Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/30/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn steps off the elevator to hear Claire crying inside the apartment. He knocks on the door, but Belle doesn’t hear him. He rings the bell and she answers and angrily tells him that he is the last person they need right now. She slams the door in his face.

At the Pub, Roman, Caroline, and Frankie are trying to track someone down to help find an antidote for Steve and Kayla.

Abe is trying to convince Lexie to join him with the Brady’s to show their support for Steve and Kayla. Lexie is hesitant because she’s afraid the Brady’s will not want her around after what she did to Carrie. Abe tells her to face them now; she can run, or face the consequences of her actions.

Bo and John are at the Pub as well, and they are still trying to piece together what has been happening between Patrick and E.J. They discuss the envelope that Sami brought to the department and wonder if there were any more letters. As they decide to head over to Sami’s to question her, Roman overhears and asks them what Sami has done now.

Sami tells E.J. that he just can’t ask her to choose between her son and him, and that she just can’t ask them to leave. She never thought they would forgive her, and now that they are here, she realizes that they are giving her a second chance. E.J. tries to get her to remember how they abandoned her and cut her out of their family over a mistake she made. He tells her that they give her nothing but grief, and every time they knock on her door, she drops whatever she’s doing for them. He tells her that he is sorry, but he is the only person that has truly been there for her and he is “bloody” sick of this happening over and over; he’s tired of her always dropping him when they come around. Sami apologizes and he does too, telling her that he can’t be there for her anymore. He heads toward the door with Sami chasing after him and Lucas tells him that it is best that he leave anyway because what they have to discuss doesn’t concern him anyway. Again, Sami asks him not to take this personally because it doesn’t have anything to do with him; it’s all about her son. She asks him to understand her position; being a good mother is the most important thing to her. Will speaks up and says, “Really mom? Is that true?” Sami turns to him and says, “Do you even have to ask?” He says that he does have to ask. Sami tells Will that she knows she made a lot of mistakes, but she loves him more than anything and missed him when he left. Lucas sarcastically questions Sami’s comment and says that Will thought she’d be alone crying her eyes out instead of having a good time with the first person handy. E.J. sternly tells Lucas that there is no need for that kind of talk, and tells them that Sami was very upset, seeing as how they had abandoned her. He also tells him that Sami is free to get on with her life; they should have called before coming over because she is an independent woman with her own needs and wants. He finishes by telling Lucas that he’s sorry, but those needs do not involve him. Will suggests to Lucas that they leave, but Sami stops him. She turns to E.J. and tells him that he should probably go because he’s not helping much. He agrees, but tells Sami not to call him when they ditch her, and they WILL ditch her again. He asks her to remember that he never ditched her and then he leaves. Sami and Lucas argue over E.J. and she’s afraid that E.J. will never speak to her again. Will screams at them to stop arguing and dissing each other. He tells Lucas that he made him a promise never to do this again. Sami wants to know what Lucas promised Will. Lucas tells her that he wants the three of them to call a truce and act like a family. He wants the two of them to be good parents and stop all this bickering; he wants to be friends for Will’s sake. He asks Sami if they can be friends.

John assures Roman that Sami isn’t in any trouble. He tells her that she has been spending a lot of time with E.J. and they have reason to believe that he has something to do with Patrick and the attacks on the Brady’s. Bo reminds him about the envelope Sami brought to the department that day and that E.J.’s fingerprints were found on it. Roman sees the connection and wants to talk to Sami himself. Bo tells him that Sami isn’t a truthful person, and if she is going to hide something, she’s definitely going to hide it from him. Roman reminds Bo that he was suspended from the case, but Bo tells him that Abe gave him permission to pursue this.

Lexie wants to tell the Brady’s how sorry she is, but asks Abe how she is supposed to go in there knowing what they must be thinking of her. Abe tries to comfort her and reminds her that she became a doctor to help people and she can still make a difference in people’s lives. Most of all, he tells her that she has to make amends, and she should start with the Brady’s. He promises to be there to help her, but the first step is facing them. She agrees to go inside with him. When they come through the door, everyone stops and stares.

