Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/3/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi is working in the office when Max comes in complaining about having to turn down work due to a lack of time. Mimi says that he would have the extra time if he would listen to her and give Shawn his job back. Max says that he doesn’t feel like putting up with his anger management issues, and if he can’t deal with spending time around her, he doesn’t need him. She says that she can do most of the bookkeeping at home and will make it a point to stay out of Shawn’s way and promises to make it work. He wonders why she even cares about helping Shawn out after the way he treated her, and asks if this is her way of getting him back into her life.

Patrick answers the door to find Shawn standing there. He tells him that Mimi isn’t there, but Shawn says that he’s here to see him; he has a delivery.

After putting Claire to sleep, Belle comes downstairs and Marlena senses that something is wrong with her. Belle says that everything is wrong and it’s time for her to do something about it.

Bo meets Hope at the Pub and she tells him that she is worried about Steve and Kayla.

Steve sits by Kayla’s bedside and talks to her. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to die but he doesn’t know how to save her.

John watches Kate and E.J. make love from the satellite truck that he rented from her. He isn’t happy and is wondering what Kate has gotten herself into this time. Inside E.J.’s apartment they go at it and we see Sami walk down the hall and stop in front of his door.

Bo knows that everyone is worried about Steve and Kayla. She tells Bo that she tried to convince Steve to be there for Kayla and to give her a reason to live. Bo wonders how that went. Hope says not only did it not work, he asked her to buy a necklace for him to give to Billie. Bo is shocked and Hope tells him that Steve almost dying gave him an epiphany about his feelings for Billie. He gets a call from John asking him to come right away; there has been a development in the case. Bo and Hope both get up to leave; him to see John, and Hope to buy a necklace for Billie.

A nurse wheels Stephanie into the waiting room and she speaks to Steve. He gets up and comes to the window to talk to her. She tells him that she’s sorry that she lost it earlier with him. She says that she is so upset and that she just can’t loose her mother. She tells him that he has to do something, but he doesn’t know what to do. She explains that the mind controls the body and tells him to talk to her because she WILL hear him; to touch her and she will feel him. She says that he has to give her mother a reason to live. He says that he’s been trying hard to figure out something. She tells him that Kayla has never gotten over him, but he has been pushing her away ever since he got back to Salem. She is sure her mother doesn’t feel like she has a lot to live for and tells him that he has got to come through for her because he is the only hope she has left. Stephanie tells him that she has never asked him for anything, but is asking him now not to give up on them. She asks the nurse to take her back to her room.

Sami knocks on E.J.’s door and they get up. Kate hides in another room and E.J. runs to the door. Right away, Sami asks him why the cops are after him. John seeing Sami there makes him nervous.

Mimi gets up and tells Max that she still loves Shawn but she knows they are never going to get back together. She feels responsible for everything he’s going through right now. She knows he’s trying to be a good father to Claire and she doesn’t want to stand in the way of that because she is the one that kept him from her for so long. She tells Max that if he doesn’t want to give Shawn his job back, then she will have to quit. He realizes she really means that. She tells him that she can’t go back and erase the mistakes she’s made, but she can try and do the right thing from now on. She begs Max to give Shawn a break.

Patrick asks Shawn who this is from and Shawn tells him to open it and see for himself. Patrick opens the letter from E.J. and as he reads it to himself, we hear the words coming from E.J. “This will be our new method of communication. Shawn Brady will serve as our courier and his fee will be $500 a trip. Now, I’ve already paid him but you may want to give him another $500 to ensure his loyalty. I’ll be in touch.” Patrick asks Shawn what is going on here and if his father put him up to this.

Belle tells Marlena about Shawn coming over last night to see Claire and about John thinking she should draw up a list of conditions for him to be a part of her life. Marlena agrees that is a good idea, and although Belle agrees, she asks her how can she demand that of Shawn when she is living at home with her parents and she doesn’t have a job either. Belle feels like she needs to get her life together as well, and being a single mother scares her to death.

