Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/27/06



Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Sami lights candles in her apartment and she turns on some light music to set the mood. E.J. knocks, and as she answers the door, he tells her how beautiful she looks. He opens a bottle of wine and they make a toast. He comments that she should have never gone to Carrie and Austin’s wedding. She explains her position as to why she felt the need to go, and he pulls her close to him, asking her if she were Carrie, would she not have felt the same way. Sami agrees that he’s right, but she still can’t believe her mother wouldn’t have at least asked her to come to her wedding, and then her father kicking her out. He says that, given the way she feels about John, Marlena probably didn’t think she would want to come anyway. He changes the mood by asking her if she wouldn’t rather be here with him anyway. They share a passionate kiss.

Kate comes home to share news of Sami’s scene at the chapel with Lucas, therefore letting him know that Carrie and Austin were married today. He is surprised that Carrie married Austin so soon, but wants to know what happened. Kate tells him everything about Sami coming in and causing a scene during their wedding, and she goes on to run Sami down, telling Lucas how bad of a person she really is. Will comes out of his room and demands that Kate stop talking about his mother like this.

Caroline and Frankie watch Kayla and Steve outside their rooms through the glass. Frankie suggests she go home and get some rest, but she will not leave them. He is worried about Caroline and convinces her get herself something to eat. She agrees, but only if he promises to come after her if anything changes. Max comes in and Stephanie wheels herself into the room in her wheelchair behind him. Max scolds her for not being in her room and for not taking better care of herself. Frankie tells her that the doctors say that the medication administered to them could take up to 24 hours, and promises to call her if anything changes. He says that he agrees with Max; she needs to take care of herself because that’s what her parents would want. She agrees to go back to her room and Max asks if she’d like him to take her back; she says she can handle it. He tells her that he will be there in 5 minutes to check on her. After she leaves, Frankie asks Max what that was all about. (He could feel the tension in the room). Max says that he is going to break things off with Stephanie as soon as the time is right.

John and Bo ponder over the possible connections between Lockhart and E.J. They wonder who is working for whom, or if both of them could be working for someone else. Bo is sure that Patrick is not the mastermind, but only the “hired gun”. They toss around the idea that he previously worked for the Dimera’s, but Bo is more concerned with E.J. He says that he came to town and befriended Sami and Carrie; Roman’s daughters. Then he gets himself into Austin’s, Kate’s, and Lexie’s business. He thinks if they can prove the two of them are working together, then he can keep Patrick away from Hope and possibly from hurting anyone else. John stops him and warns him not to go anywhere right now.

Max tells Frankie that he used Stephanie’s interest in him to keep Chelsea away, but then things developed. Frankie tells him that what happened was Stephanie’s feelings for him grew, and he must tell her the truth. Max can’t do it now because of all the trouble she’s going through with her parents. Frankie insists that Max not wait and he says that he knows his reputation; he likes to play the field. Max promises that this time is different and he really cares about Stephanie. Frankie tells him to tell her the truth if he really cares anything about her.

John tells Bo that they have to be very careful about the way they handle this, and Bo can’t step on Abe and Roman’s investigation; in fact, he thinks they should know about this. Bo absolutely refuses to let them in on this because Abe can’t find out that he is still investigating Patrick or he may loose his job for good. John says that it is Bo’s decision, but in his opinion, Abe needs to know the truth. John needs to leave, but tells him that he will back him no matter what he decides to do. Shawn Sr. comes in and tells Bo that he can’t find Caroline and wonders if he’s seen her. Bo hasn’t, but tells him that he needs his opinion on something.

Sami and E.J. are really into each other. They move themselves to the couch and Sami asks him to wait. She wants them to take their time and enjoy each other. He apologizes and tells her that usually he loves the romance, but it seems that lately, every time they take it slow, they seem to get interrupted. She promises that no one will interrupt their time together tonight and she starts kissing him again.

