Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/29/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Hope paces around trying to reach Bo on his phone when her doorbell rings. She hangs up and answers the door to find Billie standing there. Hope doesn’t seem too happy to see her when she asks her what SHE is doing here. Billie is sorry she didn’t call first, but she needs to talk to her, and she didn’t think Hope would talk to her if she had asked. Hope lets her in and Billie tells her that she is here to apologize for the photograph Chelsea sent to her. She says that she knows Chelsea has done a lot of horrible things to her in the past, but this one shocked her. Hope knows that Chelsea is determined to ruin her relationship with Bo so she (Billie) and he can get back together. She tells her that she is so sick of it and that she had to chase Patrick out of her house because he saw the photo too. She also says that Bo is furious and has gone off to find Patrick. Billie tells her that she wishes…Hope interrupts her and tells her that wishing doesn’t do a d*mn thing. Hope tells Billie that if anything happens to Bo or Patrick, she is holding her and her scheming daughter responsible

Patrick is trying to reach Shawn but only gets his voice mail. He tells him that he needs to get a message to E.J. right away and wants to know why his phone is turned off.

E.J. is standing in front of Kate while she reads an article in the paper entitled “E.J. Wells Feeds Homeless”. Kate agrees that he should squeeze all the publicity he can out of the “charity” act. His phone rings and he walks outside to take the call. E.J. knows it is Patrick and he is furious with him. He thought he made it very clear that he was NEVER to call him again; he was to send messages through Shawn. Patrick tells him that he can’t reach Shawn and he has important news that cannot wait. E.J. doesn’t care and informs him never to call him again. He hangs up on him. Bonnie comes out and she wonders why Patrick is so jumpy. Again, he brings up his missing money, but she plays it off by saying that he probably misplaced it. She rambles on and he stops her, insisting that his money was stolen, and he believes that she took it. She wants to know how he could think such a thing about her because she has cleaned up her act. He doesn’t believe her and tells her that she would sell out any of her children for the right price. This comment makes her angry so she tells him if he really needs money then he should get a 9 to 5 job and she turns and walks out slamming the door behind her. On her way out, she runs into Bo. She tells him that Patrick is inside as she is leaving. Bo knocks and walks in when Patrick opens the door. Patrick threatens to call the police and reminds him that he has a restraining order against him. Bo tells him that Hope is HIS wife and he demands that he stay the h*ll away from her.

Willow and Shawn discuss the convertible he wants to buy when there is a knock at the door. She starts to hide, but Shawn stops her. She asks what if it is Belle, and he tells her that she is going to have to find out sooner or later and she might as well find out now. She follows him to the door and it is E.J.; he immediately tells him if he wants to keep his job, he had better improve his work ethic.

Chelsea, Nick, and Abby are having dinner together at Chez Rouge, and Chelsea has just finished telling them what happened today and that Bo broke her computer. Abby tells her that she is probably getting what she deserves because she does bad things, and then she just whines and complains. Chelsea wonders what she is going to do without a computer because she feels like she is completely cut off from the world. Abby tells her to buy a new one, but Chelsea whines that she doesn’t have any money. Abby’s answer is for her to get a job until Nick blurts out that he has a laptop that he doesn’t use. He agrees to let her use it and she tells him that he is awesome. This makes him feel good and he jumps right up and asks if she would like him to leave now and get it for her. She does and kisses him on the cheek. He leaves and Abby just stares at Chelsea. She tells Chelsea not to mess with his head because he is her cousin, not to mention that he is a decent guy; he doesn’t deserve the Chelsea treatment. Chelsea is offended and wants to know what she means by that. Abby tells her she is talking about her “use them and loose them” attitude.

E.J. walks into Shawn’s apartment and comments on how nice it is as well all the other nice things he has bought. Shawn says that he knows why he is here, but before he can say anything else, E.J. tells him that he provided him with everything he has now and has also given him orders to follow. He says, “And what do you do? You fall down on the job.” He tells Shawn that he has disappointed him tremendously. Shawn says it is complicated, but E.J. disagrees. He tells him that he hasn’t been answering Patrick’s calls and if he doesn’t have a good explanation, he is fired.

