Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/13/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is tearing his room apart as Mimi comes home.  She sarcastically tells him that she doesn’t believe he will find thousands of dollars under the couch.  He asks her about his money since he seems to think she knows more about it.  Mimi says that she is a lot of things, but not a thief.  He apologizes, and tells her that he is just going crazy.  Mimi reminds him that Bonnie was the only other person in this house, and a person most likely to take someone else’s property.  Bonnie is on her cell talking to Nancy, telling her to buy her some time to come up with the payroll money.  She talks to her about having to borrow an interest free loan from one of her family members.  She explains to her that she’s not going to ask Mickey for the money; they no longer need the Horton’s.  Bonnie lets her in on a little secret by telling her that she is about to get in bed with a Kiriakis. 

Kate is still looking through E.J.s apartment as she hears him come inside.  He makes himself a drink and she hides behind the door in his bedroom.  Bo and John are worried about Kate, and Bo calls Sami for a favor, telling her that it is a matter of life and death.  He tells her to go to E.J.’s and distract him for a few minutes.  She reminds him that he told her to stay away from him, but Bo is desperate.  He tells her there is no time to explain, and asks if he can count on her.

Steve is by Kayla’s bedside begging her to fight as the family watches from outside the window.  He tries to talk about old times as the doctor comes outside to talk to the family.  He tells them that he is sorry, but Kayla is fading very quickly.  Caroline begs him not to give up on her daughter; she knows Steve by her side will keep her hanging on until they can find an antidote.  Nick rushes in claiming to have a possible answer that could save Kayla’s life.

E.J. makes his way to his bedroom where Kate is hiding and there is a knock at the door.  He opens the door to Sami and she asks to come in.  He says it’s not a good time, but she tells him that she would like to talk to him.  He wants to know what she wants, and she says, “About us.”

Shawn Sr. asks Nick who he is, and the doctor quickly introduces him as Nick Fallon.  He tells the family that Nick is new here doing research for the Horton Foundation.  Hope remembers him, but says she barely recognized him.  She hugs him and tells the doctor that he is her cousin.  None of them have seen them since he was 8, and Caroline tells the rest of them that he is Jessica and Joshua’s son; Marie Horton is his grandmother.  Nick tells them that he knows Dr. Phong, a research scientist who was his former professor.  He develops hypoallergenic drugs, specifically those related to biotoxins.  He tells them that it is a long shot, but asks for their permission to make the call.  They gladly accept the help, and Nick and the doctor head out to contact Dr. Phong.  Hope is at the window talking to Steve, and she tells him about running into Billie, and she told her what happened between the two of them.  Steve says that he didn’t want to hurt Billie.  Hope knows this and tells him that she had to know that once he started remembering his past, he would realize that he and Kayla belonged together.  Hope tells him that Kayla is the one he really loves.

Patrick is having a hard time believing that Bonnie would rip him off again.  Mimi reminds him that she stole her identity and stole every last penny of the $50,000 she won out of her bank account to buy lottery tickets.  She tells him if he thinks their mother is above ripping off her children, to think again.  Mimi believes that something is up with her and then Bonnie comes through the door.  Patrick accuses her of taking his money and demands that she give it back.  He tells her that she’s not leaving here until he gets it. 

E.J. tells Sami that, “There is no us. You made that very clear.”  He starts to shut the door in her face and she stops him.  She walks in, telling him that maybe she overreacted.  He wants to know if she’s changed her mind.  Maybe is her answer.  She asks him to cut her a break because it has been a difficult couple of months for her and her family.  He reminds her that HER family always abandons her at the first sign of trouble.  Kate is listening from behind the bedroom door.  He tells her that after everything they do to her, as soon as they come knocking at her door, she forgives them.  He reminds her that she cast him aside in the process.  She says that he is right, but she tells him that he made her feel like he was forcing her to choose between him and her son.  He denies that, telling her that he was forcing her to choose between him and Lucas; someone who has let her down time and time again.  Kate’s head turns quick with that comment.  E.J. goes on to say that he has stood by her through thick and thin.  She knows that he has stood beside her, but tries to make him understand that she can’t cut Lucas out of her life because he is the father of her son.  Sami tells him that Will and Lucas have come back knowing everything that she’s done and still want to be a family; that means everything to her.  He congratulates her, but it’s more of a sarcastic tone, and asks her what that has to do with them.  She says that she realizes she and Lucas were never meant to be together and they are just friends.  Kate seems happy about this; she doesn’t know Sami is stalling for her to make a clean escape.  Sami tells him that she thought the two of them could try again if he’s still interested.  He wants her to tell him how he’s supposed to know that she won’t change her mind.  She wants him to take her word for it, but he refuses.  She stops him and pulls him close to her and kisses him passionately.  Bo is impressed with Sami’s performance and says that they have to find a way to get Kate out of there.

