Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/17/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena awakes from a horrible dream of seeing John murdered. She and John are on a plane headed home, and she wants him to promise her that he will drop his investigation into E.J. and his possible connection to the Dimera’s.

Bo comes home with his belongings and rings the doorbell. Hope opens and invites him inside. It feels strange and good to both of them and they kiss as Bo thanks her for giving their marriage another chance. Stephanie is getting dressed and they are going to the hospital to see Kayla. Hope comments that if Kayla hadn’t got sick, she and Steve, or her (Hope) and Bo may not be together now. He agrees that this was a turning point for them too.

Kayla wakes Steve with a kiss. She feels better and they share a passionate kiss.

Abe instructs Tek to stay at the station and go through all E.J. Wells’ phone records and bank statements. Tek’s attitude isn’t the best, but Abe warns him to keep quiet and do his work. Tek refuses to do it.

John encourages Marlena to get some rest, but she will not let him avoid the situation. She says they should be enjoying their time together right now, and not putting themselves in danger. She begs him to let Bo find another person to help with the investigation. He tells her that there is a new spin to this whole investigation; things she doesn’t know. He says that he has to make sure E.J and Patrick are brought to justice. She wants him to tell her what he’s talking about. He tells her that their plane was sabotaged and a black glove was found in the engine department. She realizes someone was trying to kill them. John tells her that this is personal now, and there is no way he’s going to walk away from it.

Hope wants Bo to understand that she meant it when she said she was willing to work on their relationship. She desperately wants to get their marriage back on track. This pleases Bo, and he asks her where she would like him to put his things. He promises that he will sleep anywhere and they can take things as slow as she wants. She smiles at him and tells him that this is his house too and she would like for him to put his things in the master bedroom. He smiles and asks her if she’s sure. She is, but knows this will feel strange for both of them; she wants them to take one day at a time. Bo goes into the kitchen for coffee as Stephanie comes downstairs. He comes out and they discuss the fact that Kayla is going to make a complete recovery. Bo tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t get her hopes up for Steve and Kayla to move back in together right away. She doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t since his memory has returned. She knows her mother recovered because John and Marlena brought her the antidote, but she also knows it was because Steve was there and he wouldn’t let go of her. She says, “The way he kissed her; her heart literally started to beat again.” She says that proves how strong their love is. Bo agrees with her, but tells her that she has got to give both of them time to figure out what they want and to feel comfortable around each other again. Stephanie wants to know why he’s being so negative. All Bo is saying is that they haven’t even had time to talk things through and they may need a little time. He thinks that they will eventually find their way back to one another again, but warns her that she can’t force that into happening. Stephanie takes the keys to warm up the car, and Hope tells Bo that he was being negative. He tells Hope that Stephanie could be setting herself up for a let down. She realizes that Bo knows something she doesn’t, and asks him to tell her. He says that Steve still has feelings for Billie because he wants to see her again.

Kayla really lays a good one on Steve, which he seems to enjoy, but tells her that she needs to get back to her bed to rest. She says she feels so much better now and tells him that it was his voice she heard while she was dying. She tells him that is what saved her. He tells her that he was glad to help her because he owes it to her for all the other times she has nursed him back to health. She can’t believe he remembers that, and tells him that she knows how hard it has been for him these last few months. With everyone telling him who he used to be and what he was like and what their relationship was like, she was thinking about letting him go and walking away if that’s what he really wanted. But, now that he remembers, she doesn’t want them to ever be apart again.

