Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/22/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Belle has come to the garage to show Max the newspaper with the picture of the group of Marines sent off to war. She wants to know if he thinks one of the men is Phillip.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor comes into Phillip’s room to help him with the pain he is experiencing.

Nick, Chelsea, Abby and Mimi are helping Maggie prepare Thanksgiving decorations at Chez Rouge. Maggie brings Nick an envelope containing an invitation from Shawn Sr. inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner with the Brady’s. They mention in the invitation that they were so thankful for his help in curing Kayla, they want to share this day with him. Chelsea is upset and didn’t know anything about Nick helping Kayla. Abby notices that Mimi is upset, and when she asks her what is wrong, Mimi says that she’s upset about not getting an invitation from the Brady’s; not that she expected one anyway. Chelsea has made her way over to Abby after Mimi walked off, and she is mad because she is Bo’s daughter and she didn’t even get an invitation.

Shawn is on the phone finalizing arrangements to test drive a new car when there is a knock at the door. Bo comes in and comments on his recent purchases; new apartment and soon a new car. He came to talk to him about E.J. and to tell him that the authorities are closing in on him because he is the prime suspect in the black gloved crimes against the Brady’s. Bo doesn’t want Shawn to get caught up in it when it goes down and he asks him to walk away and quit his job.

Kate walks in on E.J. at their television station right before he goes on the air to tell everyone about the false allegations the Salem Police department have placed on him. She is upset because he didn’t clear it with her first, but he is determined to clear his name and he wants her to stick around to hear his side of the story.

Shawn Sr. and Caroline, along with Hope and Frankie, are at the Pub getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast. Billie comes in because Hope has called her for a meeting. She and Hope sit down and Hope tells her that she has a message from Steve, but Billie tells her that she isn’t interested in hearing it.

Chelsea thinks it is unfair that Nick has been invited to the Brady’s for Thanksgiving and she hasn’t. Abby tries to explain to her that Bo is upset with her right now because she is always trying to push him and Billie together. Maggie hears the conversation, hugs Chelsea, and tells her just because she thinks two people belong together doesn’t mean that they do. She says that the Brady’s are a wonderful group of people, but she doesn’t think they can live up to the expectations that Chelsea places on them. Maggie has to leave, but thanks everyone for their help. Mimi tells Chelsea that Maggie was right; family isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. She says that she was married to a Brady and they aren’t one big happy family all the time. Nick suggests to Chelsea that she get her own life together so she won’t be obsessed with what her parents are doing all the time.

Shawn laughs at Bo’s accusations that E.J. could be the black glove. He wants to know what kind of hard evidence that he has against him. Bo says that he can’t discuss the case, and Shawn laughs again. He tells Bo that he always tries to bring down whoever is standing in his way; first Patrick and now E.J. Bo warns him that he doesn’t want to answer to him or the Salem P.D. when this goes down. He promises to prove that he is right about E.J. Shawn agrees to quit if he is able to prove it and picks up the paper like it’s (Bo’s accusations) no big deal. Bo jerks the paper out of his hands and demands that E.J. is dangerous and he is afraid that he might decide to go after Shawn to get back at him.

Abe has brought Celeste into the station to read the tarot cards they found in E.J.’s safe deposit box. They are written in Italian and he has no idea what they mean. He tells her that they are connected to E.J. Wells and asks her if she will help him.

Belle explains about Kate giving her the paper and that she too believes this is a picture of Phillip. She also tells him that Victor doesn’t think it is him. Max says it kind of looks like him, but he doesn’t think its Phillip either. He wonders why Victor wouldn’t be able to find out if he had been enlisted. Belle tells him that Kate insists Victor knows more about Phillip’s whereabouts than he is telling everyone. Belle is worried about Phillip and blames herself for his being over there. Max tries to convince her that she isn’t at fault and that she didn’t have any idea that he would even leave town to begin with. She says if anything happens to Phillip, what is she going to tell her daughter that still asks for him everyday. Max tells her not to jump to conclusions because she has no idea if this really is Phillip. He thinks there are two people close to Phillip that they could talk to that could help confirm the picture; Shawn and Mimi.

