Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/23/06



Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi counts out her tip money with a frown on her face as Bonnie rushes in to Chez Rouge. She is worried because Mimi called her to come over quickly, telling her it was an emergency. Bonnie is frustrated to learn that it’s just Mimi’s car; she needs a new transmission. Mimi whines that the new transmission will cost too much and Bonnie suggests she go to Shawn to fix it. Mimi knows that will never happen, and complains about the amount of money she is receiving in tips. She really thought she’d make more money in a place like Chez Rouge. Bonnie thinks the uniforms are frumpy and that Mimi should show more cleavage. Mimi asks to borrow $500, but Bonnie tells her that she doesn’t have it.

Hope is greeted by Maggie as she enters Chez Rouge and they walk to a table as Hope tells her about Shawn’s experience with the storm and the Fancy Face 111. She blames Bo for the boating accident and then tells her about Bo starting a fight with Patrick.

Abby sits with Stephanie and she tells Abby about Steve remembering her as a baby. Abby tells her that she has been through the same thing; trying to force her parents to get back together. She tells her that is something that has to happen on it’s on, and then asks her what it is that is REALLY bothering her. Stephanie confesses that she is upset over Max, and before the accident, he was showing interest in her, but now, he hasn’t even come to see her. Stephanie thinks Max may have decided that he just isn’t interested in her anymore.

At the garage, Max angrily and sarcastically gives Shawn a “thank you” for making sure there was nothing left of his engine to salvage. He slams his tools down and Shawn talks to him as if it was no big deal, saying that they plug was pulled on his engine anyway. Max wonders why all his team mates think they can drive his car into walls. Shawn reminds him that Phillip isn’t around anymore and probably will never return. Max tells him that it must make his situation with Belle and Claire a lot better, but Shawn says that Belle hates his guts. Max can’t believe that Belle hates him, but Shawn tells him that he did something stupid. Max can sympathize with that because he says that he’s been leading Stephanie on and it has to stop.

John and Marlena pull away from a very passionate kiss. John reminds her that their marriage was considered null and void and he would like to fix that. As he starts to get down on one knee, Sami bursts through the door. John agrees to leave them alone to talk, but promises to get back to where they were after Sami leaves. Sami tells her that her life is over, but Marlena wants her to stop being so melodramatic. Sami tells her that she knows she will hate her too. Marlena wants her to tell her what it is that she’s done this time.

Bo has called John on his cell, and has told him everything about loosing his job and why. John is sorry to hear that. Bo knows that Lockhart is up to something and asks for John’s help to prove it.

Patrick tells E.J. that they have a problem. E.J. already knows that it is Bo Brady and tells him to relax because Bo and everybody else are clueless and will never find out about their connection. E.J. rubs his “gloved hands” together and Patrick looks down at them and says, “E.J. Wells, the infamous gloved hand.” E.J. says, “And Patrick Lockhart, my trusted colleague. E.J. demands that Patrick follow his orders and tells him that no one ever needs to know they are the ones that are terrorizing the good people of Salem.

John meets Bo in the interrogation room at the department. He knows Bo hates Lockhart for good reason, but asks Bo if he has even considered that fact that Patrick may be innocent. “Oh, man,” Is Bo’s only response as he turns away from John.

