Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Steve and Billie stand outside Stephanie’s hospital room, and he confides in her his fears of not being a good enough father to Stephanie. He is so worried about being good enough, but Billie reassures him that he will do fine. He goes in her room, and she wakes up. She smiles when she sees him and he gives her a stuffed bear with a patch over its eye. Even though she knows that he doesn’t remember everything, she is sure he is on his way to recovering his full memory. She notices Billie standing in the doorway and asks Steve, in a very disappointed voice, what she is doing here.

Chelsea tries to hold a sexy pose as a man walks up and checks her out. He asks if the “merchandise” is for sale and Chelsea tells him for the right price. He pulls some cash out of his pocket and asks her how much she is talking about.

Lexie is having coffee at the Pub as Tek walks in. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away. She has obviously set up a meeting with him and he tells her that he thought she was never going to call. He sits down in front of her and is under the assumption that she ended things with Abe. She informs him that she did not.

Abe is coming out of his office at the P.D. with an officer behind him. He gives her orders to check with the lab and give him a full report of the forensics evidence from the note, toy car, and the black glove they found in Max’s garage. He also wants evidence on Max’s car, and he demands results because he wants this person caught. Bo walks up in time to tell him that he already had the person responsible, but let him go.

As Willow and Mimi head toward the Fancy Face 111, Mimi has reservation about being the third wheel, but Willow reassures her that it will be fine. As they approach the boat, Mimi notices the name of the boat and Shawn comes out; he is wondering what Mimi is doing here. Willow asks if they know each other, and Mimi introduces Willow to her husband.

The officer with Abe tells Bo that if he believes Patrick was responsible for the wreck at the race track, he would have had to be a magician because he was in jail at the time. Abe has assigned this officer to the case, but Bo argues that this is his case. Abe is furious with Bo and orders him to get in his office. Once inside, Abe asks if Bo if he wants him to strip him of his badge. Bo is angry as well, and tells Abe to go ahead and take his badge, but he is going to make sure that Lockhart fries for murder.

The man on the pier holds out $100 for Chelsea, but she tells him that she is a little out of his price range, and that he can’t even look for $100. She starts to walk away and he offers $200, telling her that this is his final offer. Again, she refuses. He grabs her and pushes her up against a wall informing her that this isn’t how things work on the street; he gives money, and she puts out. He tells her that if he doesn’t get his money’s worth, she gets the crap beat out of her.

Tek wonders if Abe threatened her, to which the answer is no. He doesn’t understand, saying that no rational person would take Abe back after what he did to her. She tries to explain, and tells him that Abe has realized that he does want his family back, and she is willing to forgive him. She tells him that she never stopped loving Abe and feels like her life is better with him. He reaches for her hand and tells her that he loves her. She pulls away and tells him to let her go if he really loves her; she promised Abe that she would never see him again.

Steve tells Stephanie that he asked Billie to come with him because she is his friend, but Stephanie tells him that she isn’t her friend; she doesn’t want her here. Billie tells him that she will wait outside, but before she walks out, she tells Stephanie that she is glad she is feeling better. Steve tells Stephanie that she forgot to spit and kick dirt in Billie’s face. Stephanie tells him she will do that the next time. He laughs and comments that she really is his kid. He asks her if he could talk her into being a little bit nicer to Billie. The answer is no, and Stephanie tells him that he should be with her mother, not Billie.

Kayla comes in to find Billie outside Stephanie’s room. She walks over to Billie and asks her if Steve is inside. Right away, Billie tells her that Steve asked her to come along with him for moral support. Kayla comments that she (Billie) just couldn’t stay away, but that she’s (Kayla) here now. Billie tells her that she is going to stay anyway. Kayla tells her the only important thing is for him to spend time Stephanie. Billie agrees, saying that a father and daughter share a very important bond.

Willow can’t believe that Mimi is Shawn’s wife, and she tells her that the person she (Mimi) described isn’t the same person she knows Shawn to be. Mimi tells her to get a clue because Shawn is no angel, and he only did the “knight in shinning armor” thing to get laid, but that the whole time he was with her he was thinking about Belle. Shawn tells Mimi to shut up and to lay off Willow. They argue and Mimi comments that this is like Pretty Woman and she hopes Willow gave Shawn a discount. Willow insists Shawn is not a client, but Mimi tells her that she is a slut. They continue to argue and Mimi finally leaves, telling Willow that Shawn will never be truly hers. Shawn asks Willow if she is okay. They walk on the boat, and Shawn tells her about adventures he and his grandfather had together on this boat. She wants to take the boat out and Shawn agrees, saying that they can’t take her out too far.

