Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn comes into Chez Rouge and meets Willow. She is off for lunch and wants to grab a bite to eat somewhere else. She asks about Steve and Kayla and he tells her about talking to Bo, who is going to call Max to see if he can help get Shawn’s job back at the garage.

Frankie is with Max at the garage and he tells Max that Bo called from the hospital telling him that the experimental drug was administered to Steve and Kayla; it’s just a waiting game now. Max is glad that Frankie didn’t leave Salem, but Frankie informs him that he will be leaving for D.C. as soon as Kayla recovers. Max is upset that Frankie will be leaving, but he understands. He just hopes that the police catch the person responsible for Steve and Kayla’s accident before anyone else gets hurt.

E.J. has called Patrick to meet him and their conversation isn’t too pleasant. E.J. lets Patrick know that the police are onto them.

Bo and Caroline watch over Kayla and Steve, and he is anxious for a change. Billie and Hope show up together. Dr. Meyers comes out and tells the four of them that the drug seems to be having a positive effect on them; their breathing seems to be getting better. Caroline is hopeful but Dr. Meyers tells them that this doesn’t mean they will be cured. They are still unconscious and in very serious condition and it could go either way. Billie is watching Steve through the window and calls their attention to him. He is waking up.

Patrick is nervous about the police and asks E.J. how the police put the two of them together. E.J. tells him that Bo came to see Sami and was questioning her about the envelope she had brought into the station. He tells him about the fingerprints found on it and the DNA. E.J. tells him that they he will be in touch, but it will be by courier and never in person again. He says that if he has anything to say to him, write it down, and send it by messenger; he will let him know who that person is later.

Willow is optimistic that Max will give Shawn back his job, but Shawn isn’t so sure; he really pissed Max off. Willow suggests that Shawn go to the garage and apologize to Max about what happened, but not mention anything about his job. Then when Bo talks to him about his job, he will be more likely to give it back to him. Shawn isn’t so sure about dropping in, but Willow reminds him that this is about Claire. He agrees and they head out for the garage.

Mimi comes into the garage to check on her car and lets Max and Frankie know that she will help if there is anything she can do for their family. Frankie isn’t very receiving of Mimi and she notices. He walks off. Max tries to explain that Frankie’s actions are a result of his experience with Jennifer and that he doesn’t have much trust in women.

Frankie walks into the office and asks Abby what is wrong with his brother. She doesn’t understand and asks him what he’s talking about. He is upset that Max is so chummy with Mimi after what she did to Shawn. He thinks that the Brady’s should stick together right now.

Dr. Meyers is astonished that Steve is already waking up. Bo walks over to the intercom and talks to Steve. He tells him that he went to rescue Kayla in the exam room and someone released a poisonous biotoxin through the vents and they have been unconscious ever since. He goes on to say that Frankie phoned a friend at the FDA and they were given an experimental drug to counteract the toxin. He lets him know that they all have been here for him and Kayla.

Abby insists that Max would never turn his back on his family, but Frankie thinks he should be on Shawn’s side over Mimi’s. Abby reminds him that Shawn did act like a jerk too. Frankie knows that Max isn’t a saint either, but Abby says that Max isn’t like everyone else thinks, and he is a really caring person. Frankie just looks at Abby and insinuates that she has other feelings for Max. Abby refuses that to be the case and says that he is just her boss and her friend.

Mimi tells Max that she may not be able to pay him until she gets a second job. He thought she was doing well at Chez Rouge, but she says the tips aren’t as good as she had expected. She tells him that she has put resumes’ in all around town, but hasn’t had any luck. Max offers her a job at the garage with him and Abby.

Patrick is afraid that it will be hard to find a courier to pass along their messages, but E.J. assures him that he will take care of it. He also tells Patrick that his next phase in their mission will be interesting, even fun for him. He wants Patrick to use Chelsea as a source of information against Bo; to keep tabs on him. Patrick is against this idea and tells him that Chelsea is as much trouble as her father. E.J. insists that he has no choice but to do as he says and tells him to get the job done.

