Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/24/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie, Abe, and Theo share a Thanksgiving evening together at their home. Theo runs off to his room, and Lexie tells Abe how thankful she is to have him home again. She notices something is bothering him and asks him to confide in her. He tells her that it’s the “black glove” crimes. He talks about E.J. and Patrick and tells her all about E.J.’s on air accusations about the Salem P.D. The D.A. has forbidden them from pursuing their investigation against E.J. any farther. She wants to help him, so he tells her that he needs to speak to her mother Celeste.

Billie and Kate get ready for their Thanksgiving dinner. Kate tells her that she invited Lucas and Will, but Sami is cooking and Lucas wants to eat their first. Billie is glad to hear that Will is able to spend the holiday with both his parents. Chelsea comes out and shows off her new dress while Billie tells Kate that Bo invited her to the Brady family Thanksgiving dinner. She remembers that she forgot call to thank Bo for inviting her, so she picks up the phone to call him. Chelsea finally comes clean and tells Billie that it wasn’t Bo that invited her; it was Nick Fallon. Billie immediately asks her if she’s crashing the Brady’s dinner, and she is angry.

Abby has just told Maggie that Nick invited Chelsea to the Brady’s today. Maggie is concerned, but Abby tells her that Chelsea isn’t going there to “crash” the dinner; she just wants to be a part of the family. Abby tells her that she took Nick shopping to change his image. She calls for him to come downstairs to present himself. He comes down and he is dressed in a suit and wearing contact lenses. He looks really nice.

The table is set and Caroline is adding the finishing touches as Bo comes in. Shawn Sr. comes out and Bo and Stephanie make their way through the door. Stephanie announces how happy she is and how all her dreams are coming true. Bo wonders if they did the right thing by giving Steve written papers of memories, but Hope reminds him that is why Kayla is alive today. Hope invites Bo to rejoin her in her bed starting tonight. He gladly accepts the invitation.

Chelsea promises that she isn’t “crashing” the Brady’s dinner; she’s going as a guest. Kate agrees and says that is a good way to get what you want. Billie scolds her for that comment and asks Chelsea if Nick has any idea as to why Chelsea isn’t welcome there. Chelsea says that it isn’t any of his business anyway. Billie reminds her that this is Bo and Hope’s first Thanksgiving together since Zack died. She asks her to be sensitive to how they feel, and tells her that it will not make them happy to see her sitting there. Chelsea demands that she is part of that family too and has every right to be there just as the doorbell rings. She opens the door to Nick and is shocked to see him in different attire. As he walks through the door, he falls and quickly jumps back up.

Lexie wonders why her mother would be a part of this investigation, and Abe tells her about finding the tarot cards in E.J.’s safe deposit box. He knows the cards mean something, but Celeste told him that they mean nothing. He noticed that Celeste became very uncomfortable when she saw the cards and he feels like she’s hiding something and could possibly be scared of someone. He wants Lexie to talk to her because he thinks she could be the only one that can help them right now. She agrees to talk to her, and Abe leaves because he thinks she may have better luck convincing Celeste if he isn’t around.

Hope and Bo stay close together and she rubs and touches him while she tells him that Patrick isn’t part of her life anymore. Bo pulls her into a huge kiss just as Chelsea and Nick come in the door. Abby comes in as Chelsea is hanging up her coat. Nick announces to Bo and Hope that he brought Chelsea as his date. Chelsea tells Hope “Happy Thanksgiving”and she hugs Bo. After they walk off, Bo looks at Hope and she promises him that she is okay before he can say anything. Chelsea thanks Caroline for letting her stay and Caroline says that is it fine as long as she behaves herself. Chelsea slurs Caroline after she walks off which upsets Abby. She tells Chelsea that her parents aren’t here, and if it weren’t for the Brady’s, she’d be spending Thanksgiving alone this year. She tells Chelsea to be nice; it’s called gratitude and she should try it sometime. She walks off and leaves Chelsea standing there with Nick. Nick tells Chelsea that is a good way to win friends and influence enemies. Chelsea whines that they never give her a chance. He tells her THIS is her chance and warns her not to blow it.