Victor and Lucas walk through the hospital and Victor thanks him for meeting him here. He asks if Lucas has hired someone to fill Carrie’s position at Titan. He hasn’t but promises to get right on it. Victor has a job for Lucas to do right away. He hands him an envelope to give to Belle and tells him that it is important. He wants him to tell her it’s from Phillip and that he sent it to him to give to her. Victor is afraid she won’t open it if she knows it’s from him.

Hope comes to the room and calls for Steve. She tells him that she got the necklace for Billie like he asked, and she shows it to him, asking if he likes it. He thinks it’s nice and thanks her. He needs to ask her another favor for Kayla. He tells her that nothing is working and that Stephanie thinks she has lost the will to live because she’s got no one to come back to except him. He wants to sit with her and talk to her and tell her things that they did together; to talk about the life they loved. He thinks maybe she will want to come back to this life. He says that this is where the favor comes into play. Steve asks Hope to get together with Bo and write down everything they can remember about his and Kayla’s past together; stuff they remember and stuff they might have told them. She is excited about this and agrees to do this. He thanks her, but she says that it’s her pleasure to do this. Hope looks at Steve and tells him that this might even help him to remember as well. He agrees that maybe it will.

Shawn doesn’t know what Patrick is talking about and tells him that Bo has nothing to do with this and that this note is from E.J. Patrick wants to know why he is delivering notes for E.J. and Shawn says that he needed a job fast and E.J. made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Shawn starts to leave and Patrick stops him. He gives him $500 more and Mimi is watching from outside; the door is cracked open. He takes it saying that his baby needs new clothes.

Bo joins John in the satellite truck and John shows him the screen with Sami and E.J. talking. They hear Sami tell E.J. that her uncle Bo was asking about him. Bo is upset that Sami is talking; she continues to talk when E.J. asks her what Bo wanted to know. She tells him about the envelop,e and he wants to know what she told him. She says that she told Bo that he wouldn’t have done such a thing, but tells E.J. that isn’t the point. Her uncle Bo has it in for him and asks him what he has gotten himself into. E.J. says that he has no idea what Bo is looking for and then tells her that he doesn’t know why it matters to her anyway; she chose Lucas. Sami denies choosing Lucas and tells him that she chose her son. He asks her to leave because she interrupted him, but she say she isn’t through talking to him. He leads her toward the door but she pulls away, asking him to talk about this. As she turns around, she sees a bra. She turns to E.J. and asks who the woman in his bedroom is. Back in the surveillance truck, John has a pretty good idea how the rest of this is going to play out. Bo can’t believe that Sami told E.J. about him talking to her and asks John what else he’s found out. John says that it seems like Kate and E.J. have a romantic relationship going along with their professional one. He doesn’t like it because E.J. is bad news and he thinks she should know about it. Bo disagrees and says that Kate is a smart woman who can take care of herself. John tells him that no one around here is safe until they can find out what E.J. is up to.

Patrick gets a call and asks Shawn to let himself out because he has to take this call. Shawn walks out and Mimi stops him and asks him what is going on between him and Patrick and wants to know why Patrick gave him all that money. Shawn tells her that he owed him for a job and he walks off.

