Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/2/06


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John and Marlena run into Kate at the Brady Pub and John has a favor to ask of her. He wants to borrow a satellite truck from her company Mythic Communications. Kate agrees that she owes him a favor or two and asks him what he needs the truck for. He just tells her that he’s looking into a little matter for the police. Marlena is surprised because she had no idea that John would be “spying” on someone for the department. Kate wonders who John Black is after now.

Shawn and E.J. meet and Shawn gives him his reasons for wanting a job working for him as a mechanic. He reminds E.J. how good of a mechanic he is, but E.J. already knows how good Shawn is, and reminds him that they have already competed against him. He also tells Shawn that he would have loved to have had him working for them in the Grand Prix Circuit. Shawn assumes that this means he may have a job for him, but E.J. says that he’s too late; he has enough mechanics already. Shawn is disappointed, but E.J. tells him that even though he doesn’t have a place for him as a grease monkey, he does have something else to offer him; a job that would mean more to him (E.J.) than having him in the garage. He asks Shawn if he is interested, but warns him that this job would require absolute discretion from everyone, including his father.

Caroling, Frankie, Bo and Stephanie watch as the doctors try to save Kayla.

John admits to Kate that he does have someone under surveillance, but he can’t talk about it with her or anyone. She is reluctant so John offers to compensate her for the amount of time he will use the truck, but tells her that he needs an answer now. Kate scoffs and Marlena speaks up and says that this is the first time she’s heard of this. John explains that it is something that just came up. Kate realizes this could turn out to be a good story and agrees to let him use the truck if he agrees to give her T.V. station exclusive rights to the story if it breaks. She gives him the name and number of her assistant that will get him set up and then leaves for a meeting. After she’s gone, Marlena gives John one of her “worried” looks. He notices and asks her what she’s thinking. She tells him that she thought they were in this one together. He says that she was and was great, but now, he doesn’t want her working with him on this any longer because it could become too dangerous. Marlena does not like this and worries about him.

Shawn is suspicious of E.J.’s comment and asks him what his father has to do with this. E.J. says that he was just using that as an example of how important it is to keep his information confidential. He tells Shawn that he needs to know that he can trust him and count on his loyalty, and tells him to let him know now if he has any doubts. Shawn promises E.J. that he can be trusted and wants to know what he would be doing for him. E.J. tells him that it is about a huge business deal that involves his and Kate’s company. He says that, if he can pull this deal off, it will rock the entire industry, and that’s why no one can know; especially the competition. E.J. tells Shawn that he will be delivering sealed documents between himself and a silent partner and he needs him to be available 24 hours a day. Shawn understands but has two questions for E.J.: Who is the other partner, and how much will he be paid. E.J. tells him that his partner is Patrick Lockhart and asks if he has a problem with that considering the circumstances with his family. Shawn has no problem with Patrick; he likes him. Then, E.J. tells him that he will receive $500 for each delivery and pickup. Shawn perks up at the offer. E.J. asks him if they have a deal.

John tries to reassure Marlena that this job isn’t any different than jobs he’s done in the past. She smiles and tells him that she believes that the work he has been doing with Bo has whetted his appetite for more excitement; more than just the office work he has been doing lately which has gotten boring for him. John downplays it, saying that he is just helping out the cops a little bit, but Marlena doesn’t buy it. She tells him that he has helped enough by checking Patrick out and wonders what is so important that he has to have a television truck. He is making it out to be routine and she tells him that it’s one thing to be cagey with Kate, but another to be cagey with his wife. He starts to tell her about the undercover operation, but she decides that she doesn’t want to know. She just knows that it has been a long time since he has done police work and she worries about his safety. He asks her what she considered what he was doing when he was in New Jersey looking for her. She knows he is right and tells him to be safe, get in, and get out quickly so he can come home.

Dr. Myers comes out to discuss Kayla’s problems with Caroline, Shawn Sr., and Bo. He tells them that Kayla had an allergic reaction to the drug and experienced a life threatening cardiac arrhythmia. He says that she is stable now, but if they can’t find an antidote that she can tolerate soon, he is afraid that she will continue to deteriorate. Dr. Myers tells them that his researchers are talking with the FDA, Atlanta, and Pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the USA, but there is only a small window of opportunity; he says around 48 hours. Caroline is devastated and anxious. Bo tries to convince her to go back to the pub to eat and rest, but she doesn’t want to leave Kayla. He tells her that there is nothing she can do for Kayla right now; she can’t even hold her hand. Stephanie is crying and Frankie wants to take her back to her room. Before he leaves with her, he asks Billie to drive his parents to the pub. Billie is glad to help, but asks Caroline to give her a minute.