Bo tells Hope that he talked to Shawn and he is mad at him because he thinks his boss is scum. He tells her not to be surprised if Shawn doesn’t show up today. She tells him that it’s not his fault, and tells Bo that Shawn has to make his own mistakes. Max comes in the door with Mimi and Max tells the crowd that her family isn’t doing Thanksgiving and he invited her to come with him. Caroline is the first one to welcome Mimi, which surprises her, and tells her that she could never turn her away as he hugs her. Mimi walks up to Bo and Hope and says that she wishes she had told them about Claire because she knows it may have helped them knowing that Zack’s liver saved their grandchild. She tells them that she is sorry.

Celeste comes to Lexie’s and Lexie gets right to the point; she asks her again to help Abe with the investigation. Celeste tells her that she will give her the same answer as she gave Abe; no. Lexie says that being brave means doing the right thing, even when you are scared. She tells Celeste that she taught her that a long time ago. Celeste is nervous and says she must leave now. Lexie tries to stop her and asks her to do it for Theo, and asks her how she thinks Theo will feel if his father gets fired because his grandmother won’t help. Celeste tells Lexie that she has no idea what this is about and she is trying to protect Theo the best way she knows how. Lexie notices that Celeste is shaking from fear and begs her to tell her what is going on.

Kate talks and Billie picks at her food. Kate notices that Billie couldn’t have been listening to anything she has been saying, and asks her what is on her mind. Her answer is Steve, and she tells Kate that she received a message from him telling her that he didn’t really get his memory back. They discuss the situation and Billie tells her that he said he still has feelings for her; Kate wants to know what she is going to do. Billie says she isn’t going to do anything, but Kate asks her what the point is in being alone when she has the chance at happiness. She tells her to go after Steve.

Chelsea has a pissy look on her face, and makes a slurring remark towards Stephanie as she walks by. Nick tells her that jealousy is a trap, but Chelsea demands that she isn’t jealous of Stephanie. She sees Abby and stops to talk to her. She sees Bo and Hope and her face gets even longer. Max makes his way over to talk to Bo, and Bo comments on the “two” surprises they have here today. When Mimi is mentioned, Max promises that they are just friends, but Bo warns him to be careful because she is a Lockhart. Max sees Nick and asks him to help him find a photographer because he isn’t returning any of their messages. They explain about seeing who they thought was Phillip in one of the pictures he took. Nick tells them to leave a message that the guy can’t refuse; something about being a rep. from a journalism school and giving out prize money for war coverage. Abby asks Nick how he learned to be so sneaky and looks at Chelsea. Chelsea defends herself, saying that she hasn’t been teaching him anything. Nick says that she has taught him that the ends do justify the means. Steve wheels Kayla into the pub and Stephanie rushes to her. Stephanie tells Steve that the three of them are going to be so happy together and throws herself on him delivering a huge hug. Steve and Hope exchange stares. Frankie takes pictures and everyone demands a speech from Kayla. She tells them about Steve coming after her, and with him by her side, she can do anything. Bo announces that Nick helped save Kayla and they all make a toast to him. Nick says that he didn’t save Kayla’s life; her family did. He says that they all prayed and never left the hospital. He tells them that he is used to science and he has never seen “love” ever pull anybody back from the edge. He wants to read them a quote that the governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry, once said: “Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” He tells him that he is blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family for Thanksgiving and thanks them. He notices Chelsea is getting her coat to leave and rushes over to find out why. She says that she has been trying to get her family to accept her and they just pulled him in like some long lost brother. He tells her that this is a very emotional time for the Brady’s and especially for Bo and Hope; this is the first Thanksgiving without Zack. Chelsea says she knows that and asks him how he thinks she feels about that because she feels bad every time she looks at them. He tells her that is true; she never tells anyone how she feels and no one knows her because of that. Chelsea goes straight over to Hope, and tears well up in her eyes. She tells her first that she’s glad Kayla is okay, and she knows it’s her fault that Zack isn’t here and she is sorry….Steve interrupts and asks to speak to Hope alone. Hope excuses herself and Chelsea starts to cry and she runs off. Abby tells him to let her go.