Kate comes into Stephanie’s hospital room apologizing for not coming earlier. Stephanie feels that she should be the one apologizing, and does so for wrecking their car. Kate insists that this wasn’t Stephanie’s fault and that someone is out to get the Brady’s. Kate wants her to stay out of the public eye after she is released from the hospital. Stephanie realizes that she means she shouldn’t race and this upsets her. She tells Kate that racing is her life and reminds her that she has a contract with her and E.J. anyway. Kate has brought in papers for Stephanie to sign that will release her from her contractual obligations. Chelsea has just walked into the room in time to hear the end of their conversation and asks if Kate is dumping her.

Billie walks up to the intercom to speak to Steve as Dr. Meyers asks the family to step outside so they can talk. Steve starts to get up from his bed and the nurse asks him what he’s doing. He makes his way over to the intercom on his side of the room. He asks about Stephanie and Billie tells him that she is fine. He is relieved and lets her know that he is happy that she was the first person he saw when he woke up; he thanks her.

Outside the waiting room, Caroline asks the doctor when Kayla will wake up. He’s not sure, and even though they were exposed at the same time, Kayla isn’t reacting the same as Steve and her fever has spiked and her breathing has become more labored; she is worsening. He explains that it may not be the illness that is worsening, and reminds them that the experimental drug hasn’t been fully evaluated and there is little data on what to expect. Dr. Meyers tells them that he is considering increasing Kayla’s dose, but warns them that it could possibly raise the risk of negative effects. Shawn Sr. tells the doctor to do whatever he has to do to save their daughter. Caroline agrees with him.

Kate scolds Chelsea again for entering a room without knocking. Chelsea tells Kate to admit that she is dumping Stephanie for wrecking their car at the Grand Prix and that it’s just not the type of P.R. her company wants to be associated with. Kate disagrees with Chelsea and tells her that there is a lunatic trying to kill her family and, since there has already been one attempt on Stephanie’s life, she doesn’t want to be responsible for another one. She warns Chelsea that she should probably keep a low profile as well. Stephanie speaks up and tells Kate that she agrees with her. She knows it will take a while for her to get back into racing shape and she wants to spend extra time with her family once they recover. Kate gives Stephanie the papers and she signs them. Chelsea comments to Kate that she really does always win. Kate tells her that this is not about winning or loosing, but about what is right for Stephanie. She looks at Stephanie and tells her that she has made the right decision. Kate realizes that Stephanie looks tired and tells her to get some rest. She and Chelsea leave the room. Once they are outside the room, Chelsea tells Kate that she heard about Max and Stephanie breaking up, and even though she should gloat, she thinks she should probably be on Stephanie’s side since they share the “want” of their biological parents getting back together. Kate doesn’t care about that and asks Chelsea what she was thinking by challenging her in front of Stephanie the way she did. Kate is very angry with her and Chelsea apologizes to her, saying that things sometimes pop out of her mouth before she has time to think about it. Kate gets onto her again for the “hooker” stunt she pulled and tells her that she needs to finally realize that her parents aren’t going to get back together. Kate says that she has already tried everything to get them back together and she finally realized it was useless herself. This upsets Chelsea and she reminds Kate that she promised to help her, and that she told her she could get whatever she wanted if she only believed. Kate wants her to focus and to move on with her life. Chelsea goes through everything that she has been through since the death of the Benson’s and tells Kate that she feels all alone and like she doesn’t belong anywhere. That’s why she wanted her mother and father to get back together; she wants them to love each other again, or she’s afraid that no one will ever love her.

Mimi is afraid that Max’s job offer is his way of extending her charity. He promises that he needs to hire another book-keeper to help Abby because she is already swamped with work. Mimi agrees that if Bonnie taught her anything, it was numbers. Max jokes that he wants his books to be legitimate. Mimi accepts the job and then Frankie runs out of the office telling Max that Steve has regained consciousness but Kayla is getting worse; he tells him to hurry so they can go to the hospital.

