Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/15/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Billie and Chelsea are having dinner at Chez Rouge. Chelsea is trying to get Billie to tell her about being in bed with Bo; she believes they are together. Finally, Chelsea admits that she saw the two of them in bed together.

Stephanie is being released from the hospital, and Bo and Hope help her get her things together. She isn’t too happy about leaving while her parents are still here in quarantine. Hope wants her to come to her house and stay and Bo agrees with her, telling Stephanie that he will pick her up first thing in the morning and bring her back to the hospital. Stephanie wonders why he won’t be staying there with them.

Steve is playing his harmonica while he lies in his bed next to Kayla. Kayla wakes up and tells him that she remembers the first time she asked him how to play. His response; put your lips together and blow. She remembers that he told her he taught himself to play. She asks him if he remembers, and he tells her that he remembers some things; he just hopes that is enough.

John struggles with the plane as they loose altitude. He tells Marlena that their plane is going down. John calls “May Day” over the radio and says that he’s requesting somewhere to land the plane, but Marlena tells him that they can’t land because it’s imperative they get the serum to Kayla. He says that the plane is too heavy and they have no choice now. She tells him that one of them have to jump. He continues to call for help and tells her that this is no time for jokes. She tells him it makes since; she knows that if their altitude is diminishing, loosing weight will stop it. He knows this to be true, but says if he jumps, who will fly the plane. She says that he’s finally getting the point. He turns to her and realizes she means that she wants to jump from the plane. He refuses to allow her to do that.

Steve notices Dr. Myers sitting outside the window and goes over to ask him if anything new has developed. The doctor tells him that he has good news; Steve’s body has completely rid itself of the bio-toxin. He tells him that he is free to go now. Steve turns to Kayla.

Bo and Hope exchange uncomfortable looks and Bo tells Stephanie that the two of them aren’t living together right now. Stephanie thought they had worked through all that after the “disk thing”. Hope speaks up and tells her that they are working on their relationship, and Bo agrees, telling her that Hope will take good care of her. Stephanie says that he is her uncle, and if she has to leave her parents here, she wants to be with him. There is a knock at the door, and Dr. Berman comes in. He asks Bo and Hope if he could speak to Stephanie alone. They quickly leave the room. Once outside the room, Bo smiles and comments that Stephanie has become quite the matchmaker. Hope believes she was really truthful when she said she wanted him to be with him. Bo suggests that he could take her to the pub and find another room. Hope doesn’t like that idea because she says there is a lot going on over there right now. Bo is confused and tells her that he doesn’t know what other options he has right now. Hope turns to him and asks him, “Why don’t you move back in with me?” He is pleasantly surprised and asks if he heard her correctly. She acknowledges her statement again, and asks if he has any other questions. She tells him that it is for Stephanie; she needs him. She also says that she will need both of them if something should happen to Kayla. He thinks this is a great idea and tells her that he could sleep on the couch. She smiles at him and tells him that they will work it out.

Chelsea tells Billie that she saw her and Bo is bed together at the pub the other day. Billie is upset and asks if she was spying on them. Chelsea explains why she was there, and says that she was shocked they were in bed “doing it”. Billie denies that they were doing anything besides talking. Chelsea doesn’t believe her. Again, Billie says that they did not sleep together and a lot of people would get hurt if she went around telling that. Chelsea thinks people will get hurt if they don’t tell people that they want to be together. Billie tells her that SHE is the one that wants them together, and reminds her again that Bo wants to be with Hope and she would have liked to be with Steve. Chelsea tells her that the “one eyed freak show” went back to his wife. Billie corrects her and tells her that his name is Steve, and just because he is with Kayla, doesn’t mean they don’t still care about each other. Chelsea’s attitude is very aloof and she says that Steve wasn’t the one she was lying in bed with. Billie knows at this age, she thinks she knows everything, but reminds her that she doesn’t. Chelsea STILL says that she and Bo belong together. Billie is to the point that she is frustrated with Chelsea and looks her square in the eyes and tells her that she and Bo will NEVER get back together. Patrick walks up to their table and wants to talk to them. He mentions the money he had at his house and tells them that it’s missing. Billie automatically knows that he thinks one of them may have taken it. Chelsea says, “No. Not one of us; me.”