Marlena asks John if he knows why they were targeted, but he has no idea. He thinks there is a possible connection to her kidnapping in New Jersey. He believes that E.J. and Patrick are involved and says that he’s getting really close to “smoking them out”. He is afraid that, if they know he is on to them, they will be even more dangerous, and nobody is safe; not even the two of them. He asks if she understands. She tells him that he has a partner, which is her, a daughter, and a granddaughter; he has made promises that she expects him to keep because she doesn’t want to loose him. He can’t walk away from this now, and if he stands by and does nothing, they will succeed in hurting any or all of them. He tells her that she knows the onyx ring means only one thing; E.J. is connected to the Dimera’s. She thought that once Tony was in prison and Stephano was dead that they would all be safe again. John says whether he goes after them or not, they know how to find them, and he’s not going to be a sitting duck. She begs him to walk away, but he can’t; this is one time he’s going to ride on his instincts.

Tek tells Abe that he has had it in for him ever since he caught him with Lexie. He knows that Abe hates him, and says he has every right to, and he knows he’s not going to rest until he is off the force. Tek tells him to go ahead and fire him if that’s what he wants, but he refuses to do the paperwork, telling him that he is a street cop. Roman breaks them apart and demands that Tek leave the room. He follows him out and tells him that he can’t do anything about the bad blood between him and Abe, but this is no time to be refusing orders; they have a cop killer out there. He says Abe is under heat and has got to do something about that. He tells him that this paperwork is very important and maybe Abe did assign this to him to show him who’s boss, but only because he still has faith in him as a police officer. Roman slams the papers down on Tek’s desk and orders him to do the work. Tek understands and says that he will do the work.

Hope knew that Steve was starting to have feelings for Billie, but she thought since he was starting to get his memory back that would change. Bo thinks that there is still unfinished business between Steve and Billie. Hope asks Bo if he would like to have dinner with her tonight. She kisses him and welcomes him home. After she leaves, Bo falls on the couch and enjoys a moment of happiness to himself.

Steve pushes Kayla to get back into bed. She agrees when she feels a little weak, and Steve reminds her that it is going to be a long road before she is completely mended. He wants to call in a nurse, but she wants to talk first. She says earlier when she told him that she didn’t want them to ever be apart again, he changed the subject. She tells him that she doesn’t know how much of his memory he has gotten back, or if she just scared him, but tells him if that’s not what he wants….He says, “I didn’t say that.” She tells him that just because he remembers his past doesn’t mean he still has to love her; they are two separate things. She says they used to talk about everything and asks him to do that now and tell her how he really feels.

Marlena comes to Bo and Hope’s house, and he tells her that Hope is at the hospital with Stephanie. Marlena wants to talk to him about the investigation and has a favor to ask from him. She would like for him to persuade John to get off the case and make him believe that he and Roman and Abe can handle it on their own. She tells him that this is very important and she doesn’t want to loose him.

Kayla asks Steve to be honest with her about the way he feels about her, and promises to understand and not push. He starts to tell her what has been going on when Stephanie calls out to Kayla. Steve helps her over to the window where Stephanie and Hope stand. Stephanie tells her how happy she is and how proud she is that she (Kayla) didn’t give up. She tells her how amazing Steve was and how hard he worked to keep her alive. She also points out that if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have made it by the time the medicine got here. Kayla says that Steve is her hero. Stephanie asks if the two of them will be coming home together soon. Kayla tells her that it isn’t fair to expect her father to jump right back into the family life with them, especially since he has been on his own for so long. Stephanie says that Steve remembers them now, and looks to him for conformation; he agrees that he has remembered. Stephanie says, “See mom. Dad is going to go home with us. Why wouldn’t he?” Steve tells Kayla that she heard her daughter; he’s coming home with them. Stephanie tells them that she has had a lot of good days in her life, but this is the best one ever. Kayla gets weak and Steve puts her back to bed. Stephanie leaves to call Caroline and tell her the good news. Dr. Myers comes out and tells Hope how well Kayla is responding to the medication, but says that the damage to her lungs and organs will take time to heal. Steve asks him when they can leave. He says that Kayla’s time here will be a while longer because she still needs to be closely monitored; she needs oxygen therapy and rehab. He tells Steve he is free to leave at any time. Hope wonders if she could hire a private nurse to take care of Kayla. He says that he wouldn’t have a problem with that. The doctor leaves to take a call. Steve thanks Hope for helping to get them out of here. He also tells her that he didn’t really remember all the things Kayla thinks he does. He says that the things she and Bo wrote down for him didn’t jog his memory the way they thought it would. He tells her that he does remember a little bit, but doesn’t have the feelings that should go with them. He just wanted to give Kayla the will to live, but thinks he may have gone overboard. He worries because Stephanie and Kayla think he’s going to come back and be a happy family. He asks her how long she thinks it will be before they find out he is a liar.