Patrick tells E.J. that he said that they were only going to scare some people, but questions the fact of killing a cop. E.J. reminds him that Eve got in the way and had to be eliminated. Patrick says that is more than he bargained for, but E.J. turns to him and tells him that he didn’t hear him complaining when it gave Patrick the opportunity to set a trap for Bo. Patrick didn’t know what else to do after he (E.J.) killed Eve. E.J. tells him to admit that he loved it; planting the evidence in his own apartment and fixing it so Jack and Jennifer would tell Bo. Patrick agrees, and says that it played out just like they thought it would. E.J. reminds him that Bo is the one that is under investigation now. Patrick swears that Bo is out of his mind and will never give up. E.J. pats him on the shoulder and tells him to watch it or he’ll get an ulcer. Patrick isn’t too happy with E.J. and says that Eve’s murder wasn’t enough for him, and he can see that the explosion at the track wasn’t either; it’s a wonder that Max or Stephanie weren’t killed. E.J.’s face turns very serious and he says, “They are Brady’s. You’re damn right. I’m going to make life a living hell for each and every member of that family.” Patrick wants to know about his family; his sister to be exact. He says that everybody thinks that who ever is involved in this is also involved in the embryo switch at the hospital. E.J. says that the Salem P.D. never gets anything right and not to worry, but Patrick tells him he’s had enough. E.J. says, “No. You and my other employees are in this with me….” He slaps Patrick with his gloves in the arm…”Now you and I had an agreement, and you are going to honor that!” Patrick says, “And if I don’t?” E.J. warns him not to “try” him and then Patrick asks if he’s threatening him.

Sami has just finished telling Marlena EVERYTHING that she did about blackmailing Lexie to keep Carrie and Austin apart. Marlena is devastated and tells her that she should not have done that and asks her how she could do such a thing. Sami drops her head as Marlena asks her if she has any idea how concerned Carrie was about never hurting her (Sami). She tells Sami that is why Carrie made every decision she made, and then tells her that she (Sami) went ahead and pursued Austin, and in the end, decided she didn’t want him anyway. Marlena asks Sami if she has a conscience. Sami’s response is, “What about Lexie. She’s the one that came up with the stupid lie.” Marlena tells her that Lexie isn’t her daughter and that she (Sami) was playing with people’s lives. Sami knows it was a rotten thing to do and tells her mother that she is sorry and asks her to look at her. With her back towards Sami, Marlena tells her that she can’t look at her. Sami says that she wishes she could take it back, but she can’t. She knows Austin and Carrie hate her and Lucas and Will moved out; she begs Marlena to help her. Marlena turns around and faces Sami, telling her that she is heart sick and she doesn’t know what to say to her. Sami wants her to tell her that she still loves her and that she won’t give up on her too.

Mimi is upset that Bonnie will not loan her the money, but Bonnie says that business at Alice’s is really bad and she’s broke. Mimi doesn’t believe her and says that the place is always packed. Bonnie’s facial expression changes and Mimi notices. She asks her what she has been spending her money on, but Bonnie tells her that is none of her business. She suggests Mimi go to Max; she thinks he may do it for free. Mimi rolls her eyes and asks Bonnie what is going on with her. Bonnie apologizes to Mimi, saying that she’s sorry she doesn’t have a rich mother to bail her out; she’s going to get a beer. Mimi pouts.

Maggie brings Hope tea and sits down with her. Hope tells her about how this baby being Patrick’s is driving Bo crazy, and how he has so much anger directed towards Patrick. Hope is afraid that something bad is going to happen. Maggie promises her that everything will work out, but she has to leave to make a phone call. Mimi walks up and speaks to Hope. She asks how Shawn is doing. Hope tells her that he’s doing fine; thanks to her that is. She tells Mimi how grateful she is that she called her in time to save Shawn from the storm. Hope realizes that Mimi hasn’t heard from Shawn and asks her how she’s doing. Mimi says at least she’s not out on the streets and comments about that being home to Willow. Hope isn’t following her and asks what she is talking about. Mimi says that she’s sorry she never finished telling her about Willow. She tells her that her son’s new girlfriend is a hooker.

Max tells Shawn that he thinks he allowed himself to get involved with Stephanie because she was available at the time and he thought it would help Chelsea get the hint to leave him alone too. Shawn says that he used her and Max gets a little irritated, but knows it’s the truth. Shawn reminds Max that he (Shawn) is the last person to judge anyone; he didn’t mean to upset Max. He understands, and tells Shawn that is why he hasn’t been to see Stephanie at the hospital; he doesn’t know how to break it to her. Shawn tells him that he has to tell her soon because he can’t keep avoiding her forever.

