Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Sami, Will, and Lucas enjoy an evening dinner at the Penthouse Grill. They discuss the day and make a toast to becoming a better family. Across the room, Lexie picks at her food; she seems a little sad. Abe gives her an envelope containing a Thank You letter from Caroline and Shawn Brady. She doesn’t feel like she deserves their thanks, but Abe tries to convince her that she is worthy. Lexie spots Sami having a good time with her family and it makes her angry.

Belle has come to the Kiriakis estate to meet Victor. He tries to compliment her but she lets him know right away that she wants nothing from him. Therefore, she hands over the check. All of a sudden Shawn barges through the door telling Victor to take his check and shove it. Shawn questions Belle’s presence, so she informs him that she is here to return the check Victor gave her as well. Victor insists that he wants to make amends, but Shawn doesn’t believe him; he knows Victor must want something in return. Victor finally admits that he wants to see Claire and be a part of her life.

Nick tries to reason with the bartender, telling him that he will pay Chelsea’s tab as soon as he gets his first paycheck; he starts work tomorrow. Abby objects to Nick’s proposal and Chelsea wants to work out a deal with the bartender washing dishes. He is really hateful towards Chelsea and then Abby steps in telling him that he is exaggerating. It doesn’t phase him and he demands that $88 be laid on the bar now, or Chelsea and her fake id go to jail. Nick tells the guy that he knows that he is only doing his job and he wants to help him. Nick promises, if the guy lets Chelsea go, to hand over his entire paycheck. The bartender wonders why he even cares about Chelsea and comments that she should be wearing a sign, “Here Comes Trouble”, and that she’s not even 21 and has a record. Nick agrees, but tries to reason with him, saying just because she’s made a few mistakes, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be given a break. He appeals to the nice guy in him, but the bartender isn’t buying it. Nick still believes that the can make him happy without calling the cops. The bartender asks for Nick’s watch.

Shawn can’t believe that Victor wants to be a part of Claire’s life after he almost messed it up. Victor promises that he knows what he did was wrong and he never set out to hurt anyone; he was just trying to protect his son. They argue and Belle wants to leave. Victor tells them to sit down because he has something else to tell them. Belle suggests they give him a few minutes. Victor says that there is always a chance for a new beginning and Claire is that chance for him. He wants to give the love to Claire that he wasn’t able to give his own children. He tells Shawn that even though he’s Claire’s father, Phillip loved her, and now she is the only link he has to Phillip.

Abe tells Lexie if she expects Sami to feel guilty, she can forget it. Lexie still can’t believe she allowed Sami to do what she did. It infuriates her to see Sami laughing and having a good time.

Sami tells Lucas that it means a lot to her that they are giving her a chance to prove herself and allowing them to be a family again. Lucas and Will spot Lexie and tell Sami. She turns around to see Lexie and Lexie notices, telling Abe that Sami is staring at her. Abe laughs it off and says that they all live in the same town; they are bound to run into her somewhere.

Nick is reluctant to give his watch away and ask the bartender if he thinks it is fair to take a watch that’s worth thousands of dollars over $88 and a few broken glasses. The guy wants to make a bet with Nick; if he wins, he gets the watch, if Nick wins, Chelsea goes free.

Belle understands that Victor is upset over Phillip leaving, but reassures him that he will come back. Victor tells them that he’s hired an agency to find Phillip but they are not having any luck. Victor excuses himself and Belle asks Shawn if he’s ever seen Victor act like this. Shawn has no sympathy and Belle is worried about Phillip. Victor returns and begs to spend time with Claire. He wants her to visit him in his home. Shawn refuses and says that they are leaving. Belle looks up at Shawn and informs him that this isn’t his call, it’s hers.

Lexie tells Abe how much she admires him and his sense of belonging. She says that she’s always felt like she has had to work twice as hard to prove herself. (She is referring to being Stephano Dimera’s daughter) She still can’t believe that she allowed herself to be blackmailed into lying to a patient. Abe refuses to allow her to run herself down any longer. She agrees to stay but watches Sami.

Lexie’s presence makes Sami uncomfortable and she suggests they go someplace else. Will leaves to get Lucas’ phone from the car. Lucas suggests that Sami go over to Lexie and apologize.

The bartender lays down and olive and a glass on the bar and tells Nick that his challenge is to get the olive into the glass without touching it. Nick looks at it and Abby and Chelsea think there is no way for that to happen. Chelsea tells him to go ahead and call the cops.

Belle and Shawn discuss Victor’s request. Belle tells Shawn that her mother and John gave her money that kept Claire fed and in diapers when Phillip left; she asks Shawn what he has done to help. She slurs him and tells him that he drove a car through a private residence and almost lost his life in a storm while trying to impress a prostitute. Being partners means having trust, and she says that she doesn’t trust him. She says that she will be the one that decides where Claire will be spending her time. Belle tells Shawn that Phillip made Claire happy. Shawn thinks Claire will forget about him since she was so young when she lived with him. Belle says, “Don’t you dare say that.” She knows that Shawn is her father, but she thinks it is important for her to keep Phillip in her heart. Victor has a meeting down the hall and wants to give them some privacy to talk. Shawn can’t believe that she would even consider allowing Victor to spend time with Claire. Belle reminds him that Victor is Claire’s only link to Phillip. Shawn reminds her that Phillip is the one that walked out on Claire. He says that he is here and is prepared to do whatever it takes to take care of Claire if she will just let him.

