Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/20/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Sami has been painting Will’s room and he reminds her that he’s only going to be staying here a couple of days a week. He tells her that it is going to take more than redecorating his room to make him move back in with her. She wants him to know that she is working very hard to be someone that he can look up to. Will wonders how long it will take for her to convince his father to move back in with her too.

Victor gives Lucas instructions to pick someone up at the airport and hands him a piece of paper with the instructions. Lucas reads the paper and asks Victor who Dr. Hubert Weinstein is. Victor tells him that it is none of his business. Lucas agrees to do this, and also asks for a favor. He and Sami want to take Will on a ski trip, so he requests a few days off next week. Victor allows him to take the time off and tells him that he will be very busy after the doctor gets here anyway. As Victor opens the door for Lucas to leave, Kate walks up needing to talk to him (Vic). Lucas leaves and Kate hands Victor a copy of the San Diego Standard (newspaper). He wonders why she would have this paper, and she tells him that a client from San Diego left it on her desk. She points out an add in the paper and Victor reads it out loud, “Latest Marine battalion ships out from Camp Pendleton.” She believes that Phillip is among the soldiers pictures; he is in the back row, and she asks Victor if he doesn’t agree with her.

Willow walks around Shawn’s house in her under ware when she hears Belle call for Shawn. She hurries to hide behind a closet door and Belle comes inside carrying Claire. She notices that the door is unlocked, music is playing, and no one is home.

Shawn is making another delivery to E.J. After Shawn leaves, Patrick opens the envelope and it reads, “Bo knows about Eve. Cops are closing in.” He wads up the paper and throws it.

Roman and Abe called Bo in for a meeting. When he comes in the office, John and Tek are waiting there too. Bo thanks John again for helping Kayla and asks what is going on. John informs him that Tek made a discovery that E.J. has a safe deposit box at Salem Trust. Abe doesn’t believe that the judge will allow them to search the safe deposit box since it took so much convincing to get his phone records. It doesn’t faze John; he smiles and says that they will just do it without a warrant.

Sami wants Will to know that she and Lucas are working very hard to be the kind of parents that he needs. He asks her if she still loves Lucas, but she doesn’t think they should discuss this. Will says that he knows both of them are scared, but comments that there has to be some reason that they keep finding their way back to one another. Sami tells him that the reason for that is him (Will) and that he is the only reason Lucas even talks to her. Will tells her that he wouldn’t be so sure about that because he still has a feeling that things could possibly work out for them again; for all three of them. Will has to leave for school and he hugs and kisses her before as he leaves. There is a knock at the door, and when she opens it, E.J. is standing there smiling. She is surprised to see him and he pulls her into a kiss.

Abe asks if they are suggesting that they break into Well’s safety deposit box. Tek says that they wouldn’t really have to break inside because he has equipment that can give them a good idea of what’s inside without opening it. Abe is angry and tells all of them to hold up. He says the department is under enough scrutiny without adding fraud or illegal search to a list of their transgressions; he will not allow it. Tek tries to tell him if they do it right….Abe tells Tek that he is dismissed. This angers Tek and he says that he’s done all his lousy paperwork and finally finds a possible break in the case, and now he gets cut out. Abe tells him that he doesn’t need his opinion and tells him to leave. Roman walks out behind him. John tells Abe that they really need to see what is inside that box. He understands that he (Abe) can’t risk putting the department in jeopardy, and says that since he wouldn’t deputize him, he’s not on the force, therefore he can do this on his own.

Willow puts her clothes on behind the door as Shawn walks in and sees Belle and Claire. Belle tells him that they were in the neighborhood and decided to stop by to see him to bring him some pictures she had made of Claire. She was hoping he could help her pick out the ones she should order. Shawn thanks Belle so much for doing this for him. He says that it is going to be so hard to pick between the pictures because she is so beautiful in every one of them, and that she should be; she takes after her mother. Belle asks him if he was aware that he left the door unlocked and reminds him to be more careful, especially if Claire is going to be staying here. Shawn gets nervous and sees Willow behind the door in the closet. Belle wants to know what is really going on.