Back at the hospital, Stephanie confides in Abby. She wonders if Max is avoiding her because of the accident and thinks he may hold her responsible in some way. Abby tells her that isn’t true and reminds her of the note and glove she found in Max’s garage during the race. Again, Stephanie asks her why Max hasn’t come to see her. Abby doesn’t know, but suggests that he may feel responsible himself; she thinks it will all work out.

Patrick tells E.J. that he’s not afraid of him. E.J. reminds him of Hope and the money he gave him to pay Dr. Bader off to lie about the paternity of her baby. E.J. tells Patrick that he will tell Hope the truth if he crosses him.

As Max is putting his shirt back on, he tells Shawn that he is right and he has to tell Stephanie the truth. Abby walks in saying that she was just with Stephanie and she is doing a lot better. Max says that he was just about to go see her and Abby says that she’d like that. She gives Max a bag with a gift she bought at the hospital gift store for him to give Stephanie; she thought he’d want to take her something. Max thanks Abby and they both brag on her. Max leaves to see Stephanie. After he’s gone, Abby tells Shawn that Stephanie is so lucky to have a guy like Max. She talks about how good he was to Chelsea when she treated him so bad, and how good he has been to her; giving her this job and being such a good friend. Her face lights up as she talks about Max and Shawn asks her if she has a thing for Max.

Mimi tells Hope that Shawn was the one that got Willow the job at Chez Rouge, and before that, she was a hooker. Hope questions that Maggie even hired this girl. Mimi looks up and tells Hope that she can ask her herself. She points to Maggie and Willow as they walk into the room. Hope jumps up and calls out for Maggie. She stops both of them and asks them what is going on.

Marlena tells Sami that what she did to Carrie was monstrous and way past selfish. She asks her if she cares about anyone but herself. Under her breath, Sami says, “Look who’s talking.” She tells Marlena that she knows she (Sami) loves her family and she begs her again to help. Marlena tells Sami that she already knows what she wants her to do; she wants her to go to her father on her behalf so he will forgive her. That is exactly what Sami wants, but Marlena refuses. She tells her that it would take her a lifetime to go around and beg forgiveness to everyone Sami has hurt, and she just isn’t going to do this. Sami asks Marlena if she will forgive her. Marlena says that she can’t because this is the last straw; she got herself into this mess, and she’s got to get herself out of it. Sami comments that it’s because she (Marlena) can’t be bothered so she can go off and marry John again.

Bo paces around the room as John looks through the files. Bo tells him that everyone seems to be forgetting that Lockhart worked for the Dimera’s. John also points out that Patrick turned on them too and saved half of Salem when Tony tried to blow up the island. Bo still says that the file proves that he killed Eve Michaels. He says the bottom line is, if he’s wrong, he made a mistake. If he’s right, more people get hurt, including Hope. Bo tells John that he knows Patrick and he trusts him; he could get a lot more information than anyone.

Patrick doesn’t like it, but he has no choice but to do as E.J. says. He asks him what he wants him to do now. All E.J. tells him is that it will be a mission similar to the ones he has requested up until now. Patrick wants to know when this will be over and wants to know the deadline. There is no deadline and E.J. tells him that this will continue until he is ready to reveal his true identity.

Bonnie sits at a table in Chez Rouge and chuckles while talking to someone on the phone. Mimi reads the order that Bonnie has requested; a five course dinner for two, extra desserts, and imported champagne. She is angry because Bonnie has the money to pay for all this but couldn’t loan her $500 to get her car fixed. Mimi wonders to herself what she could possibly be up to. Bonnie checks over her shoulder to make sure no one hears her and tells the person on the other end not to mention that they had dinner together. She chats a while longer and then says, “With the money I’m paying you, you can buy all the bubbly you want once the baby is here……I want my grand baby even if Mimi doesn’t.” (She is talking to Lauren the surrogate)

Hope asks Willow to excuse them as she holds her stomach and leans on the edge of the bar. After she leaves, Hope asks Maggie if it’s true that Willow is a hooker. Maggie says that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about that, which is a yes to Hope. Hope wants to know why she would ever hire someone like that to work here. Maggie’s reply is because Shawn asked her to. Hope tells her that her son shouldn’t be around a girl like that, and Maggie tells her that she needs to be the one to tell Shawn that. As Hope is walking away, she tells her that is where she is headed right now.

