Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/13/06


Written By Kristy

Steve comes into the room to tell Billie that Stephanie and Max are alive, but that no one would tell him anything else. He is very upset and Billie grabs his arm and tells him that she’s going to take him to the hospital. He can’t go. He says that he wants to, but he just can’t show up there.

Stephanie is wheeled into the emergency room with Kayla running in behind her. A nurse stops her, but Kayla tells her that she is her mother and wants to go in with her. The nurse asks her to let the doctor examine her before she sees Stephanie. Her father Shawn comes into the emergency room and tells Kayla that Max is banged up, but will be fine. He asks about Stephanie, but Kayla doesn’t know anything.

Lexie is with Tek, who has just told her of Abe’s deception regarding their relationship. Lexie can’t believe that Abe would question her involvement with the threats against the Brady’s or with Eve Michael’s murder. He tells her that is why Abe has been spending time with her. She still believes that Abe wouldn’t do this to her, but Tek tells her to ask Abe for herself.

Roman has given Abe the contents of everything Abby found in Max’s garage in plastic bags. This obviously turns the investigation around and eliminates Lexie as a suspect. Roman also thinks this may eliminate Patrick Lockhart as a suspect as well. He knows Bo will not be happy about this. He also tells Abe that he can cancel his date with Lexie now that they have eliminated her, but Abe just stands there. Roman can tell that he is having a hard time with this and feels like Abe does want to spend time with Lexie anyway.

In the court room, Patrick’s lawyer asks the judge to throw out Bo’s perjury testimony and his tainted evidence. Bo speaks out saying that his evidence wasn’t tainted, but the judge orders him to keep quiet. His lawyer continues, and says that Bo has a personal vendetta against her client. She feels like Patrick is being “railroaded” and Bo has allowed his personal life to get in the way of his public responsibility, but the judge tells her that those are very strong accusations and tells her that she had better be able to back up her story. The judge wants to know more about this vendetta with the Brady’s, and Patrick’s lawyer tells her that it involves Bo’s wife.

At the hospital, in Belle’s room, the doctor tells Phillip and Shawn that the only way to save Belle would be to terminate the pregnancy. Phillip wonders if the medication that Belle had refused would be able to help, but the doctor tells them that her situation has worsened; the longer she is pregnant, the greater the risk. If Belle keeps the baby, she will die, and the odds of having a baby at this point are very low. She leaves the room for Phillip to make a decision. He sits down beside her and tells an unconscious Belle that he promised her he would do everything to protect the baby, but he can’t risk loosing her. He is holding the forms in his hand that, when signed, will give the hospital permission to terminate the pregnancy. Shawn watches from behind.

Lexie asks Tek how Abe could betray her like this; how could he think she could be involved in murder. Tek tells her that he went to Abe about the threats the other day, asking for protection for her, but Abe told him that she was probably making up the story about the threats to her. He tells her that Abe has been “gaming” her for months. She says that she can understand him wanting to get back at her, but she can never forgive him for using Theo like this. She is upset, and asks him to excuse her; she has a date with her husband and has to go get ready.

The judge asks Ms. Reece, Patrick’s lawyer, if she is saying that Patrick is totally innocent in all this. Ms. Reece agrees that this is her testimony, and that all Patrick did was comfort Mrs. Brady at a time when she and detective Brady were estranged; he took care of her when her husband did not. She says that Bo was eat up with jealousy and set out to destroy her client. The D.A. objects, but Ms. Reece asks the judge if her client can speak for himself. She allows it, reminding the D.A. that this is only a hearing, not a trial. Patrick stands up and tells the judge that he is sorry that Mrs. Brady has to be dragged into this, but it’s unavoidable. He says that Hope is carrying his baby and it made Bo jealous and crazy. He goes on to say that Bo told him that he would make him pay for all this. He accuses Bo of planting the evidence in his house and tells the judge that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hope, and would never do anything to jeopardize his future with her or their baby. Hope watches as the judge turns to Bo, offering him equal time to defend Patrick’s accusations. The D.A. stands up to remind the judge that Bo isn’t the one on trial here today, and that he is one of Salem’s finest detectives; he would never tamper with evidence. Bo tells the judge that it is true; he doesn’t like Patrick at all, but he would never frame an innocent man for murder. He says that he will take a polygraph if she wishes, but that the evidence speaks for itself. He says that there is nothing to suggest that Patrick isn’t guilty. Roman has just walked into the court room and, speaking out loud, says that isn’t entirely true. He walks toward the front of the room.

