Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/18/06



Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, John, Marlena, and Belle have tea while discussing Victor's behavior. Belle is upset that so many people, knowing about the paternity, kept secrets from her. But, she is especially angry with Kate and Victor, describing Kate as her mentor. She believes that she has lost everything, causing her to have a new outlook on life. John suggests that she do nothing. At the apartment, Sami and Lucas laugh over the cake they will use at Will's party. Lucas shows her the shoes he bought as a gift for his son. Lucas gives Samantha a hard time over her private life, joking about EJ, when the door bell rings. Carrie and Austin have arrived, to see Lucas. After Chelsea's call, Patrick arrives, excited when he hears about the rift between Bo and Hope. He intends to use the situation with Shawn in his favor, eventually pushing Bo out of the picture. Meanwhile, Hope angrily attacks Bo for not being available for their son.

Explaining himself further, John persuades his daughter to take time to think objectively before acting. He offers to take care of her, while she figures out her life. John knows that Shawn will find his way back to Belle in time. Shawn tries to stop Bo and Hope from fighting, blaming it all on himself. He doesn't want his mother and father against each other. Willow, surprised by all of the arguing, offers to wait outside. Chelsea proposes that she and Patrick work together, knowing that they each want the same things. But, Patrick coldly leaves, pretending to decline her offer.

At Sami's apartment, Carrie brings annulment papers for her husband to sign. Sami passes judgement on Austin for pretending to love her enough to marry her. She throws Carrie's mistakes and infidelities in her face, telling her that she is undeserving of Lucas.

Meanwhile, Because he always puts his daughter first, Hope decides she can not be with Bo. While, Bo professes his devotion for Hope and his son. He explains that he can't turn his back on any of his family, including Chelsea, though he knows she is troubled. Tensions mount when Patrick shows up to support Hope.

In the apartment, Carrie tells Lucas that, because his son was missing, she tried to protect him from the pain of her affair with Austin. Lucas signs the papers, as the gloved one leaves another note under Sami's door. When Lucas begins to open it, fearing it will reveal something about Sami, she becomes apprehensive. Appearing shocked, he asks her what she has been up to. Lucas also asks her, if she is hiding anything else. He tells her that the note effects everyone in the room, and holding it away from her he gives it to Carrie. Silence falls for a moment before Carrie angrily asks Sami to explain. The note reads that Samantha blackmailed Lexi into telling Carrie that she and Austin could not have any children without the chance of severe birth defects.

Hope attacks Bo accusing him of not being available when she and Shawn needed him. She blames him for putting Chelsea first, and says that she will not make the mistake of believing him again. Shawn interrupts reminding them that they are supposed to talk without accusing each other. Kate visits Chelsea to discuss her behavior, but is proud of her when she realizes that the whole thing was a scam to get Billie and Bo back together. Chelsea smiles telling Kate that she will learn everything about getting what she wants, from her. Shawn defends his mother who can not forgive Bo for letting her down. After Hope leaves, Shawn offers to pay for all damages associated with his mistake; while Bo is very displeased.

Sami jerks the note away from her sister defending herself. She thinks that Sami is the same conniving, low, vindictive person that she has always been, manipulating others for her own happiness. She is stunned to think of all the times Sami said she loved her and wanted her happiness. Lucas realizes that Carrie used him for a baby, while Austin now knows why she refused to be with him, choosing Lucas. Grabbing Sami, Lucas turns her around begging her to tell them that she could not be so horrible. Even though she denies forcing Lexi to lie, Lucas can see it in her eyes, and angrily blames her. Sami tearfully admits to the deed explaining her actions, begging everyone to still care for her. Austin yells at her to stop the tears, and Lucas makes her continue her explanation. Remembering all of the conversations she had with Sami, Carrie becomes so angry that she is about to burst.

At the penthouse, John and Marlena talk and kiss each other, very much in love. Meanwhile Bo forgives his son. Shawn promises to speak with Hope about Bo. Patrick gives Hope a shoulder to cry on, asking her to go away with him, and pressuring her by using the baby. Finally, after using the baby to play on her guilty side, she agrees to go to Chicago with him. But, she warns him that if she finds any reason distrust him and if she even thinks that he is lying to her, she will take care of him, herself. Patrick takes her to Chez Rouge just as Bo turns the corner to look for her. Chelsea, who is following Patrick and Hope, hides as Bo tries to contact Hope on her cell.

Willow apologizes to Shawn for causing him so much trouble. They bond when she tries to convince him of his parents love. She tells him that she just had the best day of her life. And, She makes seductive suggestions in his ear, and they passionately kiss. Belle watches them through the window as they deeply and passionately kiss! At Sami's apartment, the arguing continues. Carrie loses it when Sami accuses her of using Lucas for his sperm! Carrie attacks her sister as though she will tear her head off!

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