The guy on the pier is getting really rough with Chelsea while she is telling him to let her go. She bites him as another man pulls him off her. He introduces himself as Rick and Chelsea asks him if he’s looking for some company. He asks her how much company costs here in Salem. Chelsea is straight to the point when she tells him that its $500 for straight sex and everything else is extra. He pulls money out of his pocket, she takes it, and then he pulls out his badge and tells her that he’s arresting her for prostitution.

Tek can’t believe that Lexie told Abe that she would never see him again, and asks what happened to her; she’s letting Abe run her life. She disagrees with him, telling him that she makes her own decisions, and she is trying to put her family back together. Lexie says that her heart has always belonged to Abe, but Tek tells her that he knows she loves him to; just as much as she loves Abe.

Abe warns Bo to stay away from Patrick, but he refuses, saying that he will not walk away from a killer. Abe reminds him that they do NOT have proof that he killed anybody, and he feels that Bo has lost his objectivity. He tells Bo that a good cop follows every lead, and tells him that he’s gone too far on this one; he’s let his personal feelings cloud his judgment. Abe tells Bo that he took him off this case because he is a liability, and he can’t have anyone thinking he let Bo railroad this guy if they do get enough evidence against him to take it to court. Bo wants to know how Abe felt when he found out Tek was sleeping with his wife. Abe tells Bo that he felt the same way that he does, but he did not use his badge to go after Tek like Bo is doing with Patrick. Abe knows that Bo is pissed right now, but warns him to lay off or he will loose his job and his wife in the process.

Shawn and Willow are out on the boat, and they talk about Shawn traveling around the world with his parents when he was just a boy. She picks up a fishing rod, and Shawn walks up behind her, trying to show her how to use it. They get close and start kissing.

Steve sits down and starts telling Stephanie about his memory of her as a baby. He wants to know what happened to her between then and now. Her answer to that is, “I had to grow up without a father.” He knows, but he doesn’t think he can ever make up for that. She tells him he can; he can’t change the past, but there are things he can do now. He laughs and tells her that she is tough, and that he likes strong women. She tells him that’s why he fell in love with her mother. Again he laughs out loud, telling her that she’s like a dog with a bone. She begs him to please give it a chance with Kayla, but he says that he can’t do that. He says he has tried, but he can’t make things work with her if he doesn’t feel what he is supposed to feel. Stephanie insists that she knows he feels something for her or else he would have stayed in Cincinnati. He tells her that she is a race car driver, not a shrink. Stephanie wants to know why he changes the subject every time she gets close to the truth.

Billie tells Kayla that she wants her to fight for Steve.

Abe tells Bo that his obsession with Patrick is putting Hope in an impossible position. Bo realizes by this comment that Abe has talked to Hope. Abe confesses that Hope asked him what he thought about Lockhart, and he told her that the man is innocent until proven guilty. Bo is upset with Abe for not using the opportunity he had to help steer Hope away from Patrick. Abe is sure Hope will make up her own mind about Patrick anyway, and Bo asks if she told him what that was. Abe tells him that she hasn’t given up on Patrick yet. Abe tells Bo that he is going to be watching EVERY move that he makes and warns him to step back.

Detective Rick reads Chelsea her rights and she tries to tell him that this is just a big misunderstanding. He isn’t buying it and tells her that he has to arrest her anyway. He pulls out the handcuffs and Chelsea is pleading with him not to arrest her, telling him that she has never done anything like this before in her life. She smiles as she is arrested.

Lexie gets up to leave, but Tek tries to convince her that it’s him she loves and not Abe. She says either way, she has to choose one of them; she chooses Abe. He asks her about the passion they shared and says that Abe can’t even make love to her. She informs him that that isn’t the case anymore, and Abe is everything she wants in a man. He insists that he is the one she wants and the one she will be thinking about when she wakes up in the morning, and when she’s making love to Abe. She tells him to stop it, but she can’t look him in the eyes when she says that whatever they had is over now. He tells her that he can’t accept that, but she says that she’s moving on with her life and he is going to have to accept it; it’s time that he moves on with his life too. She leaves him standing there as she walks out.

The officer Abe put in charge of Bo’s case asks him if he has seen the forensics reports on the evidence they found in Max’s garage. He hands the folder to her as Mimi runs into the office and up to Bo. She says that she has to talk to him about Shawn, but Bo doesn’t want to get into it. She tells him that Shawn is in trouble.