Abby, while smiling, tells Shawn that Max is just her friend and tells Shawn that she thought Max was his friend too. He is, but Shawn tells her he is just someone he doesn’t want his friends involved with. Abby says that she’s not interested in Max “that way” but she does think he’s hot; she asks Shawn not to tell him she said that. Besides, she says that he has Stephanie now and she is really into Max. Shawn tells her to keep her eyes open around Max and to tell Stephanie to do the same.

Max walks in Stephanie’s room and her eyes light up. She was wondering if he was ever going to come see her. His excuse is that she had her family with her and he heard that she and Steve were getting closer; he didn’t want to intrude. She tells him that she has missed him and has been thinking about him a lot. He just says that he’s glad that she is okay. He says, “Sorry about the crash.” She tells him that it wasn’t his fault and that they are both lucky to be alive. The doctor comes in and he asks if Max minds waiting outside. He gives her the bag with a gift inside as he leaves the room. The doctor checks her pulse as she looks inside the bag. The doctor comments that by the looks of it, this young man thinks a lot of her. Stephanie smiles from ear to ear.

Marlena tells Sami that she has finally shown her true colors; she doesn’t want her to marry John even though she knows how much she loves him. She tells her that she doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings; it’s all about Sami. Sami says that she knows she has never liked John. Marlena tells her that yes she has; she loved him at one time, but now she wants to play the little girl that wants her mommy and daddy to get back together. Marlena tells her that is NOT going to happen and then she screams, “Get over it!!!” Sami’s eyes get big at this tone from Marlena which is so harsh. Marlena tells her that she is stuck in the same old behavioral problems; she is trampling on people and the person that gets hurt the most is her (Sami). She tells Sami that she loves, prays, and weeps for her, but warns her that if she thinks she can manipulate her one more time, she has another thing coming.

Bo still paces the floor and pleads his case to John. John agrees that Bo has made his point and tells him that he will work with him to see if they can find anything. He says that if Patrick has blood on his hands, they will find it. Bo is pleased and appreciates it. John warns him that it won’t be easy, but he knows where to start.

Patrick tells E.J. that he likes to play games. E.J. agrees with this and says that he likes to win. Patrick reminds him that no one wins all the time, and when his luck runs out, he will NOT take the fall for him. E.J. wonders if Patrick is always this pessimistic and Patrick tells him that he has underestimated Bo. E.J. disagrees and says that Bo lets his emotions control him, and that’s a weakness that he is going to exploit. E.J. straightens up Patrick’s collar as he tells him to follow his orders; keep a low profile, and that means no more of these face to face meetings. Patrick has a warning for E.J. as well; if Bo gets wise to them, he will not hesitate to sell him out. E.J. smiles and tells him that if he does that, it will be his LAST serious mistake. He pats him and walks off.

Sami starts to say that, as usual, when she needs her mother the most….Marlena stops her and says that she’s heard it all before and says, “Let’s see if I can get it right. I’m a terrible mother, I abandoned you when you were small and you were starved for affections and I don’t sympathize enough with your issues.” Sami says nothing and turns away. Marlena tells her that she can not keep blaming other people for the things that she does. She is sorry she wasn’t here for her when she was younger, but tells her that John was here and he was a wonderful father figure for her and all the children. She also says that none of the other children have a problem with him; they feel like they had a wonderful childhood. She says it just isn’t all about her feelings and points out to Sami that she keeps saying she wants to be a better person, but he only person that can change her is Sami; not Marlena or anyone else. Sami grabs her coat and tells Marlena that she made a mistake coming her and should have known better. She stops at the door and turns around to tell her mother to have a nice life with John, and then she walks out. Sami stops in the hall and is crying as E.J. just happens to walk by. He says that he was driving by and saw her car and wanted to stop to see how she is holding up. Not well is her answer. She tells him about the note and that they all hate her. She says that when she finds out who has been sending these notes, she’s going to kill him.