Shawn and Willow wake up in the bed together. She tells him that this feels special because she’s never woke up with one of her “John’s” before. He is caught a little off guard by her comment, and he wonders if she thinks of him the same way she does about the other guys that she has sex with. She reassures him that he is different; he is her angel. She can’t believe everything he has done for her; helping her get off the street, and finding her a job. Shawn thinks that she is smart and fun to be around, and feels like he has found a great new friend. She asks him if that’s the way he thinks of her, and he tells her yes, while wondering if that is a problem. It’s not, but she’s just not had any real friends since she ran away from home. She rubs his face as they talk and then she starts kissing him passionately, asking him if friends do “this”.

Hope comes into the Pub to meet Bo for breakfast. She tells him that she is very worried about Shawn. Bo wants to talk to him, but Hope feels that it may be better if she is the one that talked to him. Bo understands, but he wants Shawn to know that he is there for him also. Hope agrees to let Bo, but asks him to be gentle with Shawn because he already feels like he’s lost everything that he has ever believed in. Bo is determined to prove otherwise to him, but hopes he hasn’t gotten himself into any more trouble since last night. Patrick walks into the Pub and straight over to Bo and Hope. He and Bo bicker back and forth for a minute, and then he tells Bo that he is here to speak to hope.

Lauren, Mimi’s surrogate, walks up behind Bonnie in the hospital. She tells her she has decided that allowing Bonnie to raise Mimi’s baby is the best thing for the baby. Bonnie is pleased and thanks her. Bonnie promises to give her a down payment now, and then after the baby is born, she will give her the rest.

E.J. and Kate slept together all night in her office. They start kissing again.

Sami wakes up and comes out of her room. Lucas is trying to throw her a guilt trip, saying that he is sure she had a good nights sleep while he had to sleep on the couch. She doesn’t say anything at first; she just has a glass of orange juice. He presses her for ignoring him, and she lets go. She is very upset with the stunt he pulled in front of Will last night, and promises him that if he ever does that again, he will be out of her apartment for good.

Patrick wants to talk to Hope alone, but Bo isn’t going to leave her. Hope tells him that she really needs to talk to Patrick, and she wants him to go see Shawn; he needs him more right now. Bo agrees, and gets up to leave, warning Patrick to watch it. Patrick sits down with Hope and tells her that he does not want to upset her, and that’s why he has stayed away from her since the hearing. He wants to make a decision about their future, and he wants the three of them to be together. He tells her that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Mimi walks up to a very chipper Bonnie. She tells her that she was here for an appointment with the director of human resources for a job. Unfortunately, there was no job available, and Bonnie offers her a job at Alice’s. Mimi says that she needs a job making real money, to which, Bonnie replies that she should have hung onto the Kiriakis baby the surrogate is carrying. Mimi tells her that baby was a mistake, and that baby is part of her history and she never wants to talk about it again.

At the mansion, Max threatens Diego, so that he will tell Luke where his father is located. Surprisingly, Diego is cooperative, asking for a map to pinpoint his location. Jax, having a surprise for Carly, tells Morgan, swearing him to secrecy. Arriving at Windomere, Nikolas begins discussing Sam. Elizabeth is thrown off when Sam sarcastically congratulates her, accusing her of not being innocent, as she pretends. Questioning Jason, Nikolas wonders why Sam refuses to allow Ric to raise the girls. However Jason offers him no answers, simply telling him to take it up with Sam, and leaving as Lulu arrives. Lulu is outraged by Elizabeth's behavior. Diego is helping them because he doesn't want his father to raise the baby. Carly is persistent in finding out what secret Jax is keeping.

Sam accuses her of winning the lottery, using Jason to clean up her messy life after her failed marriage. Elizabeth, quickly becoming angry, defends herself, saying that she has no regrets about the night she shared in bed with Jason. Then she asks Sam what kind of daughter has sex with her mother's husband. Sam closes in on Elizabeth, threatening her, when Jason yells for them to stop.

Diego continues telling Sonny and Luke why his father should walk away from his unborn child. Concluding the discussion, Sonny has Max take him away. While, Luke and Sonny wonder if he was speaking honestly. Lulu continues to talk with Nikolas defending her brother by blaming Elizabeth. She believes that she should stand behind her husband as if he were sick. Sam, congratulating Elizabeth again, runs away accusing Jason of always thinking Elizabeth is right because she is carrying his baby. When Sam leaves, Jason apologizes, but Elizabeth is compassionate toward Sam, understanding why she is so angry.