Celeste didn’t want to involve the three of them. Lexie asks again for her to tell her what is going on. Celeste tells her that she knows who she is and where she came from. Lexie says, “Oh no.” and covers her mouth with her hands. Celeste tells her that she can never escape who she is. Abe comes down the hall and overhears Celeste tell Lexie that the Dimera’s are behind the bad things that are happening in Salem. Abe walks into the room and Celeste realizes he heard everything. Celeste gets up to leave, but Abe tells her that she can’t run away. She refuses to be running away, just protecting herself and her family. He asks her to tell him who threatened her and offers her protection. She laughs at him and says, “From the Dimera family. There is no place to hide.” She tells him the best way to stay safe is to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. He reminds her of all the attempts on the Brady’s, but she tells him to think about his family that waits for him at home. He tells her that they have to fight back, but she says that she’s seen what happens to those that fight back. She refuses to help him as Theo comes out of the kitchen. Lexie looks at Celeste and tells her to tell Theo that his grandmother helps bad guys.

As Steve and Hope walk outside, he asks her if she told Billie that he didn’t really remember Kayla. She tells him that she did as he asked, and tells him that Billie is worried about his family, and that she is worried how Kayla and Stephanie will react when they find out the truth. She also tells him that Billie feels the same way she has always felt about him. Hope wants to know if she is going to have to play “go between” with him and Billie while he plays “family man” with Kayla and Stephanie. She tells him that Kayla loves him and he has to find a way to tell them the truth without breaking their hearts. He promises that he will do something, but asks her not to say anything right now. He asks to borrow her phone and she hands it to him, warning him not to be long. He calls Billie and asks to see her tomorrow. He says that he is confused too, but needs time to explain. He tells her that he misses her as Stephanie walks outside and hears him. She asks him who he misses. He tells her that it was her uncle Jack. They go inside to eat with everyone else. Shawn Sr. stops everyone to tell everyone that Frankie has an announcement. He stands up and tells everyone that he is moving to D.C. Max stands up and toasts him and everyone “digs” into the food. Hope sits next to Steve and tells him that she knows he called Billie.

Kate is pleased that Billie decided to see Steve, but Billie isn’t so sure. She wonders if this is going to be another relationship like the one she shared with Bo; good enough for the bedroom, but not for life. Kate says that she has lost the will to fight and that’s what is wrong with her. She reminds Billie that he took time out with the Brady’s to call her and she believes Billie will win in the end.

Celeste tells Theo that she has to leave, and she hugs him. Lexie asks her to stay because this is Thanksgiving and she belongs with family; Abe asks her to stay too. She accepts the invitation and decides to stay.

Kayla tells the family that she read a passage in a book called things worth fighting for, and it made her think of her family. She says happiness comes from not being perfect, but from the simple things; about each of them accepting each other for who they are and for being thankful. She personally feels thankful for all of them fighting for her and for being home with Steve and Stephanie; she feels so blessed.

Chelsea bursts through the door at Kate’s and screams that she hates all of them; all the Brady’s, but most of all Hope. She says she tried to be nice to everyone and she tried to apologize to Hope, but she ignored her and went off with the “pirate”. Kate tells Chelsea that Steve called Kayla, but Chelsea mentions Billie and Bo in bed together and wonders why she would want to see Steve. Billie tells her again that nothing happened between her and Bo. Chelsea tells Billie that Steve will never leave his wife or daughter and to face it. Kate tells her not to talk to her mother that way, but Chelsea says it’s so frustrating because Billie passed on them being a family together. Billie says that she does not want to be married to her father. Chelsea tells her that she only thinks of herself and no one else. Kate demands that Chelsea leave and not come back until she can learn to hold her tongue. Chelsea tells Billie that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anyway. After she leaves, Kate tells Billie that Chelsea needs to grow up; every time she doesn’t get what she wants, everyone has to pay. Billie reminds Kate that she is the one who told her to go after whatever she wants and to do whatever it takes to get it. Chelsea picks up her phone and sends the picture she took of Billie and Bo in bed to Hope and Steve.

Previews for Monday:

Belle: I have hurt Philip as badly as I could. And all I can do is take my anger out on Shawn.

Shawn D.: You know I don't think belle is gonna be stopping by anymore. I don't think she wants to have anything to do with me.

Max: So, let's start making some calls and searching the internet to find out what happened to Andrew Spivey, A.K.A. Philip Kiriakis.

Bo: We got to crack this thing before someone we love winds up dead.

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