Victor refuses to believe that is Phillip in the picture. Kate accuses him of not even looking at the picture and believes that Phillip is going back into combat. Victor tells her there is no way that he could do that because he has lost part of his leg, and that they wouldn’t send him to the front lines even if he wanted them to. Kate says that somehow they have because she would know a picture of her son anywhere. She demands that he help her get in touch with the military and get him home before something terrible happens. Victor tells her that he’s already checked with the Pentagon but he will do it again if she wishes. He tells her that Phillip is not in combat and that he’s probably living somewhere that he doesn’t want to be found.

Shawn plays Belle’s question off and tries to get her to focus on the pictures. They talk about the pictures and the responsibilities of parenthood. Shawn pulls out some toys that he bought for Claire. He also gives Belle a wad of money and they play with Claire while Willow rolls her eyes in the closet.

Sami pulls away from E.J. He comes inside and slams the door trying to kiss her again. He wants to pick up where they left off the other night. She tells him that she is busy painting and tries to open the door suggesting he leave, but he pushes the door shut again. Her back is up against the door and he is right in front of her face asking her how much longer she is going to continue playing these games. He tells her that he hates to think she is toying with his affections. She promises that isn’t what she is doing, so he tells her that she won’t mind taking this relationship to the next level. He tries to kiss her again, but she pulls back. He asks her if there was another reason she was at his apartment the other night besides wanting to talk to him about their relationship. She denies it, but he says while she was distracting him, someone was going through his apartment. He says someone like John Black or her uncle Bo, and wonders if she would know anything about that.

Abe tells John that he will not look the other way while he goes outside the law to get information on Well’s. Since the department will not be involved, John thinks he has nothing to worry about. Bo agrees with Abe and tells John that maybe he should back off this case. John is surprised with Bo, and tells him that he is the one that pulled him in on this to begin with, and he knows he wants Well’s and Lockhart as much as he does. Bo reminds him that he and Marlena almost lost their lives because of all this. John laughs and says that SHE got to you. Bo turns his head, telling him that he has no idea what he’s talking about. John knows that Marlena went to him as soon as she got off the plane. He tells him that Marlena is just as much a target as anyone else and he is in this just as deep as he is. Abe stops them, and tells both of them that neither one of them are on this case. He reminds John that he isn’t employed here and Bo that he is on suspension, and tells both of them to get away from here and leave it to the police. Abe leaves the room and Bo and John argue over Bo trying to help Marlena keep John off this case. John tells him that the two of them can work on this together like they have been or he will do this on his own. He tells Bo to choose.

Belle thinks Shawn has given her too much money and tries to give some of it back. He refuses to take it and tells her to consider it another child support payment. She thanks him and tells him that it is really hard to imagine what he could be doing for E.J. that is paying so much money. He wonders why people keep saying that, and tells her that E.J. is paying him top dollar to keep him away from the competition. She apologizes for being so critical because she doesn’t even have a job. She wants a career too so she can help contribute to Claire, and he tells her that she will have that someday, but in the meantime, come to him for anything she needs. He tells her that she can count on him. She says that she does know that now; for the very first time in a long time. She picks Claire up and says that they have to leave. He opens the door for them and kisses Claire on their way out. Willow comes out of the closet, angry, and says, “Tell that bitch to call the next time she comes by.”

Kate can’t believe that she has given Victor a solid lead and he doesn’t even want to discuss it. He just can’t believe that a blurred picture of a marine can classify as a solid lead. She looks at him for a minute and asks since when he gives up on something he wants. He wants to know what it is that she is implying. She believes that he knows a little more about Phillips whereabouts than he is letting on.

Roman tells Tek that he has to understand that Abe is under a lot of pressure. Tek doesn’t want to hear it because he knows that this is about him hating him over the affair with Lexie. He tells Roman that he doesn’t blame Abe for hating him, he just wonders why he doesn’t go ahead and fire him. Abe walks out in the middle of their conversation and asks Tek if he has a problem. Yes is Tek’s answer, and he tells him that he is sick and tired of taking his crap, and if he can’t deal with him working here, just let him go and show some guts. Roman tells Abe that this department is coming apart at the seams and all this “inside fire” isn’t helping.