Chelsea tells Nick that he had no right to talk to her like that; she lost her adoptive parents in a car accident and all she wants is a real family. He knows she’s 19 and asks her why she isn’t working or going to college, and tells her that she should have her own apartment or at least be sharing one with someone. He also tells her that she needs a boyfriend to keep her from chewing her fingernails all the time worried about what her parents are doing. He tells her to get over it; they don’t want to be together. She runs out of the room.

Frankie walks up to Caroline and Shawn Sr. to tell them that he has been offered a great job in D.C. Since Kayla is better, he has accepted the offer and will be leaving within a week.

Billie tells Hope that she is thrilled that he and Kayla are better and that he remembers her. She says that he doesn’t own her anything and she doesn’t want to complicate anything for them. Hope tells her that he doesn’t really remember Kayla.

Shawn explains to Bo that he can’t quit his job because he needs the money to help take care of Belle and Claire. He hopes to regain her trust again. Bo says that he has lost his badge and his gun, and if E.J. decides to come after him, he will not be able to protect him. Shawn says they have an understanding and he will be fine. Bo gets a call, and as Shawn refuses to take his advice, he leaves

Celeste tells Abe that they are tarot cards, and outside of a reading, they tell her nothing. He says that E.J. thinks they are important enough to him to keep in a safe deposit box so they must mean something. She says that you just can’t point to one of them and assume it means something; there is a lot more involved. He asks her if she is afraid of someone as Roman opens the door and tells Abe that he has to come out here and see this. They watch E.J. on television telling everyone everything that Salem P.D. has done to him and that he is completely innocent; his rights have been violated. E.J.’s attorney speaks and says that E.J.’s name has been drug through the mud and they have contacted the state’s attorney and the Salem D.A.’s office to announce that they have launched a $40 million lawsuit against the Salem Police Department and for co-respondents; commissioner Abe Carver, commander Roman Brady, suspended detective Bo Brady, and John Black for violating Mr. Well’s constitutional rights. He says that they conducted illegal acts of search and seizure, and also have a history of planting evidence and bullying suspects. Abe tells them to turn off the T.V. and Bo comes in to hear the news of E.J.’s lawsuit. Abe is upset and says that he knew better than to let him and John break into his safe deposit box. Bo tells Abe to calm down because they know he is guilty and to let him go ahead and sue. An officer reports to Abe that the D.A. is on her way up to see him and she didn’t sound too happy.

Chelsea and Abby come back into Chez Rouge to finish their decorations. Nick apologizes to Chelsea for the things he said to her and tells her that it is none of his business how she lives her life. She has been crying, and she agrees that her life is none of his business and asks him to stay away from her. She walks off and Abby tells her that Nick was only trying to help her; the same way he did at dune. Chelsea walks back over to Nick and says since he is so smart and able to solve problems; she needs him to tell her how to get her father to invite her to join him and the rest of his family at the Brady Thanksgiving. He tells her that he has the perfect solution; she comes as his guest.

Billie doesn’t understand what Hope is saying because she heard Steve talking to Kayla about their life together. Hope tells her that he was reciting memories that she and Bo had written down for him at his request. Billie says that she heard him tell Kayla that he still loved her and needed her. Hope tells her that Steve was telling Kayla what she needed to hear to get well and it worked. She says that he did remember some things, but that he doesn’t have the emotional connection to go with the memories. Billie realizes that this has all been an act and a lie and asks Hope how he could do that to Kayla.

Shawn Sr. asks Frankie to please wait until after Christmas, but Frankie says that he has already stayed longer than he meant to; he has to get away from the memories here. Shawn Sr. tells Frankie that it sounds like he is running away.

Mimi hands the paper back to Max and says that there is no way they would let Phillip back into the military with a prosthetic leg. Belle says as long as he is willing and able to fight they will find a place for him and says that it terrifies her. Shawn hands the paper to Max after hearing Belle’s comment and walks toward her. He asks her why it upsets her so much because this was Phillip’s decision. He says he may sound selfish, but he resents the fact that he is the one that took off and now he’s got everybody sitting here worried about him. He tells Belle that he went over there once to save him and he sure as hell isn’t going to do it again.