Will tells Kate that he knows she hates his mother, and she’s done some horrible things, but she is still his mother. Kate says that she’s sorry and never meant to upset him. Lucas asks Kate to give him some time alone with Will. They sit on the couch together as Will tells Lucas that she (Kate) has got to lay off his mom. Lucas wonders where all this is coming from because he’s heard him tear into his mother more than once. Will says that is different; she’s his mother. He may get mad at her sometimes but he still loves her. He tells Lucas that he hates what she did, but he misses her. Kate is listening from the other side of the door. Will says that he’s tired of moving from house to house and tired of getting humiliated. Lucas understands and tells him that this isn’t all Sami’s fault because he also allows their problems to spill over into Will’s life. Will tells Lucas that maybe if Sami knew how much the two of them cared about her, she’d stop doing all these crazy things and be a better person. He thinks Lucas’ idea of moving out was a dumb idea and asks him if they just can’t try again to be a family with Sami. Kate shakes her head from behind the door.

Stephanie sits in her room alone as Max comes walking in. He asks about how she’s feeling and then talks about her parents, reassuring her that the doctors will help them. Stephanie tells him that she knows it must be hard for him too, but she is glad she doesn’t have to go through this alone. She reaches out to him and he takes her hand. You can tell he is feeling a little uncomfortable and he pulls away from her. She asks him if there is something he wants to talk to her about, but his answer is no. He says that he has to go back to the garage and rushes out.

Bo asks Shawn Sr., hypothetically, if there is this cop who knows that this guy is a criminal, would it matter how this cop brought this criminal in. Shawn wonders if this “hypothetical” cop has been suspended from the force. Bo just stares at him. Shawn Sr. tells him that he is going to tell him the same thing he told him as a kid playing baseball; if one guy cheats, then everyone thinks the whole team cheats. He goes on to say that Bo isn’t alone in this and he needs to be a team player because it’s the only way to win in the end. Bo smiles and thanks him for the advice. Caroline walks up and tells her husband that Frankie convinced her to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, and then asks if there is any news on Kayla and Steve. Shawn Sr. suggests they go find a doctor. Bo leaves to make a phone call. He calls John and asks him to meet him at the station; he’s right, he has to tell Abe what they have been up to. Caroline and Shawn watch Steve and Kayla from outside as the doctors close the shades.

John shows up at the P.D. to tell Abe that he (actually he says we) has information regarding the “gloved hand” crimes. “We?” is Abe’s response, and John tells him that he and Bo have been conducting their own investigation. This makes Abe mad and he starts ranting about Bo, but John asks him to let him explain. He says that it is because of Bo’s persistence with Patrick Lockhart that they may now know the identity of the person behind the whole thing.

Kate listens behind the door as Will tells Lucas that he doesn’t mean that they have to move back in together, but at least they could be civil to each other. Again, he says that Sami is his mother and he can’t ignore her forever. He also tells Lucas that he can’t ignore her either. Lucas agrees, and Will asks him if they can tell her that they made a mistake. Lucas says that he understands where he is coming from and says that they can offer Sami an “olive branch”, and asks Will if he knows what he means. Kate hears all this and decides to bring herself into their conversation. She walks out and tells Lucas if he does this, he is going to regret it. Luca calls Kate out on eavesdropping, but that doesn’t stop her. She says that every time he gets close to Sami, he gets hurt, and she’s proven that time and time again. Will steps in and tells Kate that Sami gets hurt because they keep abandoning her; he knows she’s not perfect, but she does the things she does because she loves her family. Lucas has to agree that Will does have a point. Kate tells Will that Sami will take advantage of him. Lucas says that if he can keep their relationship “on the surface” then maybe they could at least be friends and raise Will together. Will says that is exactly what he wants. He hates spending time with the two of them while having to wonder if one is going to kill the other. Lucas tells him not to get his hopes up, but he agrees to try. Will wants to go see his mother now, so he and Lucas leave to talk to Sami. Kate picks up her cell phone, dials it, and says, “Come on E.J. Pick up the phone.”

