Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/10/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Steve sits by Kayla’s bedside and talks to her while rubbing her head. She asks him if he remembers their first wedding and he tells her that he does. She falls asleep and he puts the oxygen mask back over her face and walks to the other side of the room, telling himself that he can’t keep lying to her.

Billie and Kate have dinner together but Billie carries a long face. She tells Kate that she lost Steve.

Lucas has brought Sami donuts to her apartment. She wonders why he is here. He tells her that he wanted to tell her that he had a great time with her yesterday. They laugh and talk and then she brings up what Lexie did to her. Lucas compliments her on the way she handled that and tells her that she is the one who kept her composure while Lexie was the one that lost it. He tells her that it should make her feel good. He tells her that he and Will were really proud of her. She thanks Lucas, because if it weren’t for him supporting her, Will may not have given her another chance.

Dr. Bader has just examined Hope and suggests that she have an amniocentesis to make completely sure that everything is fine with the baby. Patrick sort of freaks and tells Hope not to do it. She just stares at him.

Roman, Bo, and John make their way through the prescient. Bo shares Kayla’s good news, and then an officer brings a box in that the commissioner requested which contain the contents of Patrick Lockhart’s locker; personal items, books, and his I.D. badge. Bo wants to take a look at them even though they have already been processed. He digs through the box and pulls out a piece of paper and requests a copy of Eve’s bank statements. Roman brings it in and Bo laughs; something on her bank statements matches Patrick’s badge I.D. number.

Hope understands why Patrick would be anxious about performing the amniocentesis, she is too, but explains if something is wrong with the baby, they can take care of it as soon as possible. Hope’s cell rings and it is Bo. She tells him that she is at the hospital with Patick and about the ultrasound. When she asks if everything is okay, he is hesisitant, but tells her that everything is fine; he was just checking on her. Patrick asks if that was Bo and wants to know what he wanted. Hope’s reply is that he wanted to make sure she was okay.

Roman realizes that Bo decided not to tell Hope what he has discovered. Bo tells him that she was with Patrick at the hospital having an ultrasound. He tells him that everything is okay with the baby and he’s glad about that, but, every time he tells her something like this about Patrick, he is right there to explain it away. He wants to wait until they have something concrete so they can be confident they put him away. Roman tells him to be patient. Bo agrees because he doesn’t want to do anything to put her baby in danger.

Stephanie shows up outside Steve and Kayla’s room asking about Kayla. He tells her that she is fine and is just resting now. Stephanie thanks him for helping her mother and says she can’t wait until Kayla gets better so they can all go home and be a family. Steve tells her to slow down a little, telling her that she is still very sick and the doctors still have to find an antidote for her. Stephanie is positive that she will get better and tells Steve that the two of them will take care of her together. He reminds her that she is still going to need professional care for a while and it will be longer before she will be able to return home. Stephanie knows this, but says, “We’re still going to be a family right?” He says, “Yeah, we’re going to be a family.” He turns away from Stephanie, who is smiling, and looks worried.

Kate wants Billie to tell her everything that is happening with Steve. Billie tells her that Kayla is still critical and they are stuck in the quarantine room together. Kate suggests that the quarantine room isn’t exactly a honeymoon sweet, but Billie says that she overheard Steve telling Kayla that he remembered her. Kate says that is good news, and although Billie agrees, she points out that it is bad news for her. She says that she wanted him to get his memory back, and even encouraged Kayla to fight for him. Kate knows Billie is afraid that he will not feel the same way about her anymore. She is afraid of that, but tells Kate that Steve has already told her that he cares for her when he first woke up. She says they were talking about a possible future together. Kate wonders if she’s talked to him about this. She realizes by Billie’s silence that she hasn’t, and tells her that just because Steve has regained his memory, doesn’t mean that he is still going to be in love with Kayla. She tells Billie that she has to give him a chance to tell her how he feels. Billie is trying to be realistic, but Kate insists that she doesn’t know for sure that Steve wants to get back together with Kayla. Billie says that she heard Steve tell Kayla that he wanted their lives back. Kate tells her to stop waiting for him to end it; she has to be the one to step up and end it first. Kate begs her to stop living in limbo and asks her to listen to her for once. Billie thinks she may be right this time. Kate says she knows what she’s talking about; when it’s time to move on, she says you have to pack up and go. She tells Billie to stop wasting her time with men that don’t really care about her. Kate says that she loves her and no man is worth falling to pieces over.