Because the doctor tries to rush Luke into making a decision about his wife's condition, he yells out of frustration. Outside, Diego punches the brick wall in anger toward Luke. Lulu comes to his aide, listening to his feelings. Lulu suggests that his anger is about something other than the baby. At Widomere, Colleen is forced to help a resistant Nikolas, when he fails to walk by himself. Surprised that Emily has not called him, he plans to call her at midnight. Colleen, plotting, makes a comment suggesting that he may not be awake to contact her. Carly stops to talk with Jason and asks him to be kind to Sam. Telling him that Elizabeth could be carrying the one thing Sam wants most. She tells him that it is understandable that Sam is hurting. She continues to try to help him, but Jax interrupts her.

Sonny persuades Luke to tell his daughter about his mother's possible recovery. Luke thanks Sonny for helping Lulu during her pregnancy, and leaves. Lulu visits Lucky, who questions her constantly about Elizabeth. Lulu tells him about her confrontation with her at the hospital. Carly understands how Sam feels, because she always pictured herself having his baby.

Colleen checks to see if Nikolas has fallen asleep, unbuttons his shirt, and begins kissing him. Just as they kiss, Emily interrupts her demanding to know what she is doing. She covers by saying that, because of his medication, she couldn't wake him. Emily warns her that the pain medicine is too strong, since he is not used to it, and tells her to leave while she cares for him. Colleen is very annoyed, and when she leaves Nikolas pulls his ex wife in for a kiss.

Sonny heads over to Carly's home to make a special dinner. He asks the kids where there mother is, and they respond telling him that it is a surprise. Meanwhile, Carly is touched by Jax, who has made a very romantic dinner for her, outside. Lucky asks Lulu to forgive his wife. At first she is reluctant but gives in hugging her brother. Luke knocking on the door, breaks the news that he is going on yet another mission, to rescue Skye. Emily is stunned by the kiss, while Nikolas, drugged up, tells her that he loves her, and dreams about her all the time, hoping that someday she will love him back. Emily smiles and promises to be there when he wakes from his dreams.

Jason arrives home to hear a baby mobile playing in the next room. When he walks into the dim room, Sam is holding it, crying, sweetly thinking of her baby. She asks him if he ever wonders what would have been if her baby had survived. Jason tells her that it is pointless to think of what could have been, because it won't change anything. Sam asks him how she is supposed to deal, lying in bed at night wishing she had a baby while he is holding his baby.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finishes the paternity test, still determined to divorce her husband. Lulu is standing behind her as she tells Kelly that she is confused about her future with Jason. Emily is reading when Nikolas awakes. Because he thinks he was having vivid dreams, Emily is somewhat embarrassed as she tells him about the kiss. Sonny talks Morgan into spilling the secret. While, Jax treats Carly to a candlelit dinner, with music and champagne.

Jax begins a small speech about his feelings for Carly, and ends on one knee. Her jaw drops in shock, as he is proposing.

Shawn and Willow have just finished making love, and she gets up to get ready so she can get back to Chez Rouge for work. They are talking about his plans for the day when he hears Bo call out his name. He jumps up and they start hurrying to get their clothes on. Bo comes in and Shawn introduces the two of them. Willow leaves for work. Bo is mad and asks Shawn what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Lucas acts like he doesn’t know what Sami is talking about. She is furious that he would allow Will to think she was sleeping with another man, and also, allowing her to take the blame when Will saw them arguing. They argue back and forth before Sami stops it. She tells him that she will not have him letting Will get in the middle of their arguments. She thinks that Lucas is leading Will to believe that they will all be a family again, and she thinks that is mean and self serving. Lucas says it’s not his fault that Will sees the chemistry between the two of them. Sami shrugs him off again. She says that they will not get back together, and she will continue to date E.J. Lucas thinks she is just dating E.J. to make him jealous, which angers her even more. She informs him that she is dating E.J. because she wants to; she likes him and he likes her. She tells him to get over his jealousy and his stupid pranks; she’s going to date E.J. whether he likes it or not.

Chelsea busts into Kate’s office as she finishes getting ready. Kate is upset with her for barging into her office without knocking first. Chelsea notices that everything on Kate’s desk is on the floor. It doesn’t take her long to realize that Kate’s important business meeting was just Kate having sex on her desk. Kate doesn’t feel like this is an appropriate conversation to be having with her, but Chelsea is begging to know who it is. All of a sudden, E.J. walks out talking to Kate before he notices that Chelsea is standing there. Chelsea has a huge smile on her face while looking at Kate.

Mimi has come to Chez Rouge looking for a job. Maggie tells her that she has perfect timing because she was just looking to hire a replacement. Mimi tells her that she was a little hesitant about coming to her for a job, knowing how close she and Shawn were, after what she had done. Maggie tells her that people make mistakes, but it is important that they learn from them. Maggie tells her that she can start right now, and calls out for Willow to train Mimi. The two girls talk.