Billie tells Hope that she could strangle Chelsea for upsetting her like this over nothing. She tries to explain that she was upset over Steve and went to talk to Bo and that was all. Hope tells her that Chelsea didn’t send her a picture of the two of them talking. Billie promises that it isn’t what it looks like, and reminds her how hurt Bo is that she is having Patrick’s baby. Hope comments that he found comfort in her arms and thanks Billie for reminding her of that again. Billie promises her again that they didn’t do anything, but Hope says that both of them were undressed and asks her not to insult her intelligence. Again, Billie tells her that they are only friends and not lovers. Hope says that is funny because she doesn’t lie around necked with her friends. Billie begs her to believe her, but Hope doesn’t know what to think or who to believe anymore; she does tell her that she definitely doesn’t trust or believe her though. She says if Bo hurts Patrick and breaks his promise to her again she won’t be able to trust him either.

Patrick urges Bo to start throwing punches so he can have him thrown in jail. Bo says that a lot of men would do just that if another man got their wife pregnant, but he isn’t here to do that. He just wants to talk about Hope and her situation. He says that he will not be denied access to his child, but that doesn’t include him hanging around his wife. He tells Patrick that they will work out visitation after the baby is born, but reminds him that he and Hope are back together and they don’t want him in their lives. He tells him to be a man and stay away from them.

Willow leaves E.J. and Shawn to talk. As soon as she is gone, E.J. wants to know why he hasn’t been answering Patrick’s calls. Shawn tells him that he calls all the time; sometimes in the middle of the night and doesn’t even pay him half the time. He says since he stopped paying him, he stopped answering his calls. He says that he knows that sounds lame, but he figured since he (E.J.) wasn’t paying him either, he job was finished. E.J. apologizes for coming down so hard on him since he explained what has been happening and gives him the money that he is owed. He tells Shawn if he ever has another problem with Patrick to come to him. Shawn wants to know if everything goes back to normal, and E.J. says he has to have a little chat with Patrick first, but everything will go back to normal; he will continue making deliveries. E.J. starts to leave, but Shawn stops him, telling him that he saw his press conference on television and he is glad he was cleared of all wrongdoing. E.J. wishes he could convince his father of that, but Shawn says once he gets his head stuck on something, there is no convincing him otherwise. He also adds that lately Bo has been on the wrong side of everything. E.J. is glad to have Shawn on his side and he leaves. Shawn counts the money and Willow comes out with her eyes focused on the money. Shawn says that she is looking at the down payment on his new convertible. She jumps in his arms with joy.

Chelsea wants to know what Abby’s problem is because she is only taking Nick up on his offer to use his computer. That isn’t what makes Abby mad, it is the kiss on the cheek that she gave Nick. Abby accuses her of playing him and says that he doesn’t even realize what she is doing. Chelsea says that Nick does nice things for her and she doesn’t treat him like the geek that he really is; nobody looses. Abby insists that Nick is the one that looses because he has a huge crush on her.

Billie doesn’t believe for one minute that Bo will go after Patrick. Hope is having a hard time trusting Bo right now, especially after seeing this photo and she is worried of what he might do. Billie wonders if she’s tried his cell phone, but Hope asks her to please leave so she can be alone. Before Billie leaves, she tells Hope that she is sorry. Hope tries to call Bo once again.

Patrick asks Bo if he thinks he is better than him and reminds him that he cheated on his wife. He holds up the photo and Bo tells him that he did not sleep with Billie, but Patrick asks if he really thinks Hope will believe that. Patrick’s cell phone rings and Bo slaps it out of his hands when he picks it up. He tells Patrick that there is a new set of rules now; if he wants to see how the pregnancy is going then he needs to call Hope, and if she wants to talk to him she will pick up. If she doesn’t answer, he warns him not to show up at their house. Patrick asks if that is what Hope wants and Bo tells him that Hope wants their marriage to work and that is why he is going to her doctor’s appointments with her from now on. Patrick insists that it isn’t his baby, but Bo tells him that Hope is his wife and he doesn’t want him anywhere near her unless he is there. Before Bo leaves, he tells Patrick that the authorities know what he and E.J. are up to and promises that everyone else will know before this is over. When Bo walks out, Patrick slams the door and locks it. E.J. has come in from the back and says, “Oh Patrick. Locking the door isn’t going to keep out the bad guys.”