After E.J.’s T.V. stunt is over and everyone leaves, Kate decides it is time to leave as well. E.J. stops her and wants to ask a question. He asks if she is the one that went through his apartment at John Black’s request. She acts like she doesn’t know what he is talking about, but he says he left to meet John Black before she did that day. He accuses her of never leaving behind him; instead, she stayed and ransacked his apartment. He tells her that it is okay, and even though he knows they were together at one time, he can’t believe that she would take his word over his now. (He is playing on her sympathy) She starts to speak, but he stops her, telling her that they are partners in “many” ways, and surely she knows what kind of man he is. She tells him that John thought she would find incriminating evidence in his apartment and she was hoping that she wouldn’t, but she did find the ring that is a sign of the Dimera’s. E.J. tells her that was a fraternity ring and he doesn’t even know who the Dimera’s are. She tells him that she was involved with Stephano a long time ago and it isn’t something she wants to revisit. She turns away from him and he notices that she must be afraid of them. He denies knowing these people and insists that he has done nothing wrong. She says that she is sorry. He tells her that he is sorry and he isn’t mad at her; its John Black that he is mad at. He wants them to go back to being friends. He pulls her close.

Belle can’t believe that Shawn could talk about Phillip this way because he was supposed to be his best friend. Shawn tells her that Phillip grew up with the money and power of Victor Kiriakis and that is why he is being so selfish. Belle says that she knows Phillip, and if he did go back over there, it was because he believes in serving his country. Shawn says that he walked out of Claire’s life without even saying a word and asks her how she can stand here and defend him. Belle wonders why he can’t defend him.

Victor asks Phillip if he’s feeling better, but he says nothing, he only reaches for a picture of Claire. Victor puts his hand on Phillip’s and promises that he is working on a plan to make his dream come true. In the meantime, his presence here has to remain a secret. There is a knock at the door and Victor says, “Finally.”

Frankie says that he is just moving on and he likes D.C. Shawn Sr. worries because he won’t have his family there to support him.

Billie tells Hope that she overheard Steve telling Kayla that they would be together forever. Hope says that he was trying to do the right thing by Kayla and it worked; he saved her life. Hope says that Steve told her that he still had feelings for her.

Belle is upset with Shawn and tells him that bringing him in on this was obviously a mistake so she is going to go get Claire. Shawn runs out after her, and Mimi tells Max that even though both of them hate her, she is going to go make sure they don’t kill each other.

Frankie tells his mother and father that after he gets settled, maybe he will meet someone new. He hopes he can find what the two of them have and asks for their blessings.

Billie tells Hope that she has been doing everything she can to get Steve out of her head. Hope still thinks she should talk to him and tell him how she feels. Billie wonders why Hope is doing this because Kayla is her friend and sister-in-law, and she asks if she really wants her to screw this up for Kayla. Hope thinks if there is unfinished business with her and Steve, it would be better for everyone if it was resolved now. She is just doing this for Steve because he is her friend and if it weren’t for him, Kayla wouldn’t be alive right now. Billie thinks it may be something else; she thinks Hope is encouraging her to go after Steve out of fear that she and Bo may still end up together.

Abe hands over E.J.’s file to the D.A. She says that they do not have one solid thing on E.J. and that most of the evidence was acquired illegally. She slams the folder down on his desk and Roman says that everything they have on him isn’t in the file. She tells them that it looks like Wells has a good case against the Salem P.D.; heads are going to roll this time and she can’t do anything about it.

Chelsea asks if he considers her going with him to the Brady’s Thanksgiving as a date. He says that he will just consider her a guest and not a date. Chelsea comments, “Crashing my dad’s party on the arm of a geek.” He tells her that she could use the opportunity to talk to her dad, be nice to Hope, and maybe whine a little less than usual. She denies that she whines, but he says that she’s doing it right now. She agrees to go, but tells him to try his best not to dress like a looser. Abby scolds Nick.