Marlena wants to know if John has a better idea. He is going to find a place to lay the plane down, and at some point, they will be rescued. She reminds him that Kayla will die if they do it his way. She suggests that he let her jump so Kayla can have the serum and then they can all live happily ever after. The expression on his face is so torn and he looks at her and says that she just can’t do this. She says that she can’t NOT do this.

Steve refuses to leave Kayla alone. Dr. Myers tells him that they have no idea when or if the serum will arrive and tells him, if he stays, he could die.

Chelsea is upset, and thinks Patrick is accusing her of stealing his money, but Billie promises that isn’t what he is doing; he’s just asking. Patrick says that he just wants to know what happened to it. Chelsea tells him that he should be more concerned with Hope right now rather than his money. She excuses herself from the table and Billie laughs and apologizes for Chelsea’s behavior. Patrick says he has to leave, but tells her he will see her later. He makes a call to Hope on his way out and leaves her a message to call him back.

Steve doesn’t understand why he could die because the doctor just told him that his body was free of the bio-toxin. Dr. Myers tells him that he could get re-infected if he stays in there with her. Steve suggests that he just give him another shot of the antidote, but the doctor tells him that his immune system has already been compromised, and if he is exposed to it again, his body may not be able to fight it no matter what they do. Steve asks if there is a chance he could stay in here and still be fine. Dr. Myers says that it’s possible, but it’s not a chance he would take. Steve tells him that it is a good thing that he isn’t the one on his side of the glass. Dr.Myers knows that he is starting to get his memory back, and that he has missed a lot of years with his wife; he knows that he feels responsible for her. Steve insists that he can’t leave her. The doctor tells him if he wants to stay, that’s fine, but….Steve tells him if something happens, he (the doctor and hospital) is off the hook, and he will sign something if they choose. Dr. Myers tells him that he admires his courage and walks away. Bo is coming in as the doctor is leaving. He asks if there is any change in Kayla. His answer is no. Bo makes it to the window and calls out to Steve. He wants to know if Bo has heard anything from John and Marlena, but he hasn’t. He tells Steve that Hope is upstairs with Stephanie and that they are taking her home with them tonight. Steve appreciates that because he knows she needs family right now. Bo asks how he is holding up, and Steve tells him he could use a beer. Bo smiles, and tells him once they are out of here, the two of them will toss one up for him and Kayla. Steve likes that idea and asks Bo if he could help him talk to Billie. He wants to make her understand what has been happening. Bo tells him that Billie is upset, but he thinks she does understand. Steve doesn’t, and asks him to tell her that he needs to see her. Bo agrees to help him, and before he leaves, he asks Steve to tell Kayla that all of them love her. Steve goes to Kayla’s bedside and strokes her head.

John tells Marlena that it’s dark, freezing, and he doesn’t know where they are. She knows he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but reminds him that she’s done this before. She tells him that she has her cell phone and it has GPS; he can track her location after he delivers the serum. He tells her that they are a team and he can’t risk loosing the one person he loves more than anything in this world. He tells her that he loves her so much and she kisses him, telling him that it’s settled. All of a sudden, Marlena reaches for the door. John is screaming ‘no’ to her, but she jumps!