Shawn refuses to talk to Bo about his relationship with Willow. Bo is surprised to hear him use the word ‘relationship’. Bo wants to know about Mimi, but Shawn says that they are trough. Bo is furious that he has brought this girl here, right after his break up with Mimi, and had sex with her on a cot in Max’s garage. Bo wants to know if he used a condom, and Shawn tells him that he is NOT going to give this girl a child. Bo is a bit more concerned about what this girl could be giving him. Shawn wonders why Bo came here, and he tells him that he came here to offer his support. To Bo, it looks like Shawn needs all the support he can get.

Patrick tells Hope that he has tried the passive route, allowing Hope to choose who she wants to be with, but while he was sitting in jail, he decided that Bo isn’t going to control his future or his happiness. Hope wants Patrick to leave Bo out of this conversation. He agrees, and starts talking about their time on Morgan Island, but before he can say anything else, Hope interrupts. She says that a lot of the things she was feeling and believing were wrong. Patrick knows this, and knows that she has been spending a lot of time with Bo. He asks her to even the playing field and give him a chance to prove to her that he can make her happy. He asks her to go away with him.

Chelsea comments on the way E.J. ran out, saying that you would’ve thought she asked him if he was going to be her new grandpa. Kate plays it off, but Chelsea congratulates her anyway on landing such a sexy guy. She tells Kate that she is a little confused though; she thought Kate paid him to “do” Sami so that she couldn’t “do” Lucas. Kate says that there isn’t a rule saying she can’t enjoy him herself before he is a couple with Sami. She also says that she doesn’t believe that there is a rule saying that she can’t enjoy him even after he becomes a couple with Sami. Chelsea asks her how she always seems to get exactly what she wants, and Kate tells her that she has to decide what she wants, and not to stop until she gets it. Chelsea then tells her that she wants her parents back together and she is willing to stop at nothing to make that happen. She asks Kate what she needs to do.

Lucas tells Sami that he knows he can’t stop her from seeing E.J. and he’s not even going to try. She’s glad to hear that, but Lucas continues. He tells her to date E.J., and he (Lucas) will be the one to be with Will and oversee him through the low points of his life. (Another guilt trip) Sami assures Lucas that she can date E.J. and still be there for Will. Lucas continues to try and make Sami feel guilty, saying that it’s okay because Will is used to be put in second or third place anyway. E.J. knocks on the door, calling out for Sami, as Lucas makes fun and throws slurs at her for him being there. Sami opens the door to a compliment and a kiss. Lucas definitely doesn’t look happy about it.

Willow is finishing up showing Mimi around the restaurant. One thing leads to another and Willow ends up telling Mimi that she was a prostitute. Willow explains that she ran away from home and had to do whatever she could to survive; she’s not proud of it though. Mimi says they have a lot in common. Not that she was a prostitute, but that she also lived on the streets. Mimi tells her that her husband left her and that he was in love with someone else when he married her. She also tells her that she had a hand in their separation. Mimi asks Willow how she made it to Chez Rouge from the streets. Willow tells her that she met an angel that told her she deserved a better life than the one she was living and recommended her for the job. They both agree that they have a chance for a fresh start, and Willow tells her that she may even find an angel of her own.

Bo tells Shawn that he knows it must feel like his world is spinning out of control. Shawn realizes that he should have never driven the car through Victor’s house, but asks Bo how he (Victor) or Mimi could have kept something like this from him. He asks Bo why Belle had to loose their baby. Bo wishes that he could help him sort all of this out, but all he can tell him is that he isn’t alone in all of this, and he tells him that he loves him and will always be here for him no matter what. Shawn asks him if he is here for him the way that he was there for Zack, or the way that he was there for Chelsea; he just wants to know what to expect. Bo understands that he is angry with him, but he says that he isn’t going to give up on him and he thinks they can work through this. Bo tells him that they need each other; Shawn, him, and Hope.

Patrick wants Hope to go away with him for a couple of days, and just long enough to get away from the things going on in Salem for a while. He wants to give her a chance to think clearly about what she wants for herself and their child. He also wants them to take separate rooms so there is no pressure; the point isn’t for them to make love, it’s to reconnect. He tries to convince her by telling her that they owe this to themselves so they can make sure that whatever decision they make is really thought through. She says that he is right about that, but if they do go away together, she thinks it should be a place that isn’t full of memories. He recommends Chicago, but Hope tells him that Shawn is going through a really rough time and she isn’t sure she should leave him right now. He asks her to think about it, but in the meantime, he’s going to do a little research on Chicago’s restaurants. He gets up and kisses her on the cheek as he leaves the Pub.