Billie talks to Steve through the intercom system and tells him that when she heard what happened, she was afraid she would loose him before they had the chance…..He stops her and says that she won’t loose him, but if he doesn’t make it, he has the chance right now to tell her how much she means to him. Billie tells him that she feels the same way but was afraid to tell him because she was afraid he would get his memory back and she would get her heart broken again. She says that she wants the Steve that he is now, not the memory of who he used to be, and that she will be here for him until he gets better.

Frankie and Max meet up with Caroline, Shawn Sr., Hope and Bo in the hospital. They want to know what the doctors are going to do for Kayla now. They aren’t sure, but Caroline reminds them that Kayla has come out of a coma before and she is strong. She wants them to continue to pray for her. Frankie wonders if anyone has told Stephanie the latest news, and Hope tells him that they were just about to go to her room, and asks him if he would like to go with them. Bo suggests they all go ahead; he needs to speak to Max alone.

Bo tells Max that he heard about his and Shawn’s disagreement over Mimi, and that Max fired him over it. Max defends himself and tells Bo that Mimi is his friend too and Shawn crossed the line this time. He agrees that Shawn has every right to be angry with Mimi, but this isn’t the first time Shawn has acted like a jerk. Bo understands and makes a joke, telling him that he knows this kind of behavior seems to run in their family. He also tells Max that Belle blasted Shawn and she demanded that he had to get himself together if he wanted to be a part of Claire’s life. Max hopes this will finally get Shawn’s attention. Bo thinks it has and tells him that Shawn is determined to get his life in order. Max realizes that Bo is asking him to give Shawn back his job at the garage. He is, and tells Max that it’s not just for Shawn, but for Claire as well; she needs to grow up knowing her father.

Abby gets Mimi started on the books and paperwork and Mimi tells her that she can’t believe that Max gave her this job. She is very thankful to him because she thought no one in Salem would ever talk to her again. Abby hears someone in the garage and goes to check.

Outside the garage, Willow decides to wait there while Shawn goes inside. She wishes him luck and reminds him that he is doing this for Claire. As Shawn comes into the garage, Abby greets him. He is looking for Max, but Abby tells him that he received a call from Bo saying that Kayla took a turn for the worse. Shawn didn’t know this and says that he has to leave, but asks Abby to tell Max that he came by to tell him that he feels bad about what happened yesterday and that he’s sorry. Abby tells Shawn that Max feels the same way, and before anything else can be said, Mimi comes out questioning Abby about some of the paperwork.

Max knows that Shawn is an awesome mechanic but he also knows he’s got a terrible temper. Bo agrees and reminds him that Shawn is his nephew and deserves a second chance. He doesn’t think the fact that things didn’t work out for Shawn and Mimi should affect his giving Shawn back his job. Max tells Bo about hiring Mimi as a bookkeeper and that he’s not going to turn his garage into a war zone. He will agree to give Shawn back his job if he can agree to get along with Mimi. Bo agrees that is fair and Max wants to go check on Kayla. He tells Bo that afterwards he will find Shawn and see if they can come to an agreement.

When Mimi notices Shawn, she says hello, but Shawn just looks at Abby and tells her to tell Max he will stop back by when it’s not so crowded. As he turns to leave, Mimi yells at him, asking him if he can’t act like an adult about all this. He tells her that he came here to see Max, not his ex-wife, and asks her what she’s doing here anyway. She tells him that she is NOT his ex-wife yet, and he should get used to seeing her here because Max gave her a job.

Caroline doesn’t want to leave Stephanie because she’s so upset, but Billie doesn’t understand; the drug is working. Hope tells her that it’s working for Steve, but not for Kayla, and the doctors aren’t sure she will make it.

Mimi’s news of her new job makes Shawn mad. He tells says that he was fired because of her and now Max gives her a job. He wants to know what Mimi did to make Max feel sorry for her. They are screaming at each other as Mimi tells him that Max offered and she never asked. Shawn warns Abby not to trust Mimi as Willow comes in because she heard all the yelling. Mimi tells Willow that if she really cares about Shawn, and he’s not just another one of her John’s, then she should tell him to stop acting like a total jackass. Shawn and Willow leave and Abby asks Mimi if she’s okay. She is, but she can’t believe that Shawn hates her as much as he does.