Hope and Stephanie are packing her clothes and Stephanie comes to her and tells her that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings earlier when she said she wanted to be with Bo. Hope promises that she is okay and not to worry about it. She wonders if Hope thinks they will get back together. Hope promises her that they are going to work on it. She also tells her that when she was her age, she thought love was enough….Stephanie finishes her sentence with, “Yeah, yeah. Life gets complicated. I’ve heard that before.” Hope smiles at her and tells her that she will understand one day. Stephanie tells her that she will never stop believing in love; especially hers and Uncle Bo’s, and her mom and dads. Hope tells her that the world needs more people like her. Stephanie says she’s going to get some more things and walks out of the room. There is a knock at the door and Patrick enters the room. He tells her that he has been calling and asks if she isn’t answering her phone anymore. She says that she shut it off when she came into the hospital. He was worried about her, but she says that she just saw him not too long ago, and she told him then that she would talk to him tomorrow. He just wanted to make sure she was okay. She tells him that they need to talk outside. They walk out of the room and she tells him that she is taking Stephanie home with her. He wants to help her, but she says that she can handle it. He tells her that she can’t do this by herself. Hope says that she isn’t, and she has asked Bo to move back in with her.

John has landed and is on the phone telling someone that his wife is out there somewhere and he wants them to find her. He is frustrated and tells the person that he is sure he gave them the right coordinates and to continue looking for her. A man brings in a cooler containing the serum for Kayla. He tells John that it is important to keep it cold. John continues to stress to the person on the phone that it doesn’t matter what it is going to cost to find her and demands they do it.

In the woods covered in snow, Marlena walks with a limp calling out for help. She falls, grabbing her ankle, and then realizes that she has lost her cell phone. She knows she needs to keep moving, but when she tries to get up; she grabs her ankle and cries in pain. She lies her head down in the snow and closes her eyes.

Patrick is very upset with Hope’s decision to let Bo move back in. She tells him that Stephanie needs him, but Patrick wants to know why she can’t move in with him. He thinks this was all Bo’s idea, but she tells him that it wasn’t; it was her idea. She tells him that she asked Bo to move in and she is doing this for Stephanie. He asks her if she expects him to buy that. What she expects is for him not to grill her. He thinks something is going on and wants to know what has changed in the past two hours. She explains that Stephanie was released from the hospital. He says that she is having his baby and asks her to be honest with him, but she just looks at him and then stands up and says she is going back to help Stephanie. He stops her and tells her that Bo falsified evidence against him and was arrested for assaulting him. He tells her that he is trying to ruin his life, and now she tells him he is moving back in with her. He also says she will not return any of his phone calls. His voice gets louder, and says that he knows something is going on here; he will not leave until she tells him what it is.

Bo enters Chez Rouge and finds Billie sitting alone at a table. He asks to sit with her and she agrees, telling him if Mr. Right shows up, he has to leave. Bo laughs and she tells him that she is glad he’s here because she needs to talk to him about something. Bo doesn’t like the sound of that, and Billie tells him that he isn’t going to like what she has to say either. She tells him about Chelsea seeing them in bed together. She promises she told her not to say anything. Bo hopes Chelsea got the message because he and Hope are starting to patch things up. Bo says that Steve would like to talk to her. Immediately, Billie says no. Bo asks her to talk to him, but she doesn’t want to hear him tell her how much he remembers loving Kayla. Bo says that it’s not like that; Steve just wants a chance to explain. He tells her that she owes it to him and to herself to hear what he has to say.

Steve holds Kayla’s hand as she is telling him that she is so tired. He helps her sit upright and then gets in bed with her so she can lean up against him. She asks about Stephanie and he tells her that she is leaving today; Hope and Bo are taking her home with them. She says that she needs her mother and worries that she won’t make it through this. Steve promises her that she will be fine. She says that she is a doctor and she knows that everybody doesn’t get a happy ending. He tells her that they will have that happy ending. She wants to give him that, and tells him that is what she is fighting for.

