Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/17/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Abe, being tormented by Tek, is almost uncontrollable as he curses and warns him to stay away from his wife. Hope has dinner with a depressed Belle. She speaks with Hope, telling her that because she has lost her husband and baby, she is alone. Meanwhile, On the boat, the intercom blasts with warnings for all boats to return to shore. As the storm worsens, the possibility of Shawn and Willow returning before disaster strikes is low. Unfortunately, they lay out gazing at the stars over the water, unable to hear the warnings.

Bo stops the cop from arresting Chelsea. Billie and Bo give her the attention that she craves, promising her a punishment for her outrageous behavior. Becoming more aware of the dangerous storm, Mimi grows concerned as she tries to convince a reluctant Bo that he needs to look for Shawn. Bo puts Chelsea first, saying that Shawn is well knowledgeable about staying in safe water. Victor breaks the news to Kate, telling her that Philip left for New York; and after tracing his lack of credit card use, he determined that he has vanished. Hope tries to help Belle see all of the things that she has to be thankful for, such as her mom, dad and Claire. Hope tells her that she and the baby mean a great deal to Shawn. However, Because he dropped the custody suit, Belle does not believe her.

When a wave crashes into the side of the boat, soaking Willow, they both notice the stormy weather. Tek continues to fight for Lexi, claiming that she loves him. Abe becomes more and more angry, against his wife's wishes; and is about to become physically violent with him when Lexi begs her husband to allow her to handle her lover. She argues that if there is a scene, everyone will know about the secret affair and embarrass him. He agrees and she demands that Tek speak with her alone. On the boat, Shawn notices that they have drifted out of the safe water, past the first buoy. He also notices that the water has become very dangerous, because the waves crash pounding the boat. Becoming protective of Willow, he persuades her to go into the bottom of the boat. Following her, he shows her how to call for help, then returns to the deck. At the restaurant, Belle tells Hope that she knows Shawn didn't want to be burdened with Claire. Hope denies the allegations, saying that she knows her son. Worried over Philip's disappearance, Kate asks Victor for help. Victor promised to find him.

Chelsea throws her purse down when she arrives home, ranting at her mother and father, who are upset over her actions. Bo is on to her plan, and confronts her about making a fake crisis with hopes of reuniting her family. Sending her to her room, Billie is disappointed and wonders how she will get it through to her daughter that her future with Bo will never be romantic again. Lexi pours out her feelings for her husband declaring their marriage for life, but almost kisses Tek when he gets close to her lips. Willow screams into the radio, begging for help as the storm waves roll out of control, beating the Fancy Face III. Victor decides to speak to Belle. Hope makes Belle promise her that she will talk to Shawn about her love for him.

Believing that Shawn is in terrible danger, Mimi calls Hope and asks her to help him. When Mimi tells her that Bo was too preoccupied with Chelsea and Billie to be concerned for Shawn, Hope is outraged, cursing him. Tek insults Abe; and Lexi slaps him in the face! At the restaurant, just as Belle is leaving, Victor tells her that they need to talk. Hope rushes to the dock, waiting to hear that her son is safe. She calls Bo telling him that if he loves their son he will meet her. Shawn is washed overboard!

A helicopter arrives as Shawn climbs back aboard, and lifts Willow to safety. Abe steps outside, announcing to his wife that her time is up, while she declares that she will be getting a restraining order. Belle tells Victor in no uncertain terms that she wants nothing from him, since all he knows how to do is destroy lives. Chelsea cleans up her appearance, and learns that they will be attending therapy, as a family. She is secretly overjoyed. Chelsea calls Patrick, asking him to come over for some important news about Bo and Hope. Shawn and Willow arrive safely. She takes him in her arms, and scolds him for going out in the boat. When Bo arrives Hope is furious.

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