Bo tells John that he appreciates everything has done for him, and John says that he won’t rest until Wells and Lockhart are behind bars. Abe walks in and hears them talking about the case. Abe says that John is right, and says if he knows a way into that safe deposit, he wants to hear about it.

Sami pushes away from E.J. and refuses knowing anything about a break in at his apartment. She says the only reason she came over the other night was because she felt lonely and bad about how things ended between them. She continues to step back away from him as he tries to unbutton her shirt. She is nervous and is avoiding eye contact with him as she tells him that she and Lucas have talked and she thinks they may try to work things out. He says that he’s not interested in Lucas; he wants to know who sent her over to distract him. Again, she says that no one sent her. She jerks away from him and asks him what it is that he wants from her. He says that he thinks he has made that perfectly clear; he wants her. Outside the door, Lucas hears E.J. and Sami arguing. Inside, E.J. has a hold on both Sami’s arms and refuses to leave until she gives him the information he needs. Lucas busts through the door and demands that he get his hands off her.

Victor acts like Kate is crazy, saying that he wouldn’t hide Phillip from his own mother. She knows he is acting strange. The doorbell rings and Belle and Claire come inside. Kate speaks to Belle and says that she didn’t know Victor had visitation privileges. Victor says that she may not be related to Claire any longer, but tells her that Claire is his grandson’s child, therefore a Kiriakis. Belle says that she should have called because she didn’t know that he had company. Victor tells her that is fine and that Kate was just leaving. Kate is smug and says that she finds all this very interesting. She tells Victor that he is showing more interest in Claire than when Phillip thought she was his daughter. She says wonders what that is all about as she is leaving. Belle asks Victor what was going on with Kate. He tells her that she is still grieving over Phillip and can’t accept the possibility that he is gone; maybe forever. Belle hopes he does come back because she says that they really miss him.

Shawn walks straight toward Willow and sternly tells her to NEVER call Belle and bitch again. She asks him how she is supposed to feel. She says that she lives here too and she has to hide every time Belle comes around because he is trying to be something that he’s not. He says that he is trying to be a good father to his daughter and asks her what is so wrong with that. She says that he’s living a lie and points out that he is working for E.J. and he doesn’t even know what he is doing for all the crazy money he is getting paid, and he is living with and sharing a bed with his ex-hooker girlfriend that he is keeping secret so he can see his kid. She tells him that he is a hypocrite, and as soon as Belle finds out, he will be out of her and Claire’s life forever.

Roman joins Abe in the office with John and Bo. He asks John how they can get into E.J.’s safe deposit box without a warrant or a key. John says that it is simple; they pose as the executor of his estate. He says he needs a death certificate and a probated will and he’s in.

Shawn tells Willow that he made it perfectly clear when she moved in that she would have to lay low when Belle came over. He says that she agreed to this then and wonders why she is throwing a fit now. Willow is screaming at him, telling him that she thought that she would have a little notice when she would be coming rather than her coming in here unannounced like she owns the place. She tells him that she is out of here and she is going back to the Y because this is ridiculous. She grabs her bags and tells him that she will come back after her things when no one else is around. She starts to leave and he tells her that he doesn’t want her to go.

Victor is surprised that Belle misses Phillip. She says that she misses him as a friend and she knows that she hurt him, and how hurt he was to have to leave Claire. She feels terrible about how they left things. He tells her not to worry about that because Phillip is very strong and brave; wherever he is, he knows he is doing just fine, or will be soon. He tells her one day Phillip will have everything he deserves. Belle hopes so. He tells Belle to go ahead with her plans and he will take care of Claire; he knows just what she needs. As soon as Belle leaves, she runs into Kate outside the door. Belle thought she had already left, but Kate wants to show her the newspaper.