Sami and E.J. finish their kiss and Sami points out that Lucas is standing behind them. E.J. comes inside and Lucas leaves to do a little work. He reminds Sami to pick Will up after basketball practice and not to get too distracted and forget as he walks out the door. Sami is still frustrated with Lucas and slams the door behind him and stomps back through the apartment. E.J. wonders why she came into the office looking for him last night. She wanted to apologize to him about the whole Will/Lucas fiasco last night. He understands what they did, not that he excuses it, but he can see what they were fighting for. She promises that it will never happen again. He makes a joke about dressing up as the Village People the next time so as not to be recognized, but Sami stops him. She says that when she said it would not happen again, she meant she can’t go out with him again.

Kate admits to Chelsea that her decision to keep Bo and Hope apart is very ambitious on her part. Chelsea says that is why she came to the best for help. Kate tells her that she is so strong and driven that she reminds her of herself when she was her age. Chelsea asks if that means Kate will help her, and Kate tells her that she should be prepared for this to become very ugly because she’s going to be starting a war. Chelsea says that she is prepared and she doesn’t care as long as she wins. Kate asks her what her parents have in common, to which Chelsea answers, herself. Kate agrees and tells her that SHE is the largest weapon in her arsenal and she has to learn how to use herself to shake them up, to get their attention, and force them back together again. Chelsea has a vision of Sami telling her that her grandmother and mother was a whore, and that there is no reason why Chelsea wouldn’t follow in their footsteps. She smiles, and Kate notices, saying that it looks like she must have come up with something. She asks what it is, but Chelsea can’t tell her yet. She leaves.

Bo apologizes for blowing up at Shawn when he came in the room and found him and Willow together. He wasn’t expecting to see that, but knows that he needs a place to live. Bo suggests Shawn stay on the Fancy Face and he will stay in a room above the Pub. Shawn agrees as long as there are no conditions. Bo says that there is one condition; he does not take HER out past the last buoy. Shawn smiles and says that he can live with that. Bo hands over the keys and Shawn thanks him. As he gets ready to leave, Bo tells Shawn that he is here for him always.

Abe comes into the Pub and Hope stops him. She asks him to sit down because she values his opinion and needs some advice. She reminds him that she is pregnant with Patrick’s baby, and pretty soon, she is going to have to make some powerful decisions; whether Patrick will be a part of this baby’s life. She knows he and Bo are friends, and does not want to put him in an awkward position. He reminds her that she is his friend as well. She says that Bo thinks Patrick is a criminal, but she wonders if she is wrong to trust Patrick. Abe says that Patrick’s arrest record is based on a lot of evidence which appeared credible, but he says the fact that she is even having this conversation with him makes him realize that she must have her own doubts about Patrick. He tells her that “not guilty” is not the same as innocent; somebody killed Eve and somebody is targeting the Brady’s. Until they find out who that is, everybody is a suspect.

Patrick is on the phone with someone, and he tells them that he has their money. He wants to know what he should do with it.

Lucas comes into Kate’s office and tells her that he received her message and wants to know what is so important. She says that she heard about his living arrangement. She can’t believe that he is shacking up with Sami. He gets angry with her, but tells her that he is sleeping on the couch so he can be close to Will. She points out that his apartment is just right across the hall, but he says it is filled with too many memories of Carrie. He gave up the apartment. Kate tells him that she knows what kind of hold Sami has over him, but he doesn’t want to hear it from her. She thinks, even though he’s moving in there for Will, it won’t be too long before he falls for Sami again. He tells her that he knows exactly what he is doing, and he’s doing it for Will.

Sami explains to E.J. that her son needs her; he ran away from home and that is a cry for help. She says if that means putting aside her personal life, that is just what she will have to do. He understands her concern, and her need to put Will first, but not at the exclusion of everything else. He tells her that Lucas is manipulating her and she’s letting him win. She disagrees, but E.J. tells her that she’s not being honest with herself. He thinks she still loves Lucas, or that she’s afraid of being happy. He says that she still punishes herself everyday for blackmailing Lexie, and setting up Carrie and Lucas. She says she knows it sounds crazy that Sami Brady would choose motherhood over dating a handsome successful guy like him, but she says that it’s time for her to grow up and take responsibility by doing the right thing. He says that he should leave, and as he heads out the door, Sami chases him and tells him that maybe when Will is over this phase, they can see each other. She still wants to be his friend, and she hugs him. He pushes her away, telling her that he thinks he should leave. After Sami closes the door, E.J. smiles to himself and walks away.