There is a knock at Sami’s door and when she answers it, it’s E.J. He walks right in telling her that she hasn’t answered any of his calls and demands to know what is going on. She tells him that he shouldn’t have come here. He wants to know why she is being so un-friendly. Sami tells him that he is sleeping with the enemy and she doesn’t want to have anything else to do with him. Lucas walks over and comments that he heard the same thing about him and his mother. E.J. denies sleeping with Kate and tells her that he has no idea where she got that information. Sami picks up Kate’s bra and throws it at him. Lucas says that he can try to deny it, but he knows he (E.J.) is scum; Sami knows it, and soon his mother will know it. Lucas tells him if he lays another hand on his mother, he will rip that smug look off his face. He tells him to get out and Sami opens the door and slams it behind him.

Billie comes to see Steve. He gets up and makes his way over to the window. The meeting seems to be a little awkward. Steve reaches for his pocket (the necklace he got for her is inside), but before he can take it out, Billie tells him that they need to talk. He tells her that he has something for her and holds up the necklace. She tells him that it is beautiful, but she can’t accept it. She says it just wouldn’t be right since he got his memory back. He is confused and asks who told her that. She tells him that she was here earlier and she overheard him telling Kayla that he remembered her and their life together. He tries to explain, but she cuts him off, telling him that they both knew this could happen and she really is happy for both of them. Stephanie walks through the door and Steve sees her. Steve knows he has to pretend because Stephanie thinks he’s regained his memory as well. Stephanie speaks to Billie and tells her that she knows she loves her dad, and she’s sorry, but he belongs with her mother. Billie agrees and tells Steve that she will see him later.

Dr. Bader leaves the room and Hope asks Patrick to wait outside while she changes. Patrick immediately walks up to Dr. Bader and demands that she tells him what she just did in there. She says that she recommends and amniocentesis for anyone Hope’s age and she feels it’s in the best interest of mother and baby. He is afraid of what the tests will show, but she says it’s a test to show chromosomal problems. He says he’s talking about it showing the true paternity of the baby because they both know that Bo is the father. She says that it is a possibility that the paternity could be revealed if someone is looking for it. He tells her that she can not let that happen and no one can know. She asks him if he thinks she really wants that to come out because she would loose every thing if her role in this ever became known. She comments about what happened to Lexie and he tells her if she wants more money he will give it to her. She smiles and says that she will accept his offer. He agrees, but tells her that he wants her to perform the procedure and read the results herself. He tells her they will go down if she doesn’t do this.

Bo joins John in the satellite truck. They watch E.J. answer the door to Kate. She comes in and they make small talk. She wants to get down to business and he asks her if she found out why the police are after him. She didn’t, but says that John Black is asking questions about him and he told her to steer clear of him because he’s not to be trusted. Kate is upsetting Bo and he asks John what she thinks she’s doing. John smiles and says that she’s doing just what he expected she would do. E.J. rubs Kate’s face and wants her to tell him everything John said to her.

Sami and Lucas sit at the table while eating their donuts. Lucas asks if Sami enjoyed him sticking it to E.J. Sami just can’t believe that he led her on like that and says that she thought he really cared about her. Lucas says that he could never understand what she saw in him anyway. He gets up from the table and asks if he was good in bed or something.

Bo tells John that they have to shut Kate up or E.J. will be onto them. Again, John smiles and says that he is aware of that. Kate tells E.J. that John told her to watch him and that his name came up when they were discussing the race at he Grand Prix. Kate tells him that John thinks he is involved in the gloved hand crimes. E.J. says that is preposterous, and Kate says that she reminded John that it couldn’t be true because it was their driver that was involved in the accident. She asks E.J. if John is wrong. E.J. says of course he’s wrong; he would never do something like that. She tells him that John would play very rough if he thought he was playing outside the law and that he should be very careful. E.J. gets closer to her and tells her that he appreciates her telling him. He gets a call and excuses himself. It is John, and he introduces himself to E.J. He tells him that it seems like they have a business associate in common. E.J. knows that it is Kate and John says that since they are both in the communication business he thinks they should meet to see what else they may have in common. E.J. agrees, and John wants to meet at the Penthouse Grill soon. E.J. agrees and hangs up. Kate is surprised he is going to meet John. E.J. comments to Kate that it is interesting that John called just as they were taking about him, and tells her that it is quiet a coincidence. He tells her that John has peaked his interest and he has to put people’s minds at ease. Bo and John continue to watch, and E.J. leaves the apartment. Bo tells John that Kate has just blown their investigation and now he is going to meet with him. John says it is all part of the plan because Kate is helping them. Bo reminds him that she paid off Eve, but John tells him that Kate will be much better for them as an ally and not an enemy. Bo thinks it’s a bad idea. They watch Kate snoop while E.J. is gone. John tells Bo to keep an eye on Kate and call her if E.J. were to come back early.

