Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/20/06



Written By Kristy

Pictures by Juanita

Carrie and Austin are having dinner at Chez Rouge, and she is telling him that she plans to make Lexie sorry for what she did to her because she is just as responsible as Sami for everything that has happened. Austin agrees that Lexie was wrong, but feels that she too is a victim of Sami’s deception. Carrie disagrees and says that she could have refused; Carrie believes Lexie should loose her license. Austin agrees with her, but feels like they have a chance to leave Salem and walk away from all this and focus on their future. He doesn’t want to think about this anymore. Carrie can’t wait to leave Salem with him too, but not before she makes sure Sami and Lexie can’t do this to anyone else; she can’t let them get away with almost destroying their lives.

Tek walks up behind Lexie, who is sitting at the bar at Chez Rouge, and tells her that he was glad to get her message. He hated the way they left things between them before. She scolds him for proposing to her in front of Abe the way he did, and asks him if he really thought she would respond well to that. He just wanted her to realize how serious he was and tells her that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Roman escorts Bo in handcuffs into the P.D. Roman explains the situation to Abe and Bo tells Abe that Patrick provoked him. Hope walks in the door and responds to Bo’s statement by saying that just isn’t true. She tells Abe that it was Bo that provoked the argument and started the whole thing. Bo is upset that Hope is taking Patrick’s side and Abe steps in to reprimand Bo. Bo tries to reason with Abe telling him that he knows Patrick is dangerous. Abe refuses to listen and reminds Bo that the evidence was thrown out of court, and tells him that he is the only one that has broken the law. He tells Roman to take Bo into interrogation. Abe says that it’s time the three of them had a talk. Hope tells Abe that she has never seen Bo like this and she doesn’t know what is wrong with him. She says that if something doesn’t happen soon, she’s afraid of what is going to happen.

Will insists on knowing what has happened between Sami and Lucas. Lucas tells Sami to tell him because he is going to find out sooner or later, so Sami tries to explain. She tells him that there was an argument and things just got out of hand. Will picks up a piece of decoration that was on his cake and Sami explains that they had a surprise party planned for him. He asks if they had a food fight, to which Sami’s answer in no. Again, Will wants to know what happened, but Sami says that they will talk about it tomorrow. Lucas is not agreeing to that and insists that she tell Will right now. Sami turns to Will and tells him that she and Carrie had a fight. Will asks her what she has done now. She tells him that what she did, she did months ago; it’s just coming out now. She trails off the subject, but Lucas forces her hand, promising to tell Will himself if she doesn’t. Sami tells him that she did something horrible but she is very sorry and would never do anything like this again. She tells him that she blackmailed Lexie and made her tell Carrie that she and Austin couldn’t have healthy children. She tells him that she was crazy and so obsessed with having Austin that she wanted to get Carrie out of the way. Will can’t believe it and turns his back on her and walks away. She chases after him and tells him that Carrie hadn’t made up her mind about who she wanted to be with and she was just tipping the scales for his father because she knew how much he wanted to be with Carrie. She thought it would make everybody, even Will, happy. Sami tries to convince him that everything is okay now because Carrie and Austin are together. Will turns around and asks Sami if she is crazy, saying that Lucas fell in love with Carrie and married her expecting to be with her forever, and his Uncle Austin almost married her instead of the person he really loved. And, on top of all that, Sami blew him (Austin) off in front of everybody at the wedding. He tells her that this is the sickest thing she’s ever done; and that’s saying a lot.

Abe tries to comfort Hope, but she doesn’t know what to think anymore. She believes that it is an obsession for Bo now, and he isn’t even thinking like a rational person. She doesn’t know if she can take it anymore, but she knows Bo has to accept the fact that she is having Patrick’s baby at some point. She thinks Bo’s only priority these days is getting revenge on Patrick. She is beginning to wonder when this is going to end. Abe promises her that this is going to end right now and he is going to make sure that this NEVER happens again. He tells her to hang in there, give her statement, and then go home to get some rest. He starts to walk off, but Hope stops him, asking what he’s going to do. Abe says that depends on Bo. An officer comes for Hope’s statement, but Hope asks her to give her a minute when she sees Patrick come in. She is worried his nose is broke and urges him to see a doctor. He says he is fine, but Bo is the one who is in trouble now. Bo wants the handcuffs off. As Roman is taking them off, he tells him that he is sorry it had to come to this, but he did assault an unarmed man for no reason. Bo stands behind his story that Patrick was provoking him, but Roman wants to know, if that is true, why he played right into his hands. Bo says he knows that Patrick is a dangerous man, and when he sees him with his wife, he goes a little crazy. He is afraid that this could cost Hope her life. Roman asks Bo what this “witch hunt” is going to cost him in the long run. Bo demands that this in not a “witch hunt” and they are all going to be sorry that they took him off this case. Abe walks into the office and tells Bo that what he regrets is letting Bo keep his badge.