As Willow goes over a few things with Mimi about waiting tables, Maggie comes out to tell her that she has a phone call. It’s Shawn, and he tells her that he found a place to live; his father’s boat. He asks her to join him, and she asks if she could bring a friend who has had a really rough day. He was hoping to spend some time alone, but she feels so bad for this girl. She says that once she is feeling better, they can send her home and then they can be alone together. He agrees and she hangs up the phone. She then tells Mimi that was her angel, but Mimi could tell by the look on her face. Willow tells Mimi that he wants to spend time with her on his boat, and then says that she should tag along with them. She tells Mimi that if they are going to be friends, she wants her to meet this guy. Mimi agrees to go.

Chelsea is walking, no stumbling, in high heels down the pier, dressed up as a hooker. She sets herself up against a mail box trying to look sexy.

Bo comes back into the Pub and tells her about the talk he and Shawn had. He thinks they made progress today, and tells her that he was sleeping on a cot at Max’s garage and that he gave him the keys to Fancy Face; Bo will be moving in here at the Pub. Hope wonders if Shawn being alone on the boat is a good idea, but Bo reminds her that Shawn grew up on the boat and he will be comfortable there. Hope says she is going to go check on Belle, but stops to tell Bo thanks for just being him. She leaves as Abe walks up to Bo. Abe tells him that it has been a while since he saw him smile, and Bo says that it’s been a while since he had a reason to smile.

Patrick hands an envelope full of money to Dr. Bader and she puts it in her pocket. She tells him that he should be aware that just because she altered the initial test results to make it appear that he is the father of Hope’s baby; it’s not a done deal. There will be a number of tests she will go through which could show that Bo is the real father. He says that there will not be any more tests because Hope will not be here to have them; they will be leaving Salem for good.

Previews for Monday:

Steve: Okay, cheeseburgers for everybody.

Stephanie: It's happening, mom.

Kayla: It's a cheeseburger.

Stephanie: It's the beginning.

Willow: You guys know each other?

Mimi: Meet my husband.

Lexie: Nothing is ever going to come between us again.

Tek: Think again

Billie: Oh, my god. Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hi, mom.

Stephanie is being examined by the doctor, who is ordering tests for her as soon as she is stable. Outside her room, Kayla gives the medal Daddy Shawn had left for Stephanie before the race, which she forgot. He tells her to hold onto it for Stephanie’s safe recovery. He leaves to check on Max again. As Kayla stands there, Max walks out in a hospital robe. He is very upset and Kayla urges him to go back to his room and lie down. He tells Kayla that he is so sorry, but she hugs him and reassures him that this isn’t his fault.

Billie urges Steve to go to the hospital, but he reminds her of the things Stephanie said to him before the race. He feels like it would be too upsetting to her if he showed up there. Billie tells him that Stephanie only said those things to him because he upset Kayla, but reminds him that she is injured and this is a totally different situation. She says that it is times like this when a little girl needs her father. He questions what kind of father he really is by saying that it was because of him that she went out on the track angry anyway. He paces the floor and can only guess the terrible things that were going through her mind while she was driving 200 miles per hour. He is afraid that he is the reason Stephanie lost control of her car, and breaks down when he thinks she could die and he could possibly be the cause of it.

Phillip signs the papers to terminate the pregnancy as Shawn watches from behind. Phillip tells Shawn that he knows this is his baby, but he says that he has to take care of his wife. Shawn completely understands and tells Phillip that he would do the same thing. The doctor comes into the room and asks Phillip if he has made a decision. He says nothing and hands her the signed paperwork. She calls in a nurse and orders her to take Belle to the delivery room.

Abe has arrived at home, and Lexie opens the door. He is acting like he is in a very good mood and apologizes for being late. Lexie walks over to him and slaps him across the face.

Billie is firm with Steve when she tells him that Stephanie did not wreck because of what happened between the two of them before the race. She says that Max’s car blew up in front of her, making it impossible for her to avoid. He remembers the last thing she said to him before the race; he was the father that was never there. Billie tries to reassure him that he didn’t know he had a wife and a child when Stephanie was growing up, and that it’s not his fault. She says that it was almost the same situation that she went through with Chelsea. Steve agrees, but knows that Billie also still blames herself for that too. She stares for a minute, and tells him that he is right; she does still blame herself. Steve wants to do the right thing and be the father Stephanie needs, but he says that he just can’t do it. He says that Stephanie not only wants him to be her father, she wants him to get back with her mother. Billie asks him why he decided to stay in Salem. She answers her own question by saying that he wanted to fight for his family. He feels like they would be better off without him anyway, but Billie disagrees and tells him that Kayla and Stephanie want him in their life whether he remembers them or not. She says that they want to know him, and asks him what he wants. She puts him on the spot when she asks him if he had rather spend the rest of his life wondering what might have been. He doesn’t.