Sami takes another look at Lexie, but she tells Lucas that she just can’t go over to her. He thinks she will feel better if she just apologizes to her. Sami says that they have had such a good day together and she doesn’t want to spoil it by brawling with Lexie. Lucas tells her that Will is waiting in the car, hoping she will clear things up with Lexie, and asks her to consider doing it for him. Sami approaches Lexie and Abe and she tries to make small talk. She tells them that Will and Lucas have given her another chance and they are working on being a family again. She is hoping that “other” people will give her a chance to make up for the hurtful things she has done. She turns to Lexie and says that she’s sorry. She says that she isn’t good with apologies and she’s not asking for them to be friends, but she’s sorry about what happened between them; she is hoping Lexie will forgive her.

Belle stands up and walks to the other side of the room and Shawn tells her that he knows he’s done some things that have upset her, but when she told him how she wanted him to change in order to be a part of Claire’s life, she got his attention. Belle has to be sure that he is responsible before she can trust him with her. He tells her that he got a job and is already looking for an apartment. He asks for visitation and gives her money for child support.

Nick thinks he can do it, so the bartender gives him two minutes to complete the task. Other people in the bar chant for him and he tells the guy that it’s a simple matter of inertia. He puts the glass over the olive and starts spinning it around. The olive starts spinning around and up into the glass. He quickly flips over the glass with the olive inside. The bartender gives back Nick’s watch and Nick tells Chelsea that he will see her around. Abby and Chelsea follow Nick outside and Abby tells him that he was great. Chelsea asks him if he is a genius or something, but he says that he spent a lot of time playing games like that with his frat brothers in college. This seems to impress Chelsea. Abby asks her if she’s not going to thank him for what he did for her.

Belle is shocked that he’s paying in cash and wonders what kind of job he has with E.J. that pays so well. He tells her that it is mechanic stuff and that she can count on money every week. She is impressed and says that when she gave him the ultimatum she didn’t think he would come through. He wants to be a part of Claire’s life and says that he knows he has to earn that right. He tells her that she’s looking at the new Shawn.

Lexie tells Sami “NO”. She does not forgive her, and, she can take her apology and go straight to Hell where she belongs. Sami gets upset and asks Lexie why she thinks it was so easy to blackmail her and then asks why she was unfaithful to Abe. Abe stops the argument. Sami apologizes to Abe and tells Lexie that her family (The Brady’s) has forgiven her (Lexie) and states that she (Lexie) can’t even forgive her (Sami). Sami walks off and Lexie picks up a champagne bottle and heads off after her. Will comes in and asks Lucas where his mother is. Lucas tells him that he thinks she is about to get a not-so-sweet surprise Lexie style.

Belle feels like she has been hard on Shawn, but he tells her that it helped him to realize what is important. She feels bad now and tells him that he is doing better than she is because she is living off of her parents. She says that she never even thought about getting a job until she demanded it from him. He tells her that Claire needs her and that is her most important job. She talks about how smart she used to be and how she was going to be a designer. Shawn tells her something his mother told him; there are two parts to life; the after kids, and there is everything else before. He tells her that she is a terrific mother and grabs her hands. She pulls away and asks if he is still living at the Y with “what’s her name”. He promises to be moving out of there very soon. He tells her that Willow isn’t a bad person; she just had a bad childhood. Belle feels sorry for her, but says trading your body for sex….she just doesn’t want her daughter around her and she’s not going to change her mind about that. He says that he will do whatever she wants as long as he can be a part of Claire’s life. Victor returns and asks if he can be a grandfather to Claire.

Chelsea tells Nick that what he did in there was cool and she is sorry. She says that she is sorry that she called him a looser too. He has to leave and Abby wants to give him a ride home. On Chelsea’s way out, she tells Nick to loose the glasses. Abby tries to explain Chelsea, but Nick thinks she’s magnificent.

Sami is in the ladies room and Lexie rushes in and pours a bottle of champagne all over her head. Lexie laughs and walks out. She makes her way back to the table with Abe. Sami comes out with a wet head and Lexie laughs again. Abe scolds her, telling her that was a $200 bottle of champagne. Lexie says that it was worth every penny and they leave. Sami sits down and Will tells her that she is wet. Sami makes a joke out of it saying that she decided to take a shower in some champagne. Lucas grins and asks her how she feels. Sami smiles and tells them that it’s okay; she is with her family and that makes her happy.

Abby can’t believe Nick thinks Chelsea is magnificent after everything that she did and said to him. Nick says that he’s never met a girl with a police record before, and she may find it hard to believe, but he doesn’t have that much experience with girls. He thinks Chelsea is exciting. Abby thanks him for tonight and tells him that it was fun, in a weird kind of way.

Shawn tells Victor that Belle knows what Claire needs and the decision is completely up to her. Belle tells him that he can be a part of Claire’s life as long as he abides by her rules. Victor respects that and thanks her very much. Belle and Shawn leave and tell him they will be in touch. Outside the room, Belle tells Shawn that Claire misses him and will be happy to start spending more time with him. Victor was listening and then shuts the door with a suspicious smile on his face.

Previews for tomorrow:

Kate: John black is asking questions about you.

Bo: What the hell is she doing?

John: This could be interesting.

Hope: I know how much you care about Steve. You mean a lot to him, too. He told me.

Lucas: If you lay another finger on my mother, I'm gonna rip that smug look off your face.

Stephanie: Dad, do something!

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