Hope is watching Steve and tells Bo that she wishes she knew what was in his head. She is worried that he can’t understand that a little attention from him could make a world of difference in Kayla’s ability to beat this thing and come back to them. She wants Bo to talk to him because Kayla needs a reason to hang on and she is sure that it could all come down to Steve.

Shawn is happy and shocked at the amount of money E.J. is offering him to deliver information and tells him that he will take the job. E.J. is sure that some people may ask him what his job description requires and tells Shawn to tell them that he was hired as a consultant to help overhaul his garage and get his cars back into tip top shape. Shawn promises E.J. that he will not let him down.

John tells Marlena that she worries too much. She knows this, but also knows that someone is after the Brady’s and is afraid of what they may do next. That is exactly what John tells her the reason is behind what he’s doing. She knows that he is determined to do this, but begs him not to take any unnecessary risks because she needs him. When he agrees, she tells him that he owes her a wedding and she can’t go around marrying a dead guy.

Bo thinks Hope would have better luck talking to Steve than he would. Hope wants to know why he thinks that, and he tells her that he has already been through this with Steve before; they have had complications because Kayla is his sister and he doesn’t want to listen to Bo. He tells her that Steve has always been good at listening to her anyway. Hope agrees and decides that she will be the one to talk to Steve. Bo wishes her luck.

Hope goes to the window and calls Steve over and asks him how he is doing. He says that Kayla should be the one standing here talking to her and he should be the one unconscious. Hope reminds him that he is family as well and they are pulling for him too. He tells Hope that he sees everyone looking at him, especially Stephanie, wanting him to do something to make Kayla well. He knows Stephanie is praying for him to fall in love with her mother again and he wishes he had those feelings. Hope tells Steve that she respects his feelings, but nobody knows any better than her how happy Kayla made him. He is hopeful that his memory will return, but knows that he may not have someday and that he could still die too. He wants to ask a favor from Hope. He knows that Hope doesn’t care for Billie, but explains that she has been a good friend to him; he wants to buy her something to show appreciation. He asks if Hope would go out and buy a necklace for Billie for him to give her. Hope’s expression changes and you can tell she is disappointed. She tells Steve that he wants her to buy a necklace for a woman that slept with her husband. Steve says that he is stuck in this “fish bowl” and can’t do it for himself. His eyes plead with her and she agrees to do this for him. Kayla’s monitors go off and a nurse rushes in. The nurse tells Steve that Kayla’s breathing is faster and her oxygen saturation is low; her lungs are having trouble. The nurse leaves to get Dr. Myers. Steve bends down over her and tells her to hang in there because a lot of people need her.

When Hope meets up with Bo, he asks if she had any luck with Steve. Hope is frustrated when she tells Bo that she can’t force Steve to feel something that he doesn’t. Shawn comes in and asks them about Kayla. They explain her situation and Shawn wonders how Stephanie is taking this. Bo feels like it would be nice for him to go see Stephanie. Shawn starts to leave to go see Stephanie, but Bo stops him to ask if he went to the garage to talk to Max. Shawn says that he did, but….Hope interrupts to tell him that he is always welcome at home and could save more money while living there. He thanks her but wants to find his own place to live. Bo says that taking care of Claire will be expensive and says that he doesn’t know how much Max is paying him but….Shawn stops him and tells them that he isn’t working for Max. Bo and Hope’s faces looked shocked and Shawn tells them not to freak out; he got a different job working for E.J. Wells.

Kate beats on E.J.s door, and when he finally opens it, she rushes inside questioning him about getting the messages she has left for him. She wants to talk to him about Stephanie and lays a lot of paperwork down. She says that they have to talk about all the medical expenses and the repairs to the race car, which she has already paid for out of her own pocket. She wants him to pay half since the “race car” thing was his idea anyway. E.J. tells her to relax; he will pay for ALL expenses, but he needs her to do something for him.

Billie delivers Caroline and Shawn Sr. back to the pub. They thank her and she runs into Marlena. They explain Kayla’s situation to her and she offers them her prayers. Marlena says it is a horrible situation and Billie agrees, saying that it’s horrible for Kayla, her family, and for Steve. Marlena reminds Billie that Steve is Kayla’s family. Billie knows, but she feels sorry for Steve because Kayla’s family stands outside the window looking at him with such disappointment on their faces. Marlena tells her that doesn’t sound like the Brady’s at all. Billie knows they mean no harm, but to Steve, it makes him feel that way. Marlena knows that the Brady’s are thrilled for him to be recovering, but Billie tells her that they aren’t thrilled Kayla is still sick and they know she needs Steve. She tells Marlena that Steve is thinking of her (Billie) instead of Kayla.