The judge has announced to the court that Roman has come in with documentation bearing on this case. She has had time to examine it and is allowing it into evidence. Roman addresses the court and says that there was a very serious accident today between two cars at the Salem Grand Prix. He says that they determined that one of the cars was tampered with, and during their investigation they were led to items in the driver’s garage; a glove, a scorched toy car, and a note. The judge asks Roman to read the note, and he does. The note read, “Dear Suckers, you have the wrong man in jail. The person who killed officer Michaels and tormenting the Brady’s family is still at large. The gun and shoes found in Patrick Lockhart’s house were planted. He has been framed. Signed, A Friend.” Bo stands up and tells Roman that was just a note and anyone could have written it. The judge immediately tells Bo that he is out of order. Roman tells Bo that the note also included some particulars which led them to forged receipts, fake gun registrations, and the like. He says that they were able to trace the origins of the gun and shoes found in Patrick’s closet, and have verified that the gun that killed officer Michaels was not purchased by Patrick. He also says that he shoes did not belong to Patrick either, just as he has been claiming all along. He says that the note also predicted that when a certain car in the race reached 200 miles per hour, it would explode. Roman says that they are now certain that whoever left this note, while Patrick was behind bars, is the same person who killed Eve Michaels and causing trouble for the Brady’s. He thinks that the scorched car was this person’s sick way of patronizing the police, the prosecution, and especially Bo Brady. Patrick’s lawyer stands up and asks the judge to dismiss all charges against her client. The D.A. agrees with her and says that the state agrees to drop all charges against Patrick. The judge tells Patrick that he is free to go and offers her apologies. Hope turns to look at Bo.

Dr. Berman tells Kayla that Stephanie has regained consciousness, but she is not alert or oriented. He has ordered a C.T. scan to see what they are dealing with. Kayla asks to see her and the doctor agrees. She comes to Stephanie’s bedside and talks to her. She strokes her hair away from her face and tells her that she is so sorry this happened to her. Stephanie opens her eyes and talks to her. She is apologizing for the accident and asks if her father is here. Kayla tells her that he isn’t here and Stephanie starts crying, asking where he is.

Belle has just come out of surgery that terminated the pregnancy, and Phillip and Shawn come in to sit with her. Belle wakes up and asks about the baby. Phillip tells her that he is sorry, but they had to take the baby. He tries to explain but Belle starts crying and tells him that he promised her he would take care of the baby. He starts asking her what he was supposed to do; she was going to die otherwise. She screams at him and tells him that he’s not God, but he’s been trying to play God from the beginning because he never wanted this baby. She screams at him to get out. He gets up and tells Shawn to stay with her. Shawn sits down next to her and holds her hand. She is so upset and can’t stop crying. Shawn tells her that Phillip didn’t have a choice. He reminds her that they need to be grateful that she is okay. Phillip watches from outside as a tear runs down his face. The nurse comes in and gives something to help Belle calm down. Phillip comes back in and tells Shawn that he needs a minute alone with his wife. After Shawn leaves, Phillip sits down with Belle and rubs her face. The medicine has put her to sleep.

Abe asks Lexie why she slapped his face, but she tells him that he knows exactly why she slapped him. She tells him that she knows he used her and their son. He automatically assumes that it was Tek that told her the truth, and it makes him angry. She says that it doesn’t matter who told her, what matters is that she now knows that her husband is a conniving liar. She asks him how he could pretend that he wanted to come home to her and Theo, and tells him that he must really hate her to do something like this. He says that isn’t true, but she interrupts and says that she’ll never understand how he could give Theo hope that his family would come back together when he never had any intention of doing it. She tells him that Theo loves him, and she knows she’s done some terrible things that hurt him (Abe), but she would never use their little boy the way he has. He tells her that he is sorry and he was wrong, but he wants her to believe that the things he said to her were things he really meant. He says that he hated deceiving her, but her actions aroused suspicions; it was never his idea to go undercover. He tells her that if he didn’t do this, some other officer would have. She tells him that he should have let someone else do it because he was her husband and Theo’s father, and he was supposed to protect them, not lie to them and make them believe that he wanted to come home and be a family with them. He tells her that is exactly what he wants; he wants them to be a family again. He tells her that he still loves her.