At the hospital, Roman thanks Marlena for being there for his family.  They talk a little about Steve and Kayla and their love for one another.  He asks her about her relationship with John, and tells her not to wait too long before they get married. (He is referring to life being so short)

Hope apologizes to Steve for jumping to the wrong conclusion; she thought Steve had really regained his memory and remembered Kayla and wanted her.  He tells her that he is committed to helping her get well. 

Bonnie denies taking Patrick’s money and promises to get to the bottom of this right now.  She picks up the phone to call Abe.  She says that if there was a break in, then Abe will be more than happy to help, and tells him that he will probably get Roman and Bo involved.  Patrick quickly grabs the phone out of her hands and tells her to forget it, she’s not calling anyone.  Mimi is shocked by his actions.

Kate slips out from behind the door and John is waiting outside the window.  She raises the window, but is scared to go out.  E.J. tells Sami that was quite a kiss, and she comments about Kate.  He wants to explain about that, but Sami doesn’t want to hear about her.  E.J. wants to take things to the bedroom, but Sami wants to keep things slow.  He reminds her that every time they have taken things slow, someone always interrupts.  She tells him that she has to get going but promises to call him.  His smile fades and he asks when she’s going to call.  She kisses him and promises to call soon.  When she kisses him, he doesn’t close his eyes, and as she walks away, he watches her suspiciously.  Once Sami closes the door behind her, she just closes her eyes and puts her hand over her head.  As Kate is trying to get out the window, she knocks over a glass.  John pulls her out quickly, but E.J. hears the glass fall.  He goes into the bedroom and notices the open window.  He picks up a coaster that the glass was sitting on and looks out the window.  Once she and John are back inside the surveillance truck, Kate says that was the first time she was glad to hear Sami’s voice.  John tells her that she owes Sami a big thank you for saving her hind end.  He scolds her for taking such a big risk.  Kate knows she took a risk, and says she checked the entire apartment, but all she could come up with was this ring.  John is overwhelmed when he sees the ring.  He tells Kate and Bo that this is a sign of a Dimera.  Kate says that can’t be, but John snaps at her, telling her that he knows for sure.  She doesn’t think it makes sense, but Bo says that it makes perfect sense.  He says Patrick was on the Dimera’s payroll, and now they know he still is.  John knows that this is a big piece of the puzzle.  Kate plays off her relationship with E.J., but Bo and John know that this is very dangerous now since E.J. is involved with the Dimera’s.  John tells her to keep doing what she’s been doing, but nothing special.  Kate says she knows how to play this game.  Roman calls Bo and tells him to get to the hospital quick because it looks like Kayla is getting worse and may not make it. 

Steve wishes he could tell Hope that he remembers, but he can’t.  He knows that he has to do everything he can to keep Kayla alive.  She agrees with him, and as she is talking, a guy walks through the room and out the door.  Seeing this guy has obviously triggered something in Steve because he watches him with a look of familiarity; searching his brain to place this guy.  John comes in and tells Roman that Bo is on his way; he had to make a stop first.  John and Marlena are alone and she asks if there were any developments.  He holds up the ring and Marlena says, “Oh my gosh!  Where did you find that?”  He tells her that it came from E.J.’s apartment. 