Marlena admires Belle for wanting to stand on her own two feet and take responsibility. She tells her that being scared is a normal reaction and asks her not to put herself under too much pressure. She reminds her that she is grieving the end of her marriage and the loss of a child; she’s still recovering. Marlena tells her to take it easy right now and she can stay here with them as long as she likes. Belle thanks her and says that they have been wonderful to her and Claire. She needs to feel like she has a plan though. Belle talks about having post partum depression and how Phillip took care of Claire when she didn’t have the first maternal instinct at all. She says that she didn’t plan to get pregnant and was never ready to have a child; she dropped out of school, quit her job, and now she doesn’t want to be that spoiled little princess that goes running to her father for a job. She never thought she would put Claire in day care but now she thinks she needs to look around and see what her options are. The door bell rings and Belle answers the door. It’s Lucas and he hands her an envelope from Phillip. Belle invites him in and she asks Marlena to go upstairs to check on Belle. She opens the envelope and turns to Lucas and asks him where he got this. He tells her that Phillip sent it to him and asks what is in there. She tells him that it is signed divorce papers and a $100,000 settlement check. Lucas is sorry that things didn’t work out for them and she says that she is sorry things didn’t work out between him and Carrie. He guesses both their marriages ended because of lies and now they have to raise their kids on their own. He tells her about Sami having another guy and when that happens, Sami gets distracted. Belle doesn’t know about another guy, and Lucas tells her that it is E.J. Wells. Belle asks Lucas if he still has feelings for Sami. His response is that she is the mother of his child and he will always care about her, but every time he thinks she’s changed, she proves him wrong. He refuses to go through that again and promises that he will NEVER get into a romantic relationship with her again. Belle says if she’s learned anything at all, it is never to say never.

Sami asks E.J. again who he is sleeping with. He tells her that it’s none of her business and that she already made her choice. She sits down on the couch and tells him that he never cared about her anyway, because if he did, he wouldn’t be sleeping with someone so soon after they ended things. He tells her that he is not sleeping with anyone, but Sami knows that he is lying. She notices that his hair is all messed up and his shirt isn’t tucked in and the buttons….She realizes that SHE is still here. She gets up to look in the other room but he grabs her arm and tells her that it’s time she left. He takes her to the door, opens it, and throws her out. Kate comes out saying that she wishes Lucas would handle things with Sami that way. He notices that she’s leaving and pulls her close. He wants to finish what they started. She can’t find her bra. Outside the door, Sami has the bra. She looks it over and talks to herself about how expensive it must be and notices that it’s monogrammed. She looks up and says, “It’s Kate.”

Steve continues to talk to Kayla, telling her that her family and Stephanie need her and that he will do everything he can to make her better. He strokes her hair.

Hope comes into the Pub to find Bo eating. She sits down across from him and tells him about the great talk she had with Steve. She tells Bo that Steve is finally determined to get through to Kayla and he wants them to make a list of all the memories they shared together. Bo wonders what happened to his feelings for Billie, but Hope says that she don’t care about that; she wants this to work for Kayla. Hope thinks this could even help Steve remember Kayla and their life together. Hope says that they can’t loose anyone else that they love and, as she pulls out a pen and paper, she asks him if he’s ready to go down memory lane. He is ready and Hope suggests they start from the beginning, but then they decide to start from the time they fell in love which was Stockholm. Hope remembers that was a bad time for them (Bo and Hope) and that Steve was the one that kept her from giving up on her marriage to Bo. They talk about all the lives that were in turmoil then and Bo says that, by the two of them helping their friends, they somehow managed to find their way back to each other. And, Bo says, Hope somehow found time through all that to play match maker. She smiles at him as we see a memory she’s having of her and Kayla watching Steve lying sick in a bed. She was playing match maker between Steve and Kayla then. Hope tells Bo that Kayla NEVER gave up on Steve and she’s glad that he isn’t giving up on her now. Bo reaches for Hope’s hand.

As Patrick gets off the phone, he places something in a drawer and Mimi stands behind him, watching. She finally announces her presence and they make small talk. She says that she ran into Shawn and she saw him (Patrick) hand Shawn a wad of money. She wants to know where he got it because he got kicked out of the police academy and he’s unemployed. He chalks it up to good investments in stocks. She asks if that was enough to include chartering a plane. He is surprised she heard about that. She reminds him that he was the one telling her to be honest with Shawn and if she had listened to him, her life wouldn’t be such a mess now; she’s just hoping he is taking his own advice. He puts his hands on her shoulders and gets close to her. He tells her that you lie when you have something to hide, but promises that he has nothing to hide and tells her not to worry about him. He has to leave and heads out the door. She opens the drawer she saw him open earlier.