Shawn stops Belle outside the garage to tell her that he is sorry if he made it sound like he was blaming Phillip. He says that it’s only now that he feels like he is getting to know his little girl, and the thoughts of him coming back scares him. Belle turns around and asks him how he thinks Phillip feels, and tells him that this isn’t all about him (Shawn). He knows it is about Claire and tells her that he is going to show her that it is best to have him in her life full time. Belle wants him to have a little bit of compassion for a man that has had his heart broken by everyone he loved most. She tells him that he is acting jealous because he is worried if Phillip comes back, he might get in his way with Claire or her. She tells him to grow up and walks off leaving him standing there. Mimi heard the whole conversation.

Shawn Sr. and Caroline give Frankie their blessings. He says that he will announce his plans during Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope smiles at Billie and tells her that Bo moved back home and she should know that she doesn’t play the kind of game that she just accused her of. Billie apologizes and tells Hope that she isn’t thinking clearly. Hope encourages her to talk to Steve for the both of them. Billie thanks Hope and then leaves the Pub. Outside, she smiles.

Abe, Roman, and Bo discuss their situation as E.J. and his lawyer come in the office. His lawyer tells them that his client is prepared to drop the $40 million lawsuit if the investigation against E.J. is brought to an end, and the case file is turned over to them. They also want Abe and Bo to go on the air and publicly announce that E.J. Wells is no longer a suspect; they have to admit that they acted hastily and without proper authorization. Bo says that there is no way they will do that because they all know he is guilty. The lawyer informs Bo that he has no say in this matter because he was suspended from his job. Roman tells Bo to keep his mouth shut, and Abe says that he doesn’t think they can do this. The lawyer tells him that they have 3 minutes to decide. Abe runs out of the office to see Celeste. He asks her if she can at least guess what those cards mean so he doesn’t have to let E.J. go; he needs something to fight with so that “scum” doesn’t walk away. Celeste looks over and sees E.J. staring at her through the window of the office and she tells Abe that she can’t help him.

Mimi walks back into the garage and asks Max to help her find Phillip. She thinks they could track down the photographer and find out if he knows for sure that was Phillip in the picture. He wants to know why she wants to do this. She tells him that she feels responsible for Phillip leaving too. If she can find out where he is then she can sort of redeem herself.

A nurse administers pain medication through Phillip’s I.V. Victor reminds the nurse to be discreet about their situation and not to tell anyone. Victor tells him to sleep and dream about holding his little girl in his arms and he promises to make it happen. He tells him that he has let him down in the past, but promises not to let it happen again.

Abby is upset with Nick for inviting Chelsea to the Brady’s Thanksgiving dinner, and she can’t believe that he even likes her. He tells her that Chelsea is different from any other girl he has ever met before. He asks her to help him get his “look” together so everyone will stop calling him a geek.

Billie and Chelsea have dinner together. Billie tells Chelsea about everything Hope told her about Steve and Kayla. Chelsea can’t believe that she even considers a relationship with Steve. Billie changes the subject and reminds her that Kate will be serving Thanksgiving dinner and she needs to be there. Chelsea tells her that she is going to the Brady’s, and that her father invited her. Billie is surprised.

Roman and Abe publicly apologize to E.J. on air. E.J. and Celeste walk out together and he asks her what she told them. She tells him that she said nothing. He reminds her that she is part of this family too, and tells her to keep her mouth shut. Kate rushes into the department after hearing about their on-air apology and smarts off at them for having turned her against her business partner without a shred of evidence to support their case. She tells them that she will never trust them or John again and storms off. The D.A. tells Abe that he may have just saved their jobs, but warns them to stay away from E.J. in the future. She tells them if they screw up again, she will clean house herself.

Previews for Friday:

Billie: I'm Billie. I'm Chelsea's mom. And you are?

Nick: [ Laughs ] Whew! Never better.

Hope: You should have talked to me about the investigation.

Bo: I didn't want to push it.

Hope: Then I'll push it. Back in my bed.

Stephanie: We are gonna be so happy -- you, me, and mom -- a family.

Celeste: One family has caused all that pain -- the Dimeras.

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