Billie thinks she owes herself a shot at happiness, and wonders what the point would be if she saw Steve; it’s all been said already. She knows how she feels and she knows how he feels. She says she isn’t going to dwell on it anymore and that she knew they would eventually get back together again. It just hurts too much for her to think about it. She tells Bo that she is not going back to see him, but asks him to tell Steve that she can’t come, but wishes him and Kayla all the happiness in the world. Bo agrees to tell Steve and she wants to know what is going on with him and Hope. He tells her that Hope asked him to move back home. Billie is happy for him and then Chelsea comes running in telling them that something terrible has happened.

Kayla calls Stephanie’s name and Steve reminds her that she is okay. Kayla refers to her as “little sweetness” and tells him that is what he said. She asks him if he remembers February 19th, and we see Steve having the memory of Kayla giving birth to Stephanie. After the memory, Steve says that was the day Stephanie was born. Kayla tells him that they had so many dreams that slipped away. Steve says he is going to make that right for her. She asks, since his memory is back, is his heart back as well. She also asks him to promise, if he can’t be a family with them that he will always stay in their lives.

The man at the airport comes back in to tell John that his mechanics can’t find anything wrong with his plane, but tells him that he is fueling up a charter which should be ready in 10 minutes. John asks about the searchlights and the man tells him that they are on board, but he will have to fly pretty low to use them. He also tells John that he got in touch with search and rescue but there is no word on Dr. Evans.

Patrick is angry and asks Hope again what happened in the last two hours. He wants to know if Bo said something to her to make her act like this. She turns around and tells him that he told her his I.D. number was written down on some of Eve Michael’s things. He doesn’t believe it, but Hope tells him that Roman and Abe were there when it was found. Patrick says that Bo had his brother and best friend backing him up and he’s sure that he has the whole police force backing him up. Hope asks him why the whole police force would be against him unless he is guilty of something. He says he’s not and tells her that she knows him. She says that, no, she doesn’t know him. She tells him that she slept with him and conceived a child with him, but she doesn’t know if he is guilty or innocent. He demands that he is innocent of everything Bo accused him of and wants to know how he can convince her of that. She says there is nothing he can do; there are too many coincidences. She says it keeps piling up and that it is not because of Bo. She reminds him that she told him if he was lying to her that they could not be together. He says that he’s not lying, but she says she doesn’t know that and that’s the problem. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him; she can’t live with that and she won’t. He asks her what she is trying to tell him. She tells him that she can’t see him anymore. He begs her not to cut him out of her life and reminds her that they are having a baby together. She promises not to keep him away from his child, and tells him that he can be there for all the doctors visits, be there for the delivery, and be a part of this child’s life, but as far as the two of them, they can’t be together. He can’t believe she is doing this because of some numbers scratched on a piece of paper. It’s not that, she says it’s because he can’t explain why, just like all the other times she has confronted him with the damaging evidence. She says, even though he may not be outright lying, she knows he’s hiding something, and that is just as bad. He wants to go away and talk but she refuses. She tells him that it is over and asks him to please leave her alone.

Chelsea tells Billie and Bo after that she left here, she went to the pub and Abe called grandpa Shawn to tell him that John made it safely to Ottawa, but Marlena jumped out of the plane and never made it back.

Kayla asks Steve to stay close. He agrees. She talks about a time they were lost in the woods and she suddenly falls asleep from exhaustion. Dr. Myers calls Steve to the window to tell him that John is on his way back with the serum and says that he’s got to keep her hanging on for a couple more hours. Steve turns to look at Kayla.

John stands over the cooler containing Kayla’s antidote when the man at the airport comes in to tell him that his plane is ready to go. He thanks him and the man promises to radio him as soon as they have found Marlena. John talks out loud to Marlena, telling her to hang on. He picks up the cooler of medicine and leaves. Marlena is lying unconscious in the snow and she rouses, looks up, and then passes out again.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: I meant it when I said I wanted you to come home.

Bo: What are you gonna do about Lockhart?

Sami: How could you put her in danger again? How dare you come home without her?

Marlena: Drop the hood. I want to get a look at you. It's you!

Kayla: I will always love you.

Steve: Kayla!

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