Bo came to Sami’s apartment to thank her.  She has a lot of questions, but Bo can’t talk about the case.  He does tell her that they had someone searching his apartment and he came home unexpectedly and they needed someone to distract him while they got the other person out.  He tells her that she did her job beautifully.  She tells him that she hopes he knows it wasn’t easy for her; she had to kiss him and tell him a bunch of lies so he wouldn’t throw her out of his apartment.  She also tells him that she just told Lucas that she and E.J. were through.  Bo knows the sacrifice she made for him and appreciates her efforts.  He tells her that he is proud of her and that she did a good thing and helped a lot of people.  Sami is surprised and touched hearing those words from Bo.  He tells her to be proud of herself and asks her to come to the hospital with him.  She is afraid to go because she knows her father will be there and she doesn’t want to upset anyone.  Bo tells her that she is family and she should be there.

Hope asks Steve if he is okay.  He is, but says he thought he saw…..He cuts off before he says anything.  Hope senses that he is tired and tells him to rest.  He just wants to go sit with Kayla. 

Marlena wonders if E.J. is a Dimera.  John doesn’t know, but promises to find out.  This upsets Marlena and she feared he would say that.  He says there is no way he is going to walk away now.  Marlena tries to convince him that he would be in too much danger.  She asks him to let Roman and the Salem P.D. handle this.

E.J. calls Shawn to make sure he is on his way with a delivery for Patrick.  He walks over to Sami’s door, but Will walks up behind him, demanding to know what he’s doing.  E.J. tells him that he wanted to talk to his mother.  Will says that she isn’t home, but even if she was, she wouldn’t want to see him.  E.J. starts to walk off, but Will stops him again.  He wants to know why he keeps hounding his mother after she told him to get lost.  E.J. tells him that it’s none of his business, but Will feels differently about that.  He tells E.J. that Sami and Lucas are finally getting along and the last thing they need is him coming around messing things up.  E.J. stands upright and tells Will to listen to him.  He tells Will that his mother came to his apartment this morning, knocked on his door, and both her and her lips tells him that she is very, very interested.  He tells Will that if he does decide to see Sami again, there isn’t a damn thing that he (Will) or that little father of his can do about it. 

Mimi tells Patrick to calm down, and asks what his problem is.  He tells them that it’s nothing; he just doesn’t want the cops in his business.  He says that the police are already in his face and he doesn’t need Bo in anymore of his business than he already is.  Mimi hears someone pull up outside and Patrick rushes out.  Mimi looks out the window and notices that it is Shawn.  She wonders, out loud, what he is doing here again.  Patrick comes back inside and Mimi demands to know what is going on between him and Shawn.  All Patrick tells her is that they have some unfinished business but he can’t talk right now.  He goes outside and reads the note E.J. sent.  It reads, “Get info on John Black. Find out how he and Bo Brady know….ASAP” Patrick leaves, and Mimi tells Bonnie that she knows something is going on and suspects Patrick is in the middle of it.  Mimi wonders if the money Patrick is missing was stolen money; stolen by Patrick from someone else.  She warns Bonnie if this is true, and she did take the money, she could be in as much trouble as Patrick. 

John promises Marlena that he will be careful, but she has a feeling that something very bad is going to happen.  He tells her that nothing is coming between them, but he is not walking away from this.  Sami and Bo come into the hospital.  Sami is cautious and quickly tells Marlena that Bo told her to come.  Marlena hugs her and tells her that she is glad to see her.  Caroline and Roman walk in, and Caroline hugs her, telling her that she is family and deserves to be here too.  Sami apologizes to Caroline as she cries on her shoulder.  Roman asks Bo what Sami is doing here.  He isn’t happy about seeing her, but Bo tells him that she went a long way in redeeming herself today.  He tells him about the “E.J.” deal and what Sami did to help them out.  He also tells Roman that he is proud of her and he thought he should know.  Sami notices Roman walking toward her and she stops talking.  She thinks he doesn’t want her around and tries to get out of his way.  He stops her and tells her that Bo told him what she did.  He says that he is really proud of her.  She jumps in his arms crying and holding him.

Hope has explained to Bo about Nick’s former professor and the possible hope they may have of finding an antidote for Kayla.  Bo refuses for Kayla to die and Hope throws her arms around him.  Patrick busts through the door and stands there.