Shawn continues to beat on the door and Belle finally answers, telling him that it’s late and she doesn’t want to talk to him anyway. He just wants to see Claire, but Belle will not allow it. He demands that he is her father and that he has rights. She tells him that he has no job, no money, and no where to live. She also mentions that he drove his car through his grandfather’s house and is now dating a hooker. She tells him that he is not exactly the ideal father figure and she is sure everyone else would agree with her. He thinks that she is only pissed because she saw him kissing Willow. He tells her that Phillip left her, he and Mimi split up, and she (Belle) just assumed that he was going to come running to her and they would be together. Since it didn’t work out that way, he says that she is angry and trying to punish him. He promises her that she is not going to use his daughter to do this to him. She says that she is not trying to punish him and the only thing she cares about right now is Claire and she is not about to wake her up at this hour because he suddenly feels like being a father. She tells him to go home and then Claire starts crying. He tries to come inside, saying that he is good with her and he can get her back to sleep, but Belle tells him that he isn’t going anywhere near her.

Lexie whispers to Abe that she wants to leave; she knew it wasn’t a good idea. He speaks and Caroline speaks back. Roman walks up to them and tells Abe that this isn’t a good time. Abe just wanted to let everyone know that he and Lexie wanted to offer their support and help if possible. Roman says that he doesn’t know what help they would be, especially his wife. Abe tells him that, even though this may be a long shot, Lexie was telling him about this recent study on bio-toxins, and there could be hope. Roman cuts him off before he can even finish, telling him that they have it covered. Frankie and Caroline walk up just as Lexie is about to leave and they want to hear more about it. Caroline turns to Roman and informs him that what is important now is Kayla and Steve. Lexie tells them that it was a very obscure medical journal and their doctors may not have seen it yet. She tells Roman that she knows he doesn’t trust her and tells the rest of them that she wouldn’t blame them if they never trusted her again. Caroline tells her that all of them have made mistakes and everyone needs forgiveness. She tells Lexie that she is always welcome here and that she hasn’t forgotten the huge roll her granddaughter played in this, and also the position she put Lexie in to start with. Roman agrees with her and with the fact that Steve and Kayla are what is important now. Lexie tells them about the article she read a few months ago that described a possible antidote for bio-toxins that sounded promising. She can’t remember the name and Frankie offers her his computer to find it. Bo tells John that he is on his way to Sami’s house. John informs Abe that Bo is headed to Sami’s just as Lexie finds what she was looking for.

Kate opens the door to E.J., who has come to give her information on Sami and Lucas. He tells her all about Lucas and Will interrupting them again and that he is “resigning his post”. He has had enough and will not stand in the way of Sami and Lucas.

Sami tells Will and Lucas that she is definitely willing to do whatever it takes to make Will happy. She tells Will that she and Lucas’ problems have nothing to do with him and that he has made her so happy. She wonders if he is moving back in with her but his answer is no. He just can’t keep moving from house to house anymore; he’s going to live with his father right now, but promises to visit often. Sami asks Lucas if this is some sort of a test they are putting her through, and if she doesn’t pass, are they going to walk out on her again. Lucas says that this is all up to Will. She tells him that she has changed and she will prove it to both of them. The doorbell rings, and when she answers it, Bo is standing there. He insists on talking to her right away and tells her that this is a police matter that can’t wait. He says that he can talk to her here or take her down to the station. Will and Lucas automatically think she’s done something again. She tries to explain that she’s done nothing wrong this time and makes Bo tell them so. He agrees that she isn’t being arrested, but as far as doing something wrong, he says they will find that out. He asks Lucas and Will to leave. Bo wants her to talk to him about E.J. Wells.

Kate explains to E.J. that Lucas wants nothing to do with Sami, and the only reason he went over there tonight was because Will wants to have a relationship with her. He asks her why she needs him if Lucas really is over Sami. She says that she needs him for insurance as far as Sami is concerned. E.J gets up from the couch and comes up behind Kate and puts his arms around her while kissing her neck. He says his “thing” for Sami if fading quickly because he is used to getting what he wants. She turns to him and they start kissing.