At Sami’s apartment, things are definitely heating up between her and E.J. as his hand slips down to unbutton her shirt. His phone is ringing, but he’s not answering.

Bo comes into the P.D. and Abe takes him and John into his office. Abe jumps on Bo right away for ignoring his direct orders. Bo asks him to calm down until he hears what they have uncovered. Abe tells Bo that he didn’t follow orders and he is about to kick him off the force for good.

Max enters his garage and Abby walks out to greet him. She asks about Steve and Kayla, and Max tells her that the doctors found an antidote to counteract the bio-toxin that they inhaled, but they will not know anything until tomorrow. She is pleased to hear that and then she asks about Stephanie. Abby understands what she is going through, but she tells Max that she knows that he is going to make things easier for Stephanie. He says that he is the last person she needs right now.

Frankie shows up in Stephanie’s room looking for Max. She tells him that he already left to go back to the garage, but she says that she thinks he was using that as an excuse to get away from her. She asks Frankie if Max said anything to him about the two of them and their relationship. Frankie tells her that Max said he was going to come up here to talk to her. She wants him to tell her what he wanted to say to her, but Frankie tells her that this is between her and Max. She tells Frankie about Max trying to break up with her the other day, but she freaked out and he changed his mind. Frankie closes the door as she says that she thinks Max is just waiting for the right time to tell her that they are through. She tells Frankie that she is so worried about her parents right now and she doesn’t want to waste an ounce of energy on a guy that doesn’t care about her. She knows Frankie knows what it is like to be strung along, even if it is with good intentions. She begs him to tell her if he knows something, because not knowing is worse than anything. Frankie tells her that they did talk and that’s why he wanted to come up here to see her. She figures it out and tells Frankie that he came up here because he thought Max broke up with her. He fumbles around and she realizes that she is right. She thanks him for being honest with her and asks for some time alone. Frankie leaves and she starts crying.

Abby doesn’t understand why Max thinks he is no good to Stephanie right now. She tells him that she was just with her and Stephanie was upset that he hadn’t been to see her and she knows that he is very important to her. Max says that Stephanie has been a great friend to him, but he hasn’t been there for her like he should have been. He tells Abby that he decided, before the accident, that he couldn’t have a relationship with her. He cares about her but he doesn’t see things working out long term between them. Abby wants to know how Stephanie took the news and Max tells her that he tried but she started hyperventilating. He is afraid to upset her right now. Abby feels bad about the gift she bought for him to give Stephanie because it allowed her to read more into the relationship than Max had planned. He tells her not to worry about that; it wasn’t her fault. Abby wants Max to know that she thinks he is a good person and she is sorry things didn’t work out for the two of them. She also tells him not to blame himself. He thanks her and tells her how glad he is to have hired her.

John asks Abe to cut Bo some slack because he has “played it by the book” and made sure that he hasn’t “strong armed” Patrick. Abe asks what they have found out and they tell him about E.J. Wells. Abe finds it hard to believe and asks what they have on him. They have nothing but Bo tells Abe to hear what John has to say first. John says that the opportunity presented itself for him to acquire Patrick’s cell phone and he has made a dozen calls to E.J., and John asks Abe what kind of connection he would think Patrick could have with E.J. He tells Abe to admit that it is a little suspicious. Abe says that his detectives traced the glove they found to a manufacturer in Florence, Italy. He tells them that they are rarely imported and there is only one place in Salem that carries them; his officers are working right now to pinpoint the buyer. Abe tells them that this is good work and their information will help them narrow this search down. Bo asks if they can proceed with the case.

