Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/25/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena anticipates the big question that John still has not asked her. So, getting right down to the point, he shows her the ring. As he opens it telling her that she is beautiful, it takes her breath away. At the hospital, Carrie enters the room with the hospital administrator, telling a nervous Lexi that they have a problem. Steve stops by Billie's; but is disappointed when she tells him that she has to spend time with her daughter. He asks for her permission to speak with Chelsea; but Billie doesn't think that it is a good idea. Admiring the flowers in her daughter's hospital room, Kayla learns that Max broke up with Stephanie, only to take her back when she hyperventilated. Because she knows that he stayed with her out of pity, Stephanie's mood is low. She is also upset over her father.

Carrie coldly goes after Lexi, causing her to lose her job when she admits to wrong doing. The administrator, shocked, is left without any other choice but to end her contract with the hospital. At Billie's, Chelsea throws lash after lash of put downs toward Steve. However, he still makes her sit to talk with him. The gloved one hovers outside Stephanie's room where she and her mother discuss their love lives. Kayla, holding her hand and comforting her, is called away over the intercom. Stephanie begs her mother to stay and ignore the page, with no luck. At the penthouse, John has the perfect ring, her original reset with sapphires for every year, and also a miniature wedding band for her bracelet.

Carrie arrives at the restaurant to meet with Austin, telling him about Lexi's punishment. She feels regretful about destroying Lexis' career, thinking she was too harsh. Austin, angry with Sami, discusses leaving Salem for Europe. He is extremely tired of Sami's destruction, and meddling in his life. Because she just got home, Carrie is reluctant to go with him.

Kissing sweetly, John and Marlena talk of their love. He credits her for inspiring him, filling him with purpose, and making his life worth living. He tells her he never wants to lose her again, gets down on one knee, and romantically asks her to be his wife. Austin offers Carrie her company, high style, back. They dream of relaxing, and concentrating on each other, without worrying about Samantha. Lexi calls Abe immediately, asking him to meet her at the restaurant. She begins by telling him that she loves him, that she is happy and doesn't want any secrets between them. Secondly she tells him that he may never want to speak to her again once she admits to the horrible deed she has done. At Billie's, Steve still tries to reach an icy Chelsea. After telling her that she is going to have to accept their relationship, Chelsea attempts to discourage Steve by spilling the details of her mother's past. She tells him about the drugs and pornography just as Billie walks in!

At the hospital, when Kayla reaches the room, which she was paged to, she finds it empty. The door slams unable to be opened. After hearing strange sounds, she appears scared. Billie is hurt and angry that Chelsea would speak about her in such a way. Defends Billie, Steve reminds Chelsea of her accident, with Zach. He is interrupted when his daughter calls, worried about Kayla. Meanwhile, Kayla, still trapped, hears her name being called in a creepy voice. Lexi comes clean about her involvement with Sami. Also telling him about the hospital, Abe wonders if she has told the truth for the right reasons. Carrie, smiling, tells Austin that she can not go to Europe with him unless they marry, first. Surprisingly, Abe is supportive and tells his wife that he will stand by her through anything, except an affair. Austin gets down on one knee, proposes to Carrie, and takes her to a justice of the peace.

As they walk by, Lexi and Abe can be seen happily and lovingly drinking wine. Arriving at the hospital, Steve rushes to check on Kayla. At home, Chelsea tries to convince Billie that Because Steve will always chase after Kayla, he is not the one. When Steve arrives at the door, Kayla is screaming for his help! Carrie and Austin get their license; but are told they will be unable to marry without an appointment. While waiting for the justice of the peace to have time to marry them, they are amazed to see that the next couple is John and Marlena. Stephanie has another panic attack! Meanwhile, Steve breaks down the door, saving Kayla. They have a touching moment when he holds her face, assuring her that she is fine and questioning her about what happened. He looks into the vent to find where the voices were coming from and a thick, choking smoke covers the room!

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