Hope is surprised that Shawn is working for the competition. Shawn tells her that it isn’t a big deal, and E.J. even expressed a lot of interest in his engine before the wreck at the Grand Prix. You can tell by the look on Bo’s face that he is disappointed about Shawn working for E.J. but Hope congratulates him and tells him that she is proud of him. She has to leave to do a favor for Steve. Bo asks Shawn what he will be doing for E.J, and all Shawn says is that he has a lot of cars. Shawn wants to know why he has a feeling that he (Bo) isn’t too happy about this. Bo is happy that he took the initiative to get a job, but asks him, since Max is family, if he wouldn’t be happier working for him instead.

E.J. tells Kate that the police have been inquiring about him and even talked to Sami about him. Kate wonders what he has done, but he promises her that he has never broken any laws and has no idea why they have become so curious about him. He needs a favor; he needs her to talk to Roman and find out what’s going on. Kate doesn’t feel comfortable doing that, but E.J. reminds her that they are business partners and his best interests are her best interests. She agrees to do this for him, but she wants something in return. He can’t imagine what that would be and tells her that he already offered to pay all the bills earlier. Kate pulls herself close to him and tells him that’s not what she wants; she wants him.

Marlena is a little surprised with Billie’s comment and tells her that she wasn’t aware that she and Steve had become so serious so quickly. Billie says that it isn’t exactly like that but things changed for both of them when he almost died. Billie talks about her fears of getting involved with another married man, especially a Brady, and wonders if she is awful for having feelings for Steve; she doesn’t want to stand in the way of Kayla’s recovery. Marlena tells Billie that she has every right to go after what makes her happy.

Stephanie has Frankie to bring her to see her mother. Steve comes to the window to try and calm her, telling her that her mother wouldn’t want to see her this way. Stephanie snaps at him, saying that he has no idea what her mother would think. She tells him that this is his fault.

Shawn lets Bo know right away that he isn’t going back to the garage to work for Max. Bo tells Shawn that they don’t know much about E.J., but he does know that he associates with disreputable people. When Shawn asks for names, Bo can’t tell him, but asks him to trust him. Shawn insists that E.J. as offered him a great job with good money and unless he can give him a better reason, he is staying with him. He asks Bo if E.J. is into something illegal.

E.J. takes Kate up on her proposition saying that it’s the best one he’s had all day. Inside the satellite truck, John dismisses Kate’s assistant and tells him to enjoy his night off.

Marlena reassures Billie that she can’t help who she falls in love with, and she has learned from experience what happens when a stranger tries to interfere in someone else’s love life. Billie assumes that she is talking about Carrie and Austin. She is, and tells her that Carrie and Austin have always belonged together. She also tells her that Steve’s chances of regaining his memory are slim. This surprises Billie and Marlena goes on to tell her that she is married to a man with a blank when it comes to his past; he could have a wife and a family and they may never know. She says that she loves John with her whole heart and no one can ever tell her that is wrong. Marlena warns Billie not to worry about what others think of her. She says if one is able to find love once in life, they are lucky, but she has had it twice and has learned from experience that sometimes you have to let go of the past in order to have a future.

Bo tells Shawn that he is suspicious of E.J., but has no proof. That isn’t good enough for Shawn and he tells Bo that until he can prove that E.J. is doing something illegal, he will continue to work for him. He is upset with Bo and wonders why he can’t just be happy for him, like his mother is, instead of dumping on everything he tries to do.

Steve asks Stephanie if she really believes this is his fault. She tells him that he is so wrapped up in himself and asks him if he’s even once tried to put himself in her mother’s shoes. She talks about how Kayla had no life after Steve died because she was never able to let him go, and after he returned, she came back to life herself. She tells him to look at her now lying there and says that he doesn’t even care. Steve promises that he does care a lot about Kayla. Stephanie believes that he should do something to show her how much he cares. She tells him to talk to her, because if anyone can save her it’s him. She begs him to try and help her mother.

Previews for tomorrow:

Kate: [Giggles]

John: Let's see what we got on camera two. Damn it, Kate. What the hell have you gotten yourself into this time?

Belle: I am a single unemployed mother, and, honestly, Mom, that scares me to death.

Mimi: Shawn, what's going on between you and my brother? Why did he give you all that money?

Shawn D.: I got to run.

Sami: Who is she, E.J.? There's someone in your bedroom.

Shawn D.: I don't need your money, your sympathy, or anything else, for that matter. You are no longer my grandfather.

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