Patrick comes in as Chelsea is getting off the phone. They make small talk and the subject turns to his murder accusations. He tells her that he believes Bo set him up and framed him for Eve’s murder. Chelsea doesn’t believe that Bo would do that, but Patrick tells her that if he could get something on Bo, then Hope would leave him. He is leading Chelsea to believe that it could give her hope of Billie and Bo working things out. He tells her that the two of them could work together. She wants to know if he is asking her to spy on her father.

Everyone watches as the doctors administer a higher dosage to Kayla through the window. They are all praying it will work. Stephanie wheels into the room and they are worried for her to be here. They tell her that the doctors are upping her medication but she is worried because she thought this was supposed to be a miracle drug; she sees nothing happening. Stephanie screams for Steve through the window and he is trying to calm her down by telling her that Kayla will be fine. Stephanie pleads with him, telling him that she needs both of them back in her life.

Max has come back to the garage to work and Abby tells him about Shawn stopping by to apologize. Max is surprised because he didn’t think Shawn had it in him to say he’s sorry. She also tells him things got pretty interesting around here when he was gone after he tells her that Bo asked him to give Shawn his old job back. Mimi steps in and tells Max that Shawn lost it when he found out he had given her a job at the garage. This infuriates Max and he realizes that, even though Bo thought Shawn had learned his lesson, he hasn’t learned anything. He says that he is through with Shawn and someone else can hire him. Mimi stands up for Shawn, and in his defense, she asks Max to hire him back. She thinks he may have learned his lesson, but was just caught off guard when he saw her here today. She says that she can deal with him being around here.

Shawn is furious with Max for hiring Mimi; it was a slap in the face to him. Willow thinks that since Bo is going to talk to Max, that maybe he can convince him to fire Mimi. Shawn knows that’s not going to happen and tells Willow that it’s time for him to find a new job. She mentions E.J. and the fact that he, as a race car driver himself, must have cars and may need a mechanic. This is a new idea to Shawn and he kisses her telling her that she is a genius. She says that she’s not; she’s just a survivor.

Kate comes over to E.J.’s apartment to discuss Stephanie Johnson. He says that he isn’t up to it right now. She wonders what is wrong, but he tells her it’s noting he can’t deal with. They get close and E.J.’s cell phone rings; it’s Shawn and he needs to talk to him about a job. E.J. agrees to meet with him.

Chelsea tells Patrick that he has a lot of nerve asking her to spy on her own father after he knows that she’s been trying to build a relationship with him. Patrick points out that she’s done a LOT worse lately and asks her if she’s given up hope of her parents reuniting. Her answer is no, and then Patrick tells her that the first step is breaking Bo and Hope up. Chelsea fears what will happen when Bo finds out that she was helping him and then tells Patrick that she can’t help him do it. He says, “I guess its Bo and Hope forever then.” Chelsea turns to him and tells him that just because she won’t help him spy on Bo doesn’t mean that she will not help him at all; she just has to do it her own way.

Steve tries to comfort Stephanie. He promises her that she’s going to get her parents back; both of them. Stephanie mentions that the doctors aren’t sure, but he stops her. He says that the doctors said he wouldn’t make it either, but tells her to look at him now. He says the “big dude” (in the sky) wouldn’t have brought them all back together for nothing, and tells her to talk to her grandma because she knows about these things. He tells her that she has got to believe. All of a sudden, Kayla flat lines and the doctors rush to her side calling a “code blue”.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: Can't he see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on? I want you to talk to him.

Billie: Steve has become very important to me.

Marlena: Then you have every right to go after whatever makes you happy.

Kate: That's not what I want.

E.J.: What do you want?

Kate: You.

Marlena: You owe me a wedding, and I just can't go around marrying a dead guy.

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