Max comes back into Stephanie’s room and she tells him how much she loves the teddy bear; it says “Be Mine”. Max says that he shouldn’t have gotten her that. She is smiling and tells him that she is not too old for stuffed animals and this one is adorable. She looks at him and notices his expression. He tells her that she is really a terrific girl and he’s come to respect her as a competitor and a friend. The smile on her face fades and she seems to be able to tell where this is going. She asks him what he’s trying to say. Max tells her that he has to be honest with her; he thinks it’s time for both of them to move on, and he’s sorry. She starts breathing hard and her monitors go off. She is hyperventilating. Max backs out of the room as the nurses rush in to take care of her.

Mimi walks up to Bonnie and confronts her about her outrageous bill and about her not having $500 to spare for her daughter. Bonnie makes up the excuse that she was entertaining a banker and hoping for a loan. Mimi does not believe her and tells her to cut the crap.

Willow stops Maggie and asks her what Hope had to say. Maggie tells her for her own good, she thinks she should stay away from Shawn Brady.

Hope comes walking into the garage and immediately asks Abby to give them some time alone. She gets straight to the point, asking Shawn what he thinks he’s doing sleeping with a hooker.

Stephanie’s breathing is getting better. She has an oxygen mask on and Max enters the room as the doctors and nurses leave. Stephanie is crying as Max sits down next to her; he grabs her hand. He tells her that he is sorry for upsetting her and lets her know that he is here for her.

Shawn tells Hope that Willow has had a hard life and he’s just trying to help her out. Hope wants to know if helping her out means that he has to sleep with her, and asks how much he’s paying her. He can’t believe she just said that and tells her to stop putting her down and passing judgment on her. He says that his life is so messed up right now and she makes him feel better. He wants to know what is so bad about that. Hope tells him if he wants to date a woman that sells her body to other men, she can’t stop him. If he wants to divorce his wife, it’s up to him. If he wants to play games with Belle, the woman he supposedly loves, that’s up to him too, but there is one thing she will insist on; her son being a man. She tells him that his little girl needs a father, so he WILL step up to the plate and be one; if he doesn’t, that little girl is going to have a very sad, unhappy childhood. She asks him if that is fair.

Mimi thinks Bonnie is winning and dinning one of the old men at the hospital and trying to weasel him out of his money. Bonnie lets her think that she is right. Bonnie says that she will get Mimi the money to fix her car, but Mimi doesn’t want it now. She still thinks there is something else going on here. She tells Bonnie if she is lying to her about this, she swears that she will be out of her life for good this time.

E.J. tells Sami that he worries so much about her. She wants to know why he is so nice to her and thanks him, saying that she can always count on him. She tells him that Lucas and Will moved out. As she starts crying, he holds her and strokes her hair while suggesting she come back to his place to have a glass of wine and listen to some music; no pressure. She agrees and says that she would like that.

Marlena calls John to tell him she was hoping to finish the conversation they had started earlier. He tells her he will be home soon and she tells him that she loves him. They hand up and John calls Patrick. John tells him that he’s glad to hear that he was exonerated in the Eve Michaels case and he would like to buy him beer. They agree that tonight isn’t good, but agree on tomorrow. Bo tells him that he (John) is going to find out that he is right and Patrick and whoever he’s working for are going down.

Previews for tomorrow:

Patrick: Why am I beginning to feel like this isn't just a friendly, little drink we're having here? It's starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation.

Mimi: I'm still your wife. I have a right to know who you're seeing.

Shawn D.: You have no rights with me, Mimi.

Marlena: Sami is still the same selfish, conniving little wench that she always was.

E.J.: I adore the bad girl in you.

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