Austin tells Carrie that he is not a fan of Lexie’s, and in no way is he defending her, but she did try to tell them the truth; she did tell them that Sami was blackmailing her. Carrie points out that she still lied because she didn’t tell them how Sami was blackmailing her. Austin believes that Lexie came to them with the intentions of telling them everything, but can’t understand what stopped her. Carrie believes that Lexie “chickened out” and thought it would be easier for her to let the four of them live a lie than to tell the truth. Austin still believes that what is important now is for the two of them to move on with their lives. It is important to Carrie to make sure Lexie and Sami are held accountable for what they did. She quotes her father, “There is no time like the present.” She gets up and asks Austin to excuse her because she is going to blow Lexie Carver out of the water. That is fine with Austin if that’s what she wants to do, and he tells her they will do it together. Carrie says “No.” She wants to do this alone. She kisses him and leaves.

Lexie tells Tek that she meant what she said and she does not want to marry him; she doesn’t want him anywhere near her again. Tek doesn’t believe her, and thinks that she can’t stay away from him any more than he can stay away from her; that’s why she is here with him now. He tells her that they are good together and the only reason she is staying with Abe is because of Theo and the responsibility she feels for her family. He tells her that he loves Theo too and they can make a family together and Theo can see Abe whenever he wants. Lexie tells him that they are finished and she is going to stay with Abe. He wants to know why she asked him to meet her. She says that she has something to give him and hands him a letter, telling him that this should prove that she means what she says. It is a restraining order against him. He is devastated and can’t believe she did this.

Sami tells Will that he knows she’s changed and that he even told her that he’s proud of her. He asks her if she finally told Aunt Carrie the truth. Sami tells him about the anonymous note and Will realizes that she never would have told the truth if her hand wasn’t forced, therefore, she hasn’t changed. Sami swears that she did feel guilty and wanted to tell Austin the truth but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Then, Austin and Carrie got back together and Lucas moved in with her; she finally thought they could be a family together with Will and she didn’t want to mess it up by bringing all this out. Will says that she did NOT do this for him. He says that she only thinks about herself; always has, and always will. Will jumps up and tells her that he’s moving out to live with Lucas, and it’s for good this time. Sami begs Lucas not to do this, but he tells her Will is old enough to make up his own mind. She begs Will again, but he’s done with her. Will asks Lucas to leave now. As they open the door to leave, Kate is standing there.

Hope apologizes to Patrick and tells him that she doesn’t understand Bo anymore, and this is definitely not the man she married. He holds her and tells her that maybe he should stay away from her because Bo goes crazy every time he sees them together. Hope tells him that they are having a baby together and they will be spending a lot more time together; Bo will just have to get used to it. She starts crying, and as he holds her, behind her back, he smiles.

Roman and Abe take Bo into the interrogation room and shut the door. Bo can’t believe that Abe is threatening to take his badge because he lost his temper. Abe points out that Bo has been loosing his temper a lot lately, and he is going to do more than threaten if he doesn’t sit down, shut up, and listen to him. Bo sits down and Abe tells him that they have worked together for a long time, and he has looked the other way many times, but tells him that he (Bo) still thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He says that they are at a point where he can’t look away anymore. He defied a direct order and the department took the heat for a jealous husband’s vendetta against an innocent man. Bo agrees that he hates Patrick, but says that he is not an innocent man, and this is not what this is about. Bo says that he knows in his guts that Patrick is playing them and he is working with someone. He guarantees that if they find who Patrick is working for, they will have enough evidence to put the both of them away for a very long time. He asks them to trust him on this one, and asks Abe to let him do his job before Hope or anyone else gets hurt.

Lucas tells Kate that they were just on their way out. Kate wonders what happened when she sees the mess in the apartment, and Sami asks her what took her so long because she knows she came here to gloat. Kate says that she doesn’t even know what is going on here. Lucas tells her the story and Kate turns around saying that she knew there was more to that story. Kate and Sami exchange words (as always), and Kate is glad that Lucas and Will have finally seen Sami’s true colors. She asks Lucas and Will to come live with her, to which Sami strongly objects.

Lexie tells Tek that he gave her no choice because she asked him to stay away from her for the sake of her marriage, and he refused. He still says that he will not give up on her. She tells him that if he attempts to contact her or come close to her, he will be arrested. He does not believe that she would ever do that to him after what they have shared together. She gets up and tells him goodbye. He tells her that he is not going to let some piece of paper keep him away from her. She picks up her phone, and when he asks what she is doing, she tells him that she is calling the police because he is obviously not taking her serious. He stands up and tells her that this isn’t over, pays his bill, and walks away. Carrie walks up and says, “Well, if it isn’t my good friend Dr. Carver.” Lexie smiles and has no idea that Carrie knows what she did to her. She asks Carrie to join her, but Carrie says that she just has a question for her, and that she knows Lexie has always been truthful with her. (sarcastic) Carrie asks/tells her that she never lies to her and Lexie says, “Of course not.” Lexie wants to know what Carrie’s question is. Carries reply is, “How the Hell do you live with yourself!”

