Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/6/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi comes home with work from the garage and Bonnie greets her as she comes through the door. Bonnie is sporting a new dress and Mimi comments that she thought her mother had no money. Bonnie says that, even though she doesn’t have thousands of dollars to fix Mimi’s car, she can afford a lousy factory outlet sale. She asks what Mimi thinks about the dress, and Mimi is hearing Caroline’s words of advice about not lying for at least one week, in her head. She tells Bonnie that the dress is actually awful, and elaborates, which makes Bonnie a little angry. Mimi tells her that she asked for the truth and she’s given it to her. Mimi doesn’t understand where her money is going and Bonnie tells her that business at Alice’s isn’t doing so well, and what little money she has left is going toward an investment towards the future. Mimi tells her that the two of them work their butts off and have nothing while Patrick does nothing and is loaded. She tosses her hands up in the air and walks away. Bonnie stops her and wants to know when Patrick came into money.

Shawn has spread his daily earnings across the bed and Willow is excited; she can’t believe that he made all this money in one hour. He promises that there is more where that came from. He tells her that she was right about E.J. Wells. She wonders what he had to do for him and Shawn tells her the only thing he had to do was deliver some stuff between him and a guy named Patrick Lockhart. She congratulates him as they lay on the bed together. He tells her that he can now prove to everyone that he is worthy of being Claire’s father. The first thing he is going to do is find a place big enough for a nursery and it will be in a nice part of town. The look on her face changes and she asks him if there is going to be room in the apartment for her.

Steve lies in his bed and watches Kayla while holding the necklace Hope bought for him to give Billie. There is a knock at the window and when he looks over, he sees Billie. He tucks the necklace in his pocket and walks over to talk to her. He wasn’t sure she would come back tonight, but she promises that she will be here for him until he is released. She tells him that she can’t wait until she can touch him. She notices a different look on his face and asks him what is wrong.

At the Pub, Bo and Hope sit in a booth while he holds her face in his hands. She admits that the four of them (Bo, Hope, Steve, & Kayla) shared some great times together, but it does hurt to look back too. Bo tells her that it’s not too late for them and they can get back what they once had. He holds her hands in his as Patrick walks in and stands next to them. Hope asks Bo not to make a scene because she is having his baby. She says that she does need to speak to him and Bo gets up and walks off. Patrick tells her that he has been looking everywhere for her. She has been so busy and really needs to get back to the hospital. He talks her into letting him drive her there, but she wants to tell Bo where she is going. When she turns around, Bo isn’t there.

Mimi tells Bonnie about the money she found that Patrick has hidden in a drawer. Mimi proceeds to pull it out and Bonnie is in awe as she stares at the money Mimi holds in her hand. Mimi is concerned about where the money came from because she feels like Patrick lied to her when he told her that it came from good investments. She thinks Bonnie should talk to him, but Bonnie refuses to question her son like a common criminal. Mimi accuses Bonnie of not wanting to ask him because she’s afraid of knowing the truth.

Steve turns away and Billie demands to know what is up with him. He says that he is worried about Stephanie; he thinks if something happens to Kayla, she couldn’t take it. He looks back at Kayla and says that he hasn’t been able to do anything to help her. He tells her to go home and get some rest and that he is feeling tired too. She puts her hand on the glass and he puts his up there too. She walks away and meets a nurse on her way out and tells her that she is just going to get something to eat and will return. Steve stands over Kayla and rubs her hand with his as he watches her.

Shawn tells Willow that he hasn’t even thought about them moving in together and she gets up off the bed saying that she didn’t mean to put him on the spot. She begins to play on his pity by telling him that she doesn’t make enough at the restaurant to have a place of her own, and she just thought, since they got along so well together, it would be really nice to get out of here. She says that she understands that she isn’t his problem. He sits up on the bed and tells her that she’s been really cool towards him and he wants to repay the favor, but….Willow interrupts and finishes his sentence; you can’t have an ex hooker living in the apartment with you. Her tone changes and she just tells him to forget it because it was a really stupid idea. Shawn walks over to her and tells her that he doesn’t care about what other people think; it’s just that they haven’t really talked about having a future together. She stops him and tells him that it isn’t like she was asking to get married or anything; she’s just looking for a better place to call home, or any place for that matter because she’s never had a home. She says that she didn’t mean to manipulate him with her sob story, but Shawn says that he wants her to have a nice place to live. He tells her that they are going to look for a place together.

