Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/24/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, John apologizes for coming home late; while, Marlena subtlety reminds John of his proposal. Before either of them can say anything else, he suddenly pulls her in for a long kiss. EJ wakes Sami, who after having too much to drink last night fell asleep on the sofa. He offers her his unconditional friendship, but also wants to discuss his deeper feelings for her. EJ tells her that she needs to move on, enjoy life more now that she doesn't have to worry about someone finding out her secret.

At the garage, Max tells Shawn about the incident yesterday at the hospital with Stephanie. Shawn doesn't think he should lead her on. However, Max is having trouble breaking thinks off after she hyperventilated over the bear. Mimi interrupts the two of them unwelcome, receiving the cold shoulder from Shawn. Mimi is more than happy to fill Max in on the fact that the girl her husband is dating is a hooker. Shawn runs out angry with Mimi, while Max hugs her.

Marlena is smitten with love during her embrace with John. They discuss her abduction. She tells him that she feels safe with him. Once again, John drops to one knee just as the door bell rings, ending his proposal. Marlena says goodbye to John who promises to finish his question later, as Roman enters. Marlena gives Roman the news of her and John's reunion. Roman is happy for her, but wonders why Marlena has called him. Back at Sami's apartment, she worries what her family, and most importantly her father will think of her, knowing he won't be able to forgive her. John meets Patrick for a drink, hoping to get information out of him. Back at the garage, Max comforts Mimi, assuring her that, in time, he will forgive her. Because she doesn't have any money, Mimi asks Max to work on her car for free, promising to make later payments. Coming to see Shawn, Willow curses Mimi when she finds her there.

Back at the Penthouse, After learning the truth about Sami's actions, Roman sits silently. Marlena is furious to find out that Roman already knew what their daughter had been hiding. Roman is verbally attacked by Marlena who blames him for ruining Carrie's chances with the man she truly loves. She demands to know why he didn't tell her. And, he defends himself, first, by saying that the secret was involved in a police investigation, and second, Marlena was unavailable. EJ informs Samantha that she needs to be herself, who he is crazy about, and forget what other people are saying about her. Patrick continues to degrade Bo Brady, and boast of impregnating his wife. He admits to John that he had Bo arrested for attacking him. John still pretends to side with Patrick, reminding him of Morgan Island. John suggests that Patrick tell him about his history with Stephano Dimera, to get Bo off his back. However, Patrick begins to think that he is not just having a drink to help him but rather interrogate him. Marlena blames Sami, deciding that she will never change, while Roman defends her. Roman tells Marlena about Will running away. At the restaurant, Patrick angrily leaves, thinking John is working for Bo.

At the apartment, EJ shares childhood details with Samantha, telling her that he has no family. Surprised to hear that he loves her whether she is bad or good, Sami begins kissing EJ passionately. Just as they are about to make love, the cell phone rings. Because everyone knows about her past, thanks to Mimi, Willow is outraged. She tells Shawn that Mimi is the one telling everyone, including his mother. Shawn tells Mimi that he is disgusted by her. Marlena helps John incriminate Patrick. And, when She excuses herself into the restroom, she becomes frightened when she sees someone in one of the stalls. Finding out that it is John, she is relieved, kissing him. Before returning to her drink with Patrick, John thanks her for getting Patrick's phone.

Max gets so angry at Shawn for bad mouthing Mimi that he throws Shawn out and fires him! John and Marlena celebrate a victory with Patrick. She was very excited to help her husband. Roman knocks on the door violently, demanding that Sami open the door immediately. Sami dresses herself from her lovemaking, opens the door. Roman tells Sami that if she doesn't change she will lose them. Sami, remembering what EJ told her about accepting herself, tells her dad to either accept her or turn away from her. She storms out to lunch, leaving him standing alone. Patrick meets with EJ again to tell him that John is on to his plan. John is about to propose to his love.

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