Sami refuses to let Will move in with Kate. She says that Will is just upset right now, but he will calm down. Will informs her that he is standing right here and can speak for himself. He says that he will never be able to understand why she did what she did. Lucas says that none of them will ever understand why, and he don’t think anyone, not even her family, will ever be able to forgive her. She asks Lucas if will ever forgive her.

Abe tells Bo that he knows he is worried about Hope, but until they can get something against Lockhart that will stick, there is nothing they can do. Bo insists that is what he has been trying to do. Abe stops him and says that, as of now, they have NO evidence. Abe warns him one more time to stay away from Patrick or to be prepared to face the consequences.

Patrick plays on Hope’s sympathies and promises to be there for her. Hope has to go back inside to give her statement and Patrick says he has to make a quick call. He tells the person on the other line that they have to meet a.s.a.p.; it’s very important.

Carrie screams at Lexie and goes through the whole story and tells her she found out the truth. Carrie totally lets her have it and then starts crying, asking Lexie how she could do this to her; not just as a friend, but as a doctor as well. She tells her how much she trusted her. Lexie says that Sami forced her to do it and that she was afraid of loosing her family. Lexie agrees that she was a coward. Lexie tells her of her intention that night she was going to tell them all the truth, and also about the phone call she received that prevented her from doing so. Lexie is very sorry and knows this is no excuse, but reminds Carrie that she told her over and over again to marry the man she loved. Carrie tells her that she thinks they both know she would have chosen Austin if she thought she could have given him children of his own. Lexie tells her that it killed her to see Sami getting away with what she was doing. Carrie says the truth is that she is just as responsible as Sami.

Patrick offers Hope a ride home, but she has other plans. He asks her about Chicago, but she can’t promise.

Abe tells Bo that his behavior has become a liability to this department and he can’t put up with it any more. Bo tells him if loosing his badge has to come at the price of keeping Hope and his family safe, then it doesn’t matter. Roman tells him that he doesn’t want to throw away his whole career, and Bo says of course he doesn’t. He has put his life into this career and, besides his family; it has been the most important thing to him. He tells them to do what they have to do and he will too. Abe says if Bo will promise him that he will “cool it” he will speak to internal affairs. He will still have to answer to the charges of assaulting Patrick, but if he will promise to stay away from him……Bo sees Patrick and says he can’t do that as heads out the door and jumps on him again. Roman and Abe pull him off Patrick, but Bo tells him that he is on to him and he may have fooled the rest of them, but he knows he is responsible for what has been going down around Salem and the Brady’s. As Roman and Abe drag Bo away, Bo vows to prove it and bring him down. Hope watches and then leaves with Patrick. Inside the room, Abe tells Bo that he just lost his last chance.

Lexie tells Carrie that she doesn’t blame her for hating her, and she can’t hate her any more than she already hates herself. She takes as much responsibility as Sami and wishes she could go back or make it up to her somehow. Lexie tells her that she will miss their friendship. Carrie says that she’s going to miss a lot more than that, and not only did she violate their friendship, she violated her oath as a doctor. She tells her that she is going to report her to the hospital board and the A.M.A. and then go to Abe; when she’s finished, Lexie will have lost her medical license, her job, and her husband; which, she says, is exactly what she deserves. Carrie turns and leaves Lexie standing there.

Kate is ready to leave and Sami follows Lucas through the apartment. He turns to Sami and tells her that all he feels for her is pity and all he sees in her future is a lifetime of misery and unhappiness. He tells her that she always brings this on herself. He can’t believe he even thought they could be a family again. She reminds him that it was him that wanted this when he moved back in. Kate interrupts and tells them that they need to leave. She gives Lucas the keys and tells Sami to enjoy her solitude; she’s earned it. Sami stops Lucas and Will one more time and begs them not to go, telling them that she will do whatever it takes. She asks them to tell her that there is something she can do to makes this right. Will says there isn’t anything she could possibly do, and they leave. Lucas takes one more look at her as he walks out. Sami slides down the door crying.

Bo says that he is not going to stand by and let his wife leave with a killer, and asks Abe if he could do the same if it were Lexie. Abe screams that they have no proof that Patrick is a killer. He tells Bo that he is out of control and he will not let him set this department up for a lawsuit. He asks Bo to give up his badge and gun and tells him that he is relieved of duty; effective immediately.

Patrick calls someone and tells them that they need to meet because Brady is not giving up and he doesn’t think it will be long before he will be on to them. He wants to know where he is. All of a sudden, E.J. walks up and says that he is right here and his reasons for calling him here better be **** good.

Previews for Monday:

Marlena: And I pray for you. But if you think you can manipulate me one more time, you had better think again.

Hope: What do you think you're doing, sleeping with a hooker?

Bo: Then Lockhart and whoever he's working for; they are going down.

E.J.: If you cross me, she finds out that that's Bo's baby she's carrying, and you can kiss your little future with her goodbye.

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