Steve talks to Kayla, telling her that he wants to help her more than anything.  He wonders what is going to happen down the road when she realizes that he doesn’t remember a thing.  He hates the thought of breaking her heart all over again. 

Bonnie is nervous and starts smoking.  Mimi notices how nervous she’s acting all of a sudden.  Again, Bonnie denies stealing the money, and says that she was going to call the cops, and asks Mimi if she would have done that if she were guilty.  Mimi knows that she knew Patrick would stop her before he allowed her to bring the cops into it.  Mimi tells her that she knows she stole that money and she just pretended to call the cops to take the heat off herself.  She tells Bonnie if the person the money really belonged to finds out, she is going to really wish she hadn’t took it. 

Kate is having a drink at the bar as E.J. comes to join her.  He tells her about Sami coming around today.  Kate plays like she doesn’t know and asks how his meeting with John went.  He tells her that he thinks that meeting was set up so someone could go through his apartment while he was gone.  He plays it off, saying that John’s plan will never work.  Kate says that she will call Roman and he will get to the bottom of this for him if someone was going through his apartment.  He takes the phone away from her and promises that he has the situation under control.  He needs a favor from her, but he is afraid she’s not going to like it. 

Patrick’s presence has angered Bo and he demands to know what he is doing here.  He pushes Hope to the side.  Patrick says that he heard about Kayla and was worried about Hope.  Hope steps in and asks Bo to let her handle this.  Bo tells her to get rid of him and walks off.  Hope tells Patrick that he shouldn’t be here because this isn’t about her; it’s about Bo’s family.  He apologizes and agrees to leave.  Bo follows him outside and tells Patrick that Eve Michaels has as good as named him as her killer.  He says it is just a matter of time before he is behind bars where he belongs.  He also tells him that there was a number scribbled on a piece of paper in her belongings, and it turns out that number is his academy I.D. number.  Patrick wonders what that proves, and Bo agrees that for right now, it proves nothing.  He tells him that everyone on the Salem P.D. knows that it isn’t a coincidence, and then tells him to have a good day.

Nick runs into the waiting room telling the family that he has good news.  He says that the clinic in Ottawa can use Kayla’s blood work to create an anti-toxin that her body will not reject.  The whole family is relieved and overjoyed when he tells them the news.  He also tells them that the serum is being sent by express plane tonight; all they have to do is keep her hanging on until then. 

Bonnie tells Mimi if she’s trying to scare her, it’s not working.  Mimi is upset and asks her if she isn’t worried about Patrick at all.  She brings up all the money he had, his reaction to calling the cops, and all of Shawn’s mysterious deliveries.  Bonnie tells her that Patrick is very capable of taking care of himself; she has her own problems to figure out right now.  She rushes out of the house leaving Mimi there alone.

E.J. asks Kate to keep an eye on John Black.  She agrees to do that because she believes in him.  He thanks her, saying that he knew he could count on her.  He kisses her before he leaves. 

The whole Brady family stands in front of the window, and Steve tells them that Kayla is going to make it and for them not to worry.  They believe him.  A nurse comes out and whispers something in Dr. Myers ear.  He calls their attention and says that he hates to tell them this, but there is a blizzard in the lower Canadian Provinces and all commercial planes have been grounded; there is no way to get the serum her for at least 48 hours or more.  Marlena tells all of them, as she turns to John, that just because the commercial planes have been grounded, doesn’t mean John can’t get clearance for his jet and go in himself.  John agrees, but Sami steps up and asks if it is safe.  John thinks it will be if he can get off the ground right away.  Steve sits by Kayla’s side holding her hand.  John praises Marlena for her quick thinking, saying that she could have just saved Kayla’s life.  Marlena adds, “And your’s.”

Previews for tomorrow:

Kayla: Are you really starting to remember?

Belle: So, as long as you're gonna be here with Shawn, Claire won't be.

Bo: You and your baby are in one hell of a lot of danger.

John: I think we're flying into the mouth of the storm. Hold on to your seat 'cause we're gonna be in for a bumpy ride.

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