At the Penthouse Grill, John meets E.J. at the bar. They introduce themselves and E.J. says that he’s heard very good things about him. John says he wishes he could say the same about him. E.J. wants to know what he’s heard, and John says that he’s heard he is a hell of a race car driver. He asks him if he’s ever had any dealings with the Brady’s. He says that he’s met some of them, but no more than that. E.J. wonders why he is interested in his dealings with the Brady’s, and John tells him that he’s sure he has heard of their bad luck lately; he wants to know if E.J. had anything to do with it. E.J. tells him that he just recently gave Shawn Brady employment, saying that he is a great mechanic. E.J. reminds John that he wanted to talk about things they had in common and mentions Kate Roberts. He says that she is a hell of a woman. John agrees, but says even the smartest business women can be taken in from time to time. John wants to know if he has also had any dealings with Patrick Lockhart. E.J. answers by saying that he thought he wanted to meet here for a friendly drink and talk about big media. E.J. says that he has to be leaving now. He pays the tab and walks away. John calls Bo and tells him that E.J. is on his way back and asks if Kate is still inside. Kate is still digging around.

Billie runs into Hope at the hospital, and quickly tells her that nothing happened between her and Bo at the Pub the other day. Hope tells her not to worry about it and turns away. Billie follows, telling her that Bo was just being a good friend and letting her cry on his shoulder because she had just found out that Steve remembered Kayla. Billie says that she is very happy about that, but to be honest, she is disappointed that things didn’t work out between the two of them. Hope says that she knows Billie cares about Steve, and if it’s any consolation at all, she means a lot to him too because he told her. Hope walks off.

Steve puts the necklace back in his pocket; his back is turned to Stephanie. She knows he is upset about Billie, but tells him that he made the right choice. She says that Kayla is amazing and that Billie will not have any problem finding another man. He tells her that she’s right; Billie is great but it wasn’t meant to be. Kayla wakes up and Steve goes to her. She is mumbling something and the alarms go off. Stephanie screams for Steve to do something as the doctor’s rush in. Steve rushes over to a crying Stephanie promising her that everything is going to be okay. The doctor walks up behind Steve to tell him that Kayla is worsening and he and his daughter need to prepare themselves. Stephanie looses it and Steve holds on to the window where she stands.

Sami asks Lucas if he thinks being good in bed is what attracts her to a man. She tells him that it isn’t any of his business, but tells him that she didn’t sleep with him. She says she wouldn’t sleep with him now if they were marooned on a deserted island. She can’t believe that he wanted her to choose between him and her son, not to mention that he was sleeping with Kate, which is gross to her. Sami tells him that Bo warned her that E.J. is trouble. She says that she should’ve known that it was too good to be true anyway. Lucas wants to know what she’s talking about, telling her that E.J. is a moron and he doesn’t know what he is missing.

John comes back inside the satellite truck with Bo telling him that E.J. wasn’t very talkative. Kate is still inside, and Bo has tried to call her but it keeps going to voice mail. John makes a call.

The doctor tells Steve that Kayla has fluid in her lungs and is having difficulty breathing. Hope has walked up outside the window and she hears the conversation. Stephanie asks about an antidote but the doctor says that they haven’t found one and they are running out of time. Stephanie breaks down again, and the doctor tells them to call in all family members because she may not make it through this. Steve tries to comfort Stephanie.

Sami tells Lucas that she can’t believe that she didn’t realize that E.J. had an ulterior motive for getting involved with her. Lucas wonders what his motive would be, but Sami has no idea. Lucas tells her that he happens to care about her a lot and they stare into each other’s eyes. Lucas breaks the silence by talking about Will. They talk about the last time they went on a field trip with Will.

John is worried about Kate because E.J. has come back home and is standing outside the door reaching for his keys.

Previews for Monday:

Mimi: I am worried about Patrick. What if he the money he had was stolen? You realize that you are in just as much trouble as he is.

Bo: Eve Michaels as good as named you as her killer.

Steve: I don’t know what to do baby. I don’t remember a damn thing. I don’t want to break your heart all over again.

John: Take a look at this.

Marlena: Oh my gosh. Where did you find that?

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