Max walks into the hospital and runs into Shawn. They talk about Kayla and Shawn says that he (Max) should go on in there to see her. As he starts to walk away, Max stops him. He tells him that he wants to get past all these bad feelings they have and says that he is a good mechanic. He says that he would really like to hire him back if he can handle being around Mimi sometimes. Shawn says that’s great but he’s already found another job. Max wants to know who he is working for because he was considering raising his salary if he came back. Shawn tells him that he’s working for E.J. Wells and shows him the wad of cash. Max frowns and says that is a lot of money for just working on cars. Shawn says that he has to go and leaves Max standing there.

Victor runs into Shawn on his way out and tells him that they need to talk. Shawn is still angry with him and tells Victor that they have nothing to talk about.

Marlena comes back downstairs and Belle tells her about Phillip sending signed divorce papers and a $100,000 buy out check. Marlena is shocked and comments that she didn’t realize he had access to that kind of money. Belle says that he doesn’t and that Phillip didn’t send that check; Victor did. Belle says that Victor is still trying to interfere in her life and she isn’t going to allow that.

Max makes his way back to the garage and into the office to hear Mimi tell him that his books are a mess. Max is carrying a pouty look on his face and Mimi notices and asks him if something is wrong with Kayla. He tells her if the antidote doesn’t work, they are giving her 48 hours to live. Mimi stands up and hugs him telling him how sorry she is for him and his family. He tells her that he talked to Shawn at the hospital and apparently he is working for E.J. Wells. She tells Max to forget it because Shawn has taken a job with the competition and she knows that it upsets him. He says that’s not it; Shawn was flashing this big wad of cash and he looked like a drug dealer. He says that is way too much money to make in one day working on cars. Mimi wonders if he knows what that means, but Max doesn’t. He just hopes Shawn knows what he is doing.

As Shawn is walking away from Victor, he (Victor) tells him that he heard about his boating accident and with everything that is going on with Kayla, he’s sure Shawn hasn’t had time to look for a permanent place. He wants to help him out. Shawn turns to him and tells him that he doesn’t need his money, sympathy, or anything else for that matter. He tells Victor that he is no longer his grandfather and he means absolutely nothing to him.

Stephanie comes back to Steve and Kayla’s room. He tells her that she was right; he hasn’t been doing everything he can to help her mother get well. He promises that he will do whatever it takes now and she can count on him. This pleases her and she smiles.

Hope and Bo have got so much stuff and she’s happy with what they have come up with. Bo is remembering a time with Steve. He tells Hope that he and Steve haven’t always protected their families the way they have always wanted. Hope says that it wasn’t always his job; they have both made mistakes. Bo tells Hope that it is interesting that they keep looking for Steve and Kayla’s memories and keep coming up with ones of their own. He tells her that he misses her as he strokes her face.

Sami runs into Lucas and he comments that he thought she’d be getting fingerprinted. She tells him that Bo wanted to talk to her about E.J. Lucas asks her if they kissed and made up. She tells him that E.J. is sleeping with someone they both know. She pulls out the bra and says, “Your mother.”

Kate comes out of the apartment building and John startles her when he steps out of the truck and pulls her inside. She wants to know who he is doing surveillance on. He tells her E.J. Wells. She is shocked and realizes that he was watching everything that just happened between the two of them. Kate isn’t too happy and asks him if this is the thanks she gets for lending him her surveillance equipment. He tells her that there is a connection between E.J. and the gloved hand and she shakes her hand. He tells her that he doesn’t have any hard evidence but he knows that E.J. is dangerous and suggests that she keep her distance from him. She says if that’s true, maybe she should help. John doesn’t want her in danger. She thinks she can take care of herself and reminds him that she will be able to watch his every move. His answer is no because he doesn’t want E.J. to become suspicious. She agrees to keep her distance and then she leaves. She calls E.J. immediately and tells him that they have to talk because John Black is asking questions about him.

Previews for Monday:

Bonnie: I'm not gonna question my son like he's some kind of criminal.

Mimi: You just don't want to confront him because you're afraid to know the truth.

Billie: Steve got me a necklace?

Hope: Yeah.

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