Mimi is leaving again for her second job. Bonnie looks at Patrick’s money that Mimi left out when the phone rings; it’s Lauren, Mimi’s baby’s surrogate. She is telling Bonnie that there is a problem.

Hope gives Steve all the memories that she and Bo wrote down for him to read to Kayla. She hopes something in there will help him regain his memory as well. He says that he will never forget the look on Kayla’s face when he told her that he didn’t remember her. He doesn’t know what to do, but tells Hope that he can’t walk out on the mother of his child if there is even a chance he can do something to save her.

Mimi and Willow are both working at Chez Rouge together. The meet and exchange slurs. Willow comments on Mimi’s job with Max and accuses her of trying to get Shawn back. She tells her that it’s too late because Shawn is out of there. Mimi knows and tells Willow that her reasoning behind working at the garage is because she really needed another job and Max had an opening. After a few more slurs, Willow says that a few weeks ago she was living on the streets, and now, she’s moving on up. Mimi goes ahead and asks because she knows Willow is dying for her to know something. Willow tells her that she and Shawn are getting a place together.

Shawn meets Bo at the bar and offers him money, telling him that E.J. gave him a bonus and he can start paying him back for the boat. Bo appreciates that he is being responsible, but tells him that he needs to concentrate on taking care of his daughter. With the amount of money Shawn is making now, he tells Bo that he can take care of all his responsibilities. Bo wants to know how much Wells is paying him to work on cars.

Bonnie is relieved to learn that the baby is okay. She tells her to hold on and she will be right there. She takes Patrick’s money and puts it in her purse as she leaves the house.

Billie runs into Hope in the hospital and Hope asks her if she liked the necklace. Billie has no idea about it and, when she realizes what she just heard, she is thrilled that Steve thought of her.

Bo thinks E.J. is paying Shawn a lot of money for a mechanic and feels like there is more to this than meets the eye. Shawn says that he is good at what he does. Bo wants to make a deal with him. He agrees to let Shawn know if he finds anything out about E.J. and he wants Shawn to do the same in return. He tells him if he sees or hears anything, he needs to let him know. Bo takes the money and gives him an envelope from Victor. Shawn doesn’t want it, but Bo talks him into taking it, saying that Victor is trying to make up for his mistakes.

Mimi accuses Willow of lying about moving in with Shawn, saying the there is no way that Shawn would ever move in with her. Willow tells her that it’s true; Shawn got a really good job and they are going to have a place where Claire can stay with them on the weekends. Mimi tells her that she seriously doubts that Belle would allow Claire to stay with someone as morally lacking as her. Willow wonders how Mimi could talk to her about morals, and asks if she wasn’t the one that lied to Shawn about having a child. She tells her that is worse than anything she’s ever done, and she would never do anything purposely to hurt anyone.

Patrick makes Hope dinner, and as they sit at the table, he tells her that he wants to take care of her since she’s not doing such a good job at that herself. Hope says that she’s doing the best she can under the circumstances of a family crisis. He wants her to realize that isn’t her family anymore and that the two of them have a baby to think about now. This doesn’t sit well with her and she tells him that she thinks about the baby all the time, and as far as the Brady’s, they will always be her family. He asks if he interrupted something between her and Bo at the pub tonight. She explains about reminiscing of old memories with Bo for Steve and Kayla’s sake, and he asks if she’s sure that she doesn’t want to tell him anything else. Her answer is no, and he asks her if they are still going away together to Chicago.

Mimi tells Willow that Shawn’s heart will always belong to Belle Black, and knowing that deep down is what drove her to do what she did. She tells her whatever power she has over Shawn will not last, especially once Claire is back in his life, because then he will be back in Belle’s life too. She warns her that it will only be a matter of time before they are back together. Willow says that they will see about that. Mimi says, yes they will, and Shawn is way too smart to let her come between him and his daughter. She also tells her that he is too in love with Belle to give a **** about what happens to her in the end and eventually he will toss her out on the curb like everyone else has. Mimi walks away and Willow’s expression went from “smarty” to “worried”.

Billie walks up to the window and hears Steve tell Kayla that she was right; it happened. He tells her that he got his memory back and he remembers how they met, how the fell in love, and how she saved his life in more than one way. Billie is upset and Steve continues to talk to Kayla. He tells her that Stephanie was right when she said he would remember how much he needed her once his memory returned. He tells her that she has got to come back to him because he needs her. Tears run down Billie’s face as she listens.