Shawn and Willow are kissing as their boat drifts out toward the buoys.

Steve tells Stephanie that even though he can’t be with her mother right now, he’d like to try the father daughter thing. He says that it would mean a lot to him and asks her if they could do it. She tells him that they can try and he is pleased, telling her that she’s going to have to help him out with this because he doesn’t know how this whole thing works. She jokes with him, saying that he has to give her a big allowance and spoil her rotten. He comments about guys and she tells him that there is only one guy she cares about and he hasn’t been around. He knows it’s Max, and tells her that they had to drag him out of the hospital because he was concerned about her and wanted to see her before he left.

Kayla can’t believe that Billie wants her to fight for Steve. Billie tells her that she already told her before that if Steve got his memory back she wouldn’t stand in their way. Kayla just can’t believe that they are on the same side. Billie says she just doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, but Kayla tells her that she thinks it’s Billie that doesn’t want to get hurt; like she did when she came between Bo and Hope. Billie says that is not the way things happened, but she can see why Kayla would see it that way. Billie tells her that she has a lot to make up to her family, and Kayla laughs, telling her that this is a heck of a way to go about it. Billie tells her that she has a great family and a wonderful support system, but Steve has no one. She says that he doesn’t feel like he can come to Kayla for support out of fear that there will be strings attached; he feels judged. Billie tells her that Steve is her friend and she will not abandon her friend. She stands up and Kayla tells her that she isn’t asking her to do that. She believes that Billie cares about the man she thinks Steve is, but she (Kayla) loves the man that she knows he is. Billie gets a phone call and gets upset, hangs up the phone, and tells Kayla that there is a problem with her daughter and to tell Steve she will see him later.

Abe is having a drink at the bar at Chez Rouge as Lexie walks in and up to the bar to meet him. She tells him about her conversation with Tek, and that he didn’t make it easy for her. She hopes he understands that her life is with him (Abe) and hopes he moves on and gets his on life. Lexie says it’s time for them to move on and live happily ever after. Abe says that he’s learned that happiness is temporary and that is why they have each other to hold on to. She asks him to promise her that he will never let go of what they have. They both agree to that and she says that nothing is ever going to come between them again. They make a toast as Tek walks up telling them to think again.

Bo wants to know what kind of trouble Shawn is in again. Mimi tells him the story of Willow, and she is surprised that Bo already knows about her. She tells him that Willow is a prostitute and that she and Shawn have taken the boat out together. Bo says that there is a storm coming in tonight. He tells her that he will go to the docks and talk to the harbor master and maybe Shawn told him where they were going. Billie rushes in and tells Bo that Chelsea has been arrested for solicitation.

Abe looses it and starts to go after Tek. Lexie stands between the two of them promising Abe that she told Tek to stay away from her. She then turns to Tek and says that she meant what she said. Tek tells Lexie that he loves her and Abe goes for him again. Lexie stops him but Tek keeps on pressuring Lexie. Abe tells Tek that he is giving him one chance to walk out of here on his own, but Tek pays no attention to him. He asks Lexie to let him prove it to her and he pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him.

Steve and Stephanie talk and she tells him that she has dreamed her whole life of having a dad, and now he’s here; it’s exactly what she thought it would be, and nothing like she thought it would be. They smile and she tells him that it will only get better. Kayla comes into the room and she has brought Stephanie some magazines. Kayla tells Steve that Billie had to leave and he asks Stephanie if she would like a cheeseburger. Stephanie would love one, but she doesn’t think he will ever get it past the nurse. Kayla says that she will distract the nurse and they all agree that Steve will bring her back a burger. Steve leaves and Stephanie tells Kayla that this is the beginning.

Bo tells Billie that he has to go down to the pier, but she wants him to stay for Chelsea. He says they don’t know for sure that she’s been arrested. Chelsea is drug into the office in handcuffs with a smile on her face. She says hello to her mother.

Shawn and Willow have made love and they lay on top of the boat talking. She can’t believe that she brought Mimi to the boat tonight. It starts raining and they start kissing again. Down inside the boat, we hear the radio broadcasting an announcement from the national weather service warning of a storm moving into the area, and advising all boats in the area to return to the port at once.

Previews for tomorrow:

Tek: You’re making a mistake and you don’t realize it.

Lexie: You bastard. (slap)

Victor: If there is anything I can ever do.

Belle: I would sooner live on the street than take any help from you. Willow: Please! We need help.

Hope: If you care at all about your son, you will get here right now.

Shawn: Tell them we are disabled and give them our location.

Willow: Please! We need help!

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