Lucas pulls E.J. off Sami and asks her if he hurt her. Sami tells Lucas that she is so glad he is here because E.J. wasn’t going to stop. E.J tells Sami that they have several words in England for girls like her and one word in particular stands out: tease. Lucas tells E.J. to get out and Sami tells him if he comes back she will call the police. E.J. tells her not to worry; she has shown him her true colors today. He says he is a little disappointed but not surprised. He leaves and Sami cries and lays her head on Lucas’ shoulder as he holds her. She says that she thought he was her friend and cared about her. Lucas wants her to tell him what they were talking about earlier. He heard him mention a break in when he was outside the door. She tells him that Bo called her and asked her to distract E.J. for him and that it was a matter of life or death. He asks what she had to do and she tells him that she went over and he wanted her to leave so she kissed him. She said it was a stupid thing to do but she couldn’t think of anything else. And now he thinks she is a tease and was asking for “it”. Lucas tells her that she is amazing and he is proud of her because it took a lot of guts to go over there and do what she did. She is upset because it caused him to come into her apartment and attack her. She is afraid he will come back. Lucas says that he will take care of E.J., but when Sami asks what he is going to do, he tells her that she doesn’t want to know.

Tek is having drinks at the bar in Chez Rouge. He sees Lexie sitting at a table alone.

Bo is sure that he can have Frankie draw up the documentation that they will need to prove that E.J. is dead. Abe doesn’t want to drag anyone else into this, especially Frankie because he could be disbarred if anyone found out. Bo knows that Frankie will gladly do this because the Brady’s have been targeted by Wells. Bo knows if they don’t do this now, they may not have another chance; E.J. is already suspicious of them. John agrees with him and tells Abe that they can’t let this chance slip away.

E.J. is typing away on his computer as Lucas opens the door and walks in. E.J. asks him what he wants, and Lucas says that he wants to show him his true colors. He dumps a can of paint over E.J.’s head as he sits at the table. He tells E.J. that if he goes near Sami again, the next can of paint will go on his coffin. He asks him if he got the message and then leaves. Sami walks out and asks what he did. She realizes what Lucas just did and she invites him in to help him clean the paint off his shoes. E.J. opens his door after they go inside and stares.

Tek, who is drunk, goes over to Lexie’s table. He addresses her as Dr. Carver and asks if he can join her.

Willow wants to know why Shawn can’t make up his mind as to whether he wants her here or not. He says it’s not about him, he’s just trying to get his life together so he can prove himself to Belle for his daughter. He says that she and his dad may be right about E.J., but it’s the only job he’s got right now and he needs it; just like he needs her to understand about their living situation. He says that he is so close to having everything fall into place that he can’t blow it now. She says that she was so desperate to have a place to live, she thought she could put up with anything, but she was wrong. She says that she has limits and starts to cry. She tells him that nothing good ever happens to her and she was a fool to think it would this time either. He says that he is going to tell Belle not to come by here without calling and he will just go to Claire instead of having her come here. He tells her what happened today will not happen again. She stops crying and takes her bags back to her room.

Belle thinks that this is a picture of Phillip and asks if she showed it to Victor. Kate tells her that she did and he acted like it was nothing, but Belle believing it is Phillip just proves that she is right. She also tells her that she thinks Victor knows more about where Phillip is than he is letting on.

Victor takes Claire into Phillip’s room. He tells him to look who has come to see her daddy. He sits down next to him while holding Claire and Phillip reaches out to touch her. He doesn’t speak at all. Sami cleans the paint off Lucas’ shoes and apologizes to him for them being ruined. He says that it was worth it seeing the look on E.J.’s face. She says that it’s been a long time since anyone stood up for her like that and she really appreciates it. They start kissing and she starts to speak. He tells her not to say anything, just kiss him.

E.J. cleans the paint off his paperwork and notices a small camera planted in one of his file holders. He picks it up and holds it in front of his face and speaks into it. We see his face on the t.v. in the satellite truck as he says, “Whoever you are, you are going to be damn sorry.”

Abe knows that this is against his better judgment, but seeing as this may be their last chance to get Wells, he is going to agree to their plans. Bo and John leave to get their plan started.

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Shawn D.: You're living with one man while you're having another man's baby. Clean up the mess that you made of your own life, and stay the hell out of mine.

Sami: What do you feel? Do you feel anything for me that doesn't involve your lower anatomy?

Tek: Fire me, big man. Fire me.

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