E.J. comes out of his shirt as he and Sami are on the couch. There is a knock at the door, but Sami doesn’t want to answer it. Will speaks through the door and tells Sami to open the door because he knows she is in there. E.J. is frustrated as Sami pushes him off. They put their clothes back on and Sami runs to the door. Lucas notices E.J. and pushes his way past Sami saying that he hopes they aren’t interrupting anything. Sami says that she is sure that they are here because they heard she crashed Carrie’s wedding and tells them to go ahead and lecture her. Lucas acknowledges that he has heard all about it, but tells her that she knows how he feels about Carrie and Austin anyway. Will tells her that isn’t the reason they came to see her. Sami is puzzled and asks why they came. Will tells her that they came because they missed her and Lucas tells her that is the truth. He says Will was telling him how he wished they could be a family and he (Lucas) agrees with Will; he’d like that too. He apologizes to Sami for the way he treated her earlier and tells her that he believes they can be good parents to Will if they can avoid getting emotionally involved with each other. Sami starts crying and rushes to hold Will, telling him that she is so glad he is here and she has been so lonely without him. Lucas has to make a slur, and asks her if that is why she is turning to guys like E.J. Sami tells Lucas to stop as E.J. walks closer. E.J. tells Sami that she doesn’t need Lucas in her life to be a good parent to Will, and the only reason Lucas is here is because can’t stand the thought of her being here with him. He asks her to ignore them and for the two of them to finish their evening together. Will turns to E.J. and tells him that he is a looser if he tries to make his mother choose between her son and him. He tells E.J. that he wants to spend some time with his mother and he wants him to leave. E.J. asks Sami what she wants him to do.

Stephanie looks at the bear Max gave her earlier. She tosses it in the garbage can.

Frankie comes back in the waiting room outside Kayla and Steve’s room and asks Caroline and Shawn Sr. why the blinds are closed. Worry is written all over their faces as Shawn Sr. tells him that something is happening with them and the medical team is with them right now. He hopes it is good news and tells his father that he wants to go back to D.C. as soon as Kayla recovers. Shawn Sr. tells him not to run away, but Frankie insists that he doesn’t want to be where his past is always staring him in the face. Shawn begs him to think about what he’s accomplished here in Salem; he lost Jennifer, but he did save two lives. He tells him that he is so proud of him and he is a good and decent man, not to mention a good example to his brother Max. Frankie thanks him and hugs him as the doctors open the blinds from Kayla and Steve’s room. The doctor comes out and tells Caroline that the antidote doesn’t appear to be working on either of them at this point. Frankie knows someone that works at the FDA with drug testing, and the doctor tells him to go ahead and give him a call, but he thinks he’s been through everything. Caroline insists they do everything because she will not allow her daughter to die. She breaks down as Shawn Sr. holds her.

Abe agrees to let Bo and John look farther into this, but tells Bo to remember that it doesn’t mean that he is going to re-instate him on the force. Abe also tells John to make sure he keeps Bo on a short leash. John agrees and as Abe leaves for a meeting, he stops at the door to warn Bo to be careful; Patrick could still be setting him up. John thinks he has come up with a way to connect E.J. to these crimes. Bo picks up an evidence envelope with a piece of paper in it, and it shows him remembering the day Sami came into his office with E.J. wanting his help dusting an envelope she had received for fingerprints. He tells John about it and tells him that the prints they found on that envelope that day belonged to E.J. Wells.

Sami takes E.J. off to the side and apologizes to him saying that she thinks it would be better if he left so she could spend time with Will. E.J. promises that he would never come between her and her son, but reminds her that SHE is his mother, Will isn’t hers. He thinks they are trying to pull the same trick they pulled a few nights ago when they ruined their date. He wants her to tell him that she isn’t buying their stunt and asks her if she really wants him to walk out of that door for good. Sami doesn’t want him to leave for good, but reminds him that they are her family and that means something to her; she needs them. E.J. says that he thought she needed him. She tells him that she does need him and asks if he is really going to make her choose between them. E.J. tells her that he has had enough of this, and under the circumstances, it’s either Lucas and Will, or him.

Previews for Monday:

Abe: Unless you give me reason not to, I will stand by you forever.

Lexie: I love you so much.

Shawn D.: If I have to get a lawyer to see my daughter, I will. And if you push me too far, I will sue for full custody.

Lucas: What's with the chain? It's me and will.

Sami: What is this about?

Bo: I need you to talk to me about E.J. Wells.

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