Shawn enters Chez Rouge and Mimi walks up to him, smiling, telling him that she and Willow just had a great conversation about the two of them moving in together. She says that she is sure Belle will be delighted too. Shawn warns her to stay out of it because nothing is definite yet. Willow sees him and rushes over. He tells her that he came to offer her a ride home after work and she gladly accepts and kisses him. Mimi walks off and Willow grabs the envelope from Shawn that Bo gave to him. She wants to know what it is; he tells her that it’s from his grandfather. She wonders if he’s going to open it, and even though he hadn’t planed on it, he opens it anyway. It is a check for $10,000. Willow’s face lights up.

Bonnie meets Lauren on the pier and compliments her on her looks. Lauren wants more money; a lot more. Bonnie is upset and wonders why because she made a lot off of the surrogacy contract, not to mention the bundle Bonnie has already given her. Lauren says that she was forced to quit her job because of her pregnancy, therefore she is going to require Bonnie to support her fully for the duration of the pregnancy; and to a style that she is very much looking forward to becoming accustomed.

Steve is looking through the papers that Hope and Bo wrote down and he continues to tell her things that he “supposedly” remembers. The words he reads seem to touch him. He begs her to wake up and kisses her hand.

Hope agrees to go to Chicago with him and he is excited. He wants to know when they can leave and presses her to give him a date. She says they will go as soon as possible but she doesn’t want Bo to know.

Bo lies in bed holding a picture of him and Hope when someone knocks on the door. He gets up, and when he opens the door, Billie is standing there. When he asks if Steve and Kayla are okay, she tells him that things are the same, but what she was afraid of happening just happened. She says that he remembered Kayla because she heard him talking to her about their life together. Bo says that “it worked” out loud. Billie wants to know what worked and he tells her about the memories that he and Hope sent to him. He apologizes to her but she says that he already warned her that this was going to happen and she didn’t listen. She starts crying and Bo holds her.

Willow is very excited about the money and tells Shawn that this means they could get a house. Mimi is eavesdropping on their conversation. Shawn tells her that he’s not keeping the money because his grandfather thinks he can buy anyone off for a price; make anything go away. He says that it’s not going to work this time because no amount of money is going to make up for the fact that he knew Claire was his all along.

Bonnie sits with Lauren and tries to convince her to sit down with a lawyer and work out a deal. Lauren isn’t interested and gives Bonnie an ultimatum. She tells her that she can either cough up the money, or say goodbye to her grandchild. Bonnie pulls out the money she stole from Patrick and gives it to Lauren. Lauren takes the money and tells her that this is a start.

Patrick wants to know why she cares if Bo finds out because she already told him that he is going to have to accept the fact that they would be spending time together. She knows that but he’s dealing with so much right now and she doesn’t want to upset him with anything else. That is her one stipulation; he has to promise her that this trip will stay between the two of them and no one else. He agrees and gives her his word. He asks again when they can leave and it frustrates Hope. She stands up and tells him that they can go as soon as she knows Kayla is okay; she’s not going anywhere while she is fighting for her life. Patrick is sorry and says that he just got excited. He notices the drawer where he kept his cash is open. He goes over and takes the box out and notices that his money is gone.

While Bo is holding Billie, she tells him that she knew this was going to happen, just not so soon. Bo tells her that he just got blown off too. He and Hope were together and talking about old memories until Patrick showed up. Billie says that she thought they could work this out. Bo did to, but thinks he may have been kidding himself. Billie says that she is the one that wrecked his marriage and she can’t believe that he is even talking to her. He says that he doesn’t hate her, but she says that she hates herself. Bo tells her not to say things like that and he comes up behind her and pulls her around and delivers her a passionate kiss and they fall onto the bed.

Steve is still talking to Kayla and reading memories from the notebook. He asks her not to give up on them. He starts humming to the song “The Rose” and then he adds the words; he’s singing to her. Kayla opens her eyes and looks at him. He is amazed!

Previews for tomorrow:

Nick: Dune, get ready for the fallonator! Come on! Let's get jiggy with it!

Kayla: I can't get through this without you.

Patrick: I want you to trust that I will be there for you and the baby, no matter what.

Bo: Kind of come full circle. Become friends again after all these years.

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