Billie comes to Kate’s office and lays down the photo Chelsea took of her and Bo. Kate thought things were over between her and Bo. Billie insists they are over and explains what happened that day. Kate wonders if people are going to believe that, and Billie tells her if she doesn’t believe her then no one will. Billie tells her that Chelsea took it and sent it to Hope and Steve. Kate comments that Chelsea really does a number when she wants something, but Billie scolds her for encouraging her. She tells her that Chelsea is ruining her and Bo’s life. Kate wants to know if Hope overreacted like she usually does, and laughs. Billie asks if she is the one that put Chelsea up to this, but Kate adamantly denies having any part in this. Billie tells her that Chelsea is completely out of control and she needs her help. Kate doesn’t want to get into this, but Billie knows that Chelsea idolizes her and she is the only one that can get through to her.

Chelsea can’t believe that Nick has a crush on her, and wants to know when this happened. Abby tells her that it started the first night he met her at Dune. Chelsea is amused and says that she can’t understand why he feels like this because she treats him the same way she would treat toe fungus. Abby tells her that he has a different ego than most guys and he finds her exciting. Chelsea smiles and says that is so sweet, and useful. This comment disappoints Abby, but before she can say anything, Nick comes back with the laptop. He is out of breath from hurrying and she comments on how much she loves it. He tells her not to destroy it, and she kisses him, telling him that he is okay for a geek. This excites him and he fumbles around with his words. Chelsea takes the computer and leaves. He is excited and asks Abby if she heard what Chelsea just said to him. She did, and she asks him the same question in return, with a frown on her face.

Patrick asks E.J. how he got in his house, and as E.J. takes off his coat, he says that he came in through the bedroom window. You can see the anger in his face and says that he is trying to keep their relationship a secret and asks him what the h*ll is his problem. Patrick says the only reason he called is because Shawn wouldn’t answer his phone and he needed to talk to him. E.J. informs him the reason Shawn stopped answering his phone is because he stopped paying him, and says that he went to Shawn’s earlier to chew him and found out he was chewing the wrong man. Patrick says that someone stole his money, but E.J. has no sympathy, and asks him if he thinks he can jeopardize their whole operation. Patrick tells him that he needs a few thousand dollars; E.J. pulls the money out of his pocket and hands it to him, telling him that he is an embarrassment. Patrick turns his back to E.J. and counts his money and has no idea that E.J. has just taken off his belt and wrapped it around his hand; still talking about his day. He walks up to Patrick and knocks him down.

Bo comes home calling out for Hope but she isn’t there. He wads up the photo of him and Billie and throws it across the room.

Shawn and Willow get dressed for a night out on the town when there is another knock at the door. It is Hope and she is asking if he has seen his father. Hope looks at Willow and she (Willow) walks off. Hope tells Shawn about the photo Chelsea e mailed to her. Shawn says that he would love to help her but he doesn’t understand Bo anymore. Hope’s cell phone rings and its Patrick begging her to come help him. Hope runs off and Patrick grabs the bloody money and puts it in his pocket.

Billie continues to beg Kate to help her with Chelsea. When Kate tells Billie that children never give up on their dreams, Billie says that she never gave up hope looking for Chelsea, but then says that sometimes she wonders why. Chelsea comes in the office smiling and sporting her new laptop. Billie wants to know who she stole it from, but Chelsea says it was a gift/loan from Nick since her father destroyed her computer. Billie scolds her for what she did, but Kate steps in and asks to speak to Chelsea alone. Billie agrees and angrily tells Chelsea that she will see her at home. Chelsea sits down and tells Kate, “Who is she to lecture me?” Kate holds up the photo and asks if she is responsible for this, to which, Chelsea gladly accepts the credit. She jumps up and explains her case and says that she sure hope she isn’t against her on this. Kate admits that Billie wanted her to talk to her about this, but tells Chelsea that she doesn’t think Billie is going to like what she has to say to her. Kate knows that Chelsea was upset before, because her plans failed miserably, but says that she never realized just how gutsy and ambitious she really is. Chelsea smiles and Kate congratulates her and tells her that was a job well done.