Abe suggests that he and Roman take a break from the files. They know that they need a lot more evidence than they have; it is all circumstantial. John comes in the office and they greet him, telling him how happy they are to see him and Roman thanks him for everything he did to help Kayla. John wants to be more help on the Wells, Lockhart case because it is personal now. He tells Abe he wants him to deputize him right now; he wants in.

Bo doesn’t want John to get hurt either, but tells Marlena that they really need him on the case. She doesn’t want to sound selfish, and she knows they need him, but she tells him that she needs him more. She knows if the Dimera’s are involved that someone will get hurt and she and John have spent so much time apart already. She is counting on Bo to help her but she knows John will put up fight. He laughs and she thinks if they dig their heels in, John will have no choice but leave the investigation. She says she isn’t in the habit of asking people to return favors, but she reminds him that she saved his sister’s life and she would like him to help her save John’s life. She wants John to forget about the Dimera’s and asks Bo to please help her.

Abe refuses to allow John to be involved in this case any longer. He thinks he is too close to this case and he doesn’t want him involved.

Steve feels like his past is gone for good and he says that Kayla noticed that something wasn’t right and offered him an out. Hope wonders why he didn’t take it. He says that is when Stephanie came in all happy about them being a family again. Hope asks him if everything he said to Kayla that gave her the will to live was a lie. He tells her that most of it was a lie, but says that he does sense somewhere inside that Kayla is special to him. He doesn’t know what is wrong with him because he woke up today thinking about Billie. Hope understands that he can’t help the way he feels. He talks about everything he and Kayla have been through the past few days, and tells Hope that he would have died for her. Steve tells her that he does feel a connection to Kayla that he didn’t before this, but for some reason, he can’t get Billie out of his head.

Bo promises to talk to Abe and Roman, but warns her that the department has been short handed and may need John’s help. But, he is going to see if they will give him his badge back so they won’t feel so short handed. Marlena notices his suitcase and he tells her that he is moving back in. She is so happy for him.

Steve turns to look back at Kayla and asks Hope if he has upset her. Hope is just worried about Kayla and how she is going to feel when she realizes that all Steve’s memories were a lie. He is too, but says that he did everything he could think of so she would live. Hope knows he did the right thing. Steve doesn’t know if he can tell them the truth now. Hope wonders what he will do about Billie, and he says she overheard him talking to Kayla and that she wouldn’t come back to talk to him. He asks Hope to tell Billie the truth for him. Stephanie comes back and says that she just got off the phone with Caroline and she told them that Steve was coming home with them. She is so excited and tells them that it doesn’t get any better than this. Hope leaves Stephanie with her father.

John refuses to be locked out of this investigation, and threatens to “poke” around on his own. Abe says that is a bad idea and Roman backs him up. John tells them that they can deal him in or he will keep working on the outside. Tek comes in telling them that, as he was going through E.J.’s bank statements he found proof that E.J. has a safe deposit box.

Previews for Monday:

Belle: You want to tell me what's really going on?

Kate: What I'm implying is I think maybe you know a little bit more about Philip's whereabouts than you're letting on.

John: By the time we get done with E.J. Wells, he's gonna wish he were dead.

E.J.: I don't think I'm ready to leave, okay?

Sami: Please stop!

Lucas: Yo! Get your damn hands off of her.

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