Bonnie, Mimi, and Patrick’s lawyer rejoice with him over his acquittal. Hope walks over to Bo, but before she can say anything, he tells her that there was no indication that the evidence wasn’t real. She is angry with him and tells him that he was so blinded with hatred for Patrick that he fell for it. She tells him that she believed him over Patrick. She walks off and Bo tries to go after her, but Roman stops him. He tells Bo to come outside with him. Hope goes to Patrick and tells him that she is sorry and wanted to believe him but the evidence pointed in the other direction. He understands and they hug each other. She says that she wishes his attorney hadn’t aired their “dirty laundry” in front of everybody. This comment from her upsets him and he asks her if that’s the way she feels about him and their baby.

Steve comes into the hospital and, while he is asking for information about Stephanie, Kayla comes out of the room with her. She goes to Steve and tells him that Stephanie is stable and has been asking for him. He goes into her room. Billie comes up behind Kayla and tells her that she is praying for Stephanie. Kayla thanks her and Billie turns to leave. Kayla stops her and tells her that they need to talk. Stephanie is asleep as Steve sits next to her bed. He tells her how sorry he is and that he should have come right away. He is crying and tells her that she was right; he doesn’t know how to be a father. He says that he doesn’t remember and asks her if he was willing to give it a try, would she be willing to put up with him. He continues to talk to her and begs her for another chance.

Shawn comes into Belle and Phillip’s apartment and tells Margie, who is sitting for Claire, that she can leave since he is here. He takes Claire and lays her down for a nap. She starts crying and Phillip walks in. He wonders why Shawn is here as he picks up Claire.

Lexie tells Abe that she just can’t believe him. He tells her that she is no longer a suspect. He tells her again that he is sorry, but she doesn’t believe he cares for her any longer. He begs her to look into his eyes. She does, and he tells her that he understands why she wouldn’t believe him. He says that they have a lot of problems and it’s going to take time to work them out, but asks her if she doesn’t think that their marriage is worth it. He asks her to take a leap of faith and give them another chance. She tells him that she has never stopped loving him, but wants to know that he doesn’t have another hidden agenda. He asks her to let him show her as he pulls her close to him. He kisses her and tells her that he couldn’t show her for so long, but now he can. They kiss passionately.

Bonnie sits with Mimi in her apartment, and Mimi picks up the phone to call someone to end the surrogacy arrangement with Phillip and Shawn. Bonnie grabs the phone out of her hand and tells her that she will not allow her to do anything as “bone headed” as that.

Phillip consoles Claire and tells Shawn that he never wanted Belle to loose that baby; he says that he would have loved it as much as he does Claire. Shawn knows this and tells him that he is a good father. Phillip refers to Shawn as Claire’s godfather and tells him that he (Phillip) is the only father she has ever known; he’s the one she calls “da da”. Shawn watches Phillip with Claire, and turns to use his phone. He calls Frankie and tells him that he wants to drop the custody suit; he thinks Claire should stay with Phillip and Belle.

Hope tells Patrick she wishes he would have warned her first about bringing up their baby in the court room. He says that he is sorry, but he had to show them why Bo might have a motive to set him up. He tells her that he is a good guy and will be a loving father to their child. She knows this, but this is something she can’t think about right now. Again she tells him she is sorry, and then she walks away. Outside the court room, Roman tells Bo that he isn’t going to lie and set the department up for a law suit just to keep Patrick away from Hope. Bo says that this isn’t about him and Hope, it’s about Patrick. Roman agrees that Patrick is a shady character, but he is not the one that killed Eve Michaels, nor is he the one that is targeting the Brady’s. Bo tells him to think whatever he wants but he’s going to continue to investigate Lockhart. Roman tells him that he is NOT going to continue the investigation into Patrick any longer. He gives him an order, and if Bo refuses, he could loose his job altogether.

Billie tells Kayla that she knows how everyone in this town feels about her and she doesn’t blame them. She says that she isn’t out to hurt anyone, especially Kayla, and tells her that if Steve gets his memory back and wants to fight for his marriage, she will not stand in their way. Kayla says that she will just have to take her word for that. Billie tells her that she convinced Steve to come here to be with Stephanie today. Kayla tells her that Stephanie is her first concern and asks Billie to excuse her as she walks away. Steve is watching over Stephanie as she sleeps and has a flashback of him rocking Stephanie as a baby. He takes a deep breath and shock takes over. He starts crying and screaming, “I remember! I remember!” Kayla and Billie hear this as they stand in the doorway. Billie smiles and Kayla cries.

Previews for Monday:

John: I just hope whatever it is leads me right to my wife.

Abe: I have to demand that you never see Tek.

E.J.: I'm the man to take care of you.

Mimi: I decide what I'm going to do with my life, and I don't care what anyone else has to say about it.

Frankie: You want to rethink this custody case?

Shawn D.: Claire's better off with Belle and Philip.

Belle: He's not gonna fight for you, for either of us.

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