Abby tells Nick to get a life and informs him that Chelsea is selfish and self involved. He is smug and tells her that he knows just what she is talking about. She doesn’t think he really does get it because Chelsea is mean to him. Nick sits up and tells Abby that Chelsea doesn’t know he exists outside of his usefulness to her during a crisis. She asks him if he does understand that Chelsea is using him, and he tells her that he is aware of this fact. She wants to know why this makes him happy, and he tells her that one day, he will hit the right “combination” and Chelsea will finally notice him and realize what she has been missing out on. Abby can’t believe that he is serious, but he is, and says that he can’t help it; he dreams about her and promises that he will get her. He has to leave, but tells Abby that she will see.

Hope rushes into Patrick’s house and finds him bloody and beaten on the floor. He tells her that Bo did this to him and tried to kill him. Bonnie runs in and falls on the floor and screams at Hope because she assumes that Bo did this as well. Bonnie calls 911 and asks for an ambulance and the police because someone beat the crap out of her son.

Kate tells Chelsea that she is a diamond in the rough; she has street smarts just like she did. She does tell her that she is going about things the wrong way because she has no allies, only enemies. Kate tells her that she is her ally privately, but if she screws up publicly, she will deny all ties to her and her schemes. She wants her to focus and fly under the radar and tells her that no one needs to know what she is up to until it is too late. Kate wants her to start a blog on her computer to release her frustrations. She also tells her if she doesn’t smooth out the rough edges, she will spend her life all alone.

Shawn and Willow are taking a joy ride in his new convertible. He asks where she wants to go and she chooses Chez Rouge.

Patrick is in the hospital being treated while Bonnie encourages him to sue the Brady’s. He calls out for Hope, but she is on the phone outside in the waiting room. She is on the phone with Bo and she is fussing at him, but she is vague, and he has no idea what she is talking about. She tells him that she is at the hospital with Patrick and Bo is upset because he says that he told Patrick that he would be the one going to the hospital with her. She tells him not to act like he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Bonnie walks up behind her and tells her that Patrick is asking for her. Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t know who he is anymore and warns him that he should get a good lawyer. He tries to ask what is going on but she hangs up on him.

Billie comes home to find the house a wreck and then she sees blood on the floor. She calls Bo immediately and tells him about all the blood and the note left by Bonnie saying that she took Patrick to the hospital.

E.J. comes in to see Kate and she notices that his appearance is a bit unorganized. They get close and he suggests they go back to his place. She thinks it’s too far and suggests they stay here.

Chelsea is in her bedroom and has set up her computer with a camera on it. She sits on the bed and talks to it. She confesses all her feelings, and on another computer, Nick watches her; live.

Patrick explains his injuries to Hope and comments that Bo has probably left town. He plays on her affections saying that he has no one and she agrees to stay with him.

Bo is still on the phone with Billie telling her that Hope just called him from the hospital and asks her what is going on. Billie only knows that something bad has happened and then Bo’s doorbell rings. There is an officer at the door that says he is here to arrest him.

Willow and Shawn dine together and she tells him that she can’t believe that she is having escargot. He tells her to order whatever she wants because he has enough money in his wallet to order whatever anything on the menu. Abby walks up to their table to tell Shawn that his father needs to speak to him. Shawn is angry and asks why he can’t just leave him alone. Abby tells him that Bo has been arrested and needs his help.

Previews for tomorrow:

Max: Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing, okay?

Abby: If that's true, then why do you seem like you don't have a clue that Mimi's starting to fall for you?

Abe: We are done talking about E.J. Wells. It's over. Now, do I make myself clear?

E.J.: I'm not beyond forgiveness, am I?

Hope: I can't continue on this ride with you any longer. It's over.

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