Belle and Shawn argue, and he tells her that the only reason he walked away is because he didn’t want to break up her marriage, but now that Phillip is out of the picture, things are different. Belle says that he isn’t someone she even recognizes anymore. He refuses to be kept from Claire anymore. She gives him an ultimatum; he either leaves or she calls the police. He threatens that if she tries to keep Claire from him, he will be forced to sue for full custody.

Everyone stands around Lexie and the computer and she reads to them. The program looks extremely promising and she gives them the name and a doctor that could help them. Roman thanks her; all of them thank her. Abe hugs her after everyone leaves and they are happy.

Bo gets straight to the point and wants to talk about the envelope she brought to the P.D. that day. Sami tells him that E.J. was with her when she received the letter which would explain his prints. Bo thinks there may be more to E.J. than she has expected and asks her what else was in the envelope. He tells her about Steve and Kayla and she is devastated. She tells him that he can’t think it is E.J. because he would never hurt her family.

Back at Kate’s apartment, she and E.J. are getting undressed as they kiss. There is a knock at the door and it’s Lucas and Will. He opens the door, but she has it chained. He demands to know what is going on in there and Kate holds her finger over E.J.’s mouth. E.J. walks into another room as Kate opens the door. She notices by the look on their faces that things didn’t go so well with Sami, which she says, she knew would happen.

John comes home and notices something is wrong with Belle. She tells him about Shawn coming over and her not allowing him to see Claire. She explains and he understands but tells her that he is Claire’s father. She tells him about Shawn wanting to sue for full custody, but John doesn’t believe that he would ever do that. Belle thinks Claire and her need a home of their own. John hugs her while telling her that he thinks what Claire needs is her father.

Shawn comes to Max’s garage to gather his things and Willow walks in behind him. He tells her that Max kicked him out. She tells him not to worry about it because she has a better place for him to live; with her.

Frankie, Caroline, and Roman show the results of Lexie’s findings to their doctor. He agrees that this is promising, but he must warn them that allergic reactions are not uncommon with this type of drug and the dose could even be fatal. He needs to know if they are willing to take this kind of chance.

At the Pub, Abe is proud of Lexie for helping Steve and Kayla. She just hopes that she hasn’t given them false hope and can’t promise that the drug will even work. He is proud of her for walking in here and taking responsibility for what happened to Carrie; it took a lot of courage. She thanks him for being here for her and tells him that she will never give him a reason not to trust her again.

Roman believes that Steve and Kayla don’t have a chance anyway, so he believes this drug is their only hope. Caroline agrees and is willing to take the risk. Frankie agrees too, and they tell the doctor to get things started.

Belle knows that Claire needs a father, but the way Shawn has been acting; she believes they are better on their own. John isn’t going to deny that Shawn has a lot of growing up to do, but maybe she could help him out a little bit. Maybe she should start by setting some ground rules and tell him what he needs to do to be a part of Claire’s life. He mentions telling him to get a job to start with, and a better place to live. She mentions something about dating hookers, but John tells her that Shawn can see who ever he wants and this isn’t about the two of them, but about the two of them being good parents to their daughter. She agrees to give it one more shot for Claire.

Shawn reminds Willow that she lives at the YWCA, aka, for women only. She knows, but thinks she might know a way around that if he’s up for it.

Kate begs Lucas to tell her that he’s not going to fall into Sami’s trap again. He says that he has told her time and time again that he wants nothing to do with Sami romantically. She thinks Sami is working Will and him again, and unless they give her up completely, she will destroy their life.

Sami can’t believe that no one told her about Steve and Kayla, and then she realizes; she’s been shut out of the family. Bo asks if it surprises her after what she did to Carrie. Bo asks again what was in the envelope and Sami says that E.J. has nothing to do with hurting their family and that he is a good friend to her. She wonders why he would suspect E.J. anyway. All Bo tells her is that he has his reasons, but he tells her that he doesn’t trust him and he feels like he has weaseled his way into her life. He tells her that if she is smart, she wouldn’t trust him either. He leaves, and as he walks out the door, E.J. steps out from the other side of the hall and watches him leave.

Previews for tomorrow:

Mimi: Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?

Bonnie: Well, can you?

Willow: I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I --

Shawn D.: You're all out of -- belle.

Hope: I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo.

Billie: You keep pushing for your father and I to be together and you are gonna push him right out of your life.

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