask him for a recommendation and tells him to get out. Tek says that he really thought Abe would put aside their differences and do what was right. He tells Abe that he is a good cop and says that he (Abe) knows he is. He talks about how hard he worked and how he busted cases that everyone else had given up on. He knows that Abe doesn’t like him, but he tells him that this isn’t about their personal business; it’s about his ability as a cop. Abe listens, but brings up Lexie and the restraining order she had against him and how he broke it and should have been thrown in jail. Tek tells him that he knows he wasn’t the only one responsible for what happened between him and Lexie. Abe is furious and tells him to get out again. Tek asks again for an honest recommendation about his work while he was here with the Salem P.D. Abe stares at him and tells him if he gave him what he had coming, both of them would regret it. Tek reminds him that they were friends once and he looked up to him because he thought he was a man of integrity. Abe stops at the door and listens as Tek tells him to do the fair thing.

Lexie doesn’t believe that Steve feels trapped, but Kayla says she knows him better. She knows Steve would hold back if he thought the truth would hurt her. Lexie wonders if she thinks Steve is lying to her. Kayla says that it was just a little too convenient that his memory came back to him at just the right time to save her life. She does think he is lying, but she thinks he is doing it for her sake.

Steve says that the picture of her and Bo together doesn’t change the way he feels about her. She wants to know why he canceled on her and he says that there was an emergency with Kayla. He wants to explain things to her but she says Hope already explained everything. Steve says that this has turned into such a big mess now that he doesn’t know how to get out of it. Billie doesn’t want him to sell himself short because he saved Kayla’s life and that counts for a lot; especially with the Brady’s. He says this is the last time he will do something good because he is going back to the same selfish jerk he has always been. She tells him that is never who he was, and asks what he is doing here. She tells him that she is an all or nothing girl, to which, his answer is, “I just need some time.” She agrees, but warns if she can’t have all of him, she doesn’t want any of him. He wants to know what they do now and she tells him that she guesses he goes back home to Kayla. He adds that it will just be until she is well enough….Billie cuts him off and says, “Just long enough for you to tell her the truth.” She asks if he knows when that is going to be. He doesn’t, so she says in the meantime she is just supposed to hang out here and wait for Kayla to get better; it could take a week, a month, or a year; who knows. She tells him that he is scared to be with Kayla and he comes over here because it is safer and he has nothing to loose here with her. She says that she gets it because she has already been down that road, but this time, she would like to sit this one out. He says that he isn’t Bo, but she tells him that he is not available, and she says she wants to know when she gets to be number one with a man. She says that this time, she demands to be number one for the first time in her life.

Lexie wonders why Kayla thinks Steve is pretending to have his memory back. Kayla’s answer is, “To keep me alive.” She thinks he feels like he is stuck and has to stay for her sake and for Stephanie’s. Lexie isn’t so sure Kayla is right and tells her that she believes Steve is staying here because he wants to. Kayla says that she knows Steve better than anyone, and when she looks at him now, all she sees is sadness and pain, not love and desire. Lexie wonders what she is going to do, but she has no idea. All she knows is that she has to let him know that he has an out and is free to go. Lexie is afraid that she could push him away and loose him forever.

Abe laughs at Tek and his comments. Tek says that maybe he was a lousy friend, but he was a good cop. Abe has no sympathy for Tek and refuses to help him. He opens the door and, once again, tells him to get out of here.

John tells Bo that he told Marlena that he is going to Italy on business for Basic Black. Bo wonders if she believed him, and warns him that she will do more digging. He says that is where Bo comes in. Bo knows that he wants him to lie to Marlena and tell her that he isn’t chasing bad guys. John turns his back to Bo and says that the last time he let her in on what he was doing, she insisted on joining him, and she jumped out of his plane and 4,000 feet in the air. He doesn’t want her hurt and Bo knows exactly what he means. John turns to him and asks if he is going to help him out on this one. Bo says on one condition; he takes him (Bo) with him.

Kayla says that she just can’t act like things are alright, but Lexie tells her that she just needs to relax and take things slow. Kayla jumps up from the table and says, “That’s it! I need to go on vacation!” She says that she and Steve need to go on vacation together. Lexie says that isn’t a good idea, but Kayla disagrees; this is the way she is going to find out the truth. She is going to take him to a place that they have been before; a place that he would definitely remember. Lexie is concerned about her and tells her that she is in no condition to travel right now. Kayla insists that she needs to do this and pleads that Lexie, of all people, should understand this. Lexie does understand, and says that the only way she will agree to it is if she goes along with them. Kayla hesitates for a minute, and finally agrees; telling her if this goes the way she thinks it’s going to, she will need a friend.

Steve agrees that Billie does need to be number one in someone’s life. She wonders again why he came here. He says that he just needed to know if she still felt the same way about him. She can’t understand why he is doing this to her and asks him what it is that he wants from her. He wants her to tell him if she feels anything for him and he will take care of the rest. “Yes I do…” is her answer, and she tells him that it is killing her as she turns her back on him. He comes up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders telling her that he is going to make this right. He asks her to trust him. She turns around to face him and agrees to trust him.

Bo says he will make bail tomorrow, but John tells him if he wants to go along, he has to make bail today. John feels like Bo has too much going on here in Salem to go with him. Bo agrees to stay but tells John to be careful.

Tek doesn’t leave as Abe has asked him to, so Abe picks up the phone and asks for officers to come to his office. Tek leans over his desk and tells him that he got a call from the state’s attorney’s office and says that they had a few questions about how the department is being run; specifically the kind of job Abe is doing. Abe puts the phone down, and as Tek sits down in front of him, he says that he thought that might interest him. Tek tells Abe that he made a mess of the E.J. Wells case, and informs him that he can either help him (Abe) or the State’s Attorney. Abe tells him to go to hell. Tek says if he goes down, then he is taking Abe with him. Abe accuses Tek of being a bitter ex-cop with an axe to grind, and thinks no one will listen to him anyway. Tek says they will when he tells them that Abe forced a bright young detective with an exemplary record out of the department for sleeping with his wife. Abe stands up and walks over to the window while Tek tells him that he can give him a good recommendation, and in turn, he will give him one as well. Abe says that is blackmail, but Tek calls it an even trade. Abe says that he doesn’t ever want to see him again, but Tek is a little cocky now, and warns him that the offer is about to expire. Abe finally tells him that he will have Roman write up a letter for him and tells him to get the hell out of here and never come back.

Bo gets a visit from Marlena and she asks if she has been his only visitor. He says that Roman came by, but before he can say anything else, she asks if John came by. Bo says that he did come to see him to tell him that he was headed to Paris. Marlena is confused and asks if he is sure it wasn’t Italy. Bo tries to keep a straight face and says that could have been what John said; Basic Black sure keeps him busy. Marlena smiles at him and asks, “Is that what he said?” Bo says “Yes.”, and asks why. She says that she thought he was going there to investigate E.J. Wells. Bo tries to tell her that she must not have heard that E.J. was cleared of all wrong doing. Marlena informs him that she did hear that, but she doesn’t believe it; she figures if she doesn’t believe it, neither will Abe nor Roman. She thinks she knows what is going on here and says, “Let’s stop playing games. Shall we?” She says that John is not going to Italy for Basic Black and asks him point blank if he is going to investigate E.J. Bo just looks at her and she sees right through him. She says that she has a right to know what is going on here and reminds him that this involves the Dimera’s and it scares her to death. Bo confides in her that John asked him to look out for her. Marlena tells him to do that by telling her the truth. She tells him if he doesn’t do this, and something happens to John, she will never forgive him. Bo turns his back on Marlena and tells her that he can’t tell her any more than he already has, and then thanks her for stopping by. Marlena grabs hold of the bars on his cell and tells him not to do this to her. She says if Hope was in trouble, and she could help, she would help him; he would want her to. She is begging him now to tell her what John is up to. Bo agrees and walks up to her telling her that John is going to Italy to look for the Dimera’s. She closes her eyes and he asks her if she is okay. He asks her to promise him that she won’t do anything stupid. All she says is that she has to go. She walks off as Bo calls out to her.

Lexie pokes her head in Abe’s office and he jumps up from behind his desk to hold her. She notices that something is on his mind and asks him to tell her about it. He tells her that Tek came by today and wanted a letter of recommendation from him. Lexie can’t believe he had the nerve to ask him for one, and tells Abe that she hopes he told Tek where to go. He tells her that he gave it to him because he just wants all this to be over. She says that there is something else going on besides that because she can tell. He knocks some papers off his desk, and when he bends down to pick them up, he feels around for them. She notices and asks again what is happening. He tells her that his eyes are getting worse.

Steve comes home to find Kayla waiting for him alone. She tells him that she is getting stir crazy in this apartment and was hoping to go away for a little while. He thinks it would be nice for her to take a little ride around for a few hours, but she tells him that she was thinking more like a few days. He doesn’t think she is ready for that right now, but Kayla is quick in her come back. She says that Lexie has already approved this trip as long as she goes with her. She says she wants to go to the mountains and she wants to go now; she wants him to go with her too.

John is on the plane sipping on a drink when Marlena walks out, saying if the bar is open she’d like to have a drink too. He is surprised to see her, and tells her that he would love to have her on this trip with him, but he will be in business meetings all the time and she will be bored. He says that she should stay here and he will take care of business. When he returns, they will go on a real vacation together. She smiles at him and pulls him close and says, “How about you quit lying to me. We go to Europe together, and we try to catch Dimera together.” He wants to know who told her. She says that nobody told her; she just knew.

Lexie is so sorry for Abe and his eyesight. He shuts the door quickly so no one can hear them. She says that people are going to find out and he can’t ignore this. He says that his career will be over if anyone finds out. She demands he see a doctor, but he can’t give anyone ammunition to use against him because he is in major trouble over this E.J. Wells case. Lexie tries to reason with him, telling him that they can’t fire him because he is sick, but Abe tries to make her understand that this would be a perfect excuse for them to get rid of him. She doesn’t believe they would do that to him, but he isn’t so sure. He refuses to loose this job.

Kayla tells Steve that both of them need this vacation. Steve comes up with every excuse he can think of, but she wants to live again; she wants him to live again. He says that he is fine, but she doesn’t agree with him. He tells her that he did everything he did to help her. She agrees, and thanks him, but asks if he doesn’t want to go away with her. He stares at her and says it’s not that. She tells him that he can tell her; he can tell her anything.

Lexie holds Abe’s hands and tells him if he looses the support of his colleagues, his job, or his eyesight, he will always have her; always. He asks her to promise not to say anything about this. She agrees as long as he sees a doctor after all this “E.J.” crap is taken care of. He promises to do this her way. She tells him that there is always a chance for another cornea transplant, but he says that he can’t go there again. He knows she is just trying to help, but tells her that maybe she could help him get out of here without bumping into anything. She says that she can do better than that; she will help him get in and out of here every single day and be his personal chauffer. He smiles at her and asks if he has told her how much he loves her today. She takes his hand and walks him out.

Kayla begs Steve to please tell her what is going on with him. He doesn’t know, but tells her that it was like time stopped when they were locked up in that room. He says that they are living here together and talking about going away. She says that is just what they need, but he says that he doesn’t know what he needs right now. She says if there is some reason that he doesn’t want to go away with her, he can tell her and it will be okay. He looks at her for a minute and says, “No, I think we should do it.” She asks again if he is sure and he says that he is. He tells her that he will make all the arrangements, but she stops him. She says that she will take care of this because she wants to take him some place special because he did so much for her already. She takes his hand and lays her head on his chest.

An officer leads Billie to Bo’s cell. She talks about what Chelsea did and blames herself for not doing something to stop her. He knows, but promises that he never touched Patrick. Billie believes him, but reminds him that he is still in a lot of trouble. He says that he will get out of it; he always does. The officer comes back and opens the door to Bo’s cell, telling him that it is arraignment time. As he walks away, he tells Billie to wish him luck. She says that he doesn’t need luck, he needs bail money. She holds up a bag full of money and asks him if he thought she came all the way down here to see his pretty face. He smiles at her and thanks her.

John can’t believe that she knew about his plans. She refuses to stay here and demands that she is going with him. She says they may not be married yet, but they are one in spirit and body, and where he goes, she goes. He knows there is no point in arguing with her, so he agrees. He does lay down some ground rules though; no jumping out of planes, no doing anything dangerous. She promises and tells him not to try to talk her out of this. He knew that the second she walked on the plane. She sits down and buckles up and tells him, “Let’s head for Italy.”

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Bo: Why can't I keep it in my pants around you? She's lost all faith in me.

Hope: I came to ask for a favor -- please drop the charges against Bo.

Sami: What if E.J. wants the money back?

Lucas: Forget about it. I make enough money for the three of us. Call him back and tell him you quit.

Kate: But if you were serious about bringing